Rush Limbaugh had one message for a black radio host that left him speechless

Rush Limbaugh rarely does interviews on other radio programs.

But Limbaugh made an exception in the wake of the riots that erupted in response to George Floyd’s death.

And Rush Limbaugh had one message for a black radio host that left him speechless.

Limbaugh appeared for an interview on the popular radio show “The Breakfast Club.”

Joe Biden recently created a scandal for himself when Biden appeared on the show and told host Charlamagne tha God that anyone who didn’t know if they were for Biden or Trump “ain’t black.”

The discussion between Limbaugh and Charlamagne and his cohosts was tense but civil.

But the most explosive part of the interview came when Limbaugh dismissed the liberal fantasy over “white privilege.”

“I don’t buy into the notion of white privilege,” Limbaugh stated. “See, I think that’s a liberal political construct right along the lines of political correctness. It’s designed to intimidate and get people to shut up and admit they’re guilty of doing things they haven’t done. I don’t have any white privilege.”

“You’re being delusional,” Charlamagne responded.

Charlamagne claimed that “what happened to George Floyd would not have happened to a white man.”

“If what happened to George Floyd had happened to a white man we probably wouldn’t have heard about it,” Limbaugh shot back.

And Limbaugh was telling the truth.

In 2016, Dallas police pinned Tony Timpa to the ground for 13 minutes by kneeling on his back.

Body cam footage showed the officers mocking Timpa.

Timpa died.

This was never national news because Timpa is white and it didn’t fit the Fake News Media narrative that cops only target young black men for fun because of racism.

One reason the country is so divided on these matters is because the Fake News Media is wedded to the idea of racial divide and strife instead of accurately and honestly covering the topic of police misconduct.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I’m so sorry, Jason…
    What was the ‘chestbump’ all about ???
    Yikes. You will Never Do that again…

  2. White privilege is BS. White people are killed 18% more than blacks by police but, Pravda will never tell you that. The Democrats are going to get trounced in November red tsunami 2020 democrats be prepared to loose a lot of seats locally and Nationally probably worse than the mid terms of 2010 right after Obama Targeted Tea party groups with the help of the IRS. What the Democratic party has been scheming since 2015 while Trump was running for President. This unsuccessful coup attempt blew up in the DNC,FBI,DOJ,and all the intelligence agencies faces. Now it’s Trump’s turn to enact some revenge by putting all the actors in Prison.

  3. I am a white male who has been beaten by. Police for a simple chest bump beaten and kidney pinched by 8 officers at one time I pissed. My self took 3 days to recover reported it nothing happened goes to show where’s my white privlegde


  5. To Jose J De Luna : Something like ‘that’….
    1000’s DIE E’DAY ‘In Worse’ … Media CHOSE/ &
    DIRECTED”this clip’ To Exacerbate ‘a Highly ‘political’ Situation’
    FYI: Man ‘arrested’ -IS NOT, the SAME MAN IN ‘Actual Video’…
    >>> MUST HAVE ‘back channels TO KNOW THIS… eom msm Will NEVER,EVER REPORT
    ‘the Truth’…

  6. I fully admit that the man was detained the wrong was then died. During this period has the “holy than thou media” gave a number of black on black killings in Chicago? The left wing media encourages violent protests that lead to shooting of a black police officer in front of his business, running over two police officers and massive looting plus burning of businesses eliminating massive jobs for others.

  7. Shay I can believe that the idiots on the left would wish that Rush Limbaugh would die from cancer. They are people that put value on the lives of criminals but want as many babies killed as possible. And you have snott27 wishing that someone would take Trump out. The looters and burners are the ones that deserve to be shot. To hell with black lives matter and antifa.

  8. I am shocked that Walt Whittiker wishes that Rush will die from his lung cancer. I would be terrified to wish that on anyone, even brain-dead Demoncrats because the old saying is ‘you reap what you sow’ or ‘what goes around, comes around’. I recommend you read the Bible because what you said will definitely come back to haunt you.

