Rush Limbaugh just faced the one big threat that could take him off the air for good

Rush Limbaugh’s radio program was the original starting point for conservative media.

Liberals spent years trying to silence Rush.

And Rush Limbaugh just faced the one big threat that could take him off the air for good.

Rush Limbaugh and other conservative media stars like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Laura Ingraham have questioned the wisdom of government-mandated lockdowns that shutoff the economy and led to 22 million Americans losing their job.

These lockdowns sent the American economy crashing to Great Depression levels as 22 million Americans lost their jobs.

During a recent broadcast, Limbaugh attacked the rationale behind these lockdowns and explained that the American people were going to end them sooner rather than later because they were unsustainable.

“It’s not normal to stay cooped up at home and have your livelihood taken away from you. It is not normal to just sit there in a docile state and accept it. It just isn’t normal,” Limbaugh began.

“They’re gonna look at nothing in the refrigerator, and they’re gonna look at nothing to pay the rent with,” the conservative talk show host added. “These are real-world things, real-world realities. There’s nothing theoretical about this anymore. It’s undoable. It’s unsustainable. And the people that still have income coming in, people that still have financial reserves to rely on making policy for people who have none, ain’t gonna fly. So it only stands to reason that the American people … will decide when this lockdown is over.”

But one conservative talk show host disagreed.

Michael Savage – who holds a Ph. D. in ethnomedicine for the University of California at Berkley – ripped Limbaugh for opposing the lockdowns.

Savage claimed Limbaugh was putting lives at risk and wondered why there weren’t any “consequences” for Limbaugh attacking the lockdowns.

“How can LIMBAUGH continue to lie and say ‘we don’t know if the lockdowns are working’ WHEN WE KNOW FOR A FACT THAT CHURCH GROUPS AND JEWISH GROUPS WHO REFUSED TO COMPLY BECAME HIGHLY INFECTED? Are there no standards in the media? no consequences for endangering lives?” Savage wrote on social media.

If the Democrats win the 2020 election and Joe Biden gets to appoint the majority of members to the Federal Communications Commission there is little doubt leftists will use the idea that Limbaugh and others spread “misinformation” and try to take them off the air for good.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Lord you liberals are deplorable human beings. Coronavirus? You mean the virus that the WHO withheld, the virus released in China (maybe), you know the WHO who Gates is in the top 10 of all donors, and has the war of all that make the calls, the same Gates that owns the companies and parents to the vaccine. Disgusting people would believe the virus is a global killer. The only real killers in this country are the liberal leadership and their backers. I know you folks are too lazy to do your research and you are far too lazy to go back to work. I wouldn’t expect anything less but the red states are pushing through just fine now while your hell holes are locked down. I love when the scum wake up and realize they are being screwed and leave the party. Usually takes some wisdom to see which is clearly lacking on this thread.

  2. Also…
    Notice how these “protesters” have no problem leaving their homes to trash a business, while getting off their butt to vote in person is sooo difficult!
    Cmon Man…time to take our country back, Pronto!

  3. Rush and Mark Levin (Denali) would respectfully disagree with each other on occasion, but that’s what allies do on occasion.
    Mike Savage, however has a chip on his shoulder and is arch enemy of Denali. This is news regarding his rant to Rush.
    Savage is smart, but toxic.
    I vote him off the island…Sorry Mike.

  4. Good Morning everyone Rush happens to be rite we’re Americans and we don don’t stand around and become staggnet we conquer all of the problems and now they want us to believe we are better off sitting in our house’s now you’ve got this Ph-D that we should listen to him well I’m not I need to get on with my life and family

  5. Hey Mart,

    And they got all the leaders, of most every country, to agree to let there citizens get sick and die? And all the leaders agreed to these terms to take Trump down. That is rich. If president orange face had responded when he should have, he would look like a hero. Problem is, he wasn’t smart enough to figure that out.

    So everybody else is lying and Trump is telling the truth. When He!! Freezes over.

  6. How is it that the foulest language comes from the “any government as long as it doesn’t respond to the people”?

  7. Fauci is not for Trump he is a Clinton/Obama man and his best friend is head of WHO. They put this into plan along with china to take Trump down knowing the economy was so good no one could deny that. I said as long as the economy is so strong Trump can’t lose so what did they say….close it down for safety. This was done deliberately to have us upset with Trump but his people know what they are up to..won’t work Trump 2020

  8. Rush Limbaugh has made a good living spewing garbage to the “Right-Wing Nutjobs” who worship his fat ass! If they want to keep believing this “False Guru” and paying for his “Livin Large” lifestyle, they a seriously “Messed Up”!

