Rush Limbaugh pointed out one jaw-dropping truth about what happened at the border

Donald Trump was elected to secure the border and end illegal immigration.

But right now, thanks to Democrats, there is an invasion of illegal immigrants.

And Rush Limbaugh pointed out one jaw-dropping truth about what just happened on the Southern Border.

Record levels of illegal aliens are invading America.

Almost 600,000 illegal aliens were released into the United States the first half of 2019.

That’s why Donald Trump threatened to slap a five percent tariff on Mexico unless they stopped the flow of migrants through their country.

The fake news erupted in outrage and claimed Trump would destroy the U.S. economy.

But Rush Limbaugh pointed out something amazing happening on the Southern Border.

Mexico stepped up the deployment of troops and police, and stopped a caravan of around 1,000 Guatemalans from traveling to the United States.

Limbaugh stated:

Ladies and gentlemen, something pretty important just happened on the Mexican border, the southern Mexican border. I just ran across this. This is a story from Reuters. Let me put this in context. As you know, President Trump has been talking about the imposition of tariffs on Mexico. And the chorus in Washington made up of the opposition including many Republicans say, “You can’t do that! Oh, my God! That would be terrible! You’d cost 400,000 American jobs! You can’t do that! The Mexicans will never go for it! You can’t do this!
Trump’s says, “I’ll think about it. We got a big meeting coming up. The meeting, if it goes well, we won’t have to do it.” The meeting was yesterday. Trump said, “The meeting didn’t go well, so I’m putting tariffs on Monday. The tariffs on Mexico slapped on on Monday.” A rising chorus of Republicans say, “No, no, no, no! We can’t do tariffs! Oh, my God! We can’t do that! Too many donors, man, do not want anything to happen to Mexico,” and what’s happening in Mexico. The Democrats don’t want anything happen to future Democrat voter registration.

Yet Reuters: “Mexican soldiers, armed police, and migration officials blocked hundreds of migrants after they crossed the Mexican border from Guatemala in a caravan into southern Mexico,” this was late yesterday, “and deigned dozens of them according to a witness from a migrant aid group. The Mexican response in the border town of Metapa, which included dozens of soldiers, marked a toughening of the government’s efforts to curb the flow of mainly Central American migrants, said Salva Cruz, a coordinator with Fray Matias de Cordova.

As Limbaugh noted, this only happened because Donald Trump threatened Mexico with tariffs.

Mexican officials are negotiating with the United States on more measures to stop illegal immigration in order to avoid tariffs being imposed on June 10.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Because We The People sat on our asses, well fed and complacent in the idea that the “government” was representing our best interests and doing what WE wanted them to do. Nothing was further from the truth. All the time the “government” was consolidating it’s power while chipping away at our rights and freedom. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Give a human power over good and evil and 90% of the time they’ll choose evil.

  2. Where are the up and down votes, arrows? There are some really dumb people here, that have had their head in the sand or where ever for a long time.

  3. Alaska Woman, how many of the 4,000 cases was he prosecuted for and how many was he convicted for? Zilch, nada, none, zero, etc.
    As I said before, you are a moron! Obviously, a dope-a-crat drone with no original thoughts of your own. Always spewing the projectile bile of the dope-a-crat party.

  4. theolddog, my ancestors settled in what ultimately became Massachusetts in 1630. When did your ancestors get here? Last week?
    You obviously don’t understand or more accurately don’t care that our great nation is being overrun by lawbreakers and illegal drugs.
    Time for you to welcome into your brain the true reality of illegal immigration.

  5. Spot on. The dope-a-crats want to do the same thing they’ve been doing to the minority community for generations that they want done to illegals. Give them everything for free to garner votes in order to maintain or acquire power. It’s been done so efficiently with the minority community that there are multiple generations that don’t have clue on how to care for themselves other than to go to the mailbox for their welfare checks and food stamps every month.

  6. It took the Roman empire 1000 years to collapse in on itself. At the rate America is going it will happen here in less than 300 years unless this immigration problem isn’t solved real soon and the two major political parties don’t find a way to work together.
    Also, the Republican party needs to grow a spine. DJT and McConnell can’t do it all by themselves.

