Rush Limbaugh told his listeners one truth that just changed everything

America is now facing an economic crisis brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

The devastation is destroying lives and businesses.

And Rush Limbaugh told his listeners one truth that just changed everything.

American is facing one stark reality – the economic devastation from government shutdowns is far worse than any havoc the virus unleashed on America.

All the models and projections of apocalyptic death tolls were wildly wrong.

But Rush Limbaugh pointed out that as long as the government lockdowns remain in place job losses will mount and America careens toward a second Great Depression.

Limbaugh also noted that the experts are setting up a scenario to keep the population locked in their homes indefinitely by highlighting Dr. Fauci’s comments that life cannot return to normal until there is a vaccine.

“Well, this is something that the vaunted task force will have to figure out, the task force on restarting the economy. Because I want to remind you that every day when the subject comes up in the briefing, Dr. Fauci manages to remind everybody that there will never, ever be a return to normal until we have a vaccine,” Limbaugh began.

Limbaugh noted that the Dr. Fauci began his work on AIDS in the mid-80s and there is still no vaccine for that treatment.

“We don’t have a vaccine for HIV, and that was Dr. Fauci’s specialty,” Limbaugh added.

Limbaugh warned his audience that Dr. Fauci’s standard of “returning to normal” could never be met.

“We’ve got treatment. We have very advanced treatments for it. So the idea of putting people back to work based on the current way we’re discussing this, you’d have to say never. If the objective remains what it is, never opening the economy. Now, that can’t be. This isn’t sustainable. We’re beyond what was sustainable now, if you ask me, my humble opinion,” Limbaugh concluded.

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  1. Dan the Man…You are still very wrong. Sorry you have no concept of who Jesus is and His wondrous gift and sacrifice for us so we can be in Heaven for eternity. And I would never kill an animal, so have no interest in raising one for food

  2. To The Troll: Me is Me lol. U = U.
    >0nly 1 ‘thang’ Now. ‘We’ Must Be Free !
    No Take Down of USA. We have some Really Badio
    ‘policy’ Goin 0n rite Now.

  3. Thank you bj, I realize I was wrong. Easter is when you go to the farm store and buy a baby turkey to raise for Thanksgiving dinner. They usually have rabbits too, but they taste like well…rabbit.

  4. no edit button. sigh. The word “set” should not be there. I was going to say something else and changed my mind.

  5. James 75th…You are correct. Obama is a liar and his goal was to DIVIDE this country as much as he could, not unite it. He is very racist and set hates whites. He also hates our Constitution and adheres to islam whose goal is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. So not only was he a divider, he is a muslim traitor who lied his way into our White House. We are well rid of him

  6. Happy Easter to all!!! He is risen and this is the most blessed day to celebrate. He loves us so much that He willingly died for our sins and went to Hell and conquered satan and death so that we have the chance to join Him in Heaven for eternity. All who come to Him and repent and accept Him as the Lord of their life will be saved from sin and satan

  7. Robert, I know with CERTAINTY that my mother is in Heaven and I will see her when I get there. YOU can be in Heaven, too, but you have rejected Jesus. He loves you and is waiting for you. It is your choice to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell. No one can make that choice for you. You have to come to Him and repent and accept Him as your Savior and you will know He is there for you

  8. Together we Stand. Divided we Fall. That went out the window when Obama was presented with the Oval Office. He stated he would bring the country together more than before, just the opposite happen.

  9. Robert…no need. What I said is the truth. You have no idea what truth is. You just blindly believe the sick lies of your dem leaders without question. sad. It is I who feel sorry for you. You have no concept of the great love Jesus has for you. You have rejected Him and satan is your master. It is really going to suck to be you when Jesus returns

  10. Robert, you attack Pres. Trump, but the extreme evil and corruption of the Clintons is just fine with you. And you have described Obama very well. Thank God he is no longer our president. Pres. Trump has done only good for this country and for Christians. And you may read the Bible but unless you apply what you read, it is just a bunch of words to you. We are all everything Jesus is not. We are all sinners, including you. Have you come to Jesus and repented and accepted Him as the Lord of your life?

