Rush Limbaugh issued one apology his listeners never thought they would hear

Rush Limbaugh recently celebrated his 32nd year broadcasting his radio program.

It was a program like no other.

And that is because Rush Limbaugh issued one apology his listeners never thought they would hear.

Rush Limbaugh apologized to his listeners on Friday for being in a bad mood.

Limbaugh explained it had nothing to do with his battle with cancer or anything the audience did.

What set Limbaugh off – he explained – was he was losing faith in the FBI and justice system.

Limbaugh revealed that he no longer felt confident that the United States Attorney John Durham would indict the Deep State conspirators who staged the coup to try and remove President Trump from office.

“There’s another reason I need to apologize. I’ve had people call me ever since the attorney general announced his selection of John Durham to investigate the silent coup that was designed to kick Trump out of office. And every time somebody’s called and asked me about it I have very honestly answered, ‘Yes, I think there will be indictments. Yes, I think there’s going to be accountability.’ And I’m not sure now. I’m not sure. And that ticks me off. And if it ticks me off, I know you are ticked off,” Limbaugh began.

Limbaugh also explained that bombshell new court documents outlining the extent of alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes – as well as allegations about Bill Clinton’s travel with Epstein – also went unnoticed because the FBI was spending all their time and energy trying to bring down Donald Trump.

“We’ve got the latest revelations of what was going on on Epstein’s plane and his private island. The American elite rich have done a number on America’s children. What the Epstein apparatus did to young teenage, minor girls, just destroyed their lives, and they get away with it, and they think they’re cool at the same time. And now that it’s widely known what happened, there still isn’t any accountability,” Limbaugh added.

Relentless optimism has been one of the defining characteristics of Rush Limbaugh’s career.

But the depths of corruption at the FBI over the last four years were enough to drag down even Limbaugh’s spirits.

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