  9. Repost To Leon:
    JUNE 3, 2020 AT 10:49 PM
    Makes me wonder what’s your skill level and educational experience
    >>> MORE Than You Will Ever KNOW… I Do Not 0r NEED ‘tout’… Capish…

  10. Over the years since Rosa Parks (rightfully) refused to give up her seat, there has been a rush to racialize every confrontation which might qualify. This has created an artificial “black privilege” in the public eye. Rush is absolutely right – were it a white “criminal” being restrained with brutality, we’d never have heard about it, no riots, no looting, and no political advantage produced. (And, BTW, Barry wouldn’t have won except for this, though his bisexuality might have been an advantage among the PC crowd).

  11. Not White. Bullying are subversive manipulative tactics used by Communist China: racism, stereotypes, political correctness, shaming, censorship, gender orientation, fake news, propaganda, disinformation. Divide and conquer.
    Communist China seeks to implode the U.S. by disease, destruction, dissension, deceit. Biden is the weak puppet for Communist China; literally, made in China. Protect America; be American; buy American; stand with President Trump. America, land of the free.

  12. Gab you mentioned African American friends. Go tell the antifa hood rats how much you love them. And then you and James Langham should go kiss Trump’s ass. No forget that. You two aren’t good enough.

  13. What will White (and minority) Liberals do when they figure Blacks don’t honor their indebtedness? Their strategy (delusion) is their alibi (racism) is so airtight collective guilt will one day allow them to monopolize all economic resources.

  14. Leon totally agree that there is more depth to this and many times blacks have to be several times better to benefit equally to a white counterpart. I also however have seen too many who display an attitude of being entitled to X despite not putting forth the same effort as others. Many others don’t fit into this group and achieve a much higher standing as a result including most of my African American friends. Empathy and understanding are supreme requirements which our current president unfortunately lacks completely. He also gives an air of entitlement so all people share in the same problem therein.

  15. so leon a resident of chicago the murder capital of the country what did obama do to help the the communities with the senseless killings?what has the community done?nothing as it continues today!most of the big cities run by democrats are in ruins and have the most homicides.when those predominantly black communities start to police themselves and stop the violence then we can have a serious talk about inequality!

  16. A serious turn of events just took place that nobody on here is talking about. The prosecutor just raised the charge on the killer cop to 2nd degree murder. 2nd degree murder means he intended to kill George F. when he had his knee on his neck. That is going to be very difficult to prove to a jury. The likely outcome from this higher charge is he will be acquitted, and he will walk. What do you think the protesters, and rioters are going to do then?

  17. “Malcolm X warned us: “The worst enemy that the Negro have is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love Negros and calling himself a liberal, and it is following these white liberals that has perpetuated problems that Negros have. If the Negro wasn’t taken, tricked or deceived by the white liberal, then Negros would get together and solve our own problems. I only cite these things to show you that in America, the history of the white liberal has been nothing but a series of trickery designed to make Negros think that the white liberal was going to solve our problems. Our problems will never be solved by the white man.”
    Jason L. Riley is the author of “Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed” (Encounter Books), out now.

  18. “America does not deserve this. Over two centuries it has shaped itself into the most tolerant and inclusive society of its kind in the world. Orlando Patterson, a renowned African American liberal and Harvard sociologist whose award-winning works specialize in the study of slavery and race, has said of America, that “is the least racist white-majority society in the world; has a better record of legal protections of minorities than any other society, white or black; offers more opportunities to greater numbers of black persons than any other society, including those of Africa.”

  19. William A Newsom you couldn’t be more wrong. In your opinion, all a black person has to do (besides work his butt off) is “have a compassionate understanding of their fellow citizen”…and blacks are “at a disadvantage because of their arrogant entitlement attitude”. But these talking points offer no glimpse into reality. In fact they are the spin that black people are tired of hearing while you have your knee on their neck. I am not hiding behind any “racist excuse” when I instruct my children to work three times harder than their white counterpart but I am in fact getting out in front of the situation because its absolutely true. Any successful black person will tell you so “if” they thought they could be real with you. However, because of your arrogant sense of entitlement and your lack of compassionate understanding I doubt if you really know any black people. You, like trump, want to play that blame game and will blame anybody or anything, other than yourself, for adverse situations but will only acknowledge yourself for the good. As a matter of fact according to trump he turned the whole economy around rather than say he inherited an excellent upwardly mobile economy from Obama. Anyone who won the election (or was appointed the election) would have stepped into a winning situation that was only theirs to screw up. Yet America gets the spin just like we’re getting the spin about the factual reasons we’re in such a state in our country. If MAGA means going back to this state of the union you’ve got it. However, the majority of society is saying America is better than this. You have a good day

  20. Amen to William Newsinot Palmer… Palmer is only correct in that all misery we are undergoing is brought to you by Trump.

