Rush Limbaugh left listeners speechless when he revealed how he knew the whistleblower

The identity of the so-called “whistleblower” is one of the biggest mysteries of the phony Ukraine scandal.

But Rush Limbaugh dropped a major bombshell that provide a major break in the case.

And Rush Limbaugh left listeners speechless when he revealed how he knew the whistleblower.

Paul Sperry’s report on Real Clear Investigations claiming 33 year old Obama Deep State operative Eric Ciaramella was allegedly the whistleblower turned the impeachment investigation upside down.

Sperry claimed Ciaramella was one of the key figures that helped spread the Russian collusion hoax and given his links to the Obama Deep State and former Vice President Joe Biden it became clear the allegations made by the so-called “whistleblower” were nothing more than a partisan smear designed to bring down Donald Trump.

Limbaugh discussed this report on his program and after claiming that Ciaramella looked like the Obamacare “pajama boy”, Limbaugh said he must have seen Ciaramella slinking around the White House on the occasions Limbaugh visited the Oval Office.

This whistleblower… He’s not a whistleblower! This is another thing. This guy’s a leaker! He’s not a whistleblower! His name is Eric Ciaramella. He’s 30-some-odd-years- old. I’ve got a picture. It looks like the Pajama Boy in the Obama ad that they ran back during, I think, the first term,” Limbaugh said.

“‘Federal documents reveal that the 33-year-old Ciaramella, a registered Democrat held over from the Obama White House…’ Why the hell was he still there? What do you mean, ‘held over’? This guy… I’ve probably seen this guy there,” Limbaugh added.  “I’ve been to the Oval Office two or three times since Trump’s been president. I’ve been in the West Wing. I’ve probably seen this guy slithering around. It never even registered. Next time I go, I’m gonna keep a sharp eye for people I think might be John Brennan holdover plants, ’cause they’re obviously slithering all over the place.”

Limbaugh continued, “Slinking, slithering, whatever you want to say. But that’s not even half the story. The so-called whistleblower, is 33-years-old, ‘a registered Democrat [Can anybody say ‘partisan’?] held over from the Obama White House, previously worked with former Vice President Joe Biden and former CIA Director John Brennan…’ He is ‘a vocal critic of Trump’ who – did you know what else? This guy ‘helped initiate the Russia ‘collusion’ investigation’ which was a nothing burger!”

Democrats initially loved the idea of the so-called “whistleblower” testifying.

But after it came out that Adam Schiff’s staff colluded with the so-called “whistleblower”, and Sperry revealed more details about Ciaramella’s partisan hackery, that desire evaporated.

And that was the clue to many Americans that this entire impeachment episode is a sham.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I agree with you Trudy, my state gets more done and keeps a balanced budget. They don’t spend money they don’t have. Also they are honest for the most part.

  2. I agree with you Trudy, my state gets more done and keeps a balanced budget. They don’t spend money they don’t have. Also they are honest for the most part.

  3. From 1917 on the Democrats were pro- commie ! Trump wins in 2016 and the dims think the Russians did it. 2 years of that and now it’s Ukraine.Keep throwing till something sticks! What a bunch of LOSERS !!!

  4. From 1917 on the Democrats were pro- commie ! Trump wins in 2016 and the dims think the Russians did it. 2 years of that and now it’s Ukraine.Keep throwing till something sticks! What a bunch of LOSERS !!!

  5. Harlan. What planet are you on?? Seriously …. get help for your TDS asap!

    Trump,2020. Our only hope to save America from the liberal insanity of the left!!

  6. How many? And who told you – a “whistleblower’s” great uncle’s great, great grandad’s ex-wife’s uncle’s sixth wife? That is how you commiecrats get your info – right?

  7. but schiff for brains will twist to make it evidence and the idiots in the house have the majority to vote for impeachment. More worried about the RINO in the senate

  8. But we must investigate and punish every dema jack or jane that participated in this hoax and coup to wrestle the government from the people. If there was a plausable reason, I would be just like when Nixon invented Water Gate.
    This is as important as the states convention.

  9. While I appreciate the sentiment, I am not so sure Congress NOT doing anything is a bad thing.
    Some of the crap they send out is sickening, and I, for one, prefer nothing.


  11. The Muller Report only listed over a dozen actions of Trump’s as being under the Justice Departments rule of sitting President shell not be prosecuted for criminal actions!!! That’s saying a sitting President can only be impeached for committing criminal actions by Congress!! If we don’t do this we let Trump continue to be above the law and continue the corruption of his Administration!!! Giving the people our Country back again!!

