Rush Limbaugh left his audience speechless when he told them about one call with Trump

Trump supporters were nervous.

It looked like the President might back down on his threat to shut down the government over funding his border wall.

But then Rush Limbaugh left his audience speechless when he told them about one phone call with Donald Trump.

Limbaugh was one of many Trump supporters in conservative media urging the President to veto any government funding bill that did not fund the border wall.

As of Thursday night, it looked like Trump might sign the legislation.

But then after a White House meeting with House Republicans, Trump picked up the phone and dialed up Limbaugh.

Limbaugh excitedly told his audience that Trump told him he would veto any bill that did not fund the wall.

Breitbart reports:

Conservative talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh revealed on his program that President Donald Trump informed him that he was prepared to veto a government funding bill if it failed to include wall funding.

“The president got word to me 20 minutes ago that if it comes back to him without money, if whatever happens in the House and Senate comes back to him with no allocation of $5 billion for the wall than he’s going to veto it,” Limbaugh told his listeners on his radio show just moments after Trump met with members of Congress on Thursday.

Trump supporters cheered this decision.

The Republicans would have no leverage once the Democrats took over the House on January 3.

Establishment Republicans tried to fool Trump into thinking a fight starting February 8 would be more advantageous for Trump.

That was rubbish.

Shutting down the government now is Trump’s only chance to win funding for his signature border wall proposal.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Start bussing the illegals to those nice mansions the Democrats live in. Set up refugee camps all around. Things would change quickly in those nice restricted neighborhoods.

  2. Come on, speechless. How would you know. The audience is only heard from when they call in. You should have heard my philippic regarding the Democrats.

  3. Didn’t the President campaign with the promise that “The Wall” wouldn’t cost American taxpayers a single dime ???!!!! Remember, 1st Mexico was paying for it.

      • Steele- That’s pure hogwash. Trump is a con artist and is STILL pulling the wool over your eyes in the second long year of his presidency. He’s a carnival barker and you just keep lapping it up like dogs. You are pathetic and obviously can’t think for yourself. Republicans have controlled all three branches of government (for the past 2 years) can this is the third government shut down! They simply can’t govern! Is this what #MAGA is all about? NOT paying thousands of Americans over the holidays because Trump is throwing a tantrum? You know, some Americans who aren’t being paid are Border Security and TSA agents…..people who are suppose to be keeping you safe! Trump is an incompetent joke as a President and you better wake up and see that. He’s ruining the country and democracy and I can’t wait until he’s removed from office.

        • Diane, I see you are a Trump hater, did you cross the Mexican border, Trump / Pence 2020 year Remember Obummer gave away 150 or more Billions to another country that was very wrong, nothing said. Need I say more Away with the Libnuts

          • ps. See DHS web. AMERICAN STEEL
            Workers Patching OLD ‘holes’.
            Effective. According to Reports &
            No msm reports.

        • diane.& Let Me Be CLEAR here. you Do NOT have Experience IN ‘Negotiations’
          0n Any Level,& let’s be Quite Frank about this. No ‘Games’. __
          Also. Let ‘us'( ie you/me) Be Quite Clear Here, ‘i’ AM The ‘0nly 0ne’
          To Give You Patience W/0ut Excoriation. Capish.
          MC (merrychristmas & HNY 2019.

        • Diane, you Are ‘clearly’ Past/ ‘Professional’ Negotiations.
          Let us Be ‘adults’ here. Have you EVER had an ‘amateur’
          negotiation? & that’s ok, if you did not. ( & certainly not here).
          > Language/Volcabulary IS V. Important + Knowledge & Experience.
          > Monday afternoon ‘quarterbacks’ (get it ? ) Mean Nothing, IN
          the Real World.

        • Yes! ICE should drop them off and then tell the new “landlords” that since they want to abolish ICE, the government won’t provide removal services. Build the wall, a necessary part of real border security!

    • We are continually paying for their illeagility, wake up. Would you rather spend on the things our country really needs. You on your vanity?

  4. We the people, the taxpayers–finally voted Trump because of representations and commitment to what one says the promises are kept. People: the promises are not valid if one does not act on the word–isn’t that called Karma?

  5. Those back stabbing hypocrites Pelosi and Schumer both have voted in the past for a wall! Now they’re playing dirty politics and leaving both the country and its citizens at risk! Those TRAITORS are willing to sell out this country to foreign nationals for a few pieces of political silver. They’d sell their mothers if they thought they would profit by doing so!
    These political snakes had better remember that we, the people elected Trump to do as he promised and the wall is a big piece of that!

