Rush Limbaugh exposed the one secret that could destroy Nancy Pelosi

The Democrats have no idea what they are walking in to.

Nancy Pelosi and her allies think the leaks surrounding Robert Mueller’s report set them on the road to impeaching the President.

But Rush Limbaugh exposed the one secret that will give Nancy Pelosi nightmares.

Democrats salivated over the leaks claiming Mueller’s team was furious with how Attorney General William Barr characterized their work.

This led to Democrats increasing their demands for Barr to release the full Mueller report.

But Rush Limbaugh said the Democrats are walking into a trap.

That’s because no matter what unflattering narrative the Mueller prosecutors wove, none of it will change the fact that Mueller did not indict anyone for conspiring with Russia.

Limbaugh declared:

Now, some of us have known this from before the Mueller investigation began. Simon’s point here is, it doesn’t matter what kind of innuendo about Trump’s character or personality or lack of qualifications or whatever other scandalous stuff, scurrilous stuff. The bottom line is, in 400 pages, there isn’t going to be any evidence of collusion. There isn’t gonna be any evidence of obstruction. The Democrats already know this.

What they are doing right now is trying to promote the idea that there is something in there that Barr is hiding. It must be pretty bad, then the New York Times dutifully comes out with this story that friends and associates of some people on Mueller’s team are pretty surprised because they think there is some pretty bad stuff about Trump in there. But it’s not specified, and there are no names. It’s all anonymous. And the quotes do not come from actual members of Mueller’s team.

So everything is falling in line exactly as it must to feed the Democrat vampires the fake news blood that they need. They can’t live without this fake news. They cannot. Their networks can’t survive without it. Their audiences can’t get through the day without the belief that somewhere is evidence that Trump is a goon or a cheater or a traitor.

This report is why prosecutors are not supposed to release information on the investigations they conduct.

They speak through charges.

And Mueller said volumes when he did not charge any Trump Campaign officials for conspiring with the Russians or make any determination on obstruction of justice.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. It’s pretty clear to me that Diane is on here to shake things up and get all of us fired up and angry at him/her/teenager looking for a fight. I say don’t fall for her incitement to controversy.

  2. The democrats knew before the Mueller investigation started that nothing would be found, because the FBI had already searched every sewer in the world trying to come up with the insurance to keep Trump out of the WH. Muller’s team of 18 Hillary supporting lawyers doing a Trump investigation, to come up with something that the FBI could not do, is one of the nations’s largest scams and waste.

    • The Democrats can’t imagine how anyone could be so successful without resorting to Cheating, scams, lying, killing the competition, or outright Criminal actions like they have to do to get their millions. ant it really keeps them up at night because now their underhanded plays have now turned the tables against the whole DNC and past Presidents that started the NWO run for takeover. This wont be good for the Clinton’s or Obama at least. Noe it’s the Americans turn to see Justice for once in the government to be whitewashed of all these sand fleas.

  3. Seems to me if they release the mueller
    Would cause a lot of liberals to be indicted for
    Many crimes including treason .. slander and
    Obstruction of justice.
    Be careful what you wish for.

  4. Demonrats knew from the beginning that all this was a lue, perpetrated by them, when Mueller came up with nothing in hopes of something, they now how to keep thier lie going anyway they can, for thier ignorant voters to believe UNTILL next election. But we have been saying this all along. Fake news is the biggest danger to our country, and it’s democracy!

  5. The Dems are all “OWNED” by Mr. George Soros, period. He went to Hillary’s home and gave her one check for $8 MILLION, Comey and Ohio Gov. each got checks for $675,000, and now Kasich is on the Dems side! Read about how the “European Union” was voted on by citizens in the countries? Let me know if you find any, I can’t. Seems like he just “PAID” those in power to join??? The Dems have ruined many cities. I lived in Detroit in the 1970’s, and look at it now! Only 575,000 left out of 1.8 million! Ford and Chrysler built zero cars in the USA, why? The unions made it impossible to make a profit and compete with the imports. I worked at Chrysler as a consultant at the time. The middle management was fired in mass. Leaving only top management and workers. I had to figure out how to run various departments, and the computer systems! Unions are now out of many jobs after about 50,000 union factories closed.

    • The Dems are now getting money from drug cartels to finance their agendas because there is no other source of money like they are getting that makes sense. The drug cartels want open borders to be able to continue their 500 billion dollar a year industry to kill off as many of us as possible.

      • If that’s obvious to you me, it should be obvious to most Americans (those smart enough to vote for Trump, i.e.!

    • Bama Bill, WOW! It seems it can’t get any worse, so it has to get better!

      I will just keep votin,’ believin,’ and prayin’ that this nation will be healed!

    • Too bad this idiot can’t spell!
      As to Rush’s “secret” … why don’t we just wait until we can see the entire Mueller report?

