Rush Limbaugh dropped one bombshell about the coronavirus that just changed everything

America is moving into a new phase in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

This presents significant danger for Donald Trump.

And Rush Limbaugh dropped one bombshell about the coronavirus that just changed everything.

Some Governors – especially those in red states – are trying to reopen their states economy to prevent a second Great Depression.

Blue state governors like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are keeping their economies shut through the month of May.

Rush Limbaugh noted this dynamic and explained to his audience that it was the red state Governors who were going to try and get the economy moving again.

“I’ll tell you something else that’s starting to send red flags up. You probably have already noticed this. All these blue state governors that want to keep their states locked down, it’s purely political. But what are they depending on? They’re depending on the red states — the red states that are opening up! The red states are gonna get the economy kickstarted,” Limbaugh stated.

Limbaugh explained that it was no accident that swing state Democrat Governors kept their economies shut down.

That’s because they want to trash the economy hurt Donald Trump’s re-election prospects.

“The American left and the Democrat Party is going to do its best to keep this economy shut down, to extend and expand that shutdown — and blow up their own country’s jobs — just to ensure that Trump loses . . .

” . . . The economic activity that will happen from the red states going back to work, the blue state governors are gonna try to cancel it out by keeping their people at home. They’re gonna wreck the economy. Their objective is to wreck the economy and get rid of Trump,” Limbaugh concluded.

Democrats would be all too happy to plunge the nation into a second Great Depression because it would help them defeat Donald Trump and create a crisis that could allow them to impose socialism on America.

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  1. Monty – so when our founding fathers designed the Electoral College, do you think they had Trump in mind? Actually, it was designed specifically to prevent a single-party government such as the one they had just fled. And as John Adams said, “Our Constitution was designed wholly for a moral and religious People. It is totally unsuited for the government of any other!” Our biggest problem now is that our democrats have become John Adams’ “any other “! – Neither moral nor religious, and they are working hard to convert us to their ideology (or lack thereof)! Eliminating the Electoral College will again reduce us to a single party country!

  2. Monty, I have spent time in several cities and was very glad to get back out of them. I wouldn’t trade peace and quiet, safety, no traffic jams, good neighbors, and being close to nature for anything a city has to offer

  3. Oh yes BJ I do know what living in rural America is like I grew up there couldn’t wait to get out left and never went back.

  4. Monty, you have no clue. We are prospering. We don’t care about your statistics. You have no idea what it is like to live in a rural area. Yes, a lot of what we ship will eventually need deep water ports, as we ship international. But we would survive if that were cut off. We have enough resources to cover our own needs. Would you have enough if all of the agricultural states decided not to ship anything to you?? I love where I live and would never live in a city. And how does God fit into your statistics? God doesn’t care about statistics. I depend on Him for all of my needs and He has always provided. Sad that you have no concept of that

  5. Glenn, Rush is far from an idiot, but you have proved with your comment that you are. You can’t stand the truth or anyone who tells it

  6. O. Possum…Name ONE THING that Rush has made up. You can’t. Your problem is that you have no concept of the truth or reality. You just blindly believe the sick lies of your dem leaders without question. Dems can’t stand the truth

  7. Bj tried to publish this yesterday if you live in a rural state then I would think you live in a basically agriculture based economy. Question is are most of the job openings high skilled that need a collage degree or low skilled that don’t require a degree.

    Next what are your States main markets domestic or international. If AG to export you need deep water ports where are those located major cities. For all of this you need a stable trade system based on rules and laws. One more stat the 20 largest metropolitan areas contribute 52% of U.S. GDP which means the rest of the country make up 48% of GDP. So yes you need strong cities for the whole country to prosper.

