Rush Limbaugh pointed out one change at Fox News that is bad news for Trump

The impeachment debate took a turn for the worse.

Donald Trump suffered an unexpected betrayal from a source no one ever would have predicted.

And Rush Limbaugh pointed out one change at Fox News that is bad news for Trump.

The Fake News Media loves to cal Fox News “state TV.”

But like everything else the Fake News Media peddles, that is a lie.

In fact, during the impeachment debate the networks news coverage featured outrageous anti-Trump bias.

Things got so bad Rush Limbaugh called Fox News out for being the “Never Trump” network.

Limbaugh stated:

None of what they are saying happened in that phone call did, and we’ve even got Never Trumpers now all over Fox News, “Well, this phone call is very hard to defend. I wouldn’t want to have to defend this phone call. If I were the Republicans, I wouldn’t want…” There’s nothing hard to defend about the phone call! You just don’t want to defend it! You know, Fox really ought to change the name of the network from the Fox News Channel to the Fox Never Trumper Network, because that’s who’s getting the highlights, and they’re bringing in Democrats like Donna Brazile.

What do you mean, “The phone call’s hard to defend”? The phone call’s not hard to defend, and Trump isn’t hard to defend! But if Trump is hard to defend, what about conservatism, you Never Trumpers? Can you defend that? Do you not understand that conservatism’s under assault? You may not be because you’re renouncing conservatism to sidle up with these guys that you don’t want to be criticized by. So you’d rather be friends with these nincompoops on the left than have to defend your own side and defend your own beliefs!

Americans get a pro-impeachment spin from every other corner of the media.

But viewers tune in to Fox News to watch news coverage that is fair and balanced.

That is not what they are getting on Fox where liberal hosts like Shepard Smith and Never Trump guests falsely claim that the President is guilty in this fake Ukrainian scandal.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Hush-limbo, the trump-butt-bumps on here, and the other racist idiots like trump ruined america from ever really becoming “great”. All dem greasy headed racist do is whine about trump as if he is their lying, racist god. hahahahhahahahahahhahaah

  2. You Have to START with the BOARD of DIRECTORS and PAUL RYAN 1st of All.

  3. The press sure has the best researchers as long as they keep bashing Trump and concervative such as myself if we don’t come to their way of thinking. Those “researchers” as you call them are biased against Trump and the republican party. Prime example of those “researchers” is the “climate change” myth which they base their facts on computer models which are highly inaccurate as a veteran meteorologist stated in the book “climategate” who has studied this thoroughly and found that the average world temperature only rose 1/10 of a degree centagrade in the past 25 years. Climate change is NOT manmade. It comes in cycles lasting a few thousand years or so. We are in a warming period now which will reverse itself in a few thousand years. This is currently happening on the planet Mars which everyone knows is uninhabited.

  4. Dr JD why don’t you join comrade Hellary (your mentor) along with the three stooge birches in congress on a wind powered plane on a one way ride to hell

  5. As far as Fox news is concerned, I still like to watch all the shows. Since I stopped watching the NFL, and the other mindless trash that dumps it’s filth in our living rooms, it is all there is to watch on TV. The filty Trump haters on Fox news don’t bother me at all, they can go the bottomless pit with CNN and MSLSD and the rest of the never trumpers,they must haves some latent college indoctrination lingering in them. Though I wish they would go away, it’s humorous to see those like Guliani crush their spirit in debate.

  6. >Bottom Line :
    > WHEN ‘ Aging , daddy Rupert’ Turned FOX 0ver
    TO his LIBERAL ‘children’. Fox has Gone to ‘hell’.
    > Some ‘0riginals’ REMAIN.
    (Hate to say this) BUT, some of the LIB ‘youngs’ IN WH
    Are the ‘Same’. AHEM ___
    >2nd BOTTOM LINE : FIND REAL News ‘elsewhere’.

  7. i have contacted fox several times about flooding the net work with liberals. i have not received an answer but to say they are sorry i don’t approve of liberals reporting on fox. fox for many years was a conservative channel until soros and tom steyer started funneling money to the net work and disney got involved. i watch hannity,carlson,the judge,watters and gunfield and refuse to watch smith,wallace or brazille. liberal reporting will be the end of fox news as we have known it in the past. i recommend leaving fox and going to lou dobbs.

