Rush Limbaugh pointed out one fact that exposed the biggest lie on the Left

For the last three years, the Fake News Media has fed one false story after another into the American political discourse.

But they just got caught red handed.

That’s because Rush Limbaugh pointed out one fact that exposed the biggest lie on the Left.

Americans were outraged after Nike yanked plans to release a patriotic shoe for the Fourth of July featuring a design of the 13 stars and stripes flag designed by Betsy Ross.

Nike panicked when former NFL quarterback – now anti-America socialist activist – Colin Kaepernick claimed a shoe featuring the design of a fag from the Revolutionary War celebrated a time in America when slavery still existed.

Kaepernick said the flag was a symbol of oppression.

Rush Limbaugh took note of this and told his audience it proved Kaepernick and the media were lying the entire time about his protests.

Limbaugh stated:

“The Washington media-political complex, if you will, authors the daily script. It’s one-sided. How does Nike let one person sway them into ditching an entirely already-made shoe, featuring — by the way — a flag designed by Betsy Ross. Now, did not Kaepernick tell us when he began kneeling — as a barely-could-get-on-the-field bench rider for the San Francisco 49ers. Did he not tell us that he was kneeling to protest police brutality? Did he not tell us this? He did! That’s all it was. He was protesting the fact that the cops were shooting people like him,”

“That the cops are shooting black people and women and minorities first. It was all about the cops. Except it wasn’t! It was about the flag all along! He was taking a knee because he opposes the country! He opposes the national anthem. He opposes honoring the flag. This proves it! They always lie. They always lie to us. They hide so much of their real core. Even when they are in the process of displaying it, they still deceive. And there was the media and the Democrat Party applauding the guts and the courage of the forever untalented bench retired, Colin Kaepernick,”

When Kaepernick began his national anthem kneeling back in 2016, the Fake News Media uncritically repeated his claim that he loved America but protested the mistreatment of blacks at the hands of police.

This episode with the Betsy Ross sneakers proves that was a lie.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Well hello there. Did you know the first one who complains about racism is the one that’s racists. Proven facts.

  2. Just can’t stop putting himself out there. Gotta have the attention. Just ignore him and maybe he will go away. He’s a worthless dirt bag.

  3. Think this is bad..just saw on utube that elchapo
    Gave Hillary 15 million dollars ..Shif was involved
    And a few this why they want the
    Open borders. Anyone know if this is true.

  4. You voted for a three-time married draft dodging fraud who launders dirty Russian money with 3700 shell companies under his control and you have the nerve to call someone else dirty

  5. Can you prove any of your statements? On what do you base your allegation that Limbaugh and Trump are racists? That is a total fabrication in your disturbed brain. And, oh yes, aren’t we all opinionated, even you?

  6. Speaking of opinionated lying and abusing drugs, hey Joseph Strychasz, here’s your shoe, it fits!!

  7. In my view, Rush is the most opinionated, racist, biased, person who does speaks only his version of the truth, not the real truth. His totally subjective and unfortunately,
    mouths the lies of Mr. Trump. One wonders is he still using drugs which could explain his rantings.

  8. If this non-sensical “remolding of history for social-political purposes” continues — including the “indirect monumentalizing” of perspective-less-people like Colin Kaepernick — soon the teaching of Latin and Greek literature, or any culture from antiquity, will be prohibited because most of the people that created those civilizations were slave owners! The American colonists didn’t conquer Africa to enslave its inhabitants; they bought slaves there because THEY WERE FOR SALE by their black or Arab owners, and provided the labor force they needed! This “present” rewriting of the American history is similar to the reinterpretation of the past by the now-collapsed communist regimes led by USSR to suit their controlling reasons!

  9. Look up Wahabi Muslims and understand their history and its influence. They are specific Sunni Muslim clerics (the Muslim equivalent of pastors). They are the Muslims preaching Jihad. Their teachings led to the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Queda.
    Don’t assume all Muslims are the problem. It’s easy and fits a narrative you hear a lot, but it misses the real point.
    Know your enemy, because rest assured, your enemy knows you.
    I’ll make the assumption you are Christian of one variety or another. You would not say all Christians are the problem because you disagree with Baptists or Catholics.
    While you’re at it, look up where 19 of the 9/11 hijackers came from. There is a direct connection to Wahabism.

  10. I’m not sure when people stopped remembering the Coast Guard are one of the five branches of the military. I’ve lived on the East coast, the Great Lakes and on a remote area of the California coast and can personally attest to the valor, commitment and patriotism of this branch of service. I applaud you for mentioning them, but the Coast Guard is a branch of the military. They are truly out first line of defense and deserve all the resource and honor give the other branches of our armed forces.

  11. If I could recall correctly, Kaepernick was offered to play but he didn’t take it. What do this blabbermouth want now?

