Rush Limbaugh explained the one simple reason Donald Trump will win the election

With less than 50 days to go until the Presidential election, some Trump supporters are beginning to worry.

Polls show Joe Biden leading but with President Trump gaining ground in the battleground states.

But Rush Limbaugh explained the one simple reason Donald Trump will win the election.

During Tuesday’s broadcast, a caller to Rush Limbaugh’s program expressed his concern about the level of early and mail-in voting.

The caller believed the expected record numbers of early and mail-in voting would doom Trump’s re-election bid.

Limbaugh countered with the fact that the caller was buying into the Fake News Media hype that every mail-in and early voter was automatically a Democrat.

“Okay, so people on the right do not have the brains to vote early unless somebody tells them to, and when you don’t hear anybody telling them to, then they’re being outnumbered, they’re not voting early, but they’re still gonna vote. They’re just not voting early. Voting early does not change anything. It just changes the date which people are voting. I don’t agree with it like you don’t. I think early voting is a mechanism whereby fraud can take place,” Limbaugh stated.

Limbaugh added that in 2016 Trump, still won the election despite early voting being in place and that Republicans flipped a Congressional seat for the first time since 1998 this past spring despite the fact that the election was run by mail-in voting.

Rush also explained to his audience that the enthusiasm in the election was with Trump voters.

“They cannot wait to vote for the President, which is why the media was hyping up the fact that a deluge of mail-in ballots would lead to the President’s defeat.

“I think the reason that you’re hearing that is because the Democrats know that despite the propaganda that they are using the mainstream media to spread, they know full well that the enthusiasm on their side is not what they are leading you to believe. They know that the Trump voter today remains the most enthusiastic voter in the United States of America. It isn’t even close,” Rush said.

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