  8. 10-5-19, I have noticed the news is changing very rapidly lately.
    There are now THREE (3) whistle blowers against Trump now, as of last night. One, the original, who probably represents a team of Intell professionals. The second is a whistle blowers about undo influence on Trump taxes. The third they think is a CIA professional, who has tried to alert the DOJ about criminal offenses of Trump, but, of course, Barr would do nothing. So, the third is now launching his as a whistle blower. Pray, how many crimes has Trump been into lately. An-n-n-n-n-n-n-d-d-d-d,

    how many people does Trump have to kill in broad daylight on 5th avenue for some Trump cult followers to wake and and realize this man can and is doing many things wrong?!?

    • ABC they are seeing the first blower blow up in their faces. So they will keep parading liars in front of the fake news cameras. Know this asshole. You assholes will never take us. All of this militant bullshit started with the mulatto from Kenya. We have a good president that’s doing a good job, and the commiecrats had damned well better leave him alone. You people are going to step in shit sooner or later.

      • I agree 100% Dan. We have several educated morons posting here that try to sound “reasonable” and “truthful” (Dr. J.D. comes to mind), but they’re just modestly educated idiots that parrot communist propaganda from the fake “news” net” networks. They fancy themselves far better educated than we Constitutional conservatives, but I’ve known many of these idiots that can read, write and generally spell correctly that never had an original thought in their lives. They’re totally unable to extrapolate truth from facts and are only able to “reason” with their emotions. These useful idiots would turn the greatest nation on earth into another third world dictatorship.

    • ABC, what planet are you on, or should I say what drug? If Donald Trump is corrupt, but is actually helping the people, then isn’t that better than the Democrats bring corrupt and bankrupting the country? In other words, we know every Democrat is guilty of corruption, that is a given, its in their blood, but if the president did something unlawful but did it for the good of the nation isn’t that better? Leave him be, he’s undoing the years of dismantling of the country by the Democrat party. Seems logical to me!

    • Kind of reminds me of all the ” lost ballots” found during the 2018 election. Funny how they were all Dem votes! It will all be found out though because covering their tracks has never worked well for the Communist, America hating left

  9. Rupert Murdock must return to the manager position and put ‘the kiddies’ to work in the yard cleaning up dog poop with their hands; that’s a;; they are qualified to do.

    • Didn’t Rupert, the red nose investor, sell a lot of his stock to Disney? Isn’t there another direction because of changes in stock ownership?

  10. Fox News is going down the toilet. With Shepard Smith, Chris Wallace, Donna Brazile, and others the fair and balanced is going over to an anti-Trump agenda. Not good!

  11. The Democrat party is not at all democratic. The party has been taken over by the communist elite. Why was Obama not vetted by the U.S.intelligence organizations? Simple the intelligence organizations are part of the deep state. President Trump is hated because he is exposing the Washington corruption by both the democrats and rino republicans. That is why he got elected, and he is the only one with the balls to fight with the corruptors. The democrats want a one party system just like mother Russia.

  12. The traditional republicans, most being never Trumpers, are ready to take back their party soon. The Democrats, who were complacent and surprised in 2016, showed in 2018 and will show in 2020, they are coming out in droves to drive Trump and his minions from offices. Now that the Trump has hit and iceberg and is headed down, with more holes opening up everyday, you will see people leave this ship in droves. Same thing happened with Nixon, and Trump is even more disliked that Nixon ever was. At least Nixon was intelligent and would have never carried on a full week about Sharpies and hurricanes when people needed help.

    • Only the crooks and phony Americans like yourself would back a party of thieves and stupid people in the democract party. The democracts are the most stupid people on the face of this Earth. They can’t win elections on their own they have outside help or Soros putting them in

      • What a bunch of B.S., they sure did a damn fine job of it in 2018, and twice with President Barack Obama. You should know, Raymond, that the Democrats are the better educated college graduates, compared to Republicans. Some republicans are very well educated and intelligent, but are often vilified as “RINOs” or worse by Trumpers. So if Democrats have the support of one rich man . . . . we don’t freak out and create conspiracy theories about the Koch brothers, do we? You have more rich donors in your camp than Democrats do, we are a party of smaller donations.

        • JD, Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! All of you Dem trolls are so mean and angry today, what has gotten into you? Things not going very well, have personal problems, a headache, okay I am getting carried away truth is, I don’t care what your problem is or your problems are, whichever applies. Nobody cares about your tired old repetition, propaganda, and parrot talking points!
          You had better get your cranky old behind in bed and get some rest, tomorrow could be even worse for you than today! 🙂

          • It is actually getting worse, day by day, for your chosen one, President Trump. You seem to be upset your cult leader is getting into so much hot water.

