Rush Limbaugh just dropped his biggest update yet about his cancer diagnosis

Rush Limbaugh is the undisputed king of talk radio.

But he hasn’t been on the air much in recent weeks following his cancer diagnosis.

All of that could change after he dropped his biggest update yet.

In February, talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh shocked the word by announcing he has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

Since then, he hasn’t been on the air every day, instead relying on guest hosts to take over his show as he goes through treatments.

On one of his rare occasions on the air, Limbaugh has the opportunity to give his biggest update yet earlier this week.

He first explained that his voice is slightly strained, explaining that “it’s just from lack of use,” adding that “I’m actually feeling better than I have in about a month. I’m actually feeling what I would call normal prior to the cancer diagnosis happened.”

Limbaugh went on to explain that while he feels much better now, that wasn’t the case in previous days.

“I had a dire, dire, dire reaction, side effect reaction to the type of chemo I was on,” he explained. “The bottom line is I couldn’t walk for three days. My leg muscles had swollen, it was hideous. It was hideous. Blood clot in the left calf. Even had some eye damage in my right eye.”

He went on to explain that he is currently on a temporary hold while he recovers from the reaction, but that he looks forward to being back to normal soon.

“And so I had to go off the stuff, and I’m in a temporary hold right now,” Limbaugh said. “Steroids have been administered to undo the damage, and they’re working like a champ. And so regardless of how my voice sounds, be confident here that I’m feeling better than I have in a long, long time and I’m looking forward to chatting with you all on the phones.”

If there’s one thing that Rush Limbaugh is known for, it’s being a fighter.

For decades he has stood up against the establishment and been attacked mercilessly in the media for it.

So while he is fighting a much more dangerous threat right now, he is certainly going to fight it with everything he’s got.

And millions of Americans are praying for him along the way.

Have you been praying for Rush Limbaugh’s recovery?

Renewed Right will be sure to keep you updated on Limbaugh’s condition as he continues treatment.


  1. Rush, I am old now, when I was still working, running the wheels off a pick up changing stations as one faded, Iran into a talk show, YOU, as I listened I found myself going faster and faster as I begain to realizethere really was some one that beleaved the same as I did and do. L completly agree that you are just as smart as I am and I still think you had a hidden mike in my radio to hear me as I completed a lot of your comments. Love U

  2. James B. I pray for your soil, you are doomed when you die. RUSH and Trump are men of God. You are evil from hell.

  3. Truly inspirational watching this Warrior go down with a fight. The thing with his voice is because chemo drains the life out of people. He might live an extra six months just on sheer will power alone.

  4. Too bad you are still alive, you fat disgrace of a human being. Thanks for trying to kill us all too, by lying about the virus.

  5. You are a shining example of courage and strength and optimism. We pray for you daily as well as our country to heal and make a complete recovery. Love and best wishes, Rush. Can’t wait to have you back at the helm full time! God bless you.

  6. Many prayers are with you Mr Limbaugh to beat this cancer. You can do this so many people out there are counting on you!!! This message is for James Buttitta, why don’t you go straight to hell you parasite. Typical jackass you should look over your shoulder because something horrible could happen to you. By your comment about Mr Limbaugh I hope it does, extremely horrible.

  7. Rush, cancer cells feed on sugars, fat, gluten and red meat. Eliminate as much of these things from your diet and you will experience a loss of weight AND feel much better almost right away. I offer this information from experience. Worked for us.

  8. James Buttitta you show your low IQ, If I were you I would keep my mouth shut and let people think I was dumb instead of running of at the mouth and proving it.

  9. Rush is the greatest champion of Conservative politics and has the unique ability to convey his viewpoint to his radio audience. No one else will ever match him ! God Bless Rush!

  10. James Butthole define racist. That’s all that you libturds in the commiecrat party knows. You know nothing asshole.

  11. Try the herb, Graviola. It is purported to gobble cancer cells the way PAC-Man gobbles dots. It may not work for everyone, but it’s worth trying.

  12. James Buttitta, people like you are an example of what is wrong with the world today. I pray that you
    may suffer tenfold the miseries you wish upon others.

  13. James Buttita you POS, if there was any way I could get the corona virus into you I would. People like you do not deserve to live in this great country. You belong in Russia or China or Iran. Those people are more like you, at least their leaders are, not the regular guys and gals.

  14. Rush transcripts should be required reading in schools. Liberal commie propaganda is already being shoved on the students. How about some balance. I’ll bet that the conservative message would resonate much more than the social ist crap.

  15. Have you considered Alternative cancer therapy? There is a clinic in Mexico, just over the border from San Diego. they will come pick you up in San Diego and take you there. They used to be in Texas but got raided and shut down suddenly by Big Pharma who stole all their records and remedies (They fortunately had copies elsewhere). They were healing cancer patients who couldn’t be healed by Chemo. God Bless them. If i get cancer, I will go there. God Bless you Rush!

