Rush Limbaugh pointed out one fact that obliterated Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser

Christine Blasey Ford testified before the Senate committee.

The media rushed to praise her testimony.

But Rush Limbaugh pointed out the one fact that obliterated Kavanaugh’s accuser.

The media, Democrats and some Republicans claimed Ford’s testimony was “credible.”

They claimed that because she was emotional that she was believable.

However, she was also devoid of facts.

And Rush Limbaugh pointed that out on a recent broadcast.

World Net Daily reports:

When this is over, every bit of what Dr. Ford is saying here will remain uncorroborated. Every bit of it. When she’s finished, there isn’t a single witness that can or has corroborated what she’s saying.”

It’s not likely such facts will make an impression on Democrats who oppose Kavanaugh’s nomination, since many of them announced their opposition to President Trump’s nominee before the name even was announced.

And Limbaugh pointed out that the media was falling into line with the Democrats’ agenda, with statements such as the one from Fox News’ Chris Wallace: “This is a disaster for the Republicans. … The Democrats are landing haymakers.”

“So that reaction is probably pretty common throughout the media, and the reason is that there’s so high expectations here,” he said.

But the reality?

“There isn’t any corroborating evidence. The woman’s got holes in the story. Her dates and times are unknown, unconfirmed. And yet none of that has been exposed. None of it! None of her flaws. None of the inaccuracies, inconsistencies in her story have yet been exposed.”

Ford’s testimony was about as believable as the tooth fairy.

But Senator Jeff Flake ignored these facts.

In a supreme act of cowardice, Senator Flake worked out a “deal” with the Democrats to delay the floor vote for up to one week to allow the FBI to conduct another background investigation.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Perhaps, if these Democrats regain control of our country, Venuzuela will take pity on us and annex us into their country.

  2. Chris Hahn is the spitting image of MR> POTATO HEAD!!! Just not as intelligent!
    Bing Mr. Potato Head and look at it. Spitting Image!

  3. It seems like every day I hear of another politician with a FOUNDATION !! Clinton, Obama, etc. Is this a way of laundering corrupt money? wish I could find a country that would give me $500K for a 30 min speach in English to a foreign language speaking group

  4. Add Chris Hahl to that list & I’m with you. maybe people aren’t older enough to know who Sniffy Smith was. For you who don’t know, he was a cartoon character. Chris Hahl looks just like him…I’m going to have to stop watch Judge Jeanine if she continues to have him on.

  5. Looking for credible evidence against Judge Kavanaugh is like looking for Russian collusion against POTUS.

  6. Good Question! I’ve wondered since this first started HOW MUCH IS SHE BEING PAID BY SOROS? HILLARY?? or any of their illegal “foundations?????

  7. Aren’t they jokes. That Marie Harf is a foolish young woman. Richard Fowler is a jerk.
    And that Marsh woman needs to just go away. She turns my stomach to look at her.

  8. I, too, agree 100%. It is time to stop the liars and cheaters in our Government and bring our Country, our beloved United States of America, back to the Country it used to be when Reagan – Eisenhower – Lincoln were in charge!!

  9. But, this did not surface until 2012 in a therapy session with her husband? They are hiding the fact she was hypnotized……. The husband was probably trying to find out what the hell was wrong with her. I don’t believe this woman has a PHD, non do I think she has numerous degrees.. I also think she’s a big time liar & has extremely serious mental problems.. I feel sorry for her, but she needs mental health care.

  10. Didn’t have to look far. I understand her father, Ralph Blasey, Jr., works for the CIA & is actually a friend of James Comey. Her friend, Leland, is one of Bob Beckel’s ex-Wives.

  11. Make no mistake the communist a.k.a. Democrats and their sleazeballs that work for them in the agencies have been involved in mind control for decades, and this is why the woman they couldn’t fly for 10 days because she feared flying which was a lie, was conditioned by the Democrats D make no mistake the communist a.k.a. Democrats and their sleazeballs that work for them in the agencies have been involved in mind control for decades, and this is why the woman they couldn’t fly for 10 days because she feared flying which was a lie, was conditioned by the Democrats And there prostitutes in the agencies for 10 days mind controlling this woman on what she wants to saying how she wants to act! Make no mistake these people are capable of everything or nothing that is including murder which they have been involved in many times through the agencies!