  8. Monty, we have had cases in this area and no one has died from it. We are now mostly back open except for the nursing homes, which is as it should be. You can hide in your house if you want. I am not going to do that

  9. Monty Jackson to answer your question about getting guns out, I will never dignify that with an answer. I don’t post threatening messages. If there is a civil war the commiecrats will start it and we will finish it. It’s all up to how the commiecrats treat us citizens. But Trump is going to win. Why are we having this conversation? So take your life you pathetic loser

  10. Comeon lets get our economy up and running. This is ridiculous. I don’t even bother wearing a stupid mask anymore. It is hard to breath in them, can’t speak. Then we have this looser Governor in Washington State that has a global agenda. Fake, fake, fake! I love driving by everyone in shopping center with my Trump sticker, getting out of my truck with my Trump hat and T shirt. Ha ha! The looks on peoples faces with their stupid masks on!

  11. BJ it depends on how old you are and your underlying health issues. If you are young you may get it and never know it however you can pass it on.

    Do you know anyone who has passed away from this virus.

  12. Dan, it’s not that Monty is getting more stupid. It’s that he is brain-dead and has no clue of the truth

  13. Monty…????? So??? My state is very self sufficient and do not need your cities. There isn’t even a city in my area and we are doing great. We have plenty of jobs. Your ignorance is profound. Maybe we should just withhold food from you and see how you like it. You are truly a fool. And you attack Pres. Trump who is doing only good for this country. Hillary only won the popular vote because of illegals and dead people voting and those who voted more than once. FACT. The goal of the dems is total control over everything you do. But guess that is what you want. Freedom comes from God, whom you deny. But God wins, you lose

  14. Clear-eyed, you have no clue. You are part of the problem. MOST people recover, but just keep believing the dem lies. YES, it is high time we get things back open. If you want to hide in your closet, go ahead, but you have no right telling the rest of us what to do. You should be far more concerned about the economy than the virus

  15. BJ question have you looked at a GDP chart lately 4Q 2019 top five states 3 Blue 2 Red.

    1. CA
    2. TX
    3. NY
    4. FL
    5. IL

    So if the Blue cities don’t prosper then Red country will not prosper when the cities prosper the rural country prospers simple economics BJ they teach that in Macro Economies. If not then why are so many major corporations and jobs located in the major cities either blue or red. Not in the hinterland like IA, NE, KS and on.

  16. Dan Tyree question is if your GOD/KING is not reelected because the only way he will win is electoral college he will never win a majority of votes think about it Dan when was the last time a Republican President won a majority of votes. But let’s just suppose for a minute he losses both popular vote and Electoral college and he calls on all of you Cult of tRUMP followers to defend him from a Deep State coup are you going to get your guns out simple question.

  17. I think American voters are not idiots. Sometimes they make mistakes, but often they get it right; at least Crooked Hillary is not President. Most people can see that the extended shutdown is promulgated by lockstep Democrats who equate economic hardship with Democrat votes. But when the economic hardship is directly and obviously caused by Democrat action, American are most likely to react against the Democrat malfeasance causing the hardship and vote Republican for a stronger economy and an stronger country.

  18. Monty, are you really that stupid????? Of course you are. Red states don’t need your stinking cities. My state is very self reliant. We couldn’t care less what blue states are doing. We don’t need them. It is very obvious that you have no clue of the truth

  19. Monty, your ignorance knows no bounds. Who cares about farmers and farmland??? Where do you think your food comes from??? Guess it will be just fine with you if we withhold all food from you. Hope you have space to grow your own. And you can let fear rule your life and hide in your closet if you want, but the rest of us are more than ready to get back to normal, which it is high time we do. You should be far more concerned about the economy than the virus. Our governor knows that and has opened up our state and we are pretty much back to normal with common sense. There’s no need for lockdown except in nursing homes. Most people recover. You need a lot of help with your sick hatred. Please get it

  20. Scott, you have no concept of the truth. You make a fool of yourself every time you comment. All who come to Jesus and are saved and follow Him are Christians. I have done that. Have you?? Jesus knows who His people are and Hw will be our judge, not you. And you are the ignorant one. MOST people recover from this, and YES, there is a plan. But just keep denying the truth and stay ignorant

  21. We need more hood rats like you Monty, I’ll eat sh_t before what the farmers have to gaves is, we can die in the sewers first we be wasp.