      • And you probably still believe Bill Clinton met on the Tarmac-that’s an airport runway- you spelling genius with Loreta Lynch to discuss grandkids ! And by the way Bengazi isn’t an outpost in Alaska you clown !

        • Imagine that there are so many brainwashed commies who haven’t yet put 2 and 2 together. The DEMS DON’T want the wall because THEY ARE BEING PAID OFF BY THE CARTELS!!!! THEY have plenty of walls around THEIR homes, with ARMED body guards, paid for by US! They don’t give a damn about the country or the American people, including the blank minded, special needs people who voted for them!

  6. Begone N. Peelosi, Upchuck Schumer and Mad Maxine, to name three. What, if anything, is democratic about the Damnocrat party? Nadler is no better. They must be jealous of President Trump.

    • Nadler says there is a constitutional crisis. I think he is just describing what looks back at him from his mirror. In other words, Nadler IS the constitutional crisis.

  7. Its seems to me that the women and men in the Demwits – Just cant stand it. Teen age children our more polite and have more sense than most of the Demwits. Go to Mcdonalds you will see the teenagers doing better work than demwits WHY? Mcdonalds dont drink Whiskey on the job,they get their on time. They say thank you most of the time. And MOSTLY they are not crying about Demwits. Thanks

  8. I cannot believe that Nancy PEEDlosi is still sure of collussion and that her fellow Demorats will vote to impeach President Trump. In following the newz, it is apparent that PEEDlosi, and her lemmings are all “in lock-step” rushing towards the abbyss, and hopefully, TOTAL demise of the Demoratic Party.

    • ha-ha-ha ! Demo-rats could put any blame, dirt or dishonest lies for anyone , but for our president…. they sleep and dreaming ! look at these faces, Loren, you see the greeding, evil , dishonests, trators and corrupted sick “people” who will sale of America to anyone, all depend of how much money !

  9. Our currency still states “In God we trust” ! Our country did not grow and become the greatest natuon on earth. because of our congress and presidents.
    We the United States of America and our nation is blessed. The politicians who believe they bare all about the laws, will learn the truth the hard way. The lieing, cheating will all catch up with them — so help us God !!

    • I agree Glenn!! By God’s Hand we have been blessed in this nation for years. We need to recognize this as a nation. Unless we repent and pray for His forgiveness will He heal this land. We all need to be busy about the Lord’s Work…bringing more to a knowledge of Jesus Christ before it is time for the Lord’s return.

  10. Is there an official list of qualifications for the position of President of The United States of America.?
    Just because “Beto” or “Fauxahauntas” or “Spartacus” or any of the other Liberal wannabes have the desire to run for the office, it doesn’t mean that they are qualified or have the education or training. Would you want any one of them running a 7-11?

  11. did you ever think that maybe they want the full 400 pg released to them so they can see how much information about them is in the report, their crimes we know they have some, if they get it, they will redact the pages implicating them and give the public what they want them to see. Maybe we are stupid to them.

  12. //// THE ////
    and all you deep
    state fools //// stop
    the hate = it’s a waist of

    • Did you mean to say, “waste of time”?

      On a different note; I was surprised I was even allowed to read this article
      as I’m usually not allowed access to read anything I’m really interested in
      reading. I will look for your future articles.

      • //// John ////
        Thank you for your comment
        And, as for the misspelled word
        “waist” you’re right //// It
        was the first word that
        came up //// And
        i grabbed it

  13. It is her lies and with the help of the media she gets people to believing that this is what the majority of Americans want. She is totally off base with her assumptions and her constituents need to wake up and realize what the truth is and remove her from office. She has only impeded progress for the CITIZENS or LEGAL people of the United States and chooses to push an agenda for ILLEGALS! Why do people allow this to happen?


      • I have been preaching that for the last few months. Our hard earned money is going to pay their six figure salaries and they haven’t earned one cent of it. Time to flush out the sewer! Talk of impeachment has been running constantly and he hasn’t done anything to be impeached for!

      • Perry you so right but this country is made up of hard woking people who have common sense and know the democrats are nuts. They were elected to serve the people and all took a oath. I also tok a oath in 1964 to serve and protect this great country. I retired as a combat master gunny sgt. In 1994. I am 75 and I see this going to hell in a hand basklt over pure hate of Trump for2 and one half years. He is the best sence Ragan. SEMPER FI

        • Yo, gunny. Pretty sickening be the current status quo, but we could’ve been stuck with Clinton. It’s one thing for the Dems to disagree with sanity: It’s their job. It’s another thing to be lunatics about it. The current crop (what’s it up to now, about 20 that think they’re qualified to be prez?) of idiots will, if elected, just about do it for us. Oh, well. Back atcha and the ole Master Chief sez it.