  7. You are the loser, Wills2254! DJT has done more to stem the tide of illegal immigration than any other two presidents combined. What did your hero Oblamma do – nothing but talk about the need tosolve it. Typical dope-a-crat: complain about something but offer no solutions to correct it. Your comments are an affirmation that you are of the same mindset. Time for you to welcome reality…

  8. Or after her next face lift the skin will be so thin and stretched so tight that it will split revealing her true self

  9. Well a$$hole, we are victims of you fascist/communists. President Trump has been fought every step of the way since he first took office by you DemonRATS and the rinos. He’s had to fight for every single good thing for this country he’s gotten done. Your Satanic rotten communists would rather spend 60 billion dollars to get a communist voter base while endangering all Americans with disease and rampant criminality than it would to spend 5 billion to protect us. If we are a “minority” it’s because of uncontrolled illegal immigration and blatantly stupid communist a$$holes like you. If your ignorant a$$ is so tired of hearing us then get the hell off our site… Commie prick.

  10. Theolddog: [Limbaugh and the truth re complete strangers.]
    That is theolddog view. Is that the truth? I asked for three examples from Rush Limbaugh shows that would demonstrate that theolddog view can be true sometimes. theolddog gave no examples. So, theolddog point of view remains being a vapor unsupported by anything, except theolddog claim. That authority is given by theolddog to himself. This is not enough to most readers to accept this view as truth.
    Compare theolddog view on Rush Limbaugh show statements to the Robert Mueller statements given at Mueller Press Conference right after completion Mueller Report as Special council on Trump-Russia collusion in 2016 election.

    Mueller has full authority to speak on his investigation. It was given to Mueller by Rod, Rosenstein, the Deputy AG, at the time the rumor on Trump-Russia collusion has emerged. Mueller stated at press conference: “I was not able to establish that Mr. Trump was not guilty (in the collusion).
    But the fundamental principle of Law in the US is the presumption of innocence and not guilt. Mueller was required to find the evidence that Mr. Trump was guilty in colluding with Russians in order to win his Presidency in 2016. Mueller has found no evidence for Trump being guilty of the collusion. Mueller statement that he was required to establish Trump innocence in colluding with Russians was a most dramatic lie Mueller stated at the Mueller’s Press-conference, in a hundred of years by legal authorities at press-conferences. It was so dramatic a lie that Prof of jurisprudence, Alan Derschovits, suggested at his Fox News interview that Mueller must be disbarred. That is Derschovits requested that Mueller has to be stripped of his credentials as a lawyer. This is Mueller, Deep State Spokesman, telling his truth at the press conference. After Derschovits scrutiny it has become a lie offered to all Americans by the Special council, Mueller.

    So why was Mueller so perverted in not knowing what is the first principle of the American Law, presumption of innocence, not being guilty? Guilt has to be proven. Mueller was politically motivated to remove Mr. Trump authority as President. Mueller was supposed to be politically impartial during his investigation of Mr. Trump election campaign. So why theolddog tells us his view on Rush Limbaugh without any evidence? We presume that Rush Limbaugh tells the truth. theolddog says not so. Where is the proof that Rush Limbaugh lies? But theolddog does not provide any evidence for Rush Limbaugh lying to us. Why theolddog thinks that he is free from providing evidence for the guilt of Rush Limbaugh lying to us? Views and opinions are cheap, evidence is harder to find and takes time to write down. theolddog wrote a short sentence to undermine Rush Limbaugh for the conservative public. Without a proof, it is a lie.

    Alaska Woman:
    [You (threolddog) have that correct. Limbaugh repeats every lie and rumor he is paid to echo on his entertainment program.]

    Alaska woman offers us her view that Rush Limbaugh lies. We presume, though that Rush Limbaugh tells the truth. We may change our view if we get the evidence that Rush Limbaugh lies to us. That is the proof that Rush Limbaugh lies to us.

    Does Alaska Woman offer us the evidence that Rush Limbaugh lies to us? She does not. Why? Because it is too expensive to write or there is no evidence that Rush Limbaugh lies. Does Alaska Woman opinion that Rush Limbaugh lies to us strengthen the opinion of theolddog? Not at all. A thousand of opinions with no evidence does not change our assumption that Rush Limbaugh tells the truth.

    In addition, I’d like to add that Rush Limbaugh offers his precious rants that stop us in our tracks and see clearer how we get fooled by Democrats, Mueller, theolddog, Alaska Woman,…

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