Rush Limbaugh revealed Trump had this ace up his sleeve to stop the caravan

Migrant caravans are pouring toward the United States’ southern border.

Experts predict one million illegal aliens may enter America this year.

But Rush Limbaugh revealed Donald Trump has this ace up his sleeve to stop the caravan.

The situation at the border is a national emergency.

Illegal aliens are threatening to invade the nation at a record pace.

Some Trump supporters are wondering what else the President can do to put a stop to the madness.

Rush Limbaugh revealed that Trump can stop the caravan by enforcing the United States statute which grants the President the authority to deny any class of aliens entry in to the country if he deems it a threat:

“I just want to reiterate, folks: The president of the United States does not even have to declare a national emergency. He can rely on existing federal law to stop all immigration today on the basis that there is a crisis, that there is an invasion. He can cite any number of reasons for it, but he doesn’t even have to do that. The law permits him singularly to decide whether or not there is a crisis or danger at the border. Now he’s got people… He knows he can do this. He’s got people in the Senate telling him not to do it,” Limbaugh began.

Limbaugh continued, “Oh, no, Mr. President, you don’t want to do that. That — that’d be akin to nuclear option! You don’t want to go that far.” But he could make exemptions to this. He can exempt students. He can have any number of exemptions if he wanted to. What do you think would be the practical result if the president actually declared — and again it’s Title 8 United States Code Section 1182(f). It “gives the president the power ‘to suspend the entry of all aliens’ whenever he finds their entry ‘would be detrimental to the interests of the United States.’”

The Supreme Court already ruled Trump has this authority.

Trump’s lawyers cited this language as to why Trump’s travel ban executive order was constitutional.

The Supreme Court agreed and upheld Trump’s order.

Trump can close the border tomorrow if he wanted to and many of his supporters are hoping he chooses this course of action.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. What if we just quit giving them handouts by us. That alone will send them back home. No free healthcare, education, housing, clothing, food…. If you are not a citizen of the USA, no more freebies!!!!

  2. Trump needs to use this power right now, too many getting thru and needs to stop it. Send a message to these hundreds of thousands already marching toward our border dragging kids along as insurance they will be let go into the US. The border is closed. No more free entry, no more asylum.

  3. Man From Grey
    ((((((((((thank you))))))))))

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  4. hey harvey
    the parties
    are democratic parties
    it makes the democrat party
    sound SNOBBISH
    i can see why the democrats
    use the word democratic
    but i can’t understand why all the top politicians and fox
    uses it?
    for the democrats to use the
    phrases democratic party and
    democratic candidate shows
    them to be BULLIES!

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  5. Mr Limbaugh
    The next time you see the
    President, tell him we think
    he’s doing a phenomenal job!!!!
    That it’s obvious he is
    on the right side
    of history!

    thank you

  6. Yes vet. Wall/Fence Building & Repair IS 0ccurring As we speak.
    > POTUS has acquired Almost 7 Billion from
    3 diff. venues.

  7. Close the southern/Mexico border now. No legal papers and no crossing. Where no border barrier installed have Military stand by and repeal.

  8. Pip:
    Don’t just close it – Slam it shut ! The democRATS, Pelosi, Schumer, et al, finally admit the real reason for all their phony concern, “It’s not the American way” … caging children … separating families … “just want a better life” … honest, hard working … It’s cruel (sob, bawl) … and all their other excuses !
    They want and desperately need new Low Information voters that may swallow the tripe they put out.
    Blacks are getting tired of their lies and being trapped on bare existance. Hispanics are doing the same and are upset that their legal numbers have had to take a “democRAT back seat” to illegals. And the people of America are tired of the lies,the vulgarisms,the self enrichment, the muslim promoting, and the unreasoning hate of President Trump done by the democRATS.
    The United States may feel it, but will survive. No cars that aren’t made here. No food stuffs. NO PEOPLE. No basic metals (with the exception of lead, which has been banned by obama’s* EPA). No petrolium. (Let the muslims choke on their oil !)
    Pretty severe, and it will probably never happen, but start eith NO PEOPLE, and go from there. I think the rest of the world will get the idea that the USA is not all as power greedy as the democRATs and is concerned with her survival and not just their personal wealth and power !

