Rush Limbaugh revealed Trump’s secret plan to win the midterm elections

Donald Trump upended Washington, D.C. by threatening to shut down the government to force Congress to fund his border wall.

The President’s tweet left everyone scrambling for an answer as to what he was up to.

Rush Limbaugh revealed the secret and it took everyone by surprise.

Limbaugh stated that Trump knows immigration is the issue that fires up his base.

With the midterm elections rapidly approaching, Trump is looking for ways Republicans can match Democrats enthusiasm to vote this November.

And Trump settled on picking a fight over the wall.

According to his show transcript, Limbaugh revealed:

“This is about immigration and it’s about border security. But it’s about more than that, because it is about maintaining this distinct American greatness, a distinct American culture and not allowing it to be diluted and watered down with the unending flow of millions of people who are not legally in the country. Not becoming citizens, not going through the proper channels. Believe me, this is going to turn people out in November. You’ve heard…

I don’t know whether it’s true, but you’ve heard that the momentum and the energy is all on the Democrat side. “The resistance is revved and they can’t wait! They can’t wait to get rid of Trump — and the first step of getting rid of Trump is gaining control of the House for the Democrats.” They can’t wait to do it. I think there are probably some Republicans that believe that. So this is an effort, I think, on Trump’s part to ratchet up the energy, the turnout over the issue that got him elected.

Because, folks, all Trump has right now is his base. That’s his line of defense. That’s his wall. The people that are gonna vote against Trump — i.e., vote against Republicans — are not gonna be bought off with a little policy offer here or a policy offer there. I mean, this is for all the marbles. Trump needs everybody that voted for him for president showing up and voting Republican again. And he needs even more of that.”

Immigration was the signature issue that propelled Trump into the White House.

And the President is betting that a massive fight in the fall over funding the border wall will energize Republicans in 2018 much in the same way it did in 2016 and help the GOP maintain control of Congress.

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  1. I totally agree this situation needs to get resolved – NOW. Thank Heaven Pres. Trump is there for us. He came to us and for us at exactly the right time.

  2. Congratulations to you Rick and your wife! Your wife is the type of immigrants that president Trump and the Americans want for this country. We embrace and love the hard working, law abiding immigrants who want to come to this country the legal way….not the invading way.

    We, the LEGAL immigrants are very much against the illegal aliens in this country. They cost us $135 billion ANNUALLY. It’s time for we the people to stand up and protect our country against the invasion of the USA!

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