  11. zee, Patrick Henry said “Give me liberty or give me death”. Live Free or Die is the state motto of New Hampshire

  12. bj

    So you support an adulterer, a man who cheated people who worked for him, and surrounds himself with crooks, I believe God sent him to show us what we don’t want. In the Bible, which I be read through twice and read most everyday, God gave us good and bad leaders. However this is the most arrogant, belligerent child, in a man’s body, I’ve ever witnessed in my 65 years of life. He is everything Jesus was not and more.

  13. I’ll torture these numbers until they confess! I so love to hear them scream into submission.

  14. ‘Fausts’/Birx(“scarf lady” (blocking her neck) :”mitigation” ideology,
    Based 0n ‘phony Computer Models, 0f Which HAS NOT PROVEN Anything At ALL
    to Date)>>> BLOCKS
    NORMAL IMMUNITY<< Remember dr.JD: > “HOW To LIE w/ Statistics” …

  15. To ‘dan did it’: Glad ‘I’ pressed your hot button ! LMA0 ..haha…
    To Dan T. ‘Jack Handy’ Is ‘holding me back’.
    > Trbl in Houston. Big Time.
    > Happy Easter ! rite. Go find your ‘eggs’… Stay Safe Dan T. etc.
    > What Did Patrick Henry Say : ” LIVE FREE 0r ‘Die”…
    > LISTEN to M.Levin(0nline) etc/ he ‘nails ‘it’ …

  16. Robert, God will have the last laugh. He gave us Pres. Trump because He knows how evil Hillary is. Pres. Trump has done only good for us. But you have no clue of the truth because you follow satan, the father of hate and lies

  17. Dan ET AL … You are clearly the stupid one. This is a conservative Christian site and it is obvious that you know nothing at all about either. You just spew your hate and lies which proves your ignorance

  18. dan did it…Rush is right about 95% of the time, which is way more than you. You have no concept of the truth. And Hillary lies every time she opens her mouth, and that is fine with you. But why do you care??? Dems have no morals. They have thrown God out and follow satan. Lying is good to them. Cleary YOU are the waste. You have only hate and lies

  19. Zee I am noticing that the commie trolls are coming out of the closet. The whining little girly’s are blown away because Trump gaining in job approval. The snowflakes are melting. Lol

  20. Robert,

    I been trolling here for several years. When faced with proof of their ignorance, they engage in childish banter to bolster their sense of self worth. I am sure they will not understand the adult talk so I will just say it, THEY ARE STUPID.

  21. James Bell

    The only time Rush is right is when his mouth is closed. If his mouth is open he is lying. Been that way for years. Rush is a blob of a human waste.

  22. Public_Citizen,

    Your post, with the big words that you mostly used correctly has somewhat impressed me in regard to your intellectual capabilities. What really upsets me is that you drink from TD’s golden toilet and your message becomes irrelevant since you are just another TDCC or trumpty dumpty cult creature for those not paying attention.

  23. Welcome zee, I see you have blessed us with some of your incoherent ramblings. I know that it is not your fault that your mother was so gassy and blew you out the wrong hole and you nearly drown in the toilet.

  24. ML,

    Jealous of what? This President? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  25. As usual, Rush is right again. And we can see more and more with each passing day, Dr. Fauci is nothing more than a puppet for the left.

  26. I think we should just have the FDA approve Hydroxchloroquine for use on Covid-19, start giving it to everyone who has this illness and get on with curing it. Then we can get this country back to normal. After that, keep working on the vaccine while America gets back on it’s feet. Simple enough. The Government has millions of those pills in stock. Start handing them out!