    • Pelosi is dementianal and Schumer is smarmy and unctuous, cannot stand to listen to either of them. I am also astonished that the people handed the House back to the Democrats when the economy is doing so well; do they really want a return to Obamanomics?

    • Amazing link! Who knew that so much has already been accomplished. The media certainly doesn’t want us to know what has been completed and how successful the new wall sections have been. Thank you lisalles for sharing!

  6. What is the big deal about a border? Everywhere I look we have borders? The rich have borders around their homes, farmers have borders, highways have borders, etc. Why? For protection to keep out ones they don’t want it! We want to cut down on illegals and get back to the law of the land!!!We have so many poor among us now that people aren’t taking care of and expect government handouts, not willing to learn our language, expect to be pampered with “ME, ME, ME’ until we have no culture in this country and no moral values because it might offend you. Lets get back to MAGA.

    • Let ALL those who live safely behind fences and walls yet preach to us about the immortality of it….surrender those protections (along with the security detail) and force them to live like the rest of us do. Obama added 5′ in height to his command center in D.C. How racist is that!?

    • You’re exactly correct. Even in New York City you can’t enter an office building without verifying what your business is there. Before 9/11 that was never a problem. But sneak across the border no problem!

    • Before it’s too late. Is their any democrats with half a brain,who can see the wall is absolutely essential if we’re going to stay a viable nation
      This country’s choking on the influx of these illegals for too many Years
      We’ve closed our eyes to this Huge problem. I know it They know it. This must End

  7. Hey, all of you yahoos who are so immersed in this wall thing… please, ask yourself this… why all this attention to a “wall” that most think isn’t the answer, while at the same time you totally ignore the invasion of foreign governments into our election process and into the minds of nearly mindless souls such as many on this site? Why?

    • You are a left wing liberal Democrat Troll. Quit listening to your heros, mostly Shumud, Plowface and Madmax, to name a few. Instead of listening to them, crawl out of the muck, do your OWN research and last but not least, pay attention to world politics, what is driving our economy and where it was 4 years ago and where it is not. You might just make a trip to our southern border states and talk to the law enforcement, to the local leaders, open your eyes and pay attention. While you are out traveling, stop in on some of our military bases, talk to some brass about what is REALLY going on. After you do that, come back and post your trip. Best of Luck and LISTEN.

      • Shumud, Plowface & Madmax the goofy trio! I cannot stand to even look at them!! Libs have no individual thought. They follow GROUPIE thinking…SHEEP….don’t ever expect me to join/follow the FLOCK….NEVER!!

    • Let me ask you a question. So you think people using cyber to try and influence the election, is far more important than people invading our southern border? Both are trying to influence our election! The “ONLY” reason the democrat politicians want open borders is to sway the elections. They know our southern neighbors are largely democratic voters. They want a huge influx of hispanics so they can stay in power! They could care less about these people for any other reason. If you think they just love our southern neighbors, then let’s pass a law that they can only vote on a Republican ballot and see just how fast the wall goes up! Don’t be a fool. If you think these democratic politicians care about you, write them a letter and tell them you have a real financial need and ask them for a donation to your family. See what happens! They care about “ONE THING” only! Your vote. Better yet tell them you are a Trump supporter” and you need them to help you with whatever cause you can think of. Find out how much they love you!

      • Rose, Jerry, Retired… all I’m asking is to broaden your scope beyond what you are being told. No one I know is for open borders; and no one I know is looking at voters… that’s all a malicious lie to persuade you — or actually to distract you. There are things afoot that you don’t realize or choose to ignore.. at the peril of this once proud nation.

        • Broaden Your scope. You don’t know ‘that’ many people, &
          “distract” yourself. BTW:i recruited ‘another’ walk away
          lib yesterday. Thank you for making us Stronger.

        • Guess you don’t know BETO, white Obama, Scott. He’s all for open borders. You know what that means? More disease, crime, terrorists and bigger bills for the TaxPayers! 5 billion for the wall or the 369 billion PER YEAR that the ILLEGALS cost us now? Which is the better deal?

    • If you are so blind and uninformed as to just the diseases the ILLEGALS and the children being shoved across, then please go down there with a couple of thousand bucks in your pocket and see how quickly you get real sick or, lose you head.

      • Oh, Robert. You are so un- and mis-informed. That view just doesn’t hold up in the light… and democracy dies in darkness, my friend. Please, wake up.

