Rush Limbaugh smacked Adam Schiff with some really bad news about 2020

Democrats thought Tuesday was their moment of glory.

Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler unveiled articles of impeachment intended to destroy Donald Trump.

But that all backfired when Rush Limbaugh smacked Adam Schiff with some really bad news about 2020.

Democrats know there is little chance of the Senate convicting Donald Trump on the ridiculous charges of obstruction of Congress and abuse of power that Democrats brought forth in their articles of impeachment.

Their real goal is to bloody up Donald Trump with scandal to render him unelectable in 2020.

But as Rush Limbaugh pointed out, that is backfiring as well.

Limbaugh stated during a recent broadcast that the Trump team was celebrating the Democrats terrible decision:

Now, I’m gonna tell you something, and it’s gonna fly in the face of what you may be thinking on your own and what you no doubt are seeing if you’re watching any cable news. I’m telling you this is all imploding on the Democrats, and they know it. And the Trump people are very happy and they’re very content today. Their White House Christmas party’s going on this week, and they are filled with revelry and good cheer.

“Rush, you’re smoking something. What do you mean the Democrats are imploding?” They are imploding! I’m gonna go through all of this as the program unfolds before your very eyes and ears today. This is one of these days where I can’t even get close to getting to all of it in the first segment here. So it’s not a trick to tell you it’s gonna take me some time to go through this. But, folks, I try to do this as thoroughly and with as much anticipation of questions you might have as you to listen me as I can, because the objective here is to make the complex understandable.

New polling gives the White House reason to celebrate.

Firehouse Strategies polled Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and found that Donald Trump led every Democrat challenger in all three states which was a clear reversal from their September poll which showed every Democrat leading the President.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I just posted a comment and you said Ive posred it before. NO I HAvEN?’T AS THIS THE FIRST TIME I’VE READ THIS BY RUSH LIMBAUGH.

  2. Adam schiff is a POS and all the others fools that want to ruin the best president we’ve had in a long time

  3. Half of voters support impeaching Trump and removing him from office, new poll finds

    Half of American voters want President Donald Trump impeached and removed from office, according to a poll released Sunday (12/15/2019) from Fox News that was taken as House Democrats unveiled two articles of impeachment against the President.
    According to the poll, another 4% of voters surveyed nationwide say the President should be impeached but not removed from office, and 41% oppose impeachment altogether. According to the December poll, 53% of voters say Trump abused his power, 48% say he obstructed Congress, and 45% think that he committed bribery. Sixty percent of voters say it is generally wrong for Trump to ask leaders of foreign countries to investigate political rivals.

  4. Excuse me Democrat & Proud: Have you even listened to yourself. Why don’t you just keep on doing what your doing and in 2020 maybe you will commit suicide !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Impeachment alone does not vacate the civil office held by person being impeached. A two-thirds majority of the Senate makes that determination, and in so doing, they may (but do not have to) disqualify the impeachment convict from ever again holding any office honor, trust or profit in the government.

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  10. Grady, my wife is Native American and she thinks “RedMan” is thoroughly retarded but funny in his own stupid way. No, he would not be welcome among my wife’s people.

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  12. Since when is the drug-addled brain of Rush Limbaugh capable of composing an intelligent, fact-based commentary?

  13. When I see redmans name I skip reading the post, same with Julio. Neither one makes any sense and redman seems to have the emotional maturity of a twelve year old. By the bye I should give thanks to the demolosers for ensuring Trump’s reelection.

  14. Thats BS. There is no such law that says that we cannot vote for him if he’s impeached. Impeach him this term and we will vote him back in next term.

  15. WTF you mean libtard, dummy? I will be voting for the first pro-american pres in decades to serve 4 more years

  16. I Have been praising the dems/libs for these last three years for their stupidity! They have managed to focus on the ONE thing Americans don’t want and have lost many who have supported them over the last 3+ years. They have created such a tiresome distraction that even their supporters have come to acknowledge the good that President Trump has done. Americans of all sorts can see everything that the dems/libs have failed to sustain their support. Not just black Americans, but those who have immigrated legally, as well as those who can see the dems/libs empty promises. dems;/libs have used race to divide us, but their way of doing it has actually drawn us closer, embracing what it means to be American without the love and trust of dems/libs. I have friends who have told me that they can identify how the dems/libs “used” them and even caused them to think of others with hatred or disdain. – I love my fellow Americans, and those I don’t agree with are more than 90% white – not black or Hispanic or immigrant. Instead, that little 10% are the most are root laden dems/libs who support such hatred we see today. Racism is a root cause of defending the dems/libs, and thankfully, this is changing in quickly. The dems/libs are really at the end of their rope! It will take more than a decade to recover from this impeachment debacle, and I doubt even then there will always be many voters who will never return to any dem/lib platform. Designed by God for our last days – take advantage, folks, you and I, and our country can still be saved from the Armageddon the dems/libs have for us. That timeline belongs to God, not a corrupt government.

  17. Impeachment has no restriction on voting. In this case ther were no federal statutes were violated so there can be no impeachment trial by the senate. In other words they made complete asses out of themselves .

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  28. Pathetic Liar. The EPA is STILL filled with Obama Communists. Remember:”Tell Vlad I’ll have more freedom after the Election.”. Now tell us who the Russian spy in America before Hillary was….Oblahblah!!

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