Rush Limbaugh revealed the secret Robert Mueller is holding about Trump

How will Robert Mueller’s Russia probe end?

Will Donald Trump be charged?

Rush Limbaugh revealed what believes to be the secret behind the answers to those questions.

On his radio show, Limbaugh revealed he received an email claiming Mueller would author a letter exonerating Trump.

Breitbart reports:

“Monday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh told his listeners he received an email with a “rumor” saying President Donald Trump was forecasting a letter from special counsel Robert Mueller exonerating him of wrongdoing.

Mueller has been investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

“I’ll tell you – I just heard a rumor,” Limbaugh said. “I just got an email with a rumor in it. The rumor is that Trump is telling people that Mueller is preparing a letter that exonerates Trump of any wrongdoing in all of this. It’s a rumor. I do not know if it’s true. I don’t know if Trump knows this. I don’t know if somebody told Trump this. I don’t know if it’s bogus. But the email that I got suggests Trump is telling people that he thinks – he’s pretty sure Mueller is going to write a letter pretty soon to assure the American people that their president is not guilty of anything that he’s looking into – that the country needs to know their president isn’t guilty.”

Limbaugh went on to add that it might not necessarily be in his best interest to fire Mueller given what opinion polling shows about his probe.

“Whether that’s true – but even if it’s not true, let’s deal with that because the odds of this – who knows?” he continued. “If Trump believes the public opinion polls, and Mueller is not doing well with the public opinion polls. This investigation is not polling well – if Trump believes whatever this investigation produces –that 45, 48 percent of the American people are not going to believe it, why tamper with that?”

CNN also reported on Monday that Trump has been telling associates Mueller would clear him in the Russia probe.

And if Mueller has any integrity, that’s what he will do.

There is no evidence Trump colluded with Russia or has any times to Russia.

This investigation was based on the fake news Fusion GPS Russia dossier and it’s about time Mueller wrap up his investigation and inform the nation of the President’s innocence.



  1. I am going to keep it simple and clean. We patriotic Americans just need to support our POTUS, our country and re-elect Trump in 2020 to drain the swamp and Make America Greater,

  2. Can you imagine if Mueller actually exonerated Donald Trump? I think the left would literally lose whatever minds they have left. I predict suicides and rampant violence against Mueller worse than the L.A. riots. How much fun would that be? If it happens I hope it happens before Christmas. This would literally spell the end of CNN and MSNBC and all the phony talking heads that make fools of themselves on a daily basis.


  3. This is starting to mimic a bunch of freshmen/sophomores the way they are passing around notes saying, this will pass; this is what so and so said, etc. He took my seat and where did so and so go? It’s downright embarrassing for these grown and subbosedly adults to be acting like this.

  4. No matter what happens to those who promote propaganda against President Trump, the sun will still come up tomorrow. And hope will still reign as President Trump is tough and he is smart and has those around him who are dedicated to him and trustworthy and will help him keep strong in this heavy task of running America the way it ought to have been before Clintons and Obamas messed up our country. God is giving President Trump strength as he is doing the right things, which are also the tough things, but most times the right thing is the hardest thing to do. God Bless America and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. God is our greatest refuge and strength in good times and in bad times too. Things will get better for America. Stay hopeful and pray. But always remember, God knows the plan already as He has made it in the first place. There is nothing man/woman can do that isn’t as Strong As God’s Will. Even those who don’t believe in God, God still controls it all.

    • You’re more right than you think. If you watch medical reports about the effects of Parkinsons in old age, you’ll see hallucinations and dementia, a perfect description of Pelosi’s behavior and speech. This woman is so far out in political and moral left field it’s pretty obvious she’s not just a big lefty but a sick big lefty.

      • So’s Hillary. Did you ever see that video clip of her having a coughing fit while addressing her audience? Or the one about her collapsing while getting into her limo, and her security service had to help her keep from falling to the ground? Did you hear how she was SO upset the night she found out that Trump won the election, even though she paid lots and lots of money in bribes, and cheated in every way, she went on a drunken binge? That woman is (hopefully) not long for this world, I think… (hopefully)

      • Bottom line: Pelosi / McCain, some others is V Very Sad … Should
        Absolutely N0T be in a Decision-making process for an Entire Country ___ They need to ‘buck up’ & Retire …0u.

        • I am sorry they are ill nut they need to get out of politics . Their decision may not be what they really think they are voting for . I don’t care about age as long as they are healthy and sound of mind . Pelosi and McCain have both made bad decisions in the past few years !!!

      • My Blessed Mother had Parkinson’s &&& HER MIND STAYED ALERT Until
        heaven called… N0 Dementia/or’Alz’- None !!! Pelosi et al
        have perhaps a part of ‘P’ , but their brains are violated in sections of ‘thinking’ that involve ‘D’/’A’ & some other ‘stuff’_
        &&& their ‘meds'(ahem) are making them Worse … It’s just awful.

  5. If Mueller has any integrity at all he should move on the evidence that points to the Clintons and barry whoever the hell he really is. But, I won’t hold my breath.

