Rush Limbaugh surprised everyone by explaining this was the biggest failure of the Trump era

Donald Trump’s time in office is over and Americans are taking stock of his Presidency.

Rush Limbaugh was one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters over the course of the last four years.

And now Rush Limbaugh surprised everyone by explaining this was the biggest failure of the Trump era.

Rush Limbaugh always says he watches the Sunday shows so you don’t have to.

On Monday, he lived up to that recounting what Chuck Todd said on Meet the Press about the results of the final Wall Street Journal poll, which showed even after the riot at the Capitol the President’s approval rating was unchanged from when he took office and that 35 percent of of all Americans and 74 percent of Republicans do not believe Joe Biden won the election fairly.

Chuck Todd whined that this was unfair to Biden as it made it more difficult to pass his socialist agenda.

“How can Joe Biden begin healing the country when more than one of three voters believes he did not win legitimately?” Todd moaned.

Rush explained that what frustrated Chuck Todd – as well as the rest of the Washington, D.C. establishment – the most is the fact that everything that happened over the last four years from the Russian collusion hoax, to the smear campaigns about Trump being a racist, to the impeachment scams was all designed to separate Trump from his voters and that ended in miserable failure.

“May I translate this for you? F. Chuck Todd is sad and depressed again. They tried to separate Trump from his supporters, and they failed again. [impression] ‘How can we ever unify when you stupid Trump people won’t see the light?’ That’s the translation,” Limbaugh declared.

The Left wanted to break the Trump movement so there was no unified opposition to the radical agenda Democrats like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are counting on Joe Biden to rubber stamp.

But that effort failed and the election and its aftermath showed that the vast majority of the 75,000,000 Americans that voted for President Trump are standing by his agenda in opposition to Joe Biden and the Democrats.

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