Rush Limbaugh just dropped a bombshell about how the polls are rigged against Trump

Polls show Joe Biden holding a steady lead over Donald Trump.

But are the polls really telling the true story on the state of the race?

Many are wondering now that Rush Limbaugh just dropped a bombshell about how the polls are rigged against Trump.

During his broadcast on Monday, Rush Limbaugh told his listeners about how a friend of his had an off the record conversation with a pollster that revealed a starting truth.

Limbaugh said his friend told him pollsters were intentionally oversampling suburban Republicans more likely to oppose the President.

“A friend of mine had a fascinating conversation with an off-the-record pollster. And this off-the-record pollster, meaning the pollster did not want to be known, did not want to be identified. He was content to share with my buddy how they are doing this, but he didn’t want his name mentioned. And I don’t know the name. My buddy has not furnished the name. But here’s the theory. This is the theory to explain the polling discrepancies,” Limbaugh stated.

Limbaugh said this pollster theorized that other polling outfits were oversampling Trump-hating Republicans so that way they can’t say they were undercounting Republicans in general.

“The polls are deliberately oversampling mushy, suburban Republicans to cover charges that they are shorting Republicans overall and deliberately under-sampling rural and small-town, conservative Democrat zip codes. All of this to prove that they are not oversampling Democrats. Then, they announce that they are scientifically fair on party affiliation, when they know in Trump’s case he has far more support from Reagan Democrats than from Bush suburbanites,” Limbaugh added.

In 2016, the polls undersampled non-college educated voters, which is why pollsters missed Trump winning Michigan and Wisconsin.

That polling error was a mistake.

According to Rush Limbaugh, the pollsters may be undersampling Trump voters in 2020 on purpose.

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