Rush Limbaugh just let the cat out of the bag on how Democrats will beat Trump

Democrats had an ace up their sleeve for how they planned to win the 2020 election.

Now that secret is out in the open.

And Rush Limbaugh just let the cat out of the bag on how Democrats will beat Trump.

Donald Trump has quietly been expanding his base and putting blue states like Minnesota, New Hampshire, and New Mexico into play – not by altering his positions and moving Left – but by holding mega rallies and attracting new voters or disaffected Democrats who did not turn out in 2016.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale estimated that 18,000 Democrats turned out to the last several Trump rallies.

Parscale also bragged that at the campaign’s latest rally in South Carolina nearly 9,000 people who did not vote in 2016 requested tickets.

Democrats and the Fake News Media worry the Trump rallies are the President’s secret weapons to win re-election.

And Rush Limbaugh says the ramp up of stories in the Fake News Media about the President’s supposed health risks from the coronavirus are just a scam to force the campaign to not schedule any new rallies for months until the outbreak subsides.

“Democrats out the wazoo are showing up at Trump rallies. This is why they want these rallies stopped. This is why — it’s not because of public safety, not because of public health. These people — because as you point out, they’re not making an effort to shut down every other opportunity for people to congregate.” Limbaugh told his audience.

“No, but it makes perfect sense from their standpoint. If you can’t beat Trump and if you want to stop the appearance of excitement about the Trump campaign, then stop the rallies. And if you’re really worried that so many people attending rallies are actually Democrats, then you’ve really gotta shut them down,” Limbaugh added.

Time is a candidate’s most precious asset.

It cannot be made up.

If the Fake News Media can pressure Trump into cancelling his rallies these events can never get added back on to the schedule and it will deprive the campaign of their biggest platform to attract new voters and expand the President’s coalition.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. The only way the can beat the president in november is with mail in voting. All of California votes should be thrown away as they will harvest them until the cows come home. In no way should any state be allowed to push mailin voting. President Trump has more energy in his little finger than Sleepy Joe has exhibited in his lifetime. Wait until Obama is subpoened along with Comey, Strock, Page, Brennan and many others. Anyone who can vote for this Den of THieves must have an IQ below 50……..of course that does include every Libtard.

  2. Trump needs to get somebody on to Skype and finding a way for people to watch his campaign rallies anyway!!! We will watch him at home if they can make it happen!!!

  3. “They are very simply going to put up a candidate that utterly blows the doors off”
    Yeah, right! Like Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. The only doors that will be blown off are the entrance doors to hell.

  4. “The Bull Market started with Pres Obama”
    The BS market started with Obama…and ended with Trump. The Democrats are nothing but useful fools.

  5. Val:
    360,000,000? Where did that figure come from? It must be that you are admitting there are several times more illegals in this country than the Dems are willing to admit.

  6. You’re in denial, Bill. Just like the President was until this week. The other Countries effected have tested hundreds of thousands of their people. The U.S. has only tested a 20,000 thousand out of 360,000,000 which is why they have only confirmed the number of positives you posted. Veterans administration reported this morning they received 70 test kits, period, for all veterans. Sounds to me like its easier to win the lottery than get TESTED for the virus in the U.S.
    The Presidents own CDC people have reported that this virus is far more contagious than the flu and the mortality rate is higher. It’s clear you’re not worried about yourself, but most Americans have a bit more compassion for the 3 to 4% it could kill if we don’t stop it from spreading like wildfire.

  7. It doesn’t matter if you go to a Trump rally. It matters if you VOTE TRUMP on Election Day! Trump supporters MUST show up in HUGE numbers ,you KNOW Democrats will. Including dead people, illegals and pets, also lazy Food Stamps people.

  8. I don’t think biden would last as President specially if he picks the last loser as veep……sure way to hasten his departure……

  9. God help us all if Biden wins the presidency because of the scare the Corona Virus is causing. The end of our democracy will assuredly be near if he does.

