Rush Limbaugh just doubled-down on this terrifying truth about the coronavirus

The outbreak of the mysterious coronavirus has Americans on edge.
Everyone is starting to focus on how the outbreak will affect the 2020 Presidential election.

And Rush Limbaugh just doubled-down one this terrifying truth about the coronavirus.

The Fake News Media was furious that on his Monday broadcast, Rush Limbaugh stated that the press was “weaponizing” the coronavirus to hurt the President’s re-election chances.

Limbaugh also pointed out that there is a 98 percent survival rate for the coronavirus so the American people should not yet break out into panic.

During his Tuesday broadcast Rush doubled down on that analysis in the face of a fake news smear campaign.

Limbaugh played a collection of sound bites of so-called “reporters” on CNBC an CNN openly discussing how the coronavirus would impact Trump’s chances of victory this November.

“But look at how it’s been hyped. And it’s being hyped because, as you heard in the first audio sound bite, the montage, media thinks this is the new Russia, this is gonna get Trump, they’re gleeful, they’re happy. This is gonna destroy the economy magically by November. And it won’t,” Limbaugh stated.

Russia, Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen and impeachment were all supposed to bring down Donald Trump.

Those failed.

Now the fake news is dusting off the playbook from Katrina where they hammered George W. Bush for being an aloof racist who didn’t care about the people of New Orleans to destroy his Presidency.

So-called “reporters” are hoping to etch into the minds of voters that President Trump is asleep at the switch and too busy tweeting about what he sees on cable news to properly manage a global pandemic with the potential of killing millions.

The press attacked Limbaugh for claiming they were “gleeful” about the outbreak because it is the truth.

Fake news reporters want Donald Trump gone more than anything.

And they are willing to risk a deadly pandemic to make their dream a reality.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I’m a Trump supporter, but it’s hard to agree with anyone who doesn’t even use grammar check and posts (this post) crap that don’t make sense!

  2. This virus was originally created in China with the Swine Flu. It became an “open source” strain that any Gov’t could then study, alter and distribute to their preferred universities designated for bio-warfare study via Ft. Detrick, Frederick, MD. MIT, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC, UT of TX are just a few. In 2015, the Obama Administration allowed the sale of this new strain to China from UNC so that they could weaponize it against us and help them regain control of the protestors in Taiwan and Hong Kong as well as internal dissidents. The global financial elite are going to use this as a financial reset and blame it on this virus. I love Rush and I’m grateful Trump is in office. If it were Hitlery, we’d be experiencing something similar to what the Chinese are. I hope Rush is right, but, I don’t think he’s being completely forthcoming. We should be hoping/praying for the best and preparing for the worst. We know we’ve been in a financial bubble for years and in need of a global reset. That reset is going to cause alot of pain for most of us. We need to embrace TRUE free market/capitalist principles versus the evils of communism and Marxist/Leninist drivel. We can get through this and even if this does turn out to be a stain on the Trump Administration, he is still the BEST option we have going into the 2020s

  3. Checked with our county Health department supervisor and she said it is crazy how people are acting. She said there is no threat to our area and that she is getting calls to shut down the schools and no gatherings. We have no virus, what is wrong with people.
    Why blow this out of proportion? we are a very smart strong country with the best medical community to support our people. don’t blow this up!

  4. I support President Trump and his efforts to fix the many issues in this country that need fixing. It is a shame the dummycrats just want to fight about everything and try to block every effort he makes. They are despicable when they display acts to hurt Americans. They don’t even care that it effects their own families? They sit and don’t even applaud the good things during Trumps address to America. They are a twisted bunch and I hope that Trump get re-elected in 2020. Although I am not sure why he wants to put himself and family through the hell but I sure appreciate it and he has my vote.

  5. I think anymore if a Democrat took a crap & it came out wrong they would say it’s the p
    Presidents fault. How they can blame this on him is ridiculous. Remember when he wanted the flights to and from China and the democrats had a fit. If he hadn’t there would probably be cases of it. Nothing the man does is going to please anyone. If the FED isn’t in charge who do they want. Weren’t they good enough in Obama’s administration with Ebola virus?