  12. The Muller Report only listed over a dozen actions of Trump’s as being under the Justice Departments rule of sitting President shell not be prosecuted for criminal actions!!! That’s saying a sitting President can only be impeached for committing criminal actions by Congress!! If we don’t do this we let Trump continue to be above the law and continue the corruption of his Administration!!! Giving the people our Country back again!!

  13. Getting hid of the most corrupt President in history will give the country back to the people and return the American way of living, in the greatest country ever, to all of America!!!

  14. Do you know how many bills the House of Representatives has sent to the Senate, that Mitch is just sitting on? So who’s do nothing? Republicans!!!

  15. I wish they would bring back something they used to put around Treasonous Traitors necks. Nothing would be more fitting for him, Pelosi, Soros, Comey, Clintons, Brennen, Clapper and a few dozen other Traitors that should be hanging from the lampposts in DC. Unfortunately we likely will have to settle to see most of them get life in prison.

  16. Redman is probably just another name Romney is using to attack the President since he was outed as Pierre Delicto.

  17. Agree 100% to vote the Dim Dems the hell out of office.
    This includes, above all, Pelosi’s DO Nothing Congress.

  18. I don’t think Redman was smart enough to fill out the paperwork for ssi. He lives in his parents or grandparents basement. And the mold is warping his brain.

  19. What is imperiling the life of anyone? You have been buying Schiff the liers BS. Dont schiff is just playing a silly childish game.

  20. I say throw the whole case down the toilet. E.C. is a liar and a leaker. Not worth the time or our tax dollars. Time for congress to get to work for our country.

  21. Correct….if someone is biased, like the whistle blower – then, that tells me his testimony is garbage. Means zip! A good thing for our President.

  22. The entire case against our president is totally “Trumped up” There is no “there” there. The ultimate “Nothing Burger”. The democrats must pay for this outrage.

  23. It would require a truly sick, twisted, demented mind to craft a script that could rival the day to day internal workings of the Democrat party. So certain are they that the Democrat party should forever be the sole arbiters of the policies and direction of the United States of America. Setting aside the evidence that this cadre has proven themselves to be consistently wrong in their vision, methodology, and priorities, the unmitigated huberous is remarkably disgusting.

  24. This is a circus that won’t go away. What tripe. When will intelligence return to guide our wonderful country? Get rid of these crazys right now. Is there a space shuttle leaving soon? If so, we should pay their fares, only one way tickets. Wiedersehen. Gruess Gott

  25. Jan Johnston.
    Have a look at the video, Serial Brain 2.
    Donald Trump knows everything about the democrats impeachment plans. The whistleblower is a spy and will face charges of treason.

    That’s why the whistleblower’s lawyer offered to corporate with the GOP, who refused to take the offer. Donald Trump has been playing the democrats like a violin. Early to mid 2020 will see arrests of the Russian collusion coup conspiracists. Then Donald Trump popularity will soar because the swamp is being cleaned out.

    DJT 2020

  26. This is a waste of time and money. Dems. should be working on the American Peoples Work not this waste of time. President Trump will win in 2020. He has not done anything wrong.

  27. Redman I read your post and I’ve came to the conclusion that you cannot be that stupid. You are putting on an act. I don’t even think you are a democrat. I suspect that you get on sites where it is mostly libs and do the same kind of thing to them. You probably don’t care about either party and just spend your time ( in between SSI checks ) going from site to site and go against what the majority say. That’s cool I guess. Whatever makes you happy but you might find it more fulfilling to find you another hobby cause it seems to me that what you do would get old rather quickly.


  29. This guy is NO witness or whistleblower!!! He didn’t hear the conversation in person-he wasn’t in the room nor was he on the phone. EVERYTHING he’s said is ALL hearsay!!! That means HE DIDN’T HEAR IT OR WITNESS IT HIMSELF. That means IT’S NOT EVIDENCE AND THAT MEANS IT’S NOT WORTH ANYTHING!!! Even that jerk who showed up in full dress uniform last week to testify(the guy who’s a RUSSIAN-BORN NATURALIZED CITIZEN ANTI-TRUMP OBAMA HOLDOVER) is still NOT a valid witness!!! Do you all understand THAT THEY HAVE NOTHING???? EVERYTHING THAT THE DUMPOCRAPS ARE TRYING TO FOIST UPON TRUMP IS WHAT THEY THEMSELVES WERE DOING, NOT TRUMP!!!!! YOU ALL NEED TO WATCH “UKRAINE ON FIRE”!!!