  9. Sadly they won’t wake up, they’ve been promised too many benefits by these crackpots! I hope the Demoquacks are the recipients of major a$$ kicking in 2020!!!

  10. //// RON ////
    again again again again again
    again again again again
    again again again
    again again

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  11. //// RON ////

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  12. Don’t expose it to help the enemy ! This is one of the many reason President Trump wins by Not exposing how he will handle things!

  13. maybe if they didnt belong to the democratic party he would refer to them as democrat party-but being they belong to the democratic party then democratic candidate it is!

  14. Close the borders, open only to ledgement confirmed citizens of the USA. It is time to get tough with these so-called Democrats who are now coming out as leftist left-wing communism. I’m in my middle 80’s and ready to protect the Constitution and my country.

  15. Close the borders, open only to ledgement confirmed citizens of the USA. It is time to get tough with these so-called Democrats who are now coming out as leftist left-wing communism. I’m in my middle 80’s and ready to protect the Constitution and my country.

  16. The misinformed stupes who ar against immunization are from a genration that was saved the pain, danger, and Quarntine by immuniztion. Now, they take off like the hare-brained snowflakes because of some imagined danger.
    Get real you nincompiddles ! The immunization isn’t only to protect YOUR kid. it’s for EVRYBODY’S KIDS !

  17. CLOSE THE BORDERS PLEASE!! ITS TIME!!! I for one, am tired of paying for them…they have no rights here.

  18. Ted:
    Forgive,HELL ! A bnch of sobbing, snot flying, bed wetting liberals already did that by voting for the jerks !

  19. Keep them out. The democrats are only using them to rig the elections. They don’t care about the people. Only the votes. Either they come here legally or don’t come at all. When the democrats are through with them they will kick them in the butt the same way they are the American people. I hope they wak up and realize they are bing used.

  20. Beverly:
    Isn’t it strange, how the democRATS are using the persecution of the Jews to mask their foaming mouth resistance to
    “The Wall” ? I’m sure they have another diversionary tactic in the wings that is fully as filthy as allowing the filthy muslims to attack Israel.
    They’ve already condoned voter fraud, so it will have to be something else. ….. Maybe murdering Babies…. No, they’e done that too. …. Maybe they’ll welcome people that have sworn in on a book that demands our murder or enslavement.
    ….. No, they beat us to it again.
    Pelosi will be behind it, so keep on the lookout for flying monkeys and a bucket of water handy.

  21. Agree but how to we get our voices heard by those who matter and can get this initiative under way? Call our Congressional Representative’s? Write the President? Vote out the dems, and RINO’s? Start a Yellow Vest movement like what is going on in France? How?

  22. We are a nation of laws and if you want to come to America we have a right to accept you or decline you. This is the case in every democracy and is how we maintain our freedom.

  23. If he uses ANY of the powers granted to him, alone, by the constitution, the democRATS and the rinos will scream, jump over their chairs, and bawl …. “That’s not FAIR ! !
    Tough ! They are not the pesident. They have nothing to say about it. But they will cry themselves hoarse ! PRESIDENT TRUMP ! It’s legal, it’s Constitutional. Actually, it’s your duty. …………… DO IT ! !

  24. This is bull. Where is your proof. People that don’t immunize cause a 99% higher risk of mmr infections. You are not getting legitimate information. All we do is stop people from having what we stole from the native Americans. I realize open borders would be stupid but I also realize that the majority of these people, are good people that want what we take for granted. I don’t have a solution . I just know it’s wrong to label these people as criminals, drug traffickers, child traffickers,etc., yes there are some bad people but to lump them all in that category is crazy. Most are just desperate. They have to be to try so hard to come to a country they know does not want or welcome them. They must be fleeing some really bad situations to try anyway

  25. My family & I live along the southern border. Closing the border is fair & proportionate with the harm that illegals are causing Americans. It’s time for Congress to stop being politically correct. Human lives are infinitely more important than hurting a politician’s or newsman’s feelings. But then again, in the prism of Congress, human life (of constituents) is becoming more & more expendable.