  16. I wanna feel that r u s h…..I wanna feel yer t o u c h

    heh heh heh heh if yu come back Rush dont make COVID19 political there’s enough footbawl go’n on visit about resiliency determination gumption
    drive focus eh? OK? no Ukraine no whistlebloer no J Biden no impeachmnt-impairmnt no McConnell mumbo jumbo no IS Nncy PELOSI SMRTR THAN A 5th GRADR? no crap in a handbasket no unload’n on f a k e n e w s no HILLARY / DILLARY
    no dress’n up the manequin just the facts J A C K

  17. I have followed Rush for many years(going back to his TV days). He has kept my sanity over the absolute treasonous left wing Democrate party. This includes living under the 8 years of the coward Obama and his frompy wife who leaves much to be desired as an American. My thoughts and prayers are with you Rush as you fight on. I pray that God give you many more years to be with Katherine and us for your love of family, country and God. Semeper Fi Col Dennis Motta, USMC (Ret.)

  18. Rush, the Reynolds Family from San Clemente, Ca., wish you Strength to deal
    with your Illness!!! As many have said, and YOU have said, “You Are A Fighter” (:
    You have Grit, Rush!!! All of your Fans are thinking healing thoughts for you!! Just
    remember, We are in your corner during this “Fight”!!! God Bless (: Prayers, also
    for your Lovely, Wife (:

  19. Rush, you are certainly in my prayers, and I know that prayer is powerful. You just have to get better….after all…we share the same birthday. That has to amount to something, huh?.

  20. Rush: you are an inspiration to all Christian and Jewish Americans. Your commentary always sets an example of what a descent person and commentator should be like. We all say prayers for you. God Bless you and your family. Sincerely Steven Winner

  21. If you’re reading this Mr. Limbaugh, I’d like to thank you, you’re a role model for me and millions of hard working americans. You taught me that i am not a victim, what we get out of life is porportionally equal to what we put into it! I have lived by the philosophies of hard work and diligence that you have demonstrated through the years. Im so proud of you! Thanks for being the voice for myself and your vast audience. Im praying for your speedy recovery in these difficult times. We love you Rush!

  22. We “need” the BEST RADIO talent to explain to everyone why it is so important to vote Republican this Fall, otherwise the Demwitts will just continue to damage this country beyond repair!

  23. Our prayers follow you and your family where ever you may be. Hoping for your comfort and exceptional care during treatment and all times.

  24. Rush, I’ve been listening to you for what, at least 30 Years? My family and I wouldn’t know where to turn, politically, if we couldn’t hear your wit and wisdom every day. I’m betting the Lord will keep you going for some time yet, just as I pray He will keep me tuning in to you, faithfully, every morning. God bless you, Friend, you still have important work to do! 8^) and :0)

  25. Rush,just adore you!Gods blessings to you always…..Speedy recovery….YOU ARE APPRECIATED SO MUCH….YOU have our prayers and hugs…always…trust in God…He keeps his promises….with love to you….

  26. You are a person of God, Rush. So is this other, only he does not know it and will not until he sits before the Majesty of God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. He is in pain, satan has him in his snare. We pray for you and your loving family, Rush. We thank you for all of the goodness you shower on us and we hope that you will be with us as long as God allows. We also pray for JB who is driven by jealousy and fear, as lucifer was and still is. God help his poor soul. Pray for him he needs love and healing. Don’t curse him. You will be playing his game and egging him on. That is what he wants you to do. Give him your love and kindness. he needs it. He needs love.

  27. Praying for a quick recovery. I know you can beat this terrible thing called cancer. My mother was 74 years old when she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. She also suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis and going back and forth to Chemo was very hard. UAB Hospital in Birmingham, AL sent a bus for my nephew, her youngest grandson, to help load her
    on the bus and go with her. She recovered so quickly, her doctor was amazed. God is still a Miracle Working God and He
    knew my dad needed her. I most my dad 2 years and 4 months before I lost my mom, but after 62 years she helped him.

  28. Hate doesn’t come naturally. People are taught to hate. Democrats hate because they were taught to hate.

  29. Reply to James Buttitia or whatever your fake ass name is.. I never would wish death on anyone, but I wouldn’t mind you getting a case of this virus going around. I’ve had it and it is a real MFer. No I haven’t been hospitalized or unfortunately for your wishes I’m sure died because I vote “R”. But it was like a few rounds of Clay and Frazier and Foreman pounding on me for a few days till I was blessed to ride it out for a few more days after. You are probably just jealous of Rush’s intelligence and wit, that always seems to neuter the liberals lies and bullsh*t… Like it or not fantastic medical advances will probably keep him on air till Trumps final year of 8 years are concluding.Then he’ll probably retire to his massive compound he’s ammassed from his superior conservative brain.. Trump and Rush for at least “4 MORE YEARS”.. Glad Rush you’re feeling much better too!

  30. God Speed to Rush, as far as James Buttitta you are what is wrong with all of you on the left, you are filled with vile hatred for anyone who doesn’t think like you sick F—ks

  31. I was very shocked to hear about Rush’s cancer and I hope and pray that he will completely recover.

  32. James b. … You are EXTRMELY SICK!!!! Rush is very fortunate that JESUS is his judge and not you. Jesus loves and forgives all who come to Him. Rush will be in Heaven. But you will also stand before Jesus to be judged. Jesus forbids your sick hatred and you will join your master satan in Hell unless you are forgiven. Take a good look in your mirror to see one of satan’s demons. But even you can be saved. Jesus loves you and is waiting for you

  33. Rush has, is and will always be an inspiration. Sir you are the light in the darkness. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and leading the conservative fight. God bless you, your family and the USA.