  30. They, Pelosi and Schiff do not care who’s money they waste or that nothing is getting done to help America. All they are obsessed with is to remove President Trump from office. It is a vendetta they can’t let go of.

  31. You wouldnt know what a real American is because you’re a phony! Youre a real a hole! Are you still in Mommies basement? do you have a job! Working for George Soros isn’t a job. Its an accomplice to treason!!!

  32. Why is deadman the alky allowed to spew his sexist filth on this site?shoukdnt you be cleaning up your blowup doll?oh you can’t,too busy with a bottle of booze in ya dusgusting mouth

  33. Redman is very low IQ- he says nothing of substance. I pay absolutely no attention to his posts. I do wish the Renewed Right would not permit him to post his foul language and utter nonsense. He is breathing good air that should be allotted to someone much more deserving!

  34. DD,
    Don’t take what Redman says seriously.He is a Trump Supporter, who gets a kick out of getting responses from people he tries to intimidate. Inside Info.

  35. red idiot… You FINALLY got something right. Good going. YES, it is the white racists, otherwise known as DEMS, who keep blacks on the plantation and keep them dependent. They don’t ever want blacks to be able to think or do for themselves because they want to keep them dependent and get their votes. If you ae voting dem, you are voting to keep yourself dependent. The blacks in the conservative Christian community where I live have jobs, nice houses, and dignity. You would never fit in here.

  36. Kenneth, everything we have is on loan from God. We do not get to take anything with us when we die. It is just for us to use while we are here.

  37. Robert, your ignorance is showing. Pres. Trump has done nothing but good for this country. He is very qualified, unlike extremely corrupt Hillary, who would have continued Obama’s destruction of this country. Obama is a muslim traitor who lied hs way into our White House and his goal was to bring down this country that he hates. But that is fine with you. You are a sad creature.

  38. So president Trump does not deserve to be in the Whitehouse Robert? We just endured 8 years of a community organizer who ran this country into the ground, did you tell like he deserved to? Just because the whole of media and the house disapprove of the president doesn’t mean he’s not legitimate. And division isn’t necessarily a bad thing, we need to take stands on issues we deplore, like abortion, gun confiscation, immeninent domain, over taxation, illegal immigration, etc. If we’re divided it just means we disagree, and elections have consequences! I’m proud to have Donald Trump as president, he says the things I want to say and does the things I want him to to, so sorry Robert, he does have 5he right to be president, your girl Hillary could run again if she thinks she can beat him, I highly doubt it though.

  39. Don’t be niggardly Dan. It’s the white racists in gov that keep good ol’ colored folk on the plantation waitin’ for their next handout.

  40. The whistleblower is a Democrat connected to Biden. The whistleblower wasn’t actually there for the phone call. All we need to know about that.

  41. Rush should let the security people at the White House know the whistleblower’s identity. Trump should be notified as well, he probably had breakfast with the whistleblower this morning. Rush needs to snap out of his opium induced haze and let somebody know something. I consider it to be treasonous for Rushton to hide this knowledge for several weeks now. He needs to be hung from his rather plump neck from the steps of the Capital Building.

  42. Kenneth, you will know that God is very real the moment you die. You have no concept at all of who He is. Read His book the Bible and you will find His great love for you. It is your choice to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell. Choose wisely. ALL who have come to Jesus and repented and accepted Him as their Savior know that He is there for them. You can know that, too. It costs nothing for you to be saved. He paid it all on the cross.

  43. Robert, your ignorance is profound!!!!!! Pres. Trump has EVERY business being in our White House. He was ELECTED!!! He won fair and square, which Hillary WOULD NOT have done. Hillary had illegals and dead people voting and those who voted more than once. If not for that, Trump would easily have won the popular vote. But the dem party is very corrupt and does not care about the truth.
    Destabilized and divided our nation????? Pres. Trump has NOT done that!!! But OBAMA did!!!!! Obama is a muslim traitor who hates this country and whose goal was to have everyone dependent on government for everything. He brought in hundreds of thousands of muslims knowing full well that the goal of islam in the U.S. is to do away with our Constitution which he hates and establish sharia law. And Obama hates whites and law enforcement and tried his best to cause as much division as he could. Open up your eyes and see the truth. Pres. Trump has done a lot of good for this country. But if you hate him so much you are still free to leave.