      • The advertising that the republicans need to run should be so easy that put in the right places it will bring another 3 to 5 million voters to our side. Think about trump leaning forward into the wind holding two ropes and the two he is pulling uphill are Nancy and schmuckie with their heels dug in the ground. Also showing in the dems media the accomplishments that the media never told the public. The media and the dems in a joint suicide.

    • Let over the hill Piglosi, Schmucky Chuckie and the other Blabber mouth DemocRAT’s keep talking!!! They are so stupid that they will bury themselves in Pig Dung and blow themselves out of the 2020 elections!!!

    • This is why these wild packs of supposed “elites” think that THEY are entitled to the power of the American people. They’ve been in office so long that they’ve been hoarding millions of fraudulently obtained dollars! Not only do they not want to let lose of this power, they actually BELIEVE that they are better, and therefore “destined” to be OUR masters!!! Many Americans have not understood this, because they’ve be convinced through our more than inadequate school system, which they have designed for that purpose, that we truly do have “Justice For All,” in this country! Seeing how Killery was treated, by the Obama FBI and DOJ, with all her traitorous and murderous crimes, yet we know that anyone else would have been prosecuted! This does not set well with the American people, and it shouldn’t!

  14. The end of Mueller investigation report is supposed to be over. The final report … why can’t Adam Schiff comprehend this fact?

    Let us turn the table around and press the treason charges against him.

    This shit need to be stopped.

    And don’t delete my freedom of speech. Thanks!

    ~ Have Had Enough of This Crap

    • Since they want Trump, our President to die, we must do all that is necessary to insure his enemies have no retreat possible. They must be exterminated 1×1 like lice. You figure?

    • Man from Grey – You call the 4 page cliff notes from the #BarrCoverup the “final report”?? Hardly. If the report fully exonerated Trump, it would be all over Fox AlmostNews 24/7 ad nauseaum. The report will eventually come out and it will show this has been a coverup all along. WHAT are they hiding? That Trump has been a con artist and criminal for 70 years and counting? Yep, but sane people already know that.

      • Go back to your planet Diane……and put down the Kool Aid….your ignorance and utter stupidity is immeasurable!

        • Wendy dimwit – Answer the question…….IF the Mueller report totally exonerates Trump, why not release the report? Or is that too hard of a question for you?

          • Diane, the full report can not be released. Read your basic law book. Grand jury proceedings are secret. Peoples names need to be secret. We the people of America already know that there was no conclusion for the mear fact that concussion is not a real thing. Again basic law.

      • Get real, lady! We don’t know what all is in the report and certainly FOX news doesn’t, so how could they comment? If there were ANY RUSSIAN COLLUSION Mueller would have already indicted the President but he did not find anything criminal and that’s why the Dems are so pissed. Get over it and wait another ten days and you will know everything!

        • Why do Americans keep electing these swamp dwellers? I’m from new mexico, and its beginning to look like old mexico, I’m so disgusted with the voters in this state, but I also think there’s much voter fraud here. The democrats have embraced Satan, sadly some repubes have too. God help us if we don’t reclaim our country in 2020. I love my country but I don’t trust the government. Thank God for Donald Trump, it was beginning to smell like pelosi up in here.

      • You are either one of the dumbest people walking this earth or you have a terminal case of TDS – Hopefully its the latter

      • You Idiot.I guess you know how to eat in a running swear.
        Is that why you can spew only swage from you mouth?
        What do expect after your mouth is a toilet. Perfume from Paris.

      • It must be very painful to be as stupid as you clearly are, Diane! Were all of your mother’s children morons, or just you? Congratulations on your being selected as Moron for the Month of April 2019! You worked so very hard to earn this award! You are in the running for Moron of the Year 2019!

        • Harry – If you HAD a brain, you might be dangerous, but alas, seems to be a very empty vessel up there. You dimwits are just the type Trump needs fir his worthless base……..ignorant as they come. Let me guess… believe windmills cause cancer, right? You wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked you upside that empty noggin. Sad.

          • Diane, you attack someone for not having a brain when all of your posts show that you are very ignorant and have no concept of the truth. Better have your own brain checked out.

      • Diane, go rest your heart because it is going to be broken again in 2020 in a big way and as much strain as you are putting on it now without the rest you wont survive 2020.

      • Diane…There is nothing at all sane about you and the only cover-up was from Hillary, who has been very corrupt for many years, but that does not bother you. YOU are by far the ignorant one and need a lot of help with your sick hate

  15. Rush can add more to the pile Nancy has already placed before herself when she opens that pie-hole. NO ONE can expose more of Nancy than Nancy! Another great plus to our elected problem I better stop there because she doesn’t solve problems, she creates problems. Vote Responsibly.

  16. This woman is a total nut job. I hope her constituents wise up and vote her out. She has done nothing for them ,but steal from them and keep them on her reservation.

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