Rush Limbaugh just dropped a major bombshell about Michelle Obama running for president

One of the biggest questions surrounding the 2020 elections is if former First Lady Michelle Obama will enter the race.

She will instantly be the Democrat front-runner if she does.

And Rush Limbaugh dropped a major bombshell about the one factor that could influence her decision.

Limbaugh is convinced that Barack Obama wants back in the White House.

But the 22nd Amendment prevents him from ever running again.

However, his wife Michelle could pick up the torch.

And Rush claimed that Michelle Obama would run if the Obamas were convinced her election was a sure thing.

World Net Daily reports:

“They will not pull the trigger and get in if they don’t think it is a lock that she would win,” Limbaugh said. “The last thing the Obamas can afford is for Michelle (My Belle) to get in there and not win.”

“One thing to keep in mind that if Michelle (My Belle) does pull the trigger, whatever she pulls to get in there, the money would immediately shift to her because everybody on that side would think that [Barack] Obama and [former Obama senior adviser] Valerie Jarrett are gonna be back in running things and she’s gonna be a figurehead stand-in. That’s what they want anyway.”

“There are days I think it’s automatic that she’s going to and other days, I can’t explain why, that I don’t. I think that they’re gonna be happy becoming hundred million dollar net worth plus people and living the life which is what leftists actually want to do,” Limbaugh explained. “It’s too soon to say.”

“I am convinced that The One (Barack Obama) wants back in. I think The One is sitting there seething over the dismantling of his agenda and the Trump verbal assault on it every day. But he can’t run again.”

Obama sees President Trump dismantling his failed legacy and is furious.

Barack Obama thought he fundamentally transformed America only for the American people to elect Trump for the expressed purpose of undoing all the anti-American policies that Obama put in place.

A Michelle Obama Presidency would be nothing more than a front for Barack Obama to re-impose his socialist agenda on America.

And Rush Limbaugh thinks this is close to becoming a reality.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.




  2. The Obama’s are a despised black couple who used the WH as a place they really wanted to turn it to the BLACK HOUSE. But they didn’t manage to complete that chore, Thank God. Thank you Mr. Trump for giving us a WH to be proud of.

      • Just get over it. Look at the shape the country was in under Obammy. Look at the shape the country is in under Trump. If it weren’t for the Demoncrates stonewalling on every issue like immigration, things would even be better. But the fact that Trump has had to fight the Deep State run by Obammy and his minions, the Demoncrats Libs and Commie faction of the DNC party and all the rules that must be followed about gender, race, immigrants and free stuff and of course “THE MEDIA” the fabricators of all things, it’s a wonder that all that has been accomplished for the better of the country and TRUE American has happened at all. If you can not see that then you are either deaf, dumb, blind or all of the above. You and your ilk are the racists. Your platform shows it clear as day. You hate the flag and America, you love illegal immigrants more than American citizens, you want to give everybody everything for free and have citizens taxed to death to pay for it. You want to change the natural law of nature to include God knows how many genders, marriage between whatevers, abort babies at will because a woman has to have control over their own body even though they show no control over having sex which is FOR procreation, and you want to eliminate any history that does not meet your ideological views which is pretty much ALL American history. The forefathers are racist and bad, the white people are racist and bad and the conservatives are racist and bad, in short everyone that does not agree with you are racist and bad. What a bunch of bull. Go move somewhere else and have a happy life. Oh wait, there is nothing that make you happy!!!

  3. There was a comparison of all of the Presidents by a one of the think tanks a couple of years ago prior to President Trump taking office. Their was a scale of 1 being the best and five being the worst. Here is how it went 1. all but 2,3,4 & 5 #2 Johnson, #3 Ford, #4 Johnson and the worst and #5 Obama. We have had enough of people that disrespect all that the United States has done for people around the World.

    • Hey deck the halls, 91 Presidential historians have rated Obama the 14th best President, almost all agree Trump is at the very bottom, for his corruption, disgusting racism and fear mongering, his constant lying, laziness, bragging and insulting. He has been all about greed his whole life and feeding his egomania with food, sexual assaults and money.

  4. If he/she thinks the real American people would stand for that they have drank to muck kool-aid ! If anything it just might start another Civil War !

