Rush Limbaugh had some bad news about what Americans will see when they turn on the TV

American life is going through a period of intense upheaval.

Rioters are torching cities and demanding the overthrow of the American way of life.

Rush Limbaugh had some bad news about what Americans will see when they turn on the TV.

Sports used to be an escape from politics and the problems of every day way of live.

No more.

Every major sports league in America as well as college athletics quickly bowed to Black Lives Matter and joined their cultural revolution.

Rush Limbaugh warned those days are gone and that it will come back to bite sports.

“They are being used by the cabal of Marxists that is attempting to tear apart this country. What in the world do they think is the advantage that’s gonna accrue to them by doing this? ‘Well, Rush, think gonna be showing solidarity with the players. And that’s — that’s everything. They gonna be all in it together.’ Yeah, well. Last I looked, the players were not investors in the league. They’re the ones being paid. So it just — history alone, it doesn’t make sense. Then I also, same show, made this point about some of the people really behind this,” Limbaugh began.

Limbaugh then described how the ESPY’s – ESPN’s sports themed version of the Oscars – began with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, Trump hating women’s soccer player Megan Rapinoe and WNBA star Sue Bird paying tribute to Black Lives Matter.

“So Sunday night on ESPN they did the ESPY Awards, and they had to do these things, of course, virtually because of the virus. So at the beginning of the 2020 ESPY’s, the host Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, U.S. soccer star Megan Rapinoe, and Seattle Storm point guard Sue Bird opened the 2020 ESPY’s with a message about sports and Black Lives Matter,” Limbaugh added.

The “woke” ESPY’s were a disaster with the show losing 81 percent of its audience from the previous year.

If that is any indication of what pro sports will face when they return, their race to embrace left-wing politics will drive away their audience.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



    Democrats opened the borders to let THE INVISIBLE KILLER IN. VIRUS.

  3. #1 question in the minds of many Americans what type of MORON VOTED FOR THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE

  4. Hush limbo should be trying ta get as close as he can to God before falling into hell. Just as well as the other 98% of racist white america should. Old thump and limbo hate ta let go of their ingrain racism. Hahahahaha

  5. I was a life long sports advocate. My Red Sox finally won the World Series after 86 years (yes, my life is now complete). Then, for the past 20 years, my Patriots have ruled the gridiron (then, they traded Brady). Even after Larry Bird left the Celtics, I still had the Bruins, to fall back on. MLS? Ah, no. I don’t watch Eurotrash sports. Bottom line is, I finally realized after the NASCAR fake bow down, that sport is no longer a major part of my life. Award shows? No. Only retards waste their live watching “back-patting, look at me, look at me” shows. It finally dawned on me, that I have a huge collection of Law and Order DVDs, that are just waiting for me to view. They make more sense, than the so called reality, we are living through.

  6. TOTALITARIANISM: look This WORD UP! … This explains in detail what we are up against folks! They hide behind the name BLM. This group do not give a Rat’s Rear-End about any of our Lives. ONCE you look up the definition? Your EYES WILL BE WIDE OPEN! … We are About to become SLAVES OURSELVES!

  7. Awesome Marvin. You’re so sweet. I’ll bet that you drive a dodge. It stands for dude on dude gay experience.

  8. The BLM will soon be dictating to pro sports how to roll. But look at the bright side. Bubba Wallace got shut down.

  9. I am through watching any sport except for golf. They are overpaid and not worth my time. The only reason I still watch golf is because what they earn is reflected on how well they play and, they are responsible for paying for their personal expenses.

  10. Robin nest, the problem is they are educated. Unfortunately, our education system has been brainwashing instead of educating. The reason there are so many blacks, is because so many of them get free education because they are black.
    I could care less about watching pro sports, I do like wearing the sports apparel though.

  11. NASCAR,big deal, we have street cars that go as fast. Baseball , to slow and game is too long….. much crotch grabbing ,spitting and arguing. Football, where black players live out their fantasy what they want to do to white people. Basketball was never designed for players as tall as the basket and as a contact sport. The only white guy on the team is the coach. Players of all the sports must have one felony conviction.

  12. Mr.JD: Thank you for your polite answer. It is refreshing on this web site. I am sure you have seen some comments when people have a different view in not supporting Trump. Stay healthy.

  13. I have been in favor of action being taken to stop killing of blacks by police for a very long time. However, if they keep on violently protesting, we may have to call in the military. If that happens, I will forever think that blacks have not earned the right to live in this country and should be deported. Stop your violent protests and get down to the business of letting us know who you really are.