        • Got it wrong again like many of our so-called representatives in the house and senate. We do not have a democracy! The founders established a republic because democracies are subject to tyranny and chicanery, read Article IV, section 4 of the constitution. We face many threats at present but the greatest one is illegal immigration. Included in that is birthright citizenship. The vote is sacred and is definitely under attack by those who mean us harm but the greatest threat is the lack of upgraded immigration policy. Absent that, the only sure way to stop illegal immigration and all the danger that accompany it is the WALL. Electronic methods will work sometimes but lack the finality of a wall. We only think they will work but we know the wall will work. We have no country without it!!

    • Said the illegal alien trying to cross the border…. Do you know there are american non profits that actually go to latin america and organize these caravans? They make sure the illegals have a place to go, housing, job, fake papers, food stamps, medical, education, voting applications, drivers license. They work low paying jobs and live cheap. They pay about $5K per year in taxes but receive about $30K per year in benefits. They make enough to wire money back to their families.

    • Scott…what part of ILLEGAL do you not understand???? Those people pouring over our border have no business coming in. We need border security or we are finished as a nation. But that is what you want, isn’t it. You have no clue about what makes this country great or what our founding fathers left us. You just blindly believe the lies and propaganda of your lib leaders without question. You have no brain to think for yourself. sad

      • bj – talk about misinformed! You believe the Liar-In-Chief and right winged talking heads, like Lush Limpballs and transgender Ann Coulter, instead of finding out the truth! 60% of Americans say the stupid wall is NOT the answer. Why don’t you dimwits ever complain about the CEO’s who HIRE these illegals? They are the problem. If they couldn’t find work here, maybe they’d go home. Just heard Trump has the intelligence of a 4th or 5th grader and you idiots on this site have even lower intelligence. Wake up you morons!

        • Yes, we Believe POTUS / & Limbaugh.
          YES, weComplain re CEO’s ‘hiring’ illegals!
          & YES, CEO’s ARE being ‘Called 0ut’.
          UPDATE Your info. I did.

          • Walked away – Then you better update it, again. You’re a few decades behind. Most Americans are surprised that Lush Limpballs is still on the radio. This stupid wall will NEVER be built. Ask yourself WHY the con artist in the Oval Office hasn’t spent the $1 BILLION that’s been approved for border security? He hasn’t spent a dime……..why?

          • Sections of Steel Wall Rebuilding Now. I DID ‘update’.
            & NOT “few decades behind”. Billion + working Now.
            Comment has Nothing to do w/ Limbaugh.
            See DHS website. Ongoing.
            E’0ne Always Need ‘Update’ INFO. thank you.

          • ps. & Please Do Not ‘rag on ‘ 0r ‘insult’ me.
            I KNOW what i ‘used to think’ per info,
            & WHAT I THINK NOW per info. thank you.
            Also, Yet Another Associate IS ‘beginning’
            To ‘understand’ What IS Really Going 0n Here.
            Happy Holidays.

        • So you just heard President Trump has the intelligence of a 4th grader. Apparently you are one of the gullible people who believes whatever is printed. Amazing how do you make it through life on a daily basis? Who tells you when to breathe and when to eat and sleep?

  8. POTUS has to do that for political survival with his base. And remember, these Rino scum mofos are nothing anymore. There is no GOP without Trump. Trump does not need them nearly as much as they need him. FORCE a vote to expose them.

    • Amen. We need the list of those “Establishment, RINO’s and DemocRAT/RINO who voted against Trump’s Wall. Trump should let these RINO Assholes, that his followers will seek out MAGA Recruites to oppose those Established, RINO, Ungrateful so-called Republicans. McConnell is a RAT supporter. He knows none of the DEmocRATS will ever vote positively with Conservative Patriots. so since we have the Majority in the Senate, 50 +1 vote from Senators and VP is the only way to Support TRump.

  9. Why do the USA need a wall on the Mexican Boarder ? I guess Canada 🇨🇦 will be next. This country don’t need a wall on it’s southern broader. What we need is to negotiate with Mexico 🇲🇽 about the issues of there citizens crossing the broader illegally. Mexico would have more to lose if the USA imposed sanctions on them. There are more important issues to deal with than building a wall that the POTUS said Mexico would build. Our infrustructure needs updating, along with improving health care. The President should try to keep his word that Mexico will build the wall and not the Tax payers.

  10. One thing any avowed Christian knows for sure is that WWJD is not just symbolism. If you want to be on the side of Jesus you must be on the side of the poor and the downtrodden. The caravan is a test by God, and so called President Trump is failing bigly.