    • Although I agree that you would not stand for it and neither would I, but there are a lot of stupid people out there who liked O and thought he did a good job. It would take a concentrated effort to prevent that election from being successful for her.

      • Trumpists don’t judge people by the color of their skin but by their actions and if they love America. The Obama’s hated America and Americans. Half of America was smart enough to see that; the others believed the nonsense they were brainwashed with-simply not able to think and reason for themselves.

  5. Having the smug ugly Michelle Obama as President would be the worst possible outcome of the coming election. Unlikely she would be a good candidate, as she could not long conceal her racism and hate for White people. She would at some point be tweaked and would spurt out her irrational betterness.

  6. Diane:
    Why don’t you take your anti-Trump s**t along with your good buddy Betty Poop to Hades where the both of you should be along with Barblockhead Obah-bah, Michelle, AOC and the other Democrooks where all of you belong

  7. Can we get some facts straight please you must be a woman to be a first lady and Michael is not. Secondly the reason he does not run is because no one would vote for him.

  8. Rush’s theory is right on when it comes to Obama. I have no doubt that if this were to happen the Obama’s the biggest RACE BAITERS in the Country would be beaten to oblivion. God Bless President Trump. #MAGA

  9. Argentina, Part Deux? Just do not poo-poo her viability. Any soldier who disrespects an enemy with a weapon can become a casuality. However, you know the Dems and MSM would be in a perpetual orgasmic state should it happen. I think Rush is right with them deciding to forego another run. After watching BJ and the Hunchback of Chappaqua raking in millions, they’ll take their chance with a quest to become filthy rich instead.
    Right now, Barry is tied up struggling with a crowd in Chiraq that has the location of his Obama Presidential Center in legal jeopardy. Found a juicy bit of irony surrounding this proposed site. It’s in Jaqckson Park, as in POTUS Andrew Jackson of slave holder fame.

    • dimstl, it looks kind of like you (along with most of us) are with Trump all the way. However, you write as if you’re “in the know,” but most of what you say just doesn’t make sense…

  10. Allc of the conspiritors of the attempted overthrow of President Trump’s Administration, should be tried , and if found guilty of TREASON should be put in front of a firing squad and shot at sunrise.

  11. America already has had enough. Eight years of Mike as the “White House First Tranny” was enough. That is one of the most racist and “black priveleged” walking abortions that has ever existed. All I need is Jessie Smollett as secretary of Da Fence. America doesn’t forget two tiered justice and we sure won’t forget how she acted toward Melania Trump and the children. Yeah, let’s make them a target too. I would seriously like to see what is on the birth certificates of the two Obama girls. Guess one got busted for shoplifting. Both daddies worth 60 Mil and gotta steal from some poor sap trying to make a living. Guess the acorn didn’t fall too far from the tree.

  12. If Michelle runs for President and won then “Bath House Barry” would be first lady!

    Yes, and Mikey would be first man!

    How fitting!

  13. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Now a Tranny with a defunct law license in the White House after we had 8 years of a failed Homo. I know the Dems are nuts but this is beyond the pale!

  14. We have thought for a while now that Obama and his hater wife might run but the American people are too smart for those two now, They have seen for 2 years what they put the President his family and friends threw and they wont fall for that nonsense again, and if they do then they get what they vote for, but remember Obama is a traitor to this country and he is so stupid he does not know enough to realize that he will be brought down right along with Clinton and Obama’s goons
    No one in their right mind would watch CNN and the other lap dog media and no one in their right mind would go back to where Valeria Jerritte and her Iranian people are running America

    • Just think, RustyBritches, in an age when the unwashed millions of Demo lovers would drool over another Obama in the White House and add to all of the ridiculous “firsts” created by their first 8 years, added to them would be our very first Transvestite Commander In Chief. Wouldn’t that be a hoot????

  15. Some DemocRAT has to beat Trump or Mike’s husband and alot of DemocRATs are going to prison for spying, sedition and treason against the United States of America for their FAKE HOAX witch hunt… Now it’s about obstruction of a FAKE HOAX witch hunt and also now quoting these sociopathic pathological lying propagandists is now “Inciting violence against them!” LOL!
    We’re witnessing a real life twilight zone with these goofballs…

  16. REST, ppl. NO DATE on Article.
    >0ld & 0utdated. <<<
    To Diane/Betty etc- U 'fell' for it.
    Be Alert. Time frames.
    Ahem – WHERE WAS Michelle/mike
    When Notre Dame 'top wooden roof burned.?
    . DO your DD.

