Rush Limbaugh just let the cat out of the bag on how Democrats will beat Trump

Democrats had an ace up their sleeve for how they planned to win the 2020 election.

Now that secret is out in the open.

And Rush Limbaugh just let the cat out of the bag on how Democrats will beat Trump.

Donald Trump has quietly been expanding his base and putting blue states like Minnesota, New Hampshire, and New Mexico into play – not by altering his positions and moving Left – but by holding mega rallies and attracting new voters or disaffected Democrats who did not turn out in 2016.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale estimated that 18,000 Democrats turned out to the last several Trump rallies.

Parscale also bragged that at the campaign’s latest rally in South Carolina nearly 9,000 people who did not vote in 2016 requested tickets.

Democrats and the Fake News Media worry the Trump rallies are the President’s secret weapons to win re-election.

And Rush Limbaugh says the ramp up of stories in the Fake News Media about the President’s supposed health risks from the coronavirus are just a scam to force the campaign to not schedule any new rallies for months until the outbreak subsides.

“Democrats out the wazoo are showing up at Trump rallies. This is why they want these rallies stopped. This is why — it’s not because of public safety, not because of public health. These people — because as you point out, they’re not making an effort to shut down every other opportunity for people to congregate.” Limbaugh told his audience.

“No, but it makes perfect sense from their standpoint. If you can’t beat Trump and if you want to stop the appearance of excitement about the Trump campaign, then stop the rallies. And if you’re really worried that so many people attending rallies are actually Democrats, then you’ve really gotta shut them down,” Limbaugh added.

Time is a candidate’s most precious asset.

It cannot be made up.

If the Fake News Media can pressure Trump into cancelling his rallies these events can never get added back on to the schedule and it will deprive the campaign of their biggest platform to attract new voters and expand the President’s coalition.

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