          • Dan T., Without a doubt!
            Old JD has even using a little bad language today so I know he has a problem of some kind. I noticed that MJ, Scottie27 and JD all have been off their game today. It’s totally understandable with the Ukraine SHAM SCAM falling down around their ears! I guess you heard that Adam “Schit” got four Pinocchios for lying about the fake whistleblower who he had been in contact with but had said he had not, and “Schit” knew about the fake WB long before the complaint was made and so much more that I won’t say because RR may not let this comment go through as it is.
            DJT has sent a letter to Pelosi demanding a vote in the House for a Impeachment Inquiry. She doesn’t want that because she doesn’t want the Republicans to have subpoena power the same as the Democrats. She also knows the Dems will be on record as voting for impeachment and will cost them the election in 2020. As it is this “sort of” inquiry the Dems are doing makes no more sense than a trial where the prosecutor presents their case and no defense is allowed. Everyone deserves under the law to subpoena witnesses, examine as well as cross examine witnesses, and defend the person being charged.

      • The dem’s never have any backing for their wild accusations…they never get over lying…they need to try to get past the lies…because even your own kind are going to leave them.. we r all sick to death of your outrageous ridiculous stories….and their 4 freshmen are obnoxiously stupid and fowl mouthed…we all hope they are removed from their office the next vote…

        • Advise to liberals… Don’t resort to name calling, reinforce your argument instead. Oh I forgot, they can’t defend the actions of their party. Well at least inject some creative wit or interesting anecdotes. That way at least we aren’t bored to tears by their assinine replies, just sayin 🙂

        • As far as Fox news is concerned, I still like to watch all the shows. Since I stopped watching the NFL, and the other mindless trash that dumps it’s filth in our living rooms, it is all there is to watch on TV. The filty Trump haters on Fox news don’t bother me at all, they can go the bottomless pit with CNN and MSLSD and the rest of the never trumpers,they must haves some latent college indoctrination lingering in them. Though I wish they would go away, it’s humorous to see those like Guliani crush their spirit in debate.

      • They don’t plan that and don’t want that. There is always freedom of speech, and the main thing is to change the direction America is heading and the crimes by this president. One of the real crimes is what is NOT being done by Trump – – like making improvements in our infrastructure (roads, bridges, electrical grid and cyberprotections etc.) and to lesson the damage of climate change. The more we reduce the carbon footprint, the better the future will be for future generations.

        It is only you fascist Trumpers that want everyone to march in lockstep. Once Mussolini was out of power, people of Italy could return to their freedoms.

        • I think that the country is heading in the right direction. And this climate change crap is made up scare tactics from the idiots in the commiecrat party.

    • The only reason we lost the House in 2018 was because of the 50 Traitors in the Congress that decided to jump ship . If they would have waited until after the election we may not have lost. I have no use for Low life has been Congressmen.

  13. Oh no! We didn’t get the memo. We thought Shepherder and walnutts were comedians, and didn’t realize they were to be taken seriously. They are the funniest clowns! They always look and act they just missed their last flight back! It’s that confused overwhelmed I love Lucy look. You know everyone can see how outrageously funny they are as they seriously eat the chocolates as they cant work fast and efficiently enough at their job. Now we found it it’s not chocolate but hand crafted turds to feed their sht for brains. Ha ha.

  14. Keep listening to Paul Ryan, who everyone knows is an INBRED Operative of The Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization. Fox and the INBRED Ryan, are finished.
    It’s time to switch to the “One America News Network” Fios ch. 616

      • You guys call everyone gay! You search hard for people you can harass, mock or ridicule . . . . yet as you ridicule, you show the limits of your humanity and morality.

        • I’m waiting for the democracts that you praise so much to be mortal they all don’t have a soul. Democracts playing people like you good.

          • Raymond Martucci, Regarding “M”, but, but, but, the Dems give us so much material to work with, we just have to call them out. As far as anyone’s limits of humanity and morality, old M had to be referring to the Democrats with that line. I mean after all look at the lies, abuse and harassment they have doled out on the duly elected President of the United States!
            The Dems should be ashamed, huh? 🙂

  15. I switched to OAN too. Dont forget to wrap Juan Williams in with Smith and Wallace though. They make up the Three Stooges of Fox. Warped to say the least. Management at Fox really screwed the pooch on conservative news. Kinda sad but its all their own fault. OAN is a very good network and right now – beats the hell out of Fox.