  22. Rose not all of us are unhappy I am glad my Governor has kept the state and the Mayor who has kept the City lockdown. We could probably open up downstate there is nothing down there anywhere just farms and farmland who cares.

    I am glad to see the cases going up in the rural Midwest states maybe the red people will get sick.

  23. All of you red people and red state people need to remember one thing if the cities don’t prosper red rural america doesn’t prosper and probably red rural states will suffer most.

  24. Dear Richard. No blame for China who started all this? Or the idiot who was in the white house for 8 years cutting everything for our military and supplies for a pandemic? I do believe there was Dem and China collusion on this. Wait and see.

  25. My heart does go out to those who have lost people to this virus, however, if we are honest, we would have possibly lost them to the flu also. Rush is right on this….most of the hoopla is political, which is a shame. I believe if we can go to get groceries safely, then we can open most (if not, all) businesses safely. Each business simply needs to have a plan to do so…submit to local mayor (commission) for approval, and it is your Constitutional right to open as usual. It is a terrible thing these Dem Governors are doing to the people who elected them. Their careers as politicians are sunk!

  26. Even Cuomo was forced to admit that most new COVID hospitalizations in New York are from people who were already staying at home. He said he was shocked to learn that.
    So much for the lockdowns stopping the spread. It appears the only purpose for the lockdowns is to wreck the economy hoping it will make people vote for Biden.

  27. I think the people will see the only person to get economy going is Trump. He has are ready proven he can do it.

  28. Snott27 you probably noticed that the coronavirus deaths are far below expectations. Tell us what you think should be done. Shelter in place until we kill our country? I don’t give a rat’s ass if you don’t like Trump. That’s your privilege. My problem is the damned lies that you ignorant people spread. Trump is going to be re-elected so suck it up and be a man about it. I was disappointed when the mulatto got re-elected, but the sun still shined. So stfu and go vote for joe the retard.

  29. Dan… “reworked the team to make it more effective.” It’s stunning that you could even have that thought, much less express it publicly. We’re seeing how effective it has been on a daily basis and have seen it since January (regarding this matter) and much longer in general. And “speak up”… I happen to have some inside experience and knowledge with this administration and anyone speaking up with common sense was ignored. But you’re right, he’s not a failed president… but mostly because he’s a reality tv con man… can’t fail at being president when you’re really just an actor.

  30. Ebola was spread by bodily fluids and not through the air, making it a lot easier to control. If even half the fat mouth Liberals in New York would have done their job you would only see half the deaths you see now. Only thing Liberals do is point fingers and play the blame game, like little girls in grade school…

  31. With the track record that the lamestream media has had over the past thirty years with the likes of Maddow, Lemon, Williams, Todd, etc.; the left has nothing to crow about where Rush is concerned. Journalism assumed room temperature a long time ago.

  32. Snott27 the question is why didn’t the commiecrats get their heads out of their asses and speak up. Nasty pussy and Adam sh&tt were too busy spreading lies about the president. Your commie party is lower than dog puke. And Trump reworked the team to make it more effective You have outrage at Trump. Your crowd was deafening with your silence at the failure of the obozo administration. But Trump isn’t a failed president. You asswipes aren’t interested in helping, just hindering.

  33. hahahahaha…. quote of the day Dan, et al: “if we didn’t do any testing, we would have very few cases.” Heard it from his own mouth. That’s your dear leader speaking. By that logic, we could eradicate breast cancer by not doing mammograms. And to think, there are still those of you who get on bended knee to this moron.

  34. I think that the smartest people, most not fooled by fake media people, will simply move from the blue states to the red states so as save their businesses, as Elon Musk did. And the blue states will quietly rot.

  35. Dan T… fact is, if provisions were short it was likely because your dear leader failed to take it seriously, disbanded the pandemic response team and never did a thing to replenish those supplies. How long are you going to divert accountability (yes, it’s a word, look it up since its not in your vocabulary). Just because your dear leader can’t stand up like a man doesn’t mean you can’t.