  34. James Butt head.coronavirus is looking for you ,wishing death on someone is from a sick in the head person.God bless Rush..

  35. God Bless You, Rush! I pray that you feel better soon and can get back to what you do best: telling it like is! This country needs that more then ever! May you heal fast, and feel great! You are in my prayers! My husband loves you, too! He’s the one who introduced me to your show. I’m so thankful to him and you, for opening up my eyes to what is going on in this country. Take care, my hero!❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏

  36. Rush, (the great one)
    Indeed. I have watched your programming for years. You’re outspoken, honesty is refreshing. Thank you.
    Please continue to fight the disease, mind, body and spiritual.
    God bless!

  37. I have been praying for him from the time he mentioned his diagnosis. I’m looking forward when he can get back to his reporting like he was doing before all of this happened. I don’t know what radio station he is on, however, I do get emails when he has something to say about how the corrupt and crooked Democrat’s are treating President Donald J Trump.

    If there is someone that has his radio station’s number or possibly his address or maybe even his phone number, I would like to get that so that I can send him a card or possibly give him a call and be able to talk with him and his lovely wife. I know exactly what they are going through because, I lost my mother with cancer, however, she died with leukaemia, because, her brain vessel burst and that is what killed her. I was 14 1/2 year’s old when that happened.


  39. For James Butitta I pray that he has a personal encounter with our Saviour before he himself passes in life & repents of the hate he has shown in today’s post. Unfortunately, I have personally heard & seen hatred in some of my own friend’s reference to the President as well. This is all so sad when we must love one another, despite differences of opinion, creed, & party politics. To hate & to despise has become so public & felt so outright in people today is an unfortunate commentary on the human race. May God someday forgive them & show them the mercy that they have not shown for their fellow man. For Rush, I pray that God heals you & works a miracle in your biggest struggle right now with cancer. If healing you is not the will of God for you Rush, I am sure that you have a ringside seat already secured and reserved for you where we all want to eventually end up: heaven, where the streets are gold & oceans are cristal. You will just get there sooner than some of us. You have fought the good fight. You have been a testimony to many & you are loved not just by us but by your MAKER! God bless you Rush from Puerto Rico! God bless Mr. Butitta as well!

  40. May God bless and heal you, Rush. You still have many years to enlighten us and translate the garbage that our politicians continue to babble. I’m so grateful for President Trump giving you the award on the evening of his State of the Union. You truly deserve it. Keep the faith, Rush. We’re all praying for your complete recovery.

  41. Rush we need you……Steroids are awesome pretty soon you can enter the worlds strongest man contest…Keep up the good work…

  42. God bless Rush! Have listened since day one, still turn my radio up and get in real close!
    That was his early opening!
    Prayers for comfort and complete healing !

  43. You are the BEST Rush! You are greatly admired & with God’s help you will vindicate this cancer & get back to us soon! Praying for your speedy recovery!

  44. Rush we pray that you will continue to be our voice of reason and Truth.
    You truly are a talent on loan from GOD! May God continue to bless you.

  45. Rush cant wait for your daily show on air, miss hearing you opine on the happenngs in thw world,get better soon

  46. I remember people talking about Rush Limbaugh over twenty years ago as though he was like the devil and they called him racist. Pretty much like how they are labeling President Trump now, of course with ZERO PROOF, with ZERO EVIDENCE. I heard all the negative talk about Rush’s radio show that I had to tune in to listen to the alleged racist devil myself. Turned out he was a beacon of frustration, giving voice to what many feel but are unable to say for fear of reprisal from The Left. I found he wasn’t the devil and wasn’t racist. He spoke out against the Left establishment and what they were up to and he spoke of how corrupt many were, both Democrat and Republican as well as RINOS alike. He was the most hated man (Telling the Truth) on air each day. He held this title until Alex Jones came along. Rush is still hated for telling the truth but he has fellow moral support now from many others such as David Knight, Alex Jones, others. I wish Mister Limbaugh a speedy and effective recovery. Not everyone can take the ‘treatment’ but he is strong and will come through or go down fighting! I hope GOD blesses him and sees fit to keep him here for a good while longer, in healthy shape.

  47. Thank you for all you have done/will do to put people “on track” . . . you remain in my prayers . . . stay positive and strong. God Bless you and yours.

  48. Rush…..You have been a blessing to our family for many, many years, ever since the Clinton presidency days. We are all praying for you and hoping that you will beat this cancer and get well, and that the Lord will give you more years to do what you do so well. He was merciful to me when I was fighting cancer earlier this year, and gave me more time here with loved ones. As believers in Christ, though, we can’t really lose. Either living on the earth or with Him in Heaven, we are blessed. God help you, Rush.

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