  26. I wonder if it’s already too late to make a big difference with the wall? The hoards are already here, aren’t they? George Soros et al must be dancing in the streets. The barbarians have already broken through the gate. Thank you democrats! It’s your fault and yours alone! We wanted the wall weeks and months ago. Let’s remember who to blame when our nation goes down the tubes and crime spirals into infinity! Democrats are to blame, and don’t forget! Democrats sold our country out to gain illegal immigrant votes. That’s what it’s all about folks!

  27. he has been building it piece by piece, right under their noses.Check it out. Stay calm he’ll get it done, as he said ” one way or the other “

  28. My friends, get this through your heads, there will be no wall unless we take back the House and keep the Senate in 2020. This ace up his sleeve for Trump is not a matter of can he, it’s a matter of does he have the balls?

  29. National emergency all the way. The senate needs to realize we are dealing with swarmy democrats and they would use the the so called nuclear option wether republicans would use it or not! They republicans can be so painfully polite and stupid as well. Trump knows how to deal with these people

  30. What does President Trump have to do as a re-election campaign? Jobs? No; Economy? No; Military strength? No; Obama’s legacy dismantling? No; Immigration control? …YES! Wall? YES!

    Does the POTUS have the authority to do all those? i.e., Immigration (caravans)? YES…Wall, YES,

    Then what is his strategy, or reason, for holding back?

  31. // TO //
    Asherah Cephas
    You’re the first person i`ve
    heard to point that out!
    thank you

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  32. Arrest Soros for funding the destruction of the US. Then arrest all of the rhinos and Democrats who are in on the charade.

  33. The Demorats are Crazy. They want to lead us over the Cliff! ” for given them Lord for they do not know what they do.”

  34. Back in the day when democrats cherish, immigrants were held for a while at Ellis Island and other locations to determine whether they were bringing communicable diseases with them or illegal contraband or were just plain undesirable folk. This was far from the open border policies that the liberals demand today. I, for one, do not want “undocumented” hordes running about my neighborhood. If they are willing to assimilate into our culture, let them do it through legal application to join the rest of us. Dial 1 for English.

  35. I agree Sharon!! Every person killed or injured has the Democrats to blame…and some of our sitting on the fence Rhinos. TRUMP 2020!!! I want to see him do this!! And soon!!

  36. Just from the type of diseases alone they are bringing in it makes sense. Some of the types of TB, measles, mumps and other strains of viruses we have not seen in this country for years are being brought here by these people. You can see the problem that would cause if some of these kids got into schools in this country.

  37. I think President Trump should both close the borders and deny immagration of those illegally crossing our borders. Once he does, and Mexico realizes they cant get their goods into America they might just offer to pay for the wall to put an end to all this nonsense.

  38. Please stop using the phrase “Democratic Candidate” when there is not much democratic about them. They are Democrat Candidates.

  39. The President doesn’t need statutes he can use Article IV section 4 of the Constitution, declare an invasion ( which it is ), and give lethal rules of engagements to the military he already has down on the border. While a wall would be great, it will take years to build and the invasion is now. Let’s have a camo wall that shoots hot lead. That will act as a great deterrent.

  40. Build that wall, stop all illegals from crossing, no more holding them, send them all back! You don’t come in. Legally then you do not come in at all! Nancy Policie already fighting for illegals to vote! It’s uconstitutional, and not fare to true Americans! They are putting our constitution through the damn shredder! They are our enemies, and must be stopped every damn demonrat must be held accountable for all their curruption against us citizens and our country!

  41. I THINK
    and i`m here to tell you!

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

    PS TRUMP2020

  42. …”stop this madness” NOW!
    WTF is wrong with the DemocRats???
    Damn, this illegal nonsense defies all logic!!! Wake up America!

  43. Close the border today,we don’t need to help the Communists to stay in office. They are using these illegals to vote for them because they know their vile ways are ruining this country and they have lost the conservative votes. I think all D’s ought to be run out of office and never be allowed to hold any office every again. All of the D’s are evil in their desires to kill the innocent,to stop the people from being able to make them do as they promised to when they ran for the job.

  44. Help Trump to close the borders. Boost the economy. Prosecute the fake Russian dossier conspirators. Punish the tech companies/ universities for censoring the conservative views. Establish the voter ID system now. And what else?

    MAGA 2020!

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