  44. julio, because truth matters, and the dems have only lies and hatred. You can’t impeach someone just because you hate him. There has to be a reason, and there isn’t one.

  45. Was it the president who was rioting in the streets after the election? Was it the president who instituted a sham investigation and spying on the opposition? Was it the president who falsely accused campaign staff of crimes? Was it the president who goes on leftist media and slanders the opposition. No. It is the democrats and their supporters.

  46. If there was a legitimate cause to Impeach President Trump it would be out in the open and in the judiciary committee.
    No one is above the law if they are conservative. If they are liberals they are protected by the media and the democrat party. Hilary Clinton and many others like Brennan, Comey, Strok, and Page would be joining her.

  47. Jonathan I am amazed at the people who fought for our country are willing to let the demrats decide on their own that they can break the laws of our constitution,you should be afraid and ashamed of yourself for not thinking what they have been doing is corrupt and wrong if the republicans were doing these illegal coups you dems would be busting a gut!!!!!! Shame on y’all!!!!!

  48. We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

  49. I’m pretty sure that Redman is not who he,/she/it pretends to be. He/it makes racist slurs and innuendos that are several decades off. I know who I am. I am a patriot and a Nationalist. I dont need to make racial slurs,insult others, and spout hatred to share my point of view.

  50. Mark, I invite you to continue reading more and more of these letters in all these various news sites.

    You may accidentally learn why the higher ranking Democrats are so highly disrespected by the MAJORITY of AMERICANS.

    Have a nice day.

  51. Mark Jach, I wonder why a male Mule is even interested in anything Rush says.
    Perhaps you are a secret Trump supporter .

  52. Rush isn’t helped by God. He’s just a radio talk show host but anyone that thinks God doesn’t exist like you is an idiot beyond comprehension.

  53. What is your problem it seems like you don’t like either party. Why don’t you just go hide in a cave in Iceland so maybe your brain will freeze and make you human.

  54. Beat him at the ballot then.
    Dems know they can’t beat him and that’s why they’re doing the impeachment star chamber scam.

  55. It racist white folk that ruin the country they keep black folk on the gov plantation wit their free handouts and dey better keep votin’ whitey back in office or else bad stuff gonna happen to blacks ahahshahahahaha

  56. Dem rich racist white folk tell you and me gonna die from global warming climate changin’ ahahahahahahaha

  57. Porch monkey plantation nigga raised by yo humpty dumpty bubba gumpa butt pumpin’ momma ahahahahahahaha

  58. Schiff and pelosi…. I would impeach them, if I could!!!! Between the two of them and the rest of the bullies…hand them the bill that it has cost to pick on President Trump…….wasting time, wasting money… doing nothing to improve the USA…

  59. Trump has not destabilized our nation, it is the Dems who have done that with their endless temper tantrum. They will do anything to remove him from office instead of doing their job. One thing they need to do is pass treaty for Canada, Mexico and USA but they do not want to talk about that.

  60. Kenneth Kenneth my man. If you are a man. Did you go to Harvard? Please, this is America and you seem to be anti America. I will help you find a better place. Let me know if you already know where you want to go.

  61. Well that “explains” a lot, no wonder the DIMWITTS wanted to keep his identity “hidden”! OK CAN WE STOP THIS BS IMPEACHMENT NOW? Do we really need another $40 million spent on a go no where “IMPEACHMENT” investigation just like the 2 year MUELLER wild goose chase!

  62. If they even knew what shame is !! They have NO moral standards and all they know is to shout, March with violence and destructive results, and lie with every breath. Go Donald J

  63. Marion Stephens, Please ignore RedMan the troll so he will leave. He will stay as long as he is replied to!

  64. Kenneth Sloan,
    Hey everyone, here is one of satan’s army, Kenneth Sloan! Satan is “the great deceiver” who has lied to old Kenneth and made him doubt the existence of almighty God! Kenneth, you are in a dangerous place!

  65. No one ca take your comments seriously when you talk like an idiot. There are career people serving our nation who are not political many serve in administrations of both parties. As it is many of them are people serving under Trump who have resigned fired or indicted others serving prison time others about to be imprisoned. The impeachment is real he has violated the law.You choose to be blind but I suggest if you love country above any man you need to realize no man is above the law, that goes for Trump.