  10. Ok people think about it. Getting the virus, you’d have a better chance at winning the lottery. 1660 people supposedly infected and 40 deaths in USA! 330 million people in United States. Go buy a lottery ticket you’ll win before you get virus. Or you can stay home worrying about something the government wants to scare you. Just like all the other tactics government has had over the years. Did you catch swine flu? More people died from that

  11. It doesn’t matter if you go to a Trump rally. It matters if you VOTE TRUMP on Election Day! Trump supporters MUST show up in HUGE numbers ,you KNOW Democrats will. Including dead people, illegals and pets!

  12. George E, you are completely wrong. Obama didn’t declare a national emergency until October 2009 after more than 1000 people had died from the Swine flu. Obama also never instituted any travel bans to deal with it. And the fatality rate IS NOT 3% for U.S. general population. Comparing the U.S. to other countries is something a simple minded person, like yourself, would do. And democrats love simple minded people.

  13. Trump will give every attendee MAGA masks & gloves. Anti-viral spray will be sprayed through out the venue. He will continue to rally. Or he can snooze while the Dems panic. He will return as our President. Don’t worry, Vote!

  14. What you say above here is quite possible: “DEM” crowds invading Conservative rallies.
    It would be part of the old trick of using “Agents Provocateurs”, as we knew them from the student rallies in the 60/70ies when police or secret agents mingled with lawful protesters and did criminal things. Or, take the Charlottesville “white supremacists” who applied for the “Monument Rally” there: Jason Kessler, a known Obama activist and member of “Occupy”. Look at that, and you’ll see the intention behind these “invaders”.


  16. OOPS !! I got it wrong GEORGE E is stupider than MAXINE !!!
    SHOCKING !!!!!
    Who’da thunk it ???

  17. Joe
    You are presumably right but Trump will win. There is not one Demturd worth voting for! They are all crooks and do not work for the American ppl. They have Soreass ‘s agenda instead. So Soreass owns the voting machines also, their will be an official at everyone this time…..


  19. Mickey didn’t get the word; Disney World is going strong. Apparently he doesn’t plan to follow Harvard and shut down. Prime example of the tail wagging the dog.

  20. The Bull Market started with Pres Obama … and ended with trump.
    Now it will take another Democratic Administration to fix what was screwed up … again.

  21. Here is the deal. Biden is on his way to winning the Democratic nomination for president. Bernie will stay in the race until the convention and when it is made very clear to him that Biden will win he will graciously withdraw his bid, then Biden will name his running mate and start his campaign for president. After a short while Biden will call a press conference to announce he has been diagnosed with early stages of dementia. This will then allow the DNC and party elites to name a new candidate or accept the vice presidential candidate as the new presidential candidate. This is the only way they can defeat or have a chance to defeat Trump. Sorry Rush, I love you and hope you get well but your position on rallies is wrong. Trump is going to have rallies and the Dems are going to have someone else running.

  22. Snott27 if Rush actually said that then he was wrong. But gimmee gimmee gimmee, everything free isn’t the answer. I don’t agree with Trump 100% of the time, but he’s doing a great job.

  23. No, Dan T… trump knows how to connect with juvenile, ill-informed and mis-informed mentally questionable folks. And by the by, I stopped listening to rush limbaugh the day he emphatically claimed no one ever goes bankrupt in the U.S. due to medical costs. A blatant lie.

  24. Dear Uncle Hoppy ….
    Sorry, but you are wrong. Your claim, according to Fact Check is simply FALSE! (which you may not believe .. but then again I digress) “Flashback: Obama waited six months to call swine flu an emergency after thousands died.”
    The post was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed.
    Time to quit swallowing the KoolAid. That didn’t work out well for the Jonestown cult, and it will not work out for the trump cult either.

    Just in by BusinessInsider … stock market entered Bull market territory with a DJIA loss of 1465 today. OUCH!!!
    And this is AFTER the Fed interest rate reduction, trump’s business stimulus announcement, and the Bank of England interest rate reduction.
    Sorry, but the “trump slump” could last a while…. just because he thinks “thoughts and prayers” are stronger than “Science and Facts”.