  6. It really doesn’t matter if a disaster is man caused or natural all Democrat Presidents are immune and innocent, and all Republican Presidents are responsible guilty, and compliscent. President Bush was deemed the least intelligent but had the power to direct hurricanes to target New Orleans? President Trump acts in measured manner to the threat we are facing… and it is not adequate according to Chuck Schumer the noise maker for the Crats. Democrats who are never happy, are hoping for any disaster they can blame on the President to take him down. They truly are a miserable lot. They want everyone to be at least as equally unhappy as themselves.

  7. Never forget! Limbaugh is an expert on how evil works to bring down America. Never take his suggestions lightly. He’s always accurate. Knowing the enemy and properly responding is our best defense. Thank God for Rush!

  8. Is anyone investigating who/where it started? Who wants to see America fail? Democrats and China! Both are ecstatic right now! Hope the good people on Trump’s team are digging into this!

  9. All the more reason to get out and make your vote known!!! They want to scare you into staying at home and not voting so Trump won’t win, but all the more reason we need to make sure he does!!! Trump 2020!!!

  10. This morning KFI reported a new white supremacy group named “AdamWhoppers” name of sort which they arrested 5 guys? I bet it again another lie after all the dumbocrats created the KKK back in the day so i bet this is also their creation.

  11. I am so happy President Trump brought up the flu and how people have been killed from it. And yet the news media says nothing. This is truly weapon they are using. Did you see Pelosi the other day. What a demented old bat she is is . She needs go to a funny farm.

  12. Julio Richard Laredo, get off your grey hound bus and go back to Mexico where you belong. ICE will catch up with you and deport all you illegal aliens.

  13. Julio Richard Laredo….you are an uneducated, leftist liberal, hack.

    Please go into your safe zone with your coloring book and leave the real world to folks who can handle it.

  14. Its true. They are dancing in the street, as reports of people are infected with coronavirus, and the stock market plummets. Bernie says waiting outside stores, in long lines with limited supplies and groceries is a good thing. President Trump, the functioning adult, has to call out Nancy Pelosi as incompetent, on national television, as a reporter quotes her inane stupid remarks. President Trump is surrounded with the worlds leading top experts, renowned in their medical fields of expertise and experience, has an unlimited budget and determined to meet the all the challenges of this disease, including heading up the task force with Vice President Pence who experienced and effectively worked his home state of Indiana, with world experts meeting daily fast tracking prevention and cures for the American people. It is extremely important at this time to realize we the USA must be self sufficient, and all of our borders must be extremely secure, and everyone entering is kept track of. Japan has done this for years. President Donald Trump has been prophetic in working for these truths for such a day as this.

  15. We should start blaming the Democrats for the coronavirus. Start with Pelosi and her gang of misfits. The Do Nothing Cabal of Democrats that have done everything to stop President Trump by wasting taxpayer’s money on a fraudulent impeachment. Yes! The Democrats are responsible for the coronavirus!

  16. Bill Maher said he wished the economy would crash and people would lose their jobs so Trump wouldn’t get reelected so none of this is a surprise.
    The only word to describe democrats is “malevolent”.

  17. I have to ask people if they love or hate our country. People who hate Trump, see everything wrong with our country. Now this coronavirus is caused by Trump who didn’t fund the CDC or NIH properly, which is nonsense. We have fewer than 100 cases of coronavirus in the country of 330 million. Our medical estalishment is hoping for a vaccine within 60 days, that will be available for human innoculations by next year.

    We then will be giving that vaccine to other countries. Another MAGA event, that the left will ignore or twist into being racist.

  18. Be that as it may, Trumpykins has, through word and deed earned countless impeachments.Be that as it may, Trumpykins has, through word and deed earned countless impeachments.

  19. I’ve been waiting for the commiecrats to blame Trump. In 2001 after 9/11 I saw everyone get patriotic and religious. But I knew that the finger pointing would start. Nothing’s changed.

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