Rush Limbaugh dropped a truth bomb that will keep Brett Kavanaugh up at night

Conservatives turned out in force during the 2016 election to make sure Donald Trump was picking the next Supreme Court Justice.

That support paid off with the nominations of Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

But Rush Limbaugh just dropped a truth bomb that will keep Kavanaugh up at night.

Conservatives thought Kavanaugh replacing Justice Anthony Kennedy tipped the court to the right for a generation.

While Kavanaugh is more reliable than Kennedy, Rush Limbaugh noted that was not necessarily the case.

That’s because Limbaugh pointed out that Chief Justice John Roberts is slowly moving left.

Limbaugh stated:

“That would be the Chief Justice John Roberts who is voting with the libs every case he can. He’s voting with the four liberal justices on that court every opportunity he can. Now, let’s go back and remember something that the chief justice decided to go public with. It’s been in the last couple of months. When Trump was talking about all the left-wing judges, the Clinton judges and the Obama judges that would stand up and try to stop either his travel ban or any other legal executive action or order, Justice Roberts went public, issued a statement, said he was righteously indignant and offended by that, that there aren’t Obama judges and that there aren’t Clinton judges and that aren’t Bush judges, that we have wonderful and great judges, and that’s the only kind of judges we’ve got.”

Roberts is a member-in-good-standing of the Washington establishment.

As such, he cares more about his reputation in elite liberal social circles than he does enacting conservative judicial policies.

Trump supporters saw this when he sided with Planned Parenthood in a key abortion case and came down on the side of open borders by ruling with the liberals to uphold an injunction against President Trump’s asylum policy changes.

Conservatives are right not to trust Roberts.

He was appointed by George W. Bush – who is the leader of the liberal wing of the Republican Party.

The only questions Trump supporters ask right now are how far will Roberts drift and how much damage will he do?

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Hey zee I did go to deagel
    And I still say it’s all part of the green summit.
    We have 80million seniors. They will be part
    All imperfect babies sick people and just plain
    Weak people ..who knows there are so many ways.

    • Twykes. Glad u replied & i came back
      for review, just before signing 0ff
      this blog.
      > deagel report IS Devastating to put it
      mildly, if you read what i did in
      > Yes, ‘Green New Deal’ 0penly ‘touts’
      what deagel reports, different wording.
      But HOW, To Do, IS a V. large question.
      > Also, GND(grn Matches deagel &&&
      The Georgia Guidestones.
      >Hope u come back, read reply. ‘G’ Bless.
      ps. So IS ‘it’ Agenda 2030 Now ? #’s are adjusted.
      It was 2021/ then 2025/ Now 2030 ? hmm.

  2. Dear dan mcmollough
    Read agenda 21. This is what
    Liberals believe in..and Ocasio and
    Her group have been trying to enforce it
    It’s scarey. What’s in the new agenda 2030.

  3. When he enabled Obamacare by finding in favor of an argument not even presented to the Court and so politically unacceptable that Obama did not dare make it to the American people, you had to wonder if Obama had something on him.

  4. Speculation by Rush, however he does bring out key points. All the more to be vigilant in getting another justice, once the frail turkey buzzard retires, who supports the Constitutional Republic like it was outlined in the Federalist Papers in the late 1700’s.

  5. I can’t reply directly to Dan McCullough cause the communist asshole didn’t turn on his notifications. Cowardly shithead. I’ll be around Dan when they prove President Trump innocent. I’ll be around when they prove your commie demonRATS guilty, although that’s already well known by all Americans that don’t have their heads up O’Sambo’s ass, or HitLiary’s. You commie morons just love the smell of bullshit. You snuff it up as gospel truth without any comprehension of real truth. Well, I’ll be here asshole, when the real truth comes out. Come back at me then coward.


  6. One can tell a tree by the fruit it bears. Look a Roberts voting record and decidewhere he stands. If you see no slant you have a delusion or denial.

  7. Oh what a tangled web we weave..didn’t know where else to post here goes.
    Ocasio s green deal is nothing 1992 the UN put in motion AGENDA 21.
    This is the scariest thing I’ve read and watched. If you go to google they have
    Some short films. This is for real. And it’s happening now. It’s called global control.
    Remember when Obama wanted to control all waters in the us..this is only part of
    What’s going on. We need to be scared and worried .. thank Trump for pulling out.