  16. Democrats are not taking care of the country’s business so are never Trumpers. Replace Congress in November2020. A government by the for the people. We as citizens can send a clear message to Congress bye bye. Go away and don’t let the door hit you in your behind sick minds and bodies. Self dealing, corruption, illegality, unethical politicians. Americans clean house NOW. Enough already.

  17. Shepherd Smith and Wallace should move over to CNN. If I wanted to listen to CNN lies I would switch to them. I don’t appreciate Shepherd and Wallace!
    Lucky for me my local news comes on at 3:00 so I can switch from Smith and not be aggravated by his nonsense. Get rid of both of them and let Juan Williams go with them!

    • And please, take Donna Brazile also….you know, the former CNN pundit who gave the questions to Hillary Clinton before the debate with Trump.
      How in the world can anyone vote for any of the democratic clowns being put forth as Presidential candidates. oh my…..what a world. How in the world can crooked Biden stand up and defend that his son is pocketing millions of dollars from Ukraine and China because of Biden’s position as the Vice President of the USA.

  18. Fox News is now a part of Disney after they purchased it for close $72 Billion dollars. Although the claim is they let it “Stand Alone,” it’s rather obvious that they’re getting orders from on high as to what and how the news is covered.

  19. fox I don’t watch fox news anymore only show I watch is Shawn Hannity show it’s time for him to get out and join One America News Network.

    • Fox & friends in the morning are good too!
      And of course.JUDGEJENEANE!
      But slowly they are turning into the fake news! Gotta change the channel after HANNITY contract is up. There are other good conservative & republican shows, that tell the truth!

          • Dan T., Judge Jeanine is the divorced mother of two children so, possible but not probable that she is a lesbian. Most MEN find women with low voices sexy, I do!
            I think what we have here is, Mary is a very ugly woman, whose race is immaterial, who has the “hots” for Jeanine Pirro! What say you, Dan T.? 🙂

  20. “Fair and balanced” no longer exists on Fox. You absolutely cannot have “fair and balanced” when you have half the hosts spewing nothing but Trump hatred, innuendos and outright lies. Fox is beginning to earn the moniker the communist left gave them: “Faux news”, ironically for parroting the lying communist propaganda they used to be against. Another one bites the dust.

  21. This is not completely fair…Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Greg Gutfeld, Laura Ingraham, and the vast majority of their guests are in our President’s corner. But, yes, there are some who should just go ahead and defect to CNN, et al.

    • yes CarolGidand they are shep smith…Andrew Napolitano…neil cavuto…chris Wallace …donna brazil…juan Williams…plus so many guests from the leftist cabal..i watch Hannity …tucker …laura…and bream…jesse Jeannine Hilton Levin.. when lib are on I watch OAN NEWSMAX .

      • Frank J. Randazzo – I dislike the ones you mentioned above and I also like the ones you listed. I also like Fox and Friends, Outnumbered, The Five. If all of them were no longer on Fox, Fox would spiral down to the level of CNN. You can thank Paul Ryan who is on the board and is trying to get Junior Murdoch to not air anything pro-Trump. If Daddy Murdoch doesn’t do something to bring it back and fire Ryan, he might as well call it quits. It will be in competition with the other loser MSM – Who’s the biggest loser?

    • Yes Carol; I love watching the good ones also and there are more of them than those few never Trump idiots. The worst problem is Paul Ryan is now in foxes corporate , not good!!!

    • Agreed on those guys, but Juan Williams, Donna Brazil, Marie Harf,and Chris Wallace and Sheperd Smith all are lefties. No fair and balanced with that kind up. FOX is losing us.

      • So, your version of “fair and balanced” is NOT to have the other side’s point of view, you just want your “news” to be ALL Republican proTrump propaganda. Hmmmmmm. Doesn’t seem all that “fair and balanced” to me. You only want to hear one side. So…. “fair and balanced is NOT REALLY all that “fair and balanced”….which is what the Fox critics have always said. Maybe those critics are the ones who are right? And I watch OAN regularly. They seem like Russia Today American style, to me. I’m not sucking up one sided propaganda, and thinking I’m getting the “real news”. If you don’t listen to ALL sides, you are only getting what someone wants you to hear, and only half the story. That is propaganda.

        • Fair and balanced ‘would’ be the other side’s “point of view”, NOT the other sides (DemonRATS) lies, more lies, venomous hatred for all things American: Constitution, white people, President Trump, national sovereignty, FREEDOM, personal responsibility and a reckoning for rotten, lying, traitorous politicians, (DemonRATS and rinos). Unfortunately, with useful idiot DemonRAT propagandists you only get lies and hatred. We have listened to the DemonRATS and they have been weighed,and measured and have been found wanting.