  17. Huh. Interesting. Only one thing I am sure of, America won’t start to heal until little d. trump and his crime family are out on their collective ears.

    • You democrats ned a rude awakening and stop voting democratic unless you want this country to be like Venezuela. You’re going to wake up one day and find all your rights are gone.

      • TRump is taking rights away as he has been all about lies and crimes his whole life. He is a serial sexual assaulter, smacked a teacher in the face that forced his father to send him to military school. He is an egomaniac all about feeding his lust for money, food and women while has been married three times.

    • Nice to know the four idiots of the apocalypse are still around. (Betty, Diane, Eric, Dan) Just let their nurse know when their bedpans are full and need the drool wiped off their chins. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Proof that democrats brains are fried from all the lies and profane language let alone wanting to murder babies.

    • eric,,,,,,,,,,,,,, your “N” god was more corrupt and evil.. And your a typical stupid piece of trash.. !!DAUG S$$T !!

    • Look again jackass! Trump has saved the country from certain demise by the radical left and lunatic Democratic party…. That’s right, suck up to these idiots!!

    • you need to be more observant and watch more than Clinton Communist News or MSNBC. Trump has brought this country from stagnation, disrespect, and poor economic decisions to improved regulation for small business, improved economy, strengthened our armed forces, and improved our trade agreements with other countries AND HE IS NOT SHIPPING BILLIONS IN CRATES TO OUR ENEMIES like obozo did so they could buy guns and ammo and kill our kids who are overseas

    • “Only one thing I’m sure of”? You’re obviously not sure of anything. You talk like a horse’s ass. It must be terrible to be so stupid but I guess if you don’t know how dumb you sound it really doesn’t matter.

  18. Well stated Diane, although there is a “lot” more than 600 lbs of BS. Every time Trump opens his trap he spews BS!!!!!!

  19. Diane
    You are the deranged idiot! I totally support President Trump and I am a well educated(7degrees&certifications) professional female. The Obummers created a mess for America &
    they are going to get their just rewards soon. You might want to send Michelle some sequins for her orange jumpsuit!

  20. Diane, You need to get a grip! Communist Obummer did more damage to our country than any other president. His legacy was the laziest president in our history with the most golf games ever played by a president. If you look back at his so called legacy and what he did for our American citizens he accomplished nothing. Trump has done more positive for this county in 1 year than Obummer did in 8. List Obummers accomplishments? I can’t think of ONE? His Hope and change was a farce. His want your Dr. keep your Dr and everyone receiving $2500 for health care was a complete lie. His Presidency was a major joke. It may be hard for you to believe Diane but I dislike Obummer as much as you dislike a real leader like President Trump. Your going to be crushed Diane when you find out our X Lier and Chief wasn’t even an American. Let’s find one person that knew him at Columbia? Let’s see Barry’s transcripts. The man is a fake phony fraud??

    • Health care and he saved the country from the treachery of Donald Trump for 8 years. He also saved the economy from another Great Depression, what happened to your memory, Alzheimer’s or racism. 91 historians from different political perspectives have rated Obama 14th best President ever, almost all rate Trump the worst because of the corruption, lies, fear mongering, catering to Nazis and KKK, his thievery and now his refusal to allow an investigation which has shown clear obstruction to be carried further. Trump is an evil egomaniac

  21. It would be a tragedy if Michelle or anyone else from the previous administration were elected. They proved their interests weren’t for the good of America. Every “investigation” “conducted” was a farce just as the ones recently done are. For any knowing American to vote for the policies of the liberals is a slap in the face of what this country stands for and means. It’s time to vote the anti-Americans out and get back to the founding principles America is built on. America needs to be great again.

  22. It will start a revolution for sure. They didn’t fair well fixing the last election and now they’re all being watched. …CLOSER.

    • Robert, it’s scary but, the answer is all the Muslims Okenya let in (see Minnesota and Chicago). Just to mention a couple dumbass states…

      • Yes, it is scary to think that MIchelle would run and win.With this America will be lost forever, surely there are enough Americans that know what the Obama’s stand for. They hate America and Obama is a poser president and a traitor to America. They have already become rich on the backs of America illegally. Wake up Americans and help save our country.