    • Twykes. Agenda 21 IS REAL. DEMS ARE
      WIDE OPEN re it NOW thru ‘mouthpiece’
      Cortez. HOWEVER, Agenda 21 HAS BEEN
      Interrupted by POTUS DJT/ PATRIOTS/
      SILENT MAJORITY. Agenda 21 Has been
      Adjusted to Agenda 25 (or something like that)
      i forgot the #. Anyway -Want to ‘freak out’
      More ??? Go to & VIEW


        • You mean the way the democrats are going crazy with investigation after investigation looking for a crime? They can’t pin their original claim of collusion on the president so now they shift to whatever loony accusations their twisted minds can come up with. What a pathetic bunch of losers you hitched your wagon to.

      • Feel sorry for yourself asshole. Ignorance is not having the ability to see things as they are and blindly following people that tell you how to think. Sound familiar? Your ignorance has no bearing on the events we see as possible or probable.

        • Haha. ‘Most’ ‘conspiracy’ Is True &&&
          ‘their’ Way of Saying: “i told U So, but U
          didn’t listen. & that’s that ___

      • you talking about the shitheads that said Cheney caused the new orleans hurricain that almost sank it? Or that Bush blew up the dyke and flodded the poor part of it?
        Or that Bush had explosives planted in the twin towers to bring them down? Maybe you were one of the assholes that thought that, asshole.

      • Try this . The FBI has investigated over 60 murders linked to the Clintons. GUESS WHAT No one has ever been arrested. Go on the internet and look it up . It will give you a list of names how they were related to the Clintons. Why did Seth Rich get murdered?????/

  8. Roberts was turned during Obama administration by Brennan and flapper that’s why he rewrote Obama care and did not rule it for what it was unconstitutional

    • And he was turned because he has an illegally adopted kid and Obama threatened to out him. Either way, any SC justice or other judge appointed by any member of the Bush Crime Family is conservative. The only solution here is making sure of 2 things. 1) Replace that old buzzard, Ginsberg, even if it means having to Scalia her! 2)Trump win reelection in 2020 in case she not gone by then.

    • HEY, GUYS,
      WE MAY NOT LIKE DECISIONS ROBERTS MAKES, BUT HE INDEED [in my opinion] MAKES DECISIONS BASED ON HOW HE SEES THINGS. LOOK HOW PISSED HE WAS [rightly so] WHEN OBAMA IN THE STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS ATTACKED COURT DECISIONS? LET’S DISAGREE WITH HONEST PERSONS ON THE COURT [and we all know who are not and/or just insufficiently cognizant to do anything but follow a party line] PRAY THAT GINSBURG LEAVES, AND “MOVE ON” [but not with a “.org”. Markey Parkey Esq.

  9. Perhaps, instead of questioning by politicians that don’t have the brains to make a living in the PRIVATE SECTOR questioning prospective Candidates for the Supreme Court, those candidates were given LIVE QUESTIONS on the ACTUAL WORDING OF THE CONSTITUTION and see if their version agrees?

    Currently, when the senators, (and representatives) take their Oath of Office, they answer “Yeah, whatever… NOW can I have a drink?”

    You can give a 10 question test to nearly any sitting politician on the Constitution and 95% will FAIL!

  10. Roberts’s ego means more to him than The Country. Trump stated the obvious about judges. Roberts is just proving him right.

  11. Trump doesn’t care about conservatism or liberalism. Trump cares about Trumputinism and the billions he can stick away safe from the tax man.

    • Sorry your talking about your communist democrats and rhino’s, NOT president Trump. Your busy sucking the wrong side and showing your ignorance.

      • Who are you to question his taxes? We have something known as the IRS to take cae of it, if you do not know who they are.

      • Carol you are just missed informed. There are no communist democrats. Lying Trump has been guilty of a Felony and more. When the SDNY finished with their report the public will learn more of his criminals behavior. Sorry that Trump cannot tell the truth. Just accuse, insults, and miss lead is what he does and he just does what you cannot see or accept but enable him.