  36. Snott27 when Trump came to the White House the medical provisions were very low, just like our military. So you go check the facts. And then stfu

  37. It must be fun being Rush. He gets to sit in a comfy chair every day, pound the table, and make stuff up. No research needed. No accountability- just a daily dose of conspiracy theories to millions of adoring fans.

  38. Dan T…. truth is, Obama sent teams of medical personnel and others to THE SOURCE of the ebola outbreak to aid in stopping its spread. He and his administration developed a detailed plan/playbook for handling pandemics, as they had the foresight to know we’d have one. Your guy ignored the plan but failed to develop his own. Thus, that’s why we are where we are right now. So stfu.

  39. Dan T… rush is not always right. I use to listen to him merely for the entertainment value and to hear what kind of garbage he was spewing to his listeners. I quit listening the day he said no one ever goes bankrupt in this country due to medical costs. That was my final straw.

  40. Snott27 the mulatto administration was very lacking in equipment to battle any crisis. That idiot was too busy “transforming “ America. Get your head out of your ass.

  41. The 2nd Great Depression will be caused by the exact same reason as the 1st, the ever declining value of the dollar which is already less worth than zero, it started to greatly decline during the reign of that foreign enemy Kenyan tyrant “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry the Osamanator” print, print, print, and print more currency with nothing of value to support the money, and just like the twisted process carried out during the Obama regime repeating the same mistake for the sake of the wicked wealthy and you are a fool to believe this is nothing more than gracing the most wealthy rather than punishing them for their wicked acts.

    Depriving legal United States of decent jobs, creating a situation where the epidemic created by the tyrannical Chinese politicians became a pandemic.

    The majority of the Pandemic Disaster Relief Funds, PDRFs should have went and continue to go to those who solely survive on Social Security, Disability, and Veterans Entitlement benefits yet to date the Lions Share of the PDRFs have gone to those responsible for taking what could have remained an epidemic contained within China into a pandemic all due to their sinful greed.

  42. bj, Obama didn’t shut down the country with Ebola or H1N1 because he had an efficient plan to quickly contain them and minimize losses. We currently have no plan, no hint of a plan, and we never did under this administration. And this is not just another flu… how absurdly ignorant of you. And please, stop with the fake Christianity. You are no more a Christian than I am the president.

  43. The Demon-crats will stop at nothing…NOTHING, yo take back total control of America. They are ruining our country. Fauci and Gates are right up there with Hitler. We will be nothing but another communistic run country. God help us!!

  44. Bt.
    The democratic party shouh have there heads check for the illegals
    They send money every week to their home and you people want to give them free money pact your and their bags and get the hell out of the USA we don’t want either of you

  45. These politicians have no clue what they are doing.
    Wearing a cloth mask is like using a chain-link fence to stop mosquitoes.
    It’s just a placebo for the paranoid.

  46. The corruption we are exposing started BEFORE 2016. I will admit that there was probably a corruption “light” existing for decades. What has turned all the heads is how blatant and arrogant they have become.
    Wholesale corruption at the highest levels of our government is never to be tolerated or acceptable. We will never be able to stop all corruption. But we can do a massive pruning to cut it back. The events that unfolded when the outgoing party discovered that they had lost control was indeed criminal. In a lesser republic you would have seen the military assuming control to maintain “order”. So far our country is based on a system of laws. Those laws were turned against the people. The purpose was POWER. Nothing less.

  47. Say Mr. Richard, IF you love the way that Russia operates, then, you need to live there or one of their puppet nations like Cuba or …….. I do believe that you love being bullied around for the rest of your poor and miserable life.

  48. 7 reason for CoronaVirus: #1. & #2. China must reduce its aging dependent social security population, because their one child per family has not allowed the creation of a replacement youth population to pay for the elderly retired generation, and may additionally believe the world in general needs a population reduction. #3. The spread of the Virus and a possible shut down of the world economy including the USA, and may have thought [with the help of the media] it would bring about a replacement of Pres. Trump with a communist put into the presidency in the US favorable to China. #4. The creation of a digital currency where banks own and control all of your money #5. & #6. Allow Bill gates to us his anti-Fertility Vaccines and RFDI chip everyone in the world. #7. Election fraud, through mail in ballots and ballot harvesting, in order to appoint a communist for president. You could add that creating fear, opposes the Nature of God Almighty & the Eternal Lord Himself, who has given us a Sound Mind.