    • Eric, stop it– you are dillusional. Do some research on illegal immigration and the costs not only in human lives but money spent on a yearly basis. This country spends almost 100 billion dollars a year directly and indirectly related to illegal immigration stats prove that with a wall illegal immigration slows to a crawl and people then line up and tend to follow the rules regarding “legal” immigration.

      • misplaced, Gary. Why focus so much attention on a wall, which most think is unworkable and ineffectual, rather than focusing on the real problem of foreign governments invading our democratic process… a far more insidious threat.

        • Wake up! Walls work! Look at the success of the wall that Israel built. It is saving Israel from an on slot of invaders. Look at the walls surrounding properties all through neighborhoods and business’s across America. Walls provide privacy and security. It is a proven fact!!!

        • Scott, there is a big hole in the 0ld ineffective Wall
          you can walk thru Into Mex. We won’t stop you, take Eric
          w/you. Good luck. I’m sure Mex will treat you w/respect?
          Try it.

        • Scott27, walls are unworkable? You must live under the umbrella of the sun. Apartments, homes, business, DNC, RNC, Vatican, Mexico/Guatemala, Hungary,Obama, Trump towers etc, White House, Pentagon, several other countries too many to list here have walls. Are you blind, can’t read, have no common sense, part or all of the above, or just plain stupid?

    • NO!! They are not down-trodden! There is your first mistake! They come wit their cell phones and Nike wear. Soros paid them to come here. He is a demon. As for what Jesus would do…..would He have leaders rip off tax payers by having them (over-burdened already)support these cons?? I do not think so!! That is not kindness….that is being taken advantage of. Pure lunacy! Pure evil!

    • If the church stops getting gov money(your tax money)for resettling these invaders,then we will see just how much they care about them. The Catholic church gets over 80 million a year to resettle these invaders, other churches get millions of tax dollars to do the same.Cut this money off and we will see how much they care then.

    • Jesus would allow those illegals in only if they follow the laws of the land. You really should read the whole Bible and not cherry pick a fee versus

  11. The only legitimate functions of government according to our Constitution, are to protect us from internal and external aggression, and to be an arbitrator of disputes between and among the states. Shut all the rest down now. We don’t need the dept of Homeland Security. We have the National Guard, the Reserves, and the militia.

    • You never got out of First Grade, you failed. Go back to school, instead of playing spitball, shut up, listen and learn.

      • I beg to differ with you. You are not only ignorant, but you are also brainwashed by those who want our Constitution to be a living document. Our forefathers would be turning over in their graves if they knew what certain people have done to our Constitution. By the way, show me specifically in the Constitution where I am wrong, investigator.

    • LOL. Only an anti american would say that. Its not going to happen. Just the opposite. Build up the military. A strong military is national security.

      • You didn’t read CAREFULLY WHAT I SAID. defending US FROM EXTERNAL AGGRESSION MEANS HAVINF A STRONG MILITARY. We don’t need our military parked all over the world protecting countries that would rather not have us there in the first place. They are there mostly to protect the almighty dollar.

  12. I never had a doubt that President Trump would keep his word. He has done the same thing several times to hood wink the Demon-Craps and RINOs. He don’t make idle threats like other politicians do. I want to see him stick to it until the Sewer Rats pass border protection for America. If it is non essential personnel then why bring them back ? Fire Them. McConnell has been a do nothing Jackwad and should be removed from the leadership, and the Senate.

    • Before the end of this month it’ll probably be 20M. If the same donors contribute the SAME AMOUNT every month then: %5,000,000,000 divided by $20,000,000 means that in 250 months we’ll have the $5B. COUNT ME IN.

    • jeannie & E’0ne. ALL ‘gofund’ Wall
      IS KrAAP SCAM. Do NOT Contribute.
      Bleeding Heart Syndrome.
      ALL $ ‘collected’ MUST BE APPROVED
      by a ‘GOV. Committee’ for Dispersal.
      >KNOW HOW this Works.
      > ALL ‘that’ $ WILL be ‘usurped’ To
      a Somewhere Else. boom. SORRY to
      ‘Burst’ A Good Intention BUBBLE<.
      STOP NOW.

    • what is stupid here is trump he wants to say he kept his word on the wall when his word for completing the wall as promised is a FAILURE, because what he is doing already is failure but anything he cares about is his way, so while your so proud of what h is doing you need to remember one of the departments that is being shut down is border patrol and as long as they offer to keep it open then the blame is totally his so if anything goes wrong you can blame him, and when when his rating get worse all the better

      • What you are saying is that the ego of the POTUS is more important than the people working everyday within the government. They shouldn’t be paid because of the lack of funding for a wall that is supposed to be build by Mexico, simply because the POTUS vetoed the bill. Furthermore, why would anyone listen to Russ Limbaugh? A drug addict who had a illegal immigrant buying drugs for him an bringing them across the border. Such a big lying hypocrite. Limbaugh is only conservative in word. He’s an opportunist who prey on the gullible and weak minded to push an agenda for his supporters and VERY RICH.