        • Democrats are Baby Killers! How many dead babies will it take to satisfy their blood lust? 2? 6? 200? When will it end?

        • Smartbiscuits needs to STOP drinking that Liberal Kool Aid and watching fake news all day! Your TDS (Trum Derranged Syndrom) is driving you bonkers!

        • HA-HA-HA! Dumbbiscuits, where’s you proof Dumbbiscuits. You’re just another loud mouthed demonRAT moron that religiously follows cnn (communist nonsense network). What about all the PROVEN nefarious criminal activities of your beloved communist party. So damn numerous I can’t even see an end in sight. Your messiah O’Sambo was the most criminal presidential pretender that ever lived, bar none. Morons like you give retards a bad name.

          • Mark Hopkins, I feel sorry for you and everyone like you that have your heads so far up Donald Trump’s ass that you can’t think straight. And what’s with all this shit about Democrats being “demonRAT morons” and CNN being the “communist nonsense network” just because they point out the truth about the Liar in Chief? I’ll be looking forward to what you have to say once the Special Counsel and the Southern District of New York reports are made public. I’m sure you’ll come up with some shithead response.

    • Eric, if Trump and Putin were colluding during the 2016 Putin site sure didn’t get much for his efforts. Can you name anything that Putin profited with for getting Trump elected?

      • The sanctions where lifted in some areas. IF Trump had his way there would be no sanctions. There are things that are not made public that Putin will get from Trump. Putin has Trump as a puppet. Time will tell more of what Putin will or has received from Trump.

        • You know ‘nothing’ re Foreign Affairs.
          Your ‘biscuits’ are ‘Baked & Burned’
          Your ‘charcoal’ Stinx__

    • You are an ignorant /dumb bastard who is to stupid to pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel

      • What part of his whopping $1 per year salary do you think he’s “socking” away? Is it the $1Billion he’s lost since he’s been in office to actually have to protect himself? I know that Commie Network News constantly barrages its less than aware audience with out right lies like this, but thank God and common sense that people everyday are understanding (after their propagandized eyes have been opened) that Trump really does love this country. Trump is not a begat! He really has lifted the economy for everyone. He doesn’t believe in killing little babies just before or after they are born (how could ANY human conceive of themselves as being kind, tolerant, patient like that? This is certainly not the mark of ANYONE who is truly enlightened!

        • You will never convince the deranged Trump haters with facts. Their fat old lady got her ass handed to her by Trump and the war has been on ever since. Nothing will open their eyes because they’re too stupid to understand. Only thing we can do is fight them and never give in. We must MAGA!!!!!!!

    • Eric crawl back under the rock you came from. You are such a loose cannon. But all you Dem. Liberal, commi’s are the same. Suck it up. We did for 8 darn years with your Obama and his Shim wife. Get a life.

  12. We The people have went from talking about abortion to out right Murder. So when do we pass a state Law to actually kill 1 year old kids? Because these babies have to be alive because Dead babies tissue are dead also. And not usable. You have to remove a heart while the person is alive.

    • I honestly think the Demon Rats want the right to murder teenagers graduating High School if they aren’t indoctrinated into Marxism fully!!

    • The next important issue Roberts will betray the conservatives is the CROSSES across the country.JOhn Adams warned us that if the Bible and the 10 commandments are taken out, our foundation will criumble. John Roberts is doing just that. He is a fake Justice.and he is a democRAT operative.

  13. It’s a shame we have worry if Justices (and Judges) are Conservative or Leftist. If they would be true to their sworn oath they would follow the Constitution to the letter; their personal politics would not matter. Sadly, they fail to do what the Founders so rightly intended.

  14. I still think that someone has something over Roberts’ head. Maybe, the adoptions that may have been illegal.

  15. The problem is none of the Washington people like President Trump. We are all he got. Check out Rand Paul and the rest of these crooks.