  49. It’s being proven every day that if we “open up”, we will have resurgences of this damn virus, and MORE people will die. Don’t you think 83k+ is enough? Are you eager to watch the elderly and weak die, and, btw, also some random 30-yr. olds and children? Can’t you see that we’ll never get rid of the virus if everybody keeps infecting more people? The Dems are trying to help the average slob, but people like Moscow Mitch say, “I see no urgent need…” They complain about how much the Dems want to spend, but don’t mention that they put 3 trillion of the debt in place when they decided to give a BIG tax break to the super-rich! And Trump cares for nobody but the rich. He certainly has shown no sign of caring about any of you!

  50. We should be far more concerned about the economy than the virus, which is no worse than some of the other strains of flu that we’ve had. Obama didn’t shut the country down for H1N1. Most people recover or have only mild to moderate symptoms. But the dems want total control and are using the virus for their evil agenda. It is high time to open things up. Thank God the governor of my state has common sense. We are getting back to normal, as it should be. There is a battle raging between God and satan. God wins. The dems are with satan. They lose

  51. The modern democrat party is far more destructive and damaging to this country than the COVID virus. Just look what they have done already, and are still doing.
    Spied on U.S. citizens with phony evidence.
    Set a perjury trap for Flynn hoping they can use it against Trump.
    Weaponized the government to attack a political opponent in hopes of undoing an election.
    Impeached a president on phony bribery charges.
    Created the Russian collusion hoax.
    Ignored all the crimes of their own politicians like Biden and H. Clinton.
    And now keep the economy shutdown in hopes of swinging an election.

  52. Get rid of the thorn in our side that never goes away. He thinks he has all hidden and cant be touched but in time it will come out and he will pay the price, no one is above the law, Obama,,

  53. You republicans simply don’t think. One dumb ass pointed out that more people die of smoking every year than from morbid-19. You have to buy a pack of cigarettes and do that for 20 to 30 years before you die of a smoking related disease. So, go down to your friendly neighborhood store and buy a pack of coronavirus. Go ahead and do that and watch it take your life in less than three months and while you’re at it infect your parents, children, and close friends.
    Yeah, big mouth DimBalls, go buy a pack of coronavirus and tell me it’s all a political game for the blue states to get rid of the worse dumbest greediest president this country has ever had. Let’s see you from the other side of a ventilator that this stupid president didn’t take his medical advisors serous and dilly dagged for two or thee weeks.
    Cann you guys ever see the painting on the wall and stop making everything about red or blue, stop deflecting, deflecting and deflecting some more and stop letting stupid egos speak for you?

  54. For every action there is a reaction. When Schiff, Pelosia, and Schumer started all of this crap they should have been aware that it would come back to haunt them.
    A lot of the Democrat’s are now sorry that the were not advised by the Gang upfront.
    They are now in a panic and will say and/or will do anything to dig out of the hole they have created. Look at who they have running for President. If you are a registered Democrat RUN as fast as you can away from these power hunger jerks.

  55. I said this from day 1. The virus won’t be the fight, it would be the aftermath. 1st it was flatten the curve, now it’s wait for a vaccine. And it’s not only about the economy and bringing down Trump, it about the abuse of power that they have long craved for. Reminds me of Nazi Germany around 1931. And sadly we are letting them get away with it..Yes the virus was deadly and the precautions were definitely required but as always “never let a crisis go to waste”. Their agenda is fully exposed for everyone to see and they have no intent to hide it. How can anyone support these people?? Truly mystifying as I have been asking myself that question for years. Hopefully anyone with more that 2 brain cells will see the light and wake up before it’s too late.
    TRUMP 2020…………………..

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