  12. This is all a scam. I believe she was fifteen and he seventeen and she supposedly was a problem child and a party girl during summers at Dewey Beach De.

    This is a troubled woman with issues and she is not credible.

  13. WHAT I BELIEVE – Way back when Dubya nominated him the demoncraps went searching for info about him but found nothing. Well, they found a young woman who was a devoted demoncrap – too easy to have her refuted. During 2016 election cycle, Trump released the names of about 20 judges he would consider nominating for SCOTUS. Immediately the demmies started hunting. Then POTUS Trump threw them a curve by nominating a highly qualified Constitutional judge NOT mon his list. The emmies went into panic – until someone remembered “Hey, wasn’t there a devoted female from his high school willing to do anything to help us?” Yep! AND – she already went to a psycho with a basic story of being assaulted. And thus began the war against Judge Kavanaugh.

  14. I do NOT believe anything happened to her. First – she was extremely well coached. Second – her entire “performance” utilized her knowledge of “adult psychology” – which is her area of study AND the subject of her extensive research. I have a MSEd from USC and my area of concentration was “adult psychology”. Her “performance” displayed a woman with 2 Masters and a PhD who was so distraught that she had turned into a dippy blonde. No one brought up her libturd activism or questioned HOW she was able to conduct university classes if she was so mentally incapacitated. The logical answer to THAT is easy – she is a registered Demoncrap.

  15. She originally said that she was abused in her late teens and that is what caused her problems with her marriage.Note late teens and not fifteen.
    Yes, she should be investigated to nth degree just like Kav.

  16. Wow if what’s said in comments here is true democrats are some genius people who can manipulate and control the country. Good thing you guys are on to them. Y’all get the whole trailer court together and come up with a way to stop the madness

  17. The Democrats want another FBI investigation. Has the FBI investigated Ford? Did they find she was telling the truth or she was lying. The FBI should not just limit their investigation to Kavanaugh and the witnesses she claimed was there, Ford should be investigation as well. Might as well do it right, not half right. If you are investigating something, you have to investigate both sides, to make sure the accusations are true also.

  18. Democrats on the committee along with a couple of RHINO such as the Flake, Flake. Please America lets prove we have not lost our integrity, vote Red or we are all Dead and America will be once and for ever totalled.

  19. They should be investigated Feinstein and the lying Prof. Ford. She should go to jail, if, it is proven that it is not Judge Kavanaugh who did all of her accusation. Where is the Police report, where it did happen, in house, etc. that she cannot remember. She has no facts to support her claim. Shame on you both Feinstein and Ford.

  20. Well, she did say that she was too afraid to fly which is demonstrably false since she has flown many times. It was not under oath but it was said to the congress and the media. I don’t think lying makes you believable but nobody brings that up to those who say they believe her.

  21. I don’t believe anything happened to her. The dims searched for someone that lived in the same area and was about the same age as Kavanaugh and then offered her enough money and fame to sway her to lie about it.
    Kavanaugh should file a lawsuit for her lies and take every cent she has.

  22. Accuser is guilty, and lied for the demonrats, I beleive something did happen to her but it was not Judge Kavanaugh. accuser needs to be investigated today.

  23. I have a photo of Ford – sitting wide leg with her private parts showing – sitting on a a guy’s lap… She is a slut – needs to be investigated as she is a liar!!! I was not shocked as she is part of the Democratic Party – which I refer to as Rasputin who surrounded himself with same type of cheap – loud mouth women screaming like hyhenas at the hearing! Rasputin manipulated Russians against the Czar and help overthrow the government – and created the Soviet/Communist Russia. Democrats will do the same to America and we need to stop them!