      • If you have to repeatedly claim that you are Fair and balanced, then you probably aren’t. If you report the news then you should be legitimate without having to convince the public that you are. It’s up there with “I stopped beating my wife”.

        • Good one! I have noticed that the VERY best professionals (i.e. doctors, lawyers, artists, engineers, and so forth) rarely ever toot their own horns! Often the cream of the crop and much more humble and less arrogant, and can admit the areas they are not as strong.

  22. WTF are shep smith and chris wallace DOING on FOX!!?? Who Watches shep smith!?? Ive Never seen a full episode, just what i see when i automaticly turn on Fox during the day,And i Turn the channel right away(Im Out of work,So Not Used to being home then) I Don’t get it,They Both Should be on cnn.What Fox viewer would watch 5 minutes of that d… h…?? Soo Many Other people they could put on there to Bring in MUCH Better ratings than those noodles! Semper Fi

  23. Fox News started out as a good news media. Since their beginning they have been under attack from the Fake News Media.Now I liked them because for most part they were fair and balanced.Now, it seems, they cowing down and moving closer to the fake news media. This has me looking else where for someone who fair and balance.News should be reported after it has been honestly verified and let the chips fall where they may. It is not happening now. Instead we are getting that is politically Bias bent on character assassination of both the candidate, his family and the people he works with.It is no wonder many news papers and media outlets are failing.

  24. Fox has been moving ever so slowly toward the Trump Hate Crowd for a while. Judge Nap, Shep Smith, etc. Too bad because at one time I could trust them to at least give me a balanced view of the situation, not sure how to get any clear picture of the facts any longer. Have studied carefully the complaint as well as the transcript of the call. Conflicting with what I was hearing on Fox. I have a very strong legal background, have assisted in writing laws that have been enacted so not a chair side analyst. What I hear from the Dems, MSM, and now Fox does not match with the actual evidence now public. Political bias only reason for such a miss match interpretation.

    • Robert Ratto and David Strader, The change in Fox News has a very simple explanation. When Fox started it had conservative managers and was Conservative. All conservatives managers are now gone and flaming liberals are running Fox news. These liberal managers are trying to be fair and balanced and do have some excellent conservative journalists but, the sickening liberal journalists are making conservatives abandon Fox! Fox will eventually lose its #1 status because there are more conservative options out there now. So Fox, we don’t have to take it, do we……..
      Conservative managers equal conservative reporting.
      Liberal managers equal liberal reporting. VERY BAD IDEA!

      • The Fox network does indeed seem to be trying to make itself into another CNN.

        ATTENTION: There is no NEED for another CNN!

      • Maybe Fox is finally coming to it’s senses. Getting only “conservative” views is the OPPOSITE of “fair and balanced”. Kinda strange for people to think that getting only one side is “fair and balanced”. And OAN is Russia Today, American style. Newsmax is real conservative (pretty much exclusively, all one sided), but not as “Russian” in it’s propaganda style. I watch them all, tend to end up in the middle, can see points on all sides. But I have to say I don’t care for Trump, think he’s bad for the country and my Party. Way too many proven, obvious lies and way too much disregard for law and Congress. Not to mention our cherished “free press”. He wants positive coverage all the time, every day, even when he is obviously screwing things up. No wonder he gets almost NOTHING DONE at the end of the day, other than more useless tweets, ranting on this or that, and then changing the subject. Something not right there.

        • I think Trump made a terrible error in attacking the press . . . they are some of the best researchers around, and all he can seem to do is repeat simplistic statements like “fake news” — – WITHOUT PRODUCING ANY FACTS TO SHOW THEY ARE OFF BASE.

          • JD, Yes, like the MSM was going to do anything for DJT no matter what he says or does and he knows that very well! The media is a wing of the Democrat party i.e. one in the same as the Democrat party. The day the election results were finalized all of you set out to delegitimize and impeach him, which is what you have done to every Republican President during my entire life. So don’t try to dazzle us with your BS about President Trump attacking the media, they attacked him before he had a chance to do one thing to them.
            That comment was beneath you JD, what were you thinking?

          • Your bias is showing again, M. Trump not only verbally abused the media early on, but at rallies urged his audience to vilify the media, and some media at these events were physically attacked. There are some lawsuits pending about this. I would agree the media did not have a great opinion of Trump after YEARS of lying to the media about the whole birther conspiracy that Trump has now admitted was untrue. Trump calls people liars all the time, but never produces the evidence that he is right and they are wrong. Trump has shut down the press conferences, and we really don’t have a White House spokesperson anymore.