  16. I believe we all need to set our vitriol aside and get on our knees and pray to Almighty God that He will sort out our country. Too many of us, myself included, have not been totally trusting in God to guide us and praying for this country to return to the values outlined in the last 6 of the ten commandments. If we ourselves live by that code, perhaps there is hope for this country. While we are having our petty arguements, Satan is gaining strength and our country is going down the tubes into hell. Morality is going out the window while everybody is spending too much time on themselves and not on God’s will. God bless America!

    • I heard that Roberts and his wife adopted 2 kids, illegally and the dems found out about it. Now they are blackmailing him that if he does not vote democrat agenda, they will turn him in and he may lose his adopted kids.

      • Yes, the democRATS have blackmailed him on this. Just before he announced his support for Obamacare, 2 high level democRATS visited him and then he
        changed his ppsition on Obamacare. Before the visit, he was totally opposed to this. After the visit, he turned around and said, aobama care was a tax, which is atotal lie. He must resign because he cannot be impartial anymore. If he sides with the liberals again then the republicans must initiate impeachment proceedings or any other measure which will remove him from the office..

  17. Dan, do you actually think, before you right something??? I can say in my lifetime, I have never known anyone nor myself wishing “death” on another human being. How in gods name were you raised?

    • Beverly I was raised by independent fundamental Baptist. That old hag is a danger to constitutional government. She has told other countries to avoid adopting a constitution like ours. Some people the country would be better off without. I don’t want anyone to harm her, I just want her gone. She is worse than hitler in her support of murdering babies.

      • Dan, Mr Trump isn’t a danger???? Who covets dictators/autocrats. I would think even a staunch supporter of this man would have concerns over him taking words of brutal leaders (Russia, N Korea, Saudi Arabia)if they say the weren’t involved I “believe” them. That is pretty scary. To anyone with a smidge of common sense knows that Trump has absolutely NO empathy. He, from my point of view is a cancer to society.

        • Beverly he is much better for our country than ANY of these idiots in the commiecrat party. That wasn’t always the case. They once way democrats but that changed. They left me, I didn’t leave them. U the way, I voted for Ted Cruz in our primary. But I proudly voted for President Trump over a lowlife crook like hillery, and will proudly vote for him again. Whom do you think should be president? One of those green deal idiots? As far as Trump’s comments about Putin and them people, he has no actual proof Why start a war without facts. Allegations unfounded can cause an international problem.

          • I’ll agree with you that Hillary is a crook but SO is Trump. The choices in the last election were so bad, one would have to ask who is the “lesser of two evils”? They both are poor human beings.

        • People are beaten and kill in our Jail every day and night. Do president Trump’s know about it? The answer is no!

    • Beverly Its difficult to find someone worst than Hussein Obama for our country. Trump is doing a great job for us the people.

  18. I told you that John Roberts is a friggin leftist. End of story. We DON’T have the conservative majority in US Supreme Court.

    Clarence Thomas was reported that he wanted to retire soon. If it is true, he needs to retire now.

    Trump 2020.

  19. The SCOTUS is not always in line with the nations opinions…nor should the SCOTUS ALWAYS BE IN LINE WITH OPINION. I accept a legally sworn opinion based on legal precedent…legal opinion should always based on legal actuality and never on human feeling…WHY? FEELINGS, LIKE OPINION, IS SOMETIMES BIASED TOWARDS COMPREHENSION OF MATTERS…NOT PROOF. SHOULD ALL RECOLLECTION OF POSSIBLE RAPE VICTIMS BE LISTENED TO AND SHOWN CARE…YES…BUT WITHOUT PROOF ACCUSATION OF RAPE IS NOT…NOR EVER SHOULD BE CONSIDERED ABSOLUTE PROOF. Ask KAVANAUGH.

      • Zee I’m afraid you are right. He might have been threatened or bribed. We will never know. The death of a real originality on the SCOTUS might have turned him. Don’t ever doubt the real and present danger of the commie party

        • Roberts, May Have
          “been threatened or bribed. ”
          > Moreso, he is ‘epilectic’/ w
          controlling ‘meds’.
          i read re this several yrs. ago.
          Not Good, Dan.

          • ps. Dan. “Don’t ever doubt the real and present danger of the commie party”. NO worries, my camp KNOWS the DANGER.
            > STAY ‘tuff’ MonMan. I will.

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