  21. Marc really expect one man to be able to change that much rascism? Joe has successfully changed the system enough that the discussion has changed. What have you done to fix it? We need a leader like a true president capable of understanding this. Amen to William though.

  22. Whittiker Walt. I hope KARMA for you.You are a Mean vicious POS. Typical Democrat. I wish you ALL the Misery Trump can provide you. Get ready for four more years. Sweet Dreams!!

  23. All these “cops,” who delight in their “power” and abuse black or white or any other race, are, at heart, practitioners of a form of sadism. Those who kill are murderers and some are budding serial killers and some who are serial killers. They have found a profession that provides them cover 90/95% of the time.

  24. Leon,
    You saying a black needs three times the education and achievements as a white just to get on a par level of credibility is a racist excuse to hide behind. The reason blacks have a disadvantage is because of their arrogant entitlement attitude. Every successful black I have known all have one thing in common…a compassionate understanding of their fellow citizens.

  25. I agree with Rush and with President Trump. God bless both of them and their families.
    Joe Biden has spent DECADES in the Beltway without ever addressing this systemic racism that he wants to fix after he is elected. He didn’t do it before. Do you really expect him to do it now?
    President Trump has done a fantastic job as president. My wife and I will vote for him again in 2020.

    President Trump has done more for the black communities throughout the U.S. than any other president.

  26. White privilege huh? There’s not a law in our country that says companies or corporations HAVE to hire and HAVE to promote white people. Not so with people other than white. Ever heard of ‘affirmative action’? Now who really has the privilege here?

  27. Leon I respect your kids for their achievements. They succeeded by hard work and education. They didn’t kiss the asses of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. But you have to admit that the democrats are always trolling for victims. And they found them in the black community. Whenever politicians get involved in people’s lives, trust me, the average citizens don’t prosper from it. Yes, blacks haven’t been treated right. But why do blacks commit most of the crimes? Any Sharpton and Jackson always preaching that there’s a klansman behind every tree.

  28. Blaine Jordon….” there are only stupid blacks that under achieve” sounds like a speech at a KKK rally. A black person has to have three times the knowledge of a white man to level the playing field. As a father and great grandfather I have instilled that into my children and their children and as many as I may have the opportunity to…they may not have initially believed me but they have all came back to me and said “you are right about that”. Wonder why? You apparently don’t have any “real” black friends that are totally honest with you because they’ll tell you what I am saying is true. My children have Masters and BAs with homes of their own (with a little help from pops) and you call us “stupid blacks that under achieve”…get a life outside of your KKK existence and you’ll find out what I say is true

  29. Limbaugh has proven time and time again how he is a individual who has a corrupted thought process. He is just as guilty of spreading fake news and creating false narratives as Trump is. Their behavior is just one contributing in a very long line of corruption and disrespect toward the American Citizens;.

  30. I See ‘many’ Blacks In 0ffice & Biz, that have WAAY
    More ‘privilege’, than myself. So What ….

  31. Leon the white privilege is a myth. There’s only stupid blacks that listen to democrats and under achieve. They are living just like the leftist democrats want. And you probably think that it’s ok. People like you create and are losers.

  32. Rush dig up one case that didn’t make national news and all of a sudden you people say Rush is right?? One case that the “white police” buried and no one found out about it…come on people your KKK slip is showing. And anyone in America can see there is such a thing as white privilege if you look at situations honestly…only a true racist will say there is not white privilege.

  33. Hwy Whittiker Walt
    “I can only hope and pray that Limbaugh’s cancer advances quickly and that he passes away on the day after Election day when Biden wins by the largest margin in our country’s history so that he’ll carry this end of Trumps tenure in the White House to stew over for all eternity as he burns in Hell.”

    What did Rush ever do to you – you do not have to listen to him, but he has the right to express himself.

    Rush is a hero to many – as without his views being expressed all these years we would be stuck with only “Fake News”. Rush is a very bright, entertaining individual.

    Rush has never asked people to be violent. You are wanting him to die – why? Do you have more of a right to live than he does?

  34. I am tired of the sad old lie that cops target blacks. Rush is right, if a white man is murdered by cops it isn’t news because it doesn’t help the leftist agenda.

