Rush Limbaugh revealed a ticking time bomb that could destroy the Republican Party

There are troubling signs beneath the surface for how the coronavirus pandemic will reshape American life.

There could be bad news on the way for conservatives.

And Rush Limbaugh revealed a ticking time bomb that could destroy the Republican Party.

One of the features from American life that figures to outlast the coronavirus is the idea of working from home.

Businesses were urged to allow workers to telework wherever possible to limit in-person interactions that could spread the Chinese coronavirus.

On a recent broadcast of his radio show, Rush Limbaugh warned the blue state Governors maintaining endless lockdowns would lead to residents fleeing the state since they realize they don’t need to live in the same state where they work if work from home is now the norm.

“You know what’s happening right now in New York? Because of the stay-at-home order being extended and because of work from home, a bunch of people — this happening in San Francisco too. The tech companies. Google, Facebook, Twitter. They’ve all shut down their primary campuses in Silicon Valley, in places like Cupertino, some of the other cities. And people are working from home,” Limbaugh began.

“The same thing’s happening in New York. People that live in Connecticut who commute to Manhattan every day are realizing they don’t have to go back to Manhattan ever to do their jobs. And if you don’t have to go back to Manhattan, you don’t have to live in Connecticut, and you don’t have to pay massive Connecticut taxes. And you don’t have to share the tax burden with New York,” Limbaugh added.

Limbaugh warned that blue state workers fleeing places like New York and California would be bad news for red states as it could tip the electorate from one favorable to Republicans to a Democrat-leaning state.

“And then if you’re not going into Manhattan for your job, the company doesn’t need to be renting all that commercial real estate space. If these people are not careful, these governors, they’re gonna destroy the essence of what the blue states are. They’re going to destroy these urban areas where massive blocs of Democrat voters live — and this massive bloc of Democrat voters is gonna scram,” Limbaugh added.

There is evidence of this.

Data showed five percent of New York City’s population fled before the lockdown.

The number one destination was the red state of Florida.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. One would hope the libertards would flock to their communist leaders in a blue state. The conservatives will move to red states to keep from supporting blue state communist policies with those high taxes. This would force the libs to suck money from their own kind, supporting their own demise. Total destruction of the blue states would be eminent. Paying for illegal’s, free state healthcare and college, everyone making the same wage, working or not within their own state. All of these liberal causes will collapse every blue state from the inside. Let them do it in their own state, never nationwide. The civil war will look like a picnic compared to what is about to happen if the libs try to enforce their communist ways on the population of all states.

  2. Where did some of these people go to school? There are a lot of grammatical errors in this comment section. Pretty sad if written by adults.

  3. We should just kill anyone coming into a red state from a blue one. Let’s use our rifles against the liberals!

  4. No sense in these blue state voter moving to the red state! We don’t need babies who need governor to get them their dumb idea! Stay in your blue state! Fix your own problem! You created it! We red state didn’t! If I knew a LIBERAL moving into my neighborhood. I be sure I make their life a living hell!

  5. > Liberals ‘Flee’ the Shtholes ‘They Created’…
    Then Proceed To Violate ‘Red States’…
    > Not Good. ___

  6. To whom….
    If you are so afraid for your life then you have no business being a leader when majority of the people who paid your wages are out there working daily while you sit back at home and use your tongue to wag.
    Why should we paid for you while you are home?
    Why should we allow you to lead when you are not being a frontline personnel? What are your motives? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Or do you not have a conscience?

  7. This situation makes me think of a new contest ” California come to Texas and see how long your voting habits can screw up this state as wwll”. A quick solution join the happy folks in the “Red” state and vote with them, or even better change your voting habits and stay in CA and watch a state come back to life again! A few weeks ago while eating in a little diner just off the road to a lake side retirement development and saw a gentleman wearing a ball cap that read ” Don’t care how you did it up North”

  8. You see this in Arizona, Nevada and Colorado , slowly going Demon’crat because of liberals leaving California because of high taxes, and stupid people like Maxine Waters, Pelosi and Schiff running it into bankrupcy with illegals, sanctuary cities and homeless policy. THEY NEVER LEARN as Gump says, stupid is as stupid does.