  14. Good Afternoon to all if you know what’s going on in this world 🌎today we better hope President Donald Trump gets relected if not we’ll see 👀how they live in China because these dems will sell there souls and ours for the money 💰trust me on this one China is just waiting so a word to the wise

  15. I really am excited about watching my college football team and favorite NFL team but if they try and push BLM down my throat I will turn to Hallmark’s movie of the week. Done with NASCAR after that fiasco, NBA not far behind. All these overpaid spoiled athletes want to back BLM and not back police then be gone with ya. I would love to see one of these prima donas ger hassled by some fans and the cops just stand there and say hey man you are on your own.

  16. They can all go to hell. If you think I care what these overpaid professionals think or do you have another thing coming. Anyone who can’t honor our flag and our police or firefighters doesn’t deserve my time or attention. Rapinhoe and the entire us womens soccer team should be defunded and they can start all over again with real Americans. I am sure she could play for Iran or Somalia or China.

  17. I said it back in 2008! There will come a day when professional sports will DIED! And it look like it is soon! What most of these uneducated athletic don’t know is their contract is NOT GUARNTEE! All their fancy car and house will be back on the market! And they will have to find a REAL JOB! Which I doubted they will! Due to fact none of them really finish high school! It ashamed they think they are education enough to speak out in RACIST AND HATE! WHEN they are player who money come by the FANS! Go cry a river for BLM!

  18. Politics has no place in sports but these high paid athletes are to stupid to realize it. I don’t give a damn who you vote for or BLACK LIES MATTER. If you want to show your ass do it on your time. Surely as much as you idiots make you can all join together and buy an advertisement. Most people watch sports to get away from politics and everyday bs. Goodbye idiots you can take your ball shove it up your ass and go home now.

  19. When is Biden going to crawl out of his basement and condemn Black Live Matter for what they are doing to our cities? If Biden doesn’t publicly condemn BLM then he has already lost the election in November.

  20. Marvin Kemow, you are talking about the democrat party of the past. You are talking about my grandfather’s party. That is not the democrat party of today.
    Susan Maciariello, is talking about the democrat party of today.
    Do you not understand the difference? No name calling.

  21. Susan M. Here is what the Democrats have done for America especially if you are over 65 years old. The Dems gave America Social Security. The Demos gave America Medicare. The Dems save the saved the American banking system and secured your savings. In case you don’t know Republicans tired to kill Social Security in 1936, 1940, 1944, 1948. Only When IKE was nominated for President in 1952, he refused to run on the Republican platform which again tired to kill Social Security. Robin N. Blood in the streets? Are you threatening violence. That is against the law. Now as usual, you all can write back and call me names.

  22. I stopped spending my time and money on the NFL and NBA a long time ago. NASCAR made complete fools of themselves catering to this spoiled brat whining Wallace over a piece of string used as a garage door opener. They, too can kiss my back side. And if baseball insists on doing the same thing I won’t be going to any Astros games or watching either them or the Rangers on TV. If professional sports insists on attacking white people and siding with the BLM racists, then they deserve to go bankrupt.

  23. I have been done with professional sports since one individual took a knee for our flag and during the national anthem. If they don’t or won’t support and show some pride for our veterans that paid the ultimate sacrifice. I won’t support them. Let their ratings tank.

  24. You all want to stop this crap, just have another Kent State and you won’t hear a peep outa those clowns ever again.

  25. Organizing real Americans needs to be done. That ‘real’ Americans are being organized can be guaranteed if the organizing is done by those institutions that collect donations from Conservatives. The fact is the Left don’t contribute to Conservative causes. Another fact is, our culture dies unless we are allowed to save it.

  26. When the “knee goes down” the fan base will go down. As it stands as of right now, we still have BASEBALL, at least until it becomes a political soapbox, then we have a large number of blue rays.

  27. So far only the PGA doesn’t seem to have any problmes. 2 black guys are on it as compared to 1 in NASCAR.

  28. I believe the demacrat party are responsible for everything that is going on in this country. Trump 2020

  29. Black lives matter deserve nothing. Racist loud mouth race baiter. I will go down fighting. No nazi Marxist going to tell what my freedoms are. Any stupid white people who don’t stand up for their own race can go to hell. You uneducated brainwash fools. Democrat party is doing this. You idiots are to stupid to see it. Try anything there will be blood on the streets.

  30. See how big their salary’s are when no one watches sports anymore. Personally, I’m done with NASCAR and my favorite NFL will be next…

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