  35. One sound piece of history, the Democrate party was created by slavers . Google it , then then the KKK was created by Democrats after the Civil War . Then Jim Crowe was invented by Democrats to keep certain people in line. Oh they also invented share cropping, so to keep certain people under The Thumb so to speak . They started this thing about White privilege to shame certain people in place. They have and will use what ever it takes to get and keep power for THE POWERS THAT BE . Plain and simple. So don’t be surprised when they use you to get what they want, you won’t even see it coming.

  36. There is no white privilege. That’s libturd language that the left brain washes the people with that they want to keep dumbed down.

  37. Wos mys liberals donkey droppings has made remarks and stoods somes grounds theres serious like mama Maxine

  38. OK Charlemagne the whatever. Why don’t you talk about the white ma that Rush Limbaugh pointed out to you? Where’s the white privilege there? There is no such thing as white privilege unless you are the Queen of England and she was born into it!

  39. I don’t buy into “white privilege” either. My grandfather and grandmother were the working poor. My father died when I was young and I worked myself through college and mt best friends were brown and black. My first job out of college was given to me by an educated black man, and later I was asked to speak at his retirement and funeral, and no one had a dry eye, including me.

  40. Your dear leader is the king of division. I know though the ignorant aren’t really worth talking too so I have few words left for you.

  41. The left aka Democrats love to divide us. I have heard enough of their race baiting & craziness. I am voting for Donald Trump.

  42. Must be an election year when Democrats use the Race Card to make minorities fall in line just to win elections. But Democrats have never made minorities lives better. President Trump has until China let loose this virus. I believe minorities know this and do not fall for Democrat race baiting ever again

  43. The comments on this site need to have upvote, downvote, and comment capability. This would make things much more, er, entertaining, shall we say?

  44. Whittiker Walt only a scum bag liberal would wish that on someone. Just don’t forget Karma will take care of you.

  45. The crux of Rush’s conversation with the breakfast club was we are all white supremacists (if you are white)because of our founding (Rule of law,free market capitalism,Rights from God not government etc.)because they were white.So there is no reconciliation or compromise other than gutting our system and instituting some form of government suitable to their demands.Another words the same ideology that the democrats have been advocating for since that party’s founding.If you’re a democrat pushing for the same that’s ok until it’s not that is.So basically the country as designed and founded is under assault and this criminal tragedy is a catalyst for yet another attack on civil society.It’s sad but also true.

  46. I can only hope and pray that Limbaugh’s cancer advances quickly and that he passes away on the day after Election day when Biden wins by the largest margin in our country’s history so that he’ll carry this end of Trumps tenure in the White House to stew over for all eternity as he burns in Hell.

  47. Hey, J Karas. Being brain-dead does not make you an expert on the black community. If you had have read any history, you would know that us beautiful white people were slaves in Europe way before anyone ever heard of a black person. Over 1.5 million European Christians were captured and forced to work in North Africa from the 16th to 18th centuries. The records of exact numbers were not calculated because white people were not considered important back then, but we are here now to defend and fight for our race too.

  48. This idiot with his name Charlamagne tha God is as bright as his stupid name. He thinks he’s cool with this name but he looks more like a fool. Ice Cube, Ice T, snoop dog and the rest are nothing but idiots. Change your name but you can’t change you IQ of 30. Drug dealers, thugs, rioters, crooks, armed robbers, burglars, and just plain assholes who made it big, became millionaires and now hate the country that gave them everything they have.F::ken ungrateful niggarrrs who now want revenge for their own kind selling their ancestors into slavery. Ignorant of history, and everything else! F::ken “useful idiots” as Stalin and communists call them. Ruin the nation under the guise of fighting for freedom. They keep their race on the Democratic plantation because of their ignorance and lack of gray matter. F::ken fools! Keep pushing for a race war and you clowns will get it. Then we won’t have to listen to your stupid black asses anymore because there won’t be any of you left. I’m not a racist but if you can use racist names on me I can use them back! To bad if you don’t like getting it b thrown back at you. Nuff said!

  49. What about a white Australian woman who called a cop for help last year and instead got killed by Somali cop in Minnesota? I didn’t see any riots by white people.