  9. This is by design. Democrat politicians know people hate their high taxes, mismanagement of government, and corruption. They know it will drive a lot of democrat voters into red states where you can still earn a decent living, and be relatively free.
    But the democrat politicians also know typical democrat voters are idiot serfs that will still vote for them once they move to the red states. It’s win-win for the democrat politicians. Only a matter of time before democrats win every election by carrying the electoral vote in every state.

  10. Why does anyone move out of one liberal sh$t hole because of the way they are treated and vote for the same type of people in their new state? But many times I’ve seen posts about not being able to fix stupid.

  11. All I can say is look at Texas! Liberals leaving CA and are (whether purposely or accidentally) is slowly changing Texas to a blue state. I read the first few responses, so if this has been said, I am sorry

  12. Yes, liberals really are that dumb! They’ve proven it so many times and continue to do so by picking Plugs Biden as their choice against Trump. What a joke. Although we all know he’ll just be a figurehead (or bobblehead) and he’ll either be retired immediately with “medical issues” or bumped off, but he definitely will not have a say in anything in the unlikely event he should win. But I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that a liberal fled a blue state to then continue to vote democrat in a red state. It’s the old adage: You can’t keep doing the same things and expecting a different result. The problem is – they’re too dumb to get it!

  13. I do remember Rush making these observations on the radio. I do not recall if he made them on his show, or if he made them in one of his more rare interviews on another program. But, I do remember hearing these ideas in Rush’s voice.

    The concern is genuine. The need is to seriously teach new economic refugees from all Liberal states and megacities who are arriving as new RedState citizens what citizenship in a RedState means and needs to be understood (to avoid the culture shock of moving from an all-embracing Liberalism into a world of all-embracing American traditionalism).

    The difference is more extreme than most believe. It is like going to another nation where the people happen to speak one or more dialects of the English language. Each state does have a unique tradition that infuses a majority of the native population. Every state is not identical. Liberalism tends at times to ignore this difference, and at times they disdain that difference when the daily reality of life appears “provincial” or “backwards” or “ignorant” to them.

    Since most Liberals believe they are smarter than others, they won’t make the effort to adapt to the new culture. They will seek to make the new culture adapt to them (thus the electoral problem Rush mentions). Therefore, IT IS ENCUMBANT UPON EACH socalled REDSTATE to have some form of Cultural Orientation classes for newly transplanted “other-staters” or former BlueState residents, and to instruct them about how the local state economy works well without the need for high tax rates. The citizens generally are more self sufficient and therefore far less deoendent upon government monetary support (and control).

  14. I don’t know how Democrats can be so lame? If they’re moving out of a blue state to pay less taxes why would they vote Democrat? Don’t they know that the Democrats are going to raise their taxes and they’ll be in the same boat they were in before?
    We need to bring back term limits for everyone! No more career politicians. It has been proven many many times that the average person does a better job than a lying conniving politician… God bless Donald Trump. We need more people like him in Washington and less power hungry egomaniacs.

  15. With all due respect to Rush and as a resident of a new England blue state I
    don’t worry that much about political refugees fleeing NY. the democrats
    have already infected our area. I think people taking the red pill in California and fleeing to other states will be a bigger factor politicly
    and hurt the democRATS especialy if the feds refuse to bail out their
    illegal loving asses.

  16. The problem with Democrats is they tediously point out that excessive selflessness always leads to self abuse. While this may be true among family members the caveat is self indulgence. Self indulgence is not always selfish not is selflessness always self abusive.

  17. Funny, I have never heard Rush say this? It is nothing new as Californians have been leaving the state for many years. Most of their industry has moved over the line to Nevada and many “equity immigrants” have moved to Oregon and Washington which were already liberal. A massive influx have moved to Texas and you can see it in the recent votes in what has been a solid red state for a long time.

  18. It always amazes me how someone can cry and whine about high taxes, and draconian COVID laws, so they move to another state to avoid that but then keep voting for the same party that put them in that position in the first place, and wrecked their state.
    Democrats wrecked New York, Illinois, and California, so let’s move to Florida or Texas and keep voting democrat. How stupid are these people? Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

  19. The people that flee the commie sh&t hole states are more likely to turn to the republicans. They are getting a first hand look at what the commiecrats has in store for America. Of course some of them will remain stupid

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