    • Exactly! Who would want more slavery , pain and suffering? They’ll elect anyone for gender , race etc.. except understandy what their agenda is or what they stand for? Unreal. With this threat of her running? They just let anyone become a Demonrat? Hell. None of them will ever beat Trump! None have anything to offer? No solutions? No nothing? But. Delusional lies and insane laws rules and regulations? Who in their right mind would vote for their own slavery and demise? A retard!

  23. that PERSON (whatever it is) HATES AMERICA & not ashamed to say it! she’s EVIL! this is why Americans have to wake up & pay attention to what is happening in our country! God bless America & God bless President Trump & Vice President Pence! I love America & I’m thankful everyday that Almighty God placed me in the greatest country in all the world!

    • Yes! But we have a diyslexic group of spun ignorant fool’s who think the word awake means woke? Ignorance is bliss for them? Unfortunately. It affects us all? Stupidity is the majority! That’s what they want us to believe? All lies by the biased mainstream news media! Insane in the membrane. Crack heads running the show?

  24. Nig’ago from Chicago Obama lost 25% of the so-called ‘black-vote’ when Jess um Smollett ‘got-off’. That would affect Monkey Michelle as well. Tough call for fellow nigg’agoes.

        • Listen, if people are honest with themselves, in reality everyone is racist to some point. You can deny it all you want, but it’s true. The way I look at it is, ” If you want me to treat you as equal, then do the same as I.” This means support yourself and family, do not expect me to give you what I work hard for when you are able to do the same.If you are disabled, I don’t mind helping. But, laziness doesn’t qualify someone as disabled.I will never believe in spreading the wealth!

      • That POS was the WORST crap excuse of a president EVER ! First he lied about being a Christian in order to get elected because a muslum bisexual would never have been elected. Then his encounter in the limo as a senator getting cone and. blow Job from the man that testified in front of congress AND he came back for another BJ ZTHE NEXT MORNING. You clown thinking a quote lying muslum arab bowing snowflake was a good president, man I feel sorry for you !!!

      • Obama was our worst president by far. He is MUSLIM and hates everything this country stands for. Islam is our enemy. Obama is a traitor. He should have been arrested years ago.

  25. Michelle Obama for president??? What a joke!!! She is a leftist racist white male hater that admitted that she hates this country as her phony Christian Communist husband did. She is wasting her time and taxpayers money as if she ran against Trump, he would walk all over her.

  26. Michelle is NOT that smart. Look at her husband. He authored the fake Russian dossier conspiracy. A very serious federal crime. Time to shed the light thru the dark web of this Deep State conspiracy to root out the corruption now!

    Even the African-Americans stated that President Trump did more things than Barack ever did in eight years. Let stay with Trump.

    Re-elect Trump in 2020!

  27. I wish the Okenya’s would just go away already and leave America and her Legal Citizens alone and in the good hands of President Donald J. Trump…

  28. I wish the two of them would just go away already and leave America and her Legal Citizens alone and in the good hands of President Donald J. Trump…

  29. Can you imagine how much coverage the main stream media would give her and probably free just to show they want him back. I may move to another country if this one elects her to the rainbow colored White House.

  30. I’ve been concerned for over a year that she would wait till the 11th hour then announce to the world that she was running. Of course she would win the dem nomination…but I DO NOT BELIEVE she would beat PRESIDENT TRUMP. We LOVE HIM!!! God put him in the Whitehouse and no mere human will take him out.

    • President Trump is the best President in the last 20 years! The dumbo’s who can see or are brainwashed by the”Demon rats”are the ones who whine, even if the country is so much better.

  31. That is correct my name is Micheal, but I would not worry too much most Americans would hopefully see right threw this, but you never know we put two Muslums in there so who knows

  32. This is part of the master plan and th resson so much attention has been given to Michelle this past year. She is not fit to be a President and has zero accomplishments. She wouldn’t be running the country Obama would. They better get ready to charge him and put him in prison very SOON for his crimes an what he has done to our government and country!!!! There is enough damage already from him and his minions!!!!

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