        • The wall is being built. El Centro Project (2.25 miles): Completed.
          El Paso Project (20 miles): Completed
          San Diego Primary Project (14 miles): Completion anticipated in May 2019.
          El Paso Project (4 miles): Construction started in September.In FY18, Congress provided $1.375B for border wall construction which equates to approximately 84 miles of border wall in multiple locations across the Southwest border, including:

          $251M for a secondary border wall in the San Diego Sector
          $445M to construct a new levee wall system in the Rio Grande Valley Sector
          $196M to construct a new steel bollard wall system in Rio Grande Valley Sector
          $445M for a primary pedestrian wall in San Diego, El Centro, Yuma and Tucson Sectors

        • ALBERT, YOU’RE the one with the ego. What YOU’RE saying is that you hate Trump more than you love America. Walls work, Alberto. Don’t you have a wall in your apartment, house, business, etc.? I’m sure you don’t live under the umbrella of the sun.

  13. I am very happy POTUS Trump has decided to stick to his promise. The media will spin this 7 ways from Sunday. The democrats will have field day with their lies. However, all of that was going to be the ongoing playbook regardless of the decision by POTUS Trump on this and every other issue. I read in the article that some House republicans voted against the new bill to include funding for additional border security. I am hoping to fond out who they are. I have been voting for almost 50 years. I am very thankful that even way back then, when I was still very young, I was wise enough to register as an Independent, as neither party represented me then, or now.

    • Sir, your instincts are keen, and despite that I’m listed as a diehard conservative Republican, I am seriously considering changing my political party affiliation to Independent too because there ARE SO MANY TRAITORS THAT CALL THEMSELVES REPUBLICANS, but they’re worse than the liberal left Dems; these so called Republicans are wolves in sheeps clothing, and HAVE BEEN FOR YEARS! The only difference between then and now, is they’re coming out of the proverbial closet, and revealing their true intentions, and doing so loud and proud! I don’t know how they sleep at night???

        • No other comment, Nick. You might be talking to the borderless wind for that matter. That really gives you a voice, in the wind. Build the wall. It’ll keep you safe too, Nick.

      • Josephine, thanks for your kind words. And, I agree with your additional comments. That is why I never have and never will donate to any national republican funding campaigns. I would have no control over the funds, they could go to any rino the leadership supports. I do donate to individual campaigns, if the candidate is conservative enough. I guess that is why I have never donated to any democrat, never found but one who was close to conservative.

      • i heard limbaugh. Good !
        The ‘geeks’ here, ‘ride 0ur Backs.’
        Hey ‘Geeks’, SAY “Thank you”.
        & You’re Welcome.__ (for now.)
        Get ‘it’ ?

  14. John McCain … should have registered himself as a Democrat. There were a time when the Democratic leadership tried to woo him to join them. That is pretty much said it all. He was no good. He even sent a staffer to pick up the fake Russian dossier, didn’t he?

    Amazing how Trump had to throw down the gauntlet of political scorn and death threats, not from the homeless crazes but also from well known people.

    Trump do listened to his constituents that reminded him his promises. And he delivered!

    Thumb ups to Trump and his MAGA agenda.

  15. Congress is a farce. Republicans lost the Midterms because they failed to deliver. The great hero and patriot McCain killed any chance of a heatlthcare bill which contributed greatly to the loss. Republicans commited to Trump in March and failed. You don’t do that to Trump. Doesn’t matter where you are from…break a promise and you are toast. Unless you are part of the Swamp a see it as only a game. Trump is not playing a game. He’s showing Leadership, Leadership that we haven’t seen in a long time. Thank Republicans for the democrats taking the House. The next to years will be Hell.

  16. Fight for right…VOTERS want border security financing…LIBERAL AND DEMOCRATS DO NOT…actually saying they will not represent the wants of a majority of VOTERS. That is called politics as usual…fight for border security funding…border security is…NATIONAL SECURITY.

  17. America does not need more illegal immigrants that cannot speak English, have no job skills, are diseased, drug dealers, and some criminals. Our government needs to take care of Americans first. There are numerous other countries they can immigrate to.

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