    A sleez in a sleezy

  24. I think it is very likely that SOMEONE abused her when she was in college, like she says, but I’d bet my next Social Security check that it was NOT Brett Kavanaugh! I believe she is just putting his name on her experiences! After all, she is a faker, liar and was a drunken party animal in college, (NOT a psychiatrist, though she teaches the subject!), then all these OTHER “Me-too”‘s show up, probably all on Soros’s payroll like she is! I wonder how much Soros is paying her to put her tears on TV!

  25. If you have listened to any of this rhetoric over the past few weeks and you are still a Democrat! Then you are a danger to your self and all around you!

  26. Rush is correct and its a shame that some people will do or say anything for a little publicity and a wad of money!

  27. why listen to the other side………….you already know what they are going to say………they are disgusting! oh, and I forgot to throw in that mary marshy woman (with marie barf and richard fowl)that decided that a bleached butch haircut would make her look better! Halloween makes her look better (when she wears a mask!)!

  28. Let’s face it. If Ford had given any answers that could be fact checked she would have a perjury charge against her and she probably would not have been paid. We need to follow the money (including “go fund me”) to see where it comes from. She probably will want immunity for the right and truthful answers to any money compensation

  29. Don’t know about any payoff but I’d be willing to bet that whole scenario was staged! It sure did show what a coward Flake is, though.

  30. I agree on Wallace Shep and Juan. The other two…while I don’t agree it goes with the FOX mantra…fair and balanced. Guess we need to at least hear the other side.

  31. He is a Nazi and a globalist. This is the only way that the traitor to his Jewish heritage. He was a Nazi collaborator that stole much of their wealth while turning in those of Jewish faith. He should be tried for crimes against humanity for his actions in WWII.

  32. I turn FOX off when Wallace and Shepard and Juan are on………..also off when marie barf is on and richard (on he same team as Shep?) fowl is on.

    Barf and fowl should have their own show on MSLSD!!!

  33. I read that also. Next thing ya know nothing. You’re the first one I’ve heard mention it since I read it! Haven’t seen anything else until now, was beginning to think I imagined it! Somewhat like Dr Ford.

  34. Not fair! President Trump is doing his job in following Advice and Consent of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He continues to support Judge Kavanaugh for the Supreme but it is not his call.

  35. More holes in Dr Fords testimony than a slice of Swiss cheese! I’m interested in the passing of the envelope between the Congresswoman and Fords attorney also!!!!!!

  36. The left does not want to know and they want to stay ignorant. I spoke with a young woman today who believes Ford 200% and Kavanaugh 0%. The left WANTS Ford to be right and Kavanaugh to be wrong…even if an innocent persons life and future and family is at stake with unproven allegations. Kavanaugh is the fall guy for every woman or girl that’s ever been violated somehow. They think she is so brave to come forward. I truly want to see this facade crumble fast and hard. As a woman…parents need to teach their children now today…there could be bad consequences for bad behavior somewhere in life if they are not responsible in their choices. It’s a shame it’s come to this but many woman have dealt with junk and the left is playing that to the hilt. But it should never come at the cost and reputation of an innocent man. Period.


  38. What is trying to be accomplished here? We have all done ignorant things in our youth. They may even be untrue depending someone else’s perspective. Trying to throw a grown man under the bus because you felt someone rub up against you (in your dreams), says you have more serious problems in your mind than trying discredit a man of honor. That’s is a 12 year-old mentality. Grow up and shut up.

  39. Including the one lady tasked with giving Ford questions during the hearing. She has reported at least 8 points in her final report regarding unsubstantiated holes in Fords testimony.

  40. We need a new party to come into fruition. I think a Populist Party may be the answer to bring some sanity back to some of our politicians. The No. 1 problem is to see that people who come into America will be here as an asset, who can contribute something to our country, rather than us being the giver. They must value our country and be respectful to our flag, our first responders, police officers, cia, our military and last but not least, our President. Thank you.

  41. He did not have the letter. He is also not the grand pubah you seem to think he is. There are protocols to be followed. Your ignorance is showing. Obama took his scepter with him.

  42. It is clear to any fair minded individual that the Christine Ford story is pure FABRICATION, presented to create doubt but not facts… The WHOLE THING has been engineered by democrat operatives, just like the “insurance policy”. What a shame!!! People need to be reminded of the meaning of PERJURY and DEFAMATION!