          • JD, Say what you want, people on this site know who is telling the truth and who is being untruthful. DJT tried to be very cordial to the MSM at the time he declared his candidacy but the media being a powerful arm of the Dem party would have none of it and it did not take DJT but a New York minute to accept that fact and the gloves came off. Who can blame him with the harassment and abuse heaped on him.
            As far as no press conferences, there is a spokesperson but I don’t blame DJT for not throwing them in that lions’ den aka “press corp”!
            Now, you old fart with tunnel vision, it is past your bedtime and I am so bored with you and this subject that I am now done……… 🙂
            NOTE: Go to bed and leave decent reasonable people alone….

          • The press may have at one time been fair and honest and reported the real facts the way they happened. Not anymore! You can’t watch a network like CNN or MSNBC and come away thinking you’ve been fairly and truthfully informed. Anyone with half a mind can take a story and, without necessarily lying, twist the narrative in whichever direction they want to take you. And if you sit there like a bobble head and parrot everything they tell you then maybe you’d better start wondering about your ability to reason and rationalize what they’re throwing at you.

  25. I have already quit Fix News and gone over to One News Network. It is so much better to get True Fairr and balanced news.

        • Jack, BS but, thanks for that ammunition, I’ll be letting you hear from me the first mistake I notice.
          BTW, why did you add all those attributes that don’t have a damn thing to do with being a good speller? Are you some kind of a neurotic with a poor self image and find it necessary to look educated and intelligent? If so, it had the opposite desired effect! Troll……………

    • “Fair and balanced” means for Trumpers, slanted repetition of right wingnut propaganda, and kissing criminal Trump’s ass!

      • Name his crimes bitch. Any REAL crimes, not communist propaganda. Name any crimes he’s been convicted of commie bitch.

        • To save space, let’s just focus on his crimes he did with Cohen. Cohen plead guilty to several crimes he did at the direction of President Trump, and which landed him in prison. If Trump was not in the role of president, he would have been indicted and convicted today. Perhaps he will when he leaves the presidency, and he can have Cohen’s Jail cell after Cohen has done his time.

          Have you read the TEN obstructions of justice outlined and verified in part II of the Mueller report? You should if you want the Truth, Mark. But I doubt you want the truth about your “chosen one cult leader.”

          • Already proven lies by Cohen to lighten his sentence. Absolutely no proven obstruction verified in the Mueller report, also proven. Mueller couldn’t come up with any obstruction or collusion by the President. Done dead deals. More communist propaganda and lies you’re parroting. If any of your BS was true the President would already have been impeached… Bitch.

          • If President Trump did anything wrong the assholes in the democrat party wouldn’t need to keep trying to find something else; they would simply nail him on what they had. Big problem though; they don’t have anything. They keep saying they have all kinds of evidence yet keep coming up short. Do you want to know why? It’s because they created a segment of society they needed to hate Trump from day one. It’s become a monster that needs to be fed constantly or it will turn on it’s creator. You are a part of the beast. You can’t survive without the continual flow of lies and bullshit. You’ve become the “useful idiot” we hear about repeating things you have no idea if true or not but they feed your desire. You have no choice but to watch “fake news” and comment as if you know what you’re talking about. They got you hooked and they are your masters.

  26. The republicans that won’t help defend Trump show lack of character since it’s clear that this impeachment push is based on lies. Any democrat that claims to be good people should stand with the president. Right and wrong should have no party lines. But I forgot whom I was talking about. You couldn’t mix ten commiecrats together and get one honest one. The exception might be Joe Manchin.

    • I agree with you, Dan, that right or wrong should have NO party lines. If Bidens are dirty, I say “hang their asses out to dry.” But, Dan, what is the lies about violating the law by asking or soliciting help from a foreign government – – Trump did it publicly yesterday with China. Trump released a SUMMARY (with at least 30 minutes missing) transcript and in it there is NO DOUBT that after Ukrainian president mentioned their need for more Javelins, Trump said “I need a favor from you though . . . ” Where’s the lies? Trump etc. has also admitted that the White House people were the ones who asked that phone conversation be removed from the normal storage and put on the codeword (super) secret server. Where are the lies in that Trump has violated the law???? Evidence, facts please, not just opinion.

      • Dr.JD no one has established that Trump committed any crimes. But joe blow stood in front of the camera and bragged about it. His real motive was to come across as Big Billy Badass.

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