    Oh … as to your claim 3% is for “old folks” … Nope … in Italy the rate is about 6% … and the average age in Italy is older than the US.
    PLEASE …GET YOUR **FACTS** straight!

  25. Trump needs to continue with his rallies. I agree with Rush do not stop the rallies ! The Dems want him to stop them because they know Trump has thousands attending his rallies all the time. We need Trump in office he is the only one who has taken care of the American peoples’ needs. NO ONE ELSE HAS. I will vote for Trump and so is my family. Trump 2020 ! all the way to Washington D.C. BIG RED !!!!

  26. Same with Trump’s tweets. Kommiecrats want Trump to stop tweeting, commenting, and fighting back.
    Now the rallies. Stop any more campaigning now that Biden is the establishment candidate.
    The kommiecrats are scared, they have a senile candidate that they want to hide until they wheel him into the Whitehouse in his chair.
    No cameras, please.

  27. Val C, if Sanders or Biden gets in the white house this country will be in so much trouble you’ll forget all about the coronavirus. You think the coronavirus is going to wreck the economy? Just watch what social ism does to the economy.

  28. Richard, the U.S. has never been a social ist country so the democrats are not putting us back to anything we were before. You might want to study up on your own party to see where it’s headed. Just so you don’t look so foolish in front of others. Just some friendly advice.

  29. Perhaps it is God’s way of asking the people in the world to WAKE UP – He is GOD and the world has become immoral; abortion is a method of birth control, assisted suicide is accepted, there is little spirituality left, and many people believe there is no God. You will know he exists when you stand before him.

  30. Limbaughs cancer has clearly affected his brain. The Democrats do not need to play the polital games perfected by the GOP. They are very simply going to put up a candidate that utterly blows the doors off Trump and will, on day one begin the process of unifying our country once again and putting us on track to regaining our position ith the world that Trump gave away to satisfy his lust for power, money, and his astoundingly large ego. When Joe Biden takes office on 1/20/21 i hope it will serve as a unifying component to America getting back to normal, getting on her feet, and regaining the respect of our allies. It will be a difficult process considering the monumental damage Trump and his corrupt administration have done over the last 4 years but those amongst us with the intelligence, the heart, the moral courage, the ethics, and the will to get it done will be up to the task. For my family, my children, and my grandchildren I cannot wait to join in and help.

  31. George E, you are the typical idiot that democrats love to fool.
    Your fatality % is for old people with preexisting medical conditions, not the general population. Too bad there are so many idiots like you running around the country making fools of themselves. Without the idiots like you George, no democrat would ever win an election. They stupid need people like you.
    Also, it’s amusing how idiots like yourself conveniently forget Obama’s disgraceful handling of the Swine Flu back in 2009 where he took 6 months before he did anything and 4000 Americans died. But you don’t care about that right????

  32. This is dangerous Rush. You paint this virus as hysteria while ignoring the fact it’s overwhelming hospitals all over the world. In Italy as I type this, they are out of critical care beds and respirators in their hardest hit city’s. Other critical surgery’s are being postponed. Italian’s protested at the beginning of this outbreak as well. They were not going to allow the government to limit their activities either. They get it now! This morning a woman’s husband (both quarantined at home) died of respiratory failure. She had to sit in her apartment with her husbands dead body for 30 hours before they could find someone to suit-up and collect his body. Would you want to walk in that apartment? You may not be worried about yourselves, but who among us does not know someone with a weakened immune system, Heart Disease, Cancer, COPD, Asthma, etc., that this could kill if (we) pick it up in a crowd and unknowingly pass it to them? Why would Trump need a rally any more than any other candidate anyway? Makes no sense. His continuing to encourage rally crowds will invite more criticism of his only concern being his re-election, NOT the health of vulnerable Americans. Seriously NOT a good idea.

  33. George E whom are we supposed to support? Your party of queer lovers and baby killers? A party with a senile old commie retard as the lead man? Which could be overtaken by an avowed commie that looks like a mad scientist. Would any of your commie party accomplish what Trump has? Wake up you idiot and look around.