  66. Dan T., I’ve heard him say it over and over again, and I keep smiling! 🙂
    We’re dealing with satan’s army and need all the devine intervention from God we can get!

  67. I do write my senators to tell them Trump has to go. He has destablized our nation to the point our people are so divided some of you are calling for civil war. You are nuts you want to kill people over this idiot president who has no business sitting in the peoples house.

  68. DD, RedMan is just a stupid troll here to agitate and disrupt. Please ignore, we’re trying to get everyone to not reply to “it” so it will leave! RedMan will stay as long as he/she/it is getting attention!

  69. Everyday you witness Trumps dealings clearly you see he is inapt and unqualified to run this great country of ours. Yet you seem oblivious to what is going on. Listen to yourself blaming everyone except where blame needs to be placed. It’s Trump and his minions ruining our country. You are like the followers of Hitler you won’t realize what the hell you’re doing until reality smacks you in the face.

  70. PDW – Why can’t the Republicans file articles of impeachment against all of the House members that voted for the impeachment inquiry? The difference would be that we would have EVERYTHING out in the open for the world to see, not secretly slithering behind closed doors in the basement.

  71. Red woman, Are you bringing race into it? Yeah, race and identity politics all you and slithering reptiles, like you, seem to use against others. Prediction, 2020 will be big for Trump and KAG. T20.

  72. Why read anything by redman? He has no facts which is appearent because he only reverts to name calling.Redman is not smart enough to realize this name calling only tells people who he or she is.I am not afraid to say my name and not afraid to own what I say.With the lies, deception and illeagal activities being conducted by the democrates I would want to hide my head in shame and hide my identily

  73. Who in the hell is this idiot so called red man ( redneck) he should leave the USA he is a Traitor and him along with all the Dems that started a treason and coup against the Presidency should be jailed.
    Please do us Americans a favor and leave this country go in live with the ISIS lovers.
    GOD Bless Trump and God help us if and when the Dems take over.

  74. You libs never cease to amaze me I don’t blame the guys running for office because if they get elected they become the elites and super rich but the idiots that vote for them thinking they get everything free end up eating out of garbage cans. You really can’t fix STUPID!!!!!

  75. What the problem RedMan, truth bother you that much? There is only one truth and it cannot be changed. No matter how much you hate it, RedMan.

  76. The Red-man is just another big head, big nose, caucazoid like the other trump-haters dat whine like hound dogs all the time on here. ahhahahaha

  77. If Rush Limpball is on loan from God, assuming there is one, it only proves the alleged God is a genuine idiot.

  78. When dealing with dishonesty only what is HONEST WINS ~~ that is what is True! The “Whistle blowers”, ‘The Creative fake Story teller”, “The fake news maker”… What are we trying to deal with as a NATION? Have we that kind of Time, Energy and Resources to be waisted on all those NON-SENSE? God help!! I have always thought that we, the Americans, we are the most serious people, we never have time, energy nor any form of reourses to be wastee on NON Sensical things! Am i missing solmething?

  79. IF a whistle blower is not identified there is no way to judge his/her, or in the politically correct, its, veracity, therefore the veracity of the recipient is also in question. Does Schifftie know that?

  80. Since the day after the election the democrats wanted to impeach President Trump. Damn, when are you fools going to wake up and realize the democrats are liars, crooks and have no problem impeaching President Trump by whatever means is necessary. The democrats will invent ways to take over the government and if their tactics fail, what next? No matter what they fail at they will keep going.

  81. It’s time that Donald Trump supporters started to fight fire with fire. Take the fight to the democrats. This can be writing letters to the democrats in congress about how unhappy you are with their impeachment coup.

    Writing to the republicans in congress and telling them to get off their butts and to be more proactive in making public the disgusting behaviour of the democrats and exposing the truth.

    Standing up to the antifa and other anti Trump thugs, demanding that local authorities arrested and incarcerate these thugs. Every American citizen has the constitutional right to attend the political party of their choice and not be assaulted for that choice.

  82. I don’t understand why anyone from the obozo administration is still working in the White House. That’s like giving rapist Bill Clinton’s pal Epstein a job coaching a girl’s volleyball team.

  83. Not the green party. Jill Stein is a crook. She took all that money that was supposed to be for Hillary’s election recount. Jill Stein is a democrook in GREEN clothing.


  85. The best thing that can happen to this country is to vote Democrats out of office. Vote Republican , Independent – Green Party – whatever – but let’s get these Amerca hating Democrats off of OUR payroll.

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