  50. There will & always have been friction between the races, some bring on their own fate, others become victim.Nothing on Earth at this time in history is going to change that.One doesn’t trust the other.And to further add fuel to the fire, the news media, newspapers, radio hosts & other morons won’t stop talking about it. Further instigating a condition in mankind that will take divine intervention to change.Trump 2020.

  51. OK soI guess you folks dident like my last reply so you decided to
    pull a twitter on me so let me rephrase it. Rush has bigger fish to fry right
    now. however more cops have been killed in the inner city than inner city
    people have been killed by cops HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?

  52. @Scott27 Join me and the few other good people at Liberty Headlines News who push back against the lunacy of Trump supporters in that website’s comment’s section. Hope to see you.

  53. Media is owned by the lefts and paid by the lefts the more negativity they can put out! Anything to keep the negative narrative going and lieing thru their nasty crooked teeth. The elites own everything and it’s hard being president with everyone against you but yet he is still doing a great job. Most ppl would’ve given up by now. God sent this man to beat the devil soreass who is the top kingpin bummers and the demturds boss. The deep state is huge and they all are on the devils side that’s who pays them. The demturds are crazy even bonding out the rioters to do it again. Most do it for the money which soreass is paying. How stupid can you be bite your own nose off despite your own face. The peaceful rioters shud surround the Antifa buses when they pull up with the police and tell them to get outta here

  54. @FluffyPillowFive
    todays Demoncrat Party is a parallel organization to the Communist Party USA.
    For any of you that doubt this statement, compare the current DNC Platform with the CPUSA Manifesto.
    If you aren’t made uncomfortable by the amount of congruity then you either a Communist or are dead from the neck up.

  55. I’m 60, have been working since I was 10 lawns and paper route. Started paying taxes at 14, USN, college 4 yrs. worked my way thru fighting wild land fire painting and digging ditches. Have been working in Civil engineering since 83. 17 years private industry and 22 years with the state of California. Where is my white privilege. Hard work is my privilege, and I take it every chace I get.
    Rush is right. left wing construct so the losers can feel good about themselves making hard working people feel bad about their lot in life. Get over it. Get educated, go to work.

  56. I like looking at numbers and investigating things people say. Doing this takes me to unpopular conclusions.

    No question this virus thing is way overblown (numbers show it) and no question democrats are prolonging the fears that have been installed to further control the population, however, not my point here..

    Numbers I heard the other day are interesting..

    Number of deaths by cops in US over past 4 years..
    1. WHITES 2425
    2. BLACKS 1250
    3. HISPANIC 800
    4. OTHER 200

    When I heard those numbers I was curious of the race of the cops doing the killing, but at end of day, does it really matter…think about it..

  57. Liberals think that it’s ok for minorities to commit crimes. That way the blame can be put on “white privilege. But I’ve seen successful blacks. How does the leftist idiots explain that?

  58. Why doesn’t people like Rush make sure that the public is informed abut the fact that the guy who died was a meth head and had also had a heart condition, and that the autopsy report stated that he died as a result of a heart attack not from being suffocated.

  59. In perspective, BLM is saying, “only we get to kill our own people” because those killings happen every day in appalling numbers. The maggots at the fake news and the evil liberals once again reinforce the true hypocrites that they are. Anyone listen to Don Lemon lately on CNN? Well, if you have listened to him, you will understand the word “fake” and “maggot” comparison I make here. And JFYI, I am not white.

  60. The left doesn’t care about black people. Black people are just pawns to the left to be used for political gain. BLM is a faux movement based on a faux platform. And ANTIFA are anarchist thugs. The left has hijacked the once honorable democrat party, and turned it into an aspiring communist party.

  61. IF Charlemagne and BLM are so adamant about Black Lives Matter – they sure don’t show it. Every year 10,000 black men are killed/murdered by another black person. Since 1973 – Roe vs. Wade – over Every year over 20 million – 20,000,000 black babies have been aborted. The CDC says that 36% of abortions performed in the U.S. each year are of black babies? Yet there is no outrage from BLM – Charlemagne – Al Sharpton – Maxine Waters, about that is there? Why? Blacks are no longer the majority minority in this country – with that other 20,000,000 they would be. The only time BLM gets up in arms is when any black person is killed by any white person. Sounds a little racist to me. Now a man gets fired for telling the truth – no wonder so many Democrats watch CNN – they like to be lied to.

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