  34. Rush is usually right. The S.O.B. Democrat party will exploit anything, use anything to defeat Trump, but they will not succeed! They could not care less if the U.S. economy tanks, if they can “win”. Get ready for the second American civil war!

  35. Rush is right on this how can you make this up you cant the flue just happen tocome to play. and the deoms are using it as a way to stop trump yes the flue is bad but wachsee what happens

  36. Maybe this is just God’s way of punishing America for believing in the false prophet called trump.

    Viruses don’t pay any attention to wishful thinking and hoping. And this virus is especially nasty with a 3% death rate. Right now the US has about 1000 cases and 30 deaths … or 3%.
    Too bad trump dismantled all the Obama era organization that could have prevent this from turning into a pandemic. Instead, he was trying to “wish it away”, and with the grossly inadequate testing we won’t know the real facts until it is too late.

    In the meaning, the stock markets are right at “recession” stage 20% losses since March 1st.
    Trouble is, this virus isn’t going away soon and the markets will continue to drop. Things like Fed easing of interest rates, trump’s promise of economic stimuli, England’s interest rate drop … have ALL been one-day-wonders that temporarily boosted the market, only to see them sink again.
    This virus is a LOT more fundamental to the “Trump Economy” that he was so proud of, and will be the end of him come the election.

  37. I share all your beliefs, including the wall, I see that there are not many lefties promoting open borders now. The scary thing is if Biden does win we will all be in control of the globalists and their Neo-Marxist agenda. Is there a way we can ask our congressmen to put forth some type of Amendment to the Constitution to prohibit Marxism in any form?

  38. If the Criminals in the Democrat Party were all sent to prison, there wouldn’t be one left that any American would have ever heard of. All the well known’s would be locked up for crimes they committed.

  39. Since I am a votor over the last 50 years, I saw little or no differences in either the Democratic or Republican administrations in assisting our people. I have voted for the president that had the most positive ideas and the least negative comments in the past few elections.

  40. If the Democrats want to shut down Trump rallies, why aren’t they cancelling debates of their candidates, which require people to gather? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Instead, they will try to have it both ways: cancel his, but keep their own.

  41. That’s what worries me Uncle H, there’s a lot of idiots in this country that have been turned by the Far Left Media. My daughter tells me over half the kids in her school would vote for Sanders if they could and we live in a rural area.Who turned them, mostly teachers…Free speech has gotten out of control my friends…

  42. The only hope for democrats to beat Trump is the Coronavirus. If the economy tanks and some people die, democrats will try to pin it all on Trump, and if enough idiots believe that line then Trump will lose.

  43. Don’t worry. Trump won’t take their allegations sitting down. He knows how to connect with people. Rush is right 99% of the time but I have to call him wrong on this one.

  44. I have not attended any of Trump rally LATELY. But I was at one were there was lot of people from area that has been hurt by Democrat POLITICAN who once promise to fix the problem. But didn’t! And to put things straight, I was a Democrat SUPPORTER for twenty five years! Gave up after the lies that didn’t change! Switch to Trump and independent VOTER! Saw he is the first to stand on his campaign promises! Not one Democrat had ever done that!