  43. Go back in history. Eisenhower re-nominated his Supreme Court nominee. That judge was indeed placed on the supreme court.

  44. Maybe, or did not-so-feinstein have her prepped and waiting in the wings for whoever would be the conservative appointee. Chrissy has no recollection of the events, just the name of who she was supposed to accuse. Massachusetts has no statute of limitations for sexual assault. Peeerrrrfect.

  45. Her students didn’t care for her much from a few articals i read.and i heard she has classes involving the cia.

  46. Flake is a FLAKE!- A RINO who voted for it, before he voted against it (sound familiar- Dems do it ALL the time- playing both sides of the field)

    “Convinced” by 2 women who confronted him on an elevator?

    Convinced by what? They have NO connection to Kavanaugh or this matter.

    Yes, BUT they HAVE ties to Soros.

    More unproven allegations? That’s enough to change his mind?

    Not very strong-willed is he?

    OR- was it the meeting he had with Dems during the break- where they promised him “the moon” (Dems are good at that) – for him scuttling this Judge- delays, delays, delays- ridiculous.

    Betcha he’ll be back in politics- but no longer as a Repub. (posssibly a Dem or “Independent”- really Dems in disguise)

    OR on CNN as an “expert” on politics

  47. Diane Feinstein could have prevented it all by NOT leaking the information and letting the whole committee know about it when she first got the letter. Then the FBI would have had that information for two months to investigate.

  48. Doesn’t matter if you don’t vote for dems. They have all the dead votes, and illegal aliens will be bussed from polling place to polling place, with 4 or 5 votes apiece. Then, if that isn’t enough, the voting machines are all owned by your friend and mine, georgy sore-ass, and lastly, I’m sure they already have boxes filled with dem votes in trunk of cars, just waiting to be dragged out if it looks like they didn’t cheat enough. And our hero’s like Lyin Ryan, and puppet McConnell will not do a thing to protect our vote. So it’s up to us. We must be vigilant. We must stand outside and watch, and take pictures of large groups of non English speaking people, to forward to other polling stations. If we want President Trump to keep doing what he promised, then we have to do our part. Even if you have to call in sick to work. We have to do this.

  49. I am so fkn sick of Chris Wallace. Hes supposed to be one of the journalists on fox and hes nothing but a biased liberal never trumper. Fox who I watch 24/7 has two “so called” journalists….Wallace and liberal gay activist shemp Smith. Sickening.

  50. I could believe in the tooth fairy before what this woman said. Zero evidence and zero witnesses. zero memorys except Kavanaugh did it. sounds like a planted memory like the stage shows you go see.

  51. These DEMONRATS are the epidemy of evil. We have found the devil & her demons. They need to go back to hell where they come from.

  52. I second the motion. BTW, through his comment Chris Wallace broke both of his legs. Of course, the fake news media follow along because they drink one another’s bath water. That has been a long-term scenario. Recall when Bush 43 ran for a 2nd term. Someone among the media said he had no “gravitas.” Immediately, all the other fake news channels repeated the same mantra. Funny…and pathetic.

  53. Anyone willing to take bets on the idea that Flake made this promise to McCain on his deathbed? “I’ll get the guy for you John…”

  54. I understand that Ms. Ford’s therapist wrote in his (her) findings that Ms. Ford is not telling the truth that something else is wrong with here. How come you never hear about this.

  55. What do we know about Ford? What is her life like, who is she as a person. What do people around here feel about her? We need to know more about her to come to a conclusion to what she is saying. Investigate her.
    Investigate her family of CIA members that she has. Who put her up to this. Check her husbands side of the family, U will be surprised.

  56. Your last sentence is the key to why the Demorats are so opposed to Kavanaugh! They are terrified of ANY Supreme Court Justice who would actually have an allegiance to the Constitution as written instead of “inventing” Constitutional concepts that do not exist! They will only support nominees who will approach the Founding Documents as evolving with the times! If that were so, why did the framers include a stringent procedure for amending said documents?