    All the companies that bowed to the leftist demands must all jump out of this political entrapment now! Get out of this politics and be a neutral business. Be free!

    Time to respect the national sovereignty! Embrace the diversity of all the national sovereignties in the world. Be colorful. Say no to the graying idea of open borders.


  12. Michael, you are right on, but the hate-filled brain dead dems despise everything this country stands for and are very dangerous to our freedom

  13. YES, Scott, AMERICANS!!! Those who are here LEGALLY. Period. And you have no clue what truth is.

  14. They despise God and stole the rainbow which is God’s promise that there will never be another great flood. There is no way that I will let them get by with it. The rainbow will always remind me of God, not their sick perversion

  15. I agree 100%. I am a disabled Vietnam vet.If Mr. Kaepernick hates this country so much, he can take his millions and move to any other country that will accept him. I believe that he will find that no country would accept him.

  16. I am wondering, did kaperdink tell his friends of his plans to have nike recall this sneaker before he called them? Ya know, so they could go out and buy them up, the ones that did get sold must be worth big bucks, right? Am I called a cynic for nothing?

  17. Just because Kaepernick was adopted by so called American does not make him American he is still a Muslim. Still a liar. That flag was the first to united this country and does not stand for slavery. Nike must be owned by the Muslims there can be no excuse for what they are doing. Hope the loses they feel hurts for their support to none Americans.

  18. GLTABCDEF co-opted the rainbow as their symbol. What used to symbolize youthful innocence now symbolizes any kind of sex but natural sex. I say we DO NOT have to yield a significant symbol of our country’s foundation to some other dumb-ass hate group. Anyone that wants to claim the Betsy Ross flag as their corrupt symbol can kiss mine!!

  19. He’s still a loser and has brought Nike down to his level. They deserve every lost sale they’ll get for nosing this fool.

  20. If you read the article I find it rather convincing and would say one per is exactly correct and says , Colin Kaepernick claimed a shoe featuring the design of a fag from the Revolutionary War. I would say fag is right. But I would also say Kaepernick is so full of shut he’s half black. When will people take responsibility for their own actions and then if they face adversity or rejection, don’t blame it on everyone else. He knew he was getting cut and damn if he didn’t have to emulate black panthers from forty years ago. Yes he could ha e been picked up by a team cause they all need tackling dummies but his mental capacity wasn’t up to the level of a star quarterback in the league.

  21. They still behead Christians in other countries. Only its not reported as such in our media.

  22. Kaepernick is and always been out for publicity and money. He has gained his fame. If you hate America and American’s move elsewhere.

  23. Best truthful statement That I’ve seen in quite a while. I’m with you, and worry what is next.

  24. If Colin Kaepernick hates America so much because he says our police who keep us safe always seek out his kind of people, why doesn’t he go back to where his ancestors came from? I’m sure those starving people would appreciate some help from his millions upon millions of dollars he has made off this country??? Why doesn’t he do something constructive like help those people???

  25. Did yuh ou actually believe a trashy Democrat liberal like Kaepernick, the media and Democrat party would tell the truth? Really?

  26. I have a strong feeling that Kaepernick is on his way out. He has stepped over the line and overstayed his usefulness.

  27. Yes Scott17, all Americans that want to be Americans. Have a happy and safe fourth, courtesy of the American Military, Coast Guard, Police, and the other brave souls that live to keep us alive.

  28. Washed up hood rat, I like that. But the real thing is that he will protest anything that will get him publicity and the money that goes with it. He is just a greedy, self centered, S.O.B. that is conning everyone. Ask him a question that requires a definitive answer, ( more than two words ). He doesn’t have the intellect to lie well, and doesn’t know how to tell the truth.

  29. Colin best hope he doesn’t catch fire around me because as the old saying goes…

  30. If anyone actually had the guts here to know the true story, K’s objections are based on the fact that particular version of the flag has been co-opted by white supremist groups that have flourished and found new life lately (read, under the current administration). Quite different than what Rush Bimbo says. I use to listen to him regularly; I quit when he slipped too far over the edge. Not to mention, isn’t this a day for all Americans to celebrate freedom and independence?

  31. I do not buy anything made by Nike because their “swoosh” makes me think of the sabre that Muslim radical extremists, Muslims, use to behead and execute Christians, Hindus, Budhists, Sikhs, athiests and anyone else they don’t like. It also reminds me of the slavery that Muslims practice today.

  32. I wonder why these people who hate our nation do not leave? They have freedom to travel just by a one way ticket and never come back. Then we could see if they have the guts to follow their belief that they hate the United States. It will be just the same as those who said if Turmp is elected I will move…as far as I know none have left.

  33. There no longer is a commiecrat that respects our flag or country. Then fools running for President is a prime example. They praise that washed up hood rat for taking a knee. Now that the truth is out, nothing will change.

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