  9. Savage lost his mind long time ago. He broke mentally on his show and off his his show many moons ago.
    He was in therapy for his mental breakdown and I think he was in the mental institution too.
    From time to time he comes out with something good, but most of the time he just rants and raves.

  10. The malignancy cancer with soon get the malignancy Limbaugh off the air. They will then have reruns and you imbeciles were still listen and worship the lies from the fatsos mouths of Hannity and Limbaugh.

  11. ps. I Listen To All ‘3’ !!! At times i may disagree…
    > Nevertheless = a Wealth of Info… & Thank Them.

  12. Uh-0h… Savage vs Rush___ Then we have Mark Levin…
    >The Big ‘3’…
    > I’ll say 1 thang for Rush : He Never ‘trashes’ Another
    Radio Host – Rush ‘Honors’ the ‘Unspoken Code’ …

  13. Justass go back to sniffing bicycle seats and leave the posting to the adults. And take Robert with you.

  14. You know the game Dan, they can only call someone names if their the ones doing it. Just like Nancy “loud mouth” Pelosi or Shoe Shine Hajji Obama. Just like the Liberal lap dog media, these parasites are not journalists, just looking for a host to plant their pixie dust in…

  15. Hey bj, read about the Spanish flu.trump, non capitalized on purpose, does not know his orange faced a$$ from a hole in the ground. So well Jan st have to agree to disagree. I used to be a registered republican. That party is nowhere close to what it was many years ago.

    Ask yourselves this. If Obama or Hillary had said the things that Orange face has sad or responded this slow, what would you have said? You’d have gone nuts because he is a black man and she is a woman.

  16. And it was normal before the pixie dust started flying and snowflakes staring running around bone smoking….That started with Shoe Shine and his old lady or man, whichever…

  17. All these right wing radio and TV liars need to get off the air permanently to ever have a normal nation again.

  18. Why is this a problem ? I don’t like Rachel Maddow , I don’t watch her. If you don’t like Rush Limbaugh, don’t listen.

  19. So Walter, I guess Rush has caused more damage than the Red Communist Chinese Party??? I’ve seen some dumb post on here before but that’s not even rational thinking. Before you speak, make damn sure your facts are at least close.

  20. Walter if not for Rush America would be a complete commie country by now. Sorry pal. Move to Cuba. They control all the broadcasters there.

  21. Tobert it is clearly you who is the stupid dimwit. Covid 19 is no worse than the flu, and NO, we DO NOT have vaccines for all types of flu. And if not for Pres. Trump this would be MUCH worse. Pres. Trump cares about us. The dems are just using Covid 19 to further their sick agenda of total control over all aspects of our lives. But just be an idiot and keep voting dem

  22. So, Rush Limbaugh says that the lockdown is “not normal” and “unsustainable” and that’s a “lie”, but Dr. Savage ( by the way, what in the world is “ethnomedicine” ? Sounds a bit ominous to me as I know some Holocaust survivors.) says that Christians and Jews congregating are a danger and gets no push back!! Oh, and his degree is from that great bastion of education in California that also gave us such great leaders as Angela Davis and Bill Ayres. Hurray for you, Michael, guess you’re pretty upset that the ticket isn’t Bernie & AOC?

  23. Well RUSH will never be removed because the DEMWITTS will never ever win another election with the candidates they pull out of the woodwork. Just look at the short list Biden, Pelosi, Shiftless, Waters, AOC, Omar. Talib, Pressley, Schummer, Swallwell, etc and the list goes on and on!

  24. Paz is a left wing nut job, now it seems the virus was in California far back as February scientists fear, long before New York. What was Pelosi doing in this time frame??? Running her fat mouth as usual…

  25. All they are saying is the people that are losing there business and about to lose everything want to go back to work ,nobody is forcing people to do anything if you don’t want to go out stay home and as far as crying and winning about somebody going back to work and you don’t want well stay but leave the people that want to alone !! It is none of your business so sit down and shut up. The free loaders are going to whine about anything that relates to work .