  6. I hope the tsunami turns quicker. I think Trump ought to go find some more Generals, retired and willing to become senators, and ask them to run for the senate in these states where you have Democrats running for election. They could run as proud Patriots. I think it would help. If I remember correctly, there used to be a lot more retired military in the House and Senate, and they were elected as Presidents as well. Certainly would be a lot of alligators being removed from the “Swamp”.

    • Be careful re wish > generals ,Example ie, McMaster is a Disaster …
      >Eisenhower Told us the Truth in Departure Speech … Mattis/ Kelly
      ‘Know’ the Real Deal = they have been Involved Many YRS & Here we Are … Capish.

  7. The Clintons and Obama have been very successful in contaminating our govenment agencies. Democrats have given us liberal judges for years that avoid precedent, established law, and even common sense. Trump has a heavy task in cleaning the swamp.

    • i will reply to myself & don’t care what Any0ne ‘thinks’… ♥ Truth IS the Truth & UGLY__
      * Merry Christmas * Happy Holidays * Happy New Year 2018 * AnyWay U
      Can get ‘it’ … ‘we’ have Sooo Much to D00 in ‘Correction’ __

  8. Yeah, Good Ole Rush has always been so accurate (NOT)! I r if he is sending his maid out to get pills for him again! He will make al kinds of outrageous statements to stir up his followers! Rush is a prime example of Kellyane Conjob’s “Alternative Facts”! Rush needs to spend some time in the Rubber Room at the Funny Farm!

  9. Yep! 0u. What re obama ‘drug’ thang (won’t mention 2 Countries Involved) = now That IS a wowza …
    > Let’s G0 > All U High? ^ ppl in Positions = D0 Your Damn Jobbee_

  10. Bullmueller. Mueller is going to stretch this out and in October of 2018 he’s going to produce his phony case and the Senate will flip then to the Democrats and then Trump can be impeached and removed from office. That’s the mueller obama clinton cabal plan.

    • Sounds about right. Sessions could stop the Mueller train if he had some guts, and got rid of that deputy A.G. who picked Mueller. Either that or this will drag of until the 2024 election.

    • If your prediction is correct and the Democrats DO IMPEACH President Trump then, I can say with confidence, that “underhanded move” would ignite a civil war in this nation. That move would demonstrate just how totally corrupt our government had become. The American people would collectively say – “I’VE HAD ENOUGH AND I’M NOT GOING TO STAND FOR THIS ANY LONGER!”

      • Duane, I think that you are correct. The patriots of this nation have been watching what’s going on and reveling in all the scandals the democrats are involved in. The democrats are all saying that if Trump fires Muller they are going to riot. Well if they impeach Trump on all this fake evidence and illegal seizure of document, The patriots will riot and our side is armed!

      • I wouldn’t be able to help much in the field but I can clean guns and load ammo and hold down a fort . With the insane trash we now have for young democrats we might as well have a civil war . Unfortunately that would make us weak to a take over by a red star country !Either way we are in trouble . Every Republican better get out and fight and vote . Never mind the lies of trash that the dems spread . 90% of it isn’t trus so just shut them off !!

      • In the same prediction that Trump could not be elected, Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. This country is on the verge and it would not take that much to cause a upheaval against the lies, suspicion, hate and downright corruption which has developed since the Obama Reign of disrespect for the Constitution and rule of Law.

  11. Mega Ditto’s…Y’all!
    They’re not going to find ANYTHING!
    You know that this would be playing out in a completely different light
    had the tables been turned, switched etc…
    There’s nothing to see here…
    These are not the droids you’re looking for…

    What I’d like to know is Where in the H-E-Double hockey sticks is the AG???
    I believe Sessions is part of the Elitest Quagmire!
    What say y’all?
    Yer Powder Dry,
    Yer Mag Full, &
    Yer Aim…Dead on!

    • I am wondering the same thing about Sessions. He could appoint a special investigator for Hill and company. He could also remove Mueller fairly easily, by giving him 14 days to wrap up the investigation, and produce what he has learned.

  12. So it’s time to come clean for the fbi.. I myself don’t trust them.. to think they can be bought out by the democrats. That’s scary that they think their above the law and can do whatever they want to, and not be held accountable for their actions.. you elected officials work for the American taxpayers period. We hired you to do a job to protect our country and us, not to sell us out to the highest bidder (Soros and the muslim brotherhood)..

  13. That’s fine with me. Time to “drain the swamp”, starting at the top of FBI leadership. Did they tamper critical evidence needed to prosecute Hillary and Obama? I hope not …

    • Man from Grey….hope all you want, but I think we both know the answer. Can you imagine the panic in the swamp when Trump won?

  14. Famous professor Alan said his investigation is total bias. Encouraging democrats to give it up. Also, told them to take care of their extreme leftist, Antifa. They are extremists as he put it. We’ve already heard democrats are distancing themselves from Clinton’s. Unless, some new, really new, comes up. They see it as time to take cover, as the tsunami tide turns.

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