  45. First of all these Democrat are NOT FOR AMERICA! It has been show over fifty years! They are for THEMSELVES! There is NOT one Democrat congress or president that has DONE WHAT HE RAN HIS CAMPAIGN ON! So we the VOTER need to wake up! Trump is the first PRESIDENT since Reagan to call out the Democrat party! Knowing he himself use to support them! But he also saw how they kept pocket big pharma MONEY for their own WEALTHY! Think about the country people! Remember when clothes use to be made in America? Textiles industry was a good jobs for people who didn’t go to college! But do the history of the democrat party, they love to LIES and force you to believe them. Think about the deficit? Every time we elected a Democrat president and have a HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE of Democrat. Our debt ceiling gone upward! We lose jobs under Obama watch! Trump fight for AMERICANS people! We lost jobs under Clinton term, Bush term. But just remember that these things happen because of the CONGRESS PUSH IT! Clinton had a bad first four years! Let the truth be told! That when the DEMOCRST CONTROL CONGRESS, YES NOTH HOUSE AND SENATE WAS CONTROL BY DEMONCRAT! THEY PASS THE NAFTA! They raised TAXES ON CORPORATE! So to keep from getting taxes big time. These companies move to Mexico or China! Putting people OUT OF A JOBS! Look around your city and state. Any place with a Democrat in control had more violent and Crime. Even more killing! Mayor don’t allow chief to do the jobs all due to some groups of people don’t care about the city or county. Another thing is DRUGS! Democrat made it legal, but you know lot of people have abused the laws. Some people get out of control and ATTACK other for no reason at all! So they get a politician to go after the people who stop them from ATTACKING other. By trying to make them unable to PROTECT themselves. I don’t care what you think about Trump. But you can believe he the only president who wants everyone to be able to live a successful life.

  46. The dem party of our fathers is completely gone now and a full blown leftist party has taken its place. Wake up America before “liberty and justice for all” is gone forever. A vote for even one democrat will spell disaster for the country.

  47. I may be wrong but I think the Dems are very anxious to get a female in the office. A vote for Biden who they feel can beat Trump is a vote for his pick for VP. He really wants Michelle Obama which puts her husband in charge behind the scenes. I think Michelle would accept Biden’s invitation to be his VP only because she knows her husband would really be running the show and she would become President very soon because of Biden’s declining health.

  48. President Trump needs to continue using his rallies, because, if he stops having these big rallies with these big turnout’s, then that is all these corrupt and crooked Democrat’s want to use to put fear into people’s mind about this coronavirus, because, these corrupt and crooked Democrat;s will do anything to do their best to win this year’s Presidential Election.

    We need to keep President Trump in office and continue working to get his agenda put forward. As long as we have President Trump in office, he is doing everything to continue building his BIG BEAUTIFUL WALL to keep all of these illegal immigrants and all of these MS-13 gang member’s out and work toward’s keeping all of these drugs out of our country and our communities.

    We need to do everything that is possible to keep President Trump in office NOW!!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Dennis I wholeheartedly agree with your post on voter fraud which the dems have made into a science in doing.THIS FRAUD MUST BE STOPPED AND STOPPED NOW.

  50. We need Trump in office. If he isn’t elected we will continue to be over run by illegals and non-vetted refugees. The Democrats will allow UN to rule our country. We already was going to be a third world country with to much fraud and debt with Welfare and Muslim Brotherhood interfering with our constitutional laws
    If the Democrats would have allowed money for the wall three years ago, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now. Terrioes, Drug cartels, criminals, terrorist, suicide, domestic violence, attack on Law Enforcement and Border patrol, homeless, Veterans not getting help, taxes on seniors, Obamacare worthless insurance, Muslim fraud with Food stamps, Muslims in Congress and Senate trying to take away our laws. Schools indoctrination. Abortions! I think every person has a right to make decisions and their body but not at the expense of taxes paying for the abortions. Killing babies for baby parts should be considered murder. The only thing I am open to on abortion is incest, rape, mothers life. I list a baby full term, multiple problems with baby’s health. It took me years to get over this loss. I have volunteer to help women having problems after abortions. What I experienced is many are on drugs or alcohol abuse and prostitution. Welfare needs reform, if on Welfare you can only have one baby, not a baby every 4 years to stay on Welfare. CA you have to be pregnant, nursing, child under school age. I would suggest getting tubes tied, men same thing. If they can’t pay child support they have to get tubes tied. This would save taxpayers a lot of money. We wouldn’t have babies born with Aids, HIV+, drugs, vernal diseases. Cost of Welfare. Force women to get an education and go to work.

  51. That’s very believable, but I truly believe their only chance to beat us is massive voter fraud, and given the state of the dem party, I’m quite sure the wheels are already in motion.

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