  26. Tobert your mulatto was the problem, not the solution for America. So go vote for retard joe and stfu

  27. The people who do not believe there is a deep problem via the Deep State in our government simply do not want to look at facts. They love to live in the warm, fuzzy world of la-la-land with their drinks and other drugs….and just keep on dulling their brain with the cream of dung soup they are being fed on the every day news, magazines like Time and Hollyweird in general. We have a President and administration that want to be cleaning the corruption…and they get nothing but push-back and deceit. Also scheme after scheme to take this administration down because of it…they want their dirt to stay covered: hence the virus. impeachment attempts, and I would not doubt assassinations are next. I pray for all the Conservatives safety…especially those who are brave enough like Limbaugh, our President and VP and those supporting them in Congress….speaking up for righteousness may not be the safe thing to do, but it is for true patriots such as these. Go bless America!

  28. Sean stupidity and Rush dimwit were saying the same thing when Obama won in 07. Low and behold they are still here. You people that believe this “Deep State” BS will believe most any conspiracy theory. Wake up and smell the coffee. Neither party cares about the working class. All of the talk these guys spew is for ratings, to create chaos, and divide. If you don’t think this virus is real then show up in mass and be the study group. And don’t compare the deaths to the flu deaths. WE HAVE AN EFFN VACCINE FOR THE FLU or the flu death toll would be a lot worse. If you think our idiot in chief has responded well to this, really check the time lines. His response time SUCKED. He only cares about himself and re-election so he can stick it to us for more golf and taxpayers putting money into his pocket. After almost 4 years he’s still an intern where his job is concerned.


  30. You are right Mr. Taylor, it is not that man should Fear, but he should Fear never beginning to live…

  31. Most governors do not respect our Constitution. Take these for thought. “Raleigh police officers took one protester into custody yesterday after asking the crowd to disperse. This arrest was unconstitutional and the Raleigh police force is taking heat for it. The fact of the matter is that protesting, a.k.a. the right to assemble, is a constitutional right. Officers claimed that the protester they arrested violated Governor Cooper’s executive order; however, constitutional rights supersede governors’ mandates.”

    I know that the media is blowing up this virus news and others may die. Where was this governor when the American Service men and women were fighting in the various wars for freedom?
    I cannot wrap my head around the fact that so many military people have died, and suffered terrible pain defending this nation from outside threats and now the news media and others around the country want to give it all away. . Our Constitution has been and will continue to be the ideal for all countries to emulate. It is also the supreme law of this land.

    This country must respect rights no matter how we may feel about that action.

  32. Kevin…the answer is NEITHER ONE!!!!! You can deny the truth but that makes you a fool. It is the dems who are using this virus and holding us hostage to further their sick agenda. We need to get our economy going. That is a much bigger concern than the virus

  33. Rush is right on. This is just a nasty flu and MOST people recover. It is time to get back to normal. I am much more concerned about the crashing economy than I am about the virus. Thank God the governor in my state has common sense and we are not on lockdown

  34. Keep talking Rush We have your back. Civil war? It’s on the horizon. The commiecrats will start it, we will finish it.

  35. The virus will be stopped by herd immunity. The more you isolate people the longer the virus will hang around. That seems to be the goal. That seems to be the end game.
    Never let a crisis go to waste if you can use it to gain more power.

  36. Remember the SWINE FLU IN 2009? Obama did NOTHING JUST AS THE DEMOCRAT CONGRESS DIDN’T EITHER! NOT TIL 12 THOUSAND AMERICANS CITIZEN HAS DIED! Then after giving hospital ventilator and mask. Obama and Biden REFUSE TO RESTOCK THE THE SUPPLIES!

  37. Governor has CONTROL you have nothing! Democrat have control you LOSE YOUR FREEDOM AND LIBERTY! Don’t believe me do research on DODD AND FRANK BILL! Was VETO BY BUSH! BUT OVERRIDE BY DEMOCRAT CONTROL CONGRESS! MEDIA WILL NOT TELL YOU! It gone into laws NOW!

  38. Keeping the country shutdown is Democrat way of forcing people to start blaming Trump! Small business is the backbone of Trump doing for AMERICA! Big pharma and big business is Democrat way of controlling the people!

  39. If the virus lives up to 12 days shouldn’t the virus be dead after being couped up for 30 days? Just asking.

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