Rush Limbaugh revealed one truth about Trump no one ever thought they would hear

Rush Limbaugh is one of Donald Trump’s strongest supporters.

But even Rush is capable of being surprised by President Trump.

And Rush Limbaugh revealed one truth about Trump no one ever thought they would hear.

During a recent broadcast, Limbaugh discussed YouGov polls that measured “electability.”

The pollsters asked Americans who they thought would in head-to-head matchups between Donald Trump and his top Democrat challengers.

Donald Trump led in every matchup.

Rush explained to his audience that these results made perfect sense because Donald Trump delivered “peace and prosperity” by implementing the most conservative agenda since Ronald Reagan.

Limbaugh stated:

So, to summarize in the Economist/YouGov poll, Trump leads Biden by 6, Sanders by 26, Elizabeth Warren by 30, Pete Buttigieg by 41%. This is not a preference poll. It’s an electability poll. It’s voters, registered voters being asked, “Okay. In this matchup, who wins? That matchup, who wins?” It’s not a, “Who are you gonna vote for, who do you want to vote for, who do you want to see win.” It’s what do people think.

And these margins, as I’ve said, make sense to me because the Democrats are offering nothing. We live in undeniably economically prosperous times. In fact, there’s a slogan that has long been a slogan desired to be true by every politician, every president since the beginning of time, and that is peace and prosperity. Donald Trump is the first American president in our lifetimes who has not started a war. He’s inherited some, and he may have expanded our involvement, but he’s not started one.

Wars are started for economic reasons, in part. They are started for legitimate strategic reasons, but he’s the first one who hasn’t. At the same time, we have an economy that many people alive have never experienced before and, as I have made clear, eight years prior to Trump’s three years the American people were hearing things like this was never gonna happen again, that they were not possible, that this kind of prosperity, employment, job opportunity, none of this was possible.

Between tax cuts, deregulation, and judicial appointments Donald Trump is implementing the most conservative policy agenda in many Americans’ lifetimes.

When Ronald Reagan delivered on the promises of the “Reagan Revolution,” he won a 49 state landslide in 1984.

The YouGov polls show Americans believe the voters will reward Donald Trump with a second term for his historic conservative achievements.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.