Rush Limbaugh pointed out one fact that obliterated Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser

Christine Blasey Ford testified before the Senate committee.

The media rushed to praise her testimony.

But Rush Limbaugh pointed out the one fact that obliterated Kavanaugh’s accuser.

The media, Democrats and some Republicans claimed Ford’s testimony was “credible.”

They claimed that because she was emotional that she was believable.

However, she was also devoid of facts.

And Rush Limbaugh pointed that out on a recent broadcast.

World Net Daily reports:

When this is over, every bit of what Dr. Ford is saying here will remain uncorroborated. Every bit of it. When she’s finished, there isn’t a single witness that can or has corroborated what she’s saying.”

It’s not likely such facts will make an impression on Democrats who oppose Kavanaugh’s nomination, since many of them announced their opposition to President Trump’s nominee before the name even was announced.

And Limbaugh pointed out that the media was falling into line with the Democrats’ agenda, with statements such as the one from Fox News’ Chris Wallace: “This is a disaster for the Republicans. … The Democrats are landing haymakers.”

“So that reaction is probably pretty common throughout the media, and the reason is that there’s so high expectations here,” he said.

But the reality?

“There isn’t any corroborating evidence. The woman’s got holes in the story. Her dates and times are unknown, unconfirmed. And yet none of that has been exposed. None of it! None of her flaws. None of the inaccuracies, inconsistencies in her story have yet been exposed.”

Ford’s testimony was about as believable as the tooth fairy.

But Senator Jeff Flake ignored these facts.

In a supreme act of cowardice, Senator Flake worked out a “deal” with the Democrats to delay the floor vote for up to one week to allow the FBI to conduct another background investigation.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



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    Bing Mr. Potato Head and look at it. Spitting Image!

  3. It seems like every day I hear of another politician with a FOUNDATION !! Clinton, Obama, etc. Is this a way of laundering corrupt money? wish I could find a country that would give me $500K for a 30 min speach in English to a foreign language speaking group

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