  57. Your last sentence is the key to why the Demorats are so opposed to Kavanaugh! They are terrified of ANY Supreme Court Justice who would actually have an allegiance to the Constitution as written instead of “inventing” Constitutional concepts that do not exist! They will only support nominees who will approach the Founding Documents as evolving with the times! If that were so, why did the framers include a stringent procedure for amending said documents?

  58. Now thKaey plan to hang Mr. K because he drank a lot while in college! WoW, if that is all they can say bad about him he is an angel…our family members drank excessively in college too … what did it hurt…they are not alcoholics now…teenage behavior. who hasn’t done it?

  59. Mr. Trump sadly could have prevented all of this…FBI investigation, waiting another week, etc. Why didn’t he do his job…the job America elected him for? And Mr. K was HIS pick…disappointed.

  60. We only got a very edited segment of her therapy sessions. If she is determined to take down Judge Kavannaugh, lets see ALL of her therapy sessions as it relates to this supposed sexual abuse.

  61. I agree with Rush, yes there is little to no corroboration OF any witnesses as of yet to appear much less testify. Additionally where is Mark Judge the alleged other party that Christen Blaisey Ford claimed that was in the room at the time of the alleged attack by Brett Kavanauh? I would think, his testimony would clear up Ford’s claims or not boiling down to what she said versus what he said. So sad that the Democrats could only dig up what Brett did in High School?!? Surprisingly, why in 6 FBI investigations of Brett, did this attack never show up?

  62. ALSO, when Ford was in her counseling session with her “shrink” when she said she was molested, her shrink took notes which were read by both the republican and democrats on the committee…….and guess what????……… there was NO NOTATION in the notes with the words “BRETT KAVANAUGH” anywhere to be found!
    Ford is a sick woman!

  63. Just some basic questions for that Ford woman. Do you party a lot. Do you have a family. Does lying come easy. What classes did you take. And how many men have you been in bed with. Or are you gay

  64. I am not a fan of Mr Rush Limbaugh, but he is right! “ME TOO” is right as well, Mrs Ford was used as a poster person, supposedly depicting a professional woman who had been scorn. Who knows what she went through, even she does not know! And that is a fact, she made the statement that an FBI investigation might solve her assist her memory! Yes, like having Mr K be questioned first by the committee. No question she has problems.

    But the facts remain! Are we going to become a Communist state allowing accusations to be the rule of law, or are we going to try to get back to believing in the rule of law and our Constitutional rights under the Constitution?

    Quite frankly, I believe the democrats saw this obvious troubled woman as a possible poster child and manipulated this whole circus from the onset. And I also believe Mr Graham and a little investigating into the democrat handling of this will answer a lot of questions. That said:

    The three rhino republicans as well as the democrats should face the fact that their only excuse for not approving MR K’s nomination is the fear of modifying Abortions, nothing more and nothing less. They need to consider the facts that show this man has shown he follows the ideals of this country and interprets the Constitution rather then legislating from the bench.

  65. The giggling is a deal killer if nothing else. She is laughing her way to the bank at Brett’s expense and ours. Doubtful he gets thru. But she has movie and book deals waiting for her. Americans can be soooooo dumb.

    Please prove me wrong and vote Republican this fall.

  66. I agree with Minnie. Feinstein and Ford should be investigated by an outside source (I don’t trust the FBI)and if found guilty of lying to congress should be prosecuted and jailed. All of congress should be investigated for any improper behavior, including lying…same standards should be used that the dems used on Kavanaugh, proof is unnecessary.

  67. The American people noticed all of what he is saying. The Democrats didn’t seem to care that she had no proof. and I still maintain that she shed no tears at all. Made the face, but did a lot more smiling and smirking then she should have for a woman in distress. She is a phony, Feinstein should be the one on the hot seat. Old or not. She should be investigated and punished. In fact, Ford should be investigated and prosecuted for all of this. Unless she can prove that someone did assault her. It wasn’t Kavanaugh thou.

  68. So amazing to see our intelligent Republicans fall for the stupid FLAKE…SO OBVIOUS

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