  27. Dr. Dithers [Fauchi] is practicing the Joseph Goebels School of Political Rhetoric.
    Dr. Dithers is a Bureaucrat [note: this word in this context is an expletive] who will always want more data, more analysis, and more time, in order to put off to another day actually having to Make A Decision.
    This “action”, or lack thereof, is perpetrated in order to avoid any action that could result in the Blame Game pointing a finger at the basically incompetent bureaucrat who is in over his head, in accordance with The Peter Principal.
    We don’t need dithering bureaucrats. What we need is somebody with a medical education who has the attitude, mindset, and analytical capabilities of a George Patton.
    Why? Because the economic damage is hitting the point where Human Lives Are At Stake and if the economy isn’t pulled out of the current enforced Death Spiral the Loss Of Human Life attributable to Economic Consequences will swiftly outstrip the loss of life attributable to the Covid-19 Virus.

  28. Joseph, actually the dems are in league with satan, having thrown God out. So are the Chinese, so that makes you all related

  29. Gun Freak…You are extremely SICK!!!! Everyone dies. YOU will, too. When Rush dies he will be in Heaven. It is really going to suck for you when you die. Jesus forbids your sick hate and He will be your final judge and you will join your master satan in Hell. Yippee!!!!!

  30. Well, time to bid farewell to the intellectually challenged group that hangs out here.

    Stay stupid, your cult leader Trumpty Dumpty like you to dumb.

    For future reference I will use TD to refer to the slug in the WH in future post. Got that danniboi?

  31. Mattress Mary and Roofie welcome to the forum. There are many here that are stupid enough to believe your uninformed and blatantly false theories.

  32. There is a connection between Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates.Gill Gates has stated that they are working to try to come up with a vaccine. Is this why Dr. Fauci stated that life cannot return to normal unless we have a vaccine. Is this why he doesn’t like the use of hydroxchloroquine. I do know that there is not much money to be made on hydroxchloriquine, too many genetic drugs and drug is nearly 70 years old. However, if a vaccine were to come out it would be a money maker and very expensive.

  33. Please fire DR FAUCI – he is not to be trusted. He is NOT for anything but his vaccine AND the fact that he wants people to stay in place UNTIL we don’t have anymore deaths or anyone else to get the virus. THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. He also says that this virus will return in the Fall – and that, my friends is to disrupt the presidential election. Please take heed – normal citizens are seeing through this man Dr Fauci.

  34. TDCC I notived you typoed on you name. You need to be retrained your name is Trumpty Dumpty Conspiracy Creature. TDCC being the correct acronym.

  35. Yeah I think so for a little while, then we have to give them the classic BYE BYE and Stay Stupid exit that they all love.

  36. And rahm’s brother Ezekiel Emanuel said we should shut everything down for 18 months. The Democrats would love that….more government control.

  37. Don’t even listen to this black chick the Moll, she’ll get clipped by our people during a drug transaction. Far as Joseph Leslie, remember one thing, Bill Clinton signed the trade agreement with China that cost tens of thousands of Americans their jobs. Now Trump is correcting the screw up Demo-Rats started to begin with…

  38. Hey Allen, How many more people would die from the flu if we DO NOT have a vaccine? Think before you spout stupidity and show your ignorance. Rush said Covid-19 was nothing more than the common cold. Trump ignored it for a long time, said it was a hoax, contradicts himself all the time. Think about it. You voted for a “good business man” who has filed for bankruptcy 7 times, lost a million dollars a year for 10 years and is playing the taxpayers like no one ever has. Of course he donates his salary. He’s making a mint golfing and staying at his properties all the damn time. He is doing everything he berated everyone else for and you allow it because you hate anyone who doesn’t see things like you see it. He was bankrupting this country long before the Corona Virus came. Wake up and smell the damn coffee.

  39. What does the gun moll use a gun for, a dildo? All demoncrats, commiecrats, left wing assholes are going to be removed eventually. Keep the faith, DJT is the answer!

  40. EVERYONE pay attention. We are being manipulating by the global elitists; lines at the stores, limited supplies, government intervention in our lives restricting our freedoms. This pandemic is the Global Elitist / New World Order’s wet dream. The further we spiral downward, the more dependent on government we become. We need to turn this around or our freedoms will be forfeit.

  41. Gun Moll, you truly are a mentally disturbed person with your attack on Medal of Freedom
    winner, and American Hero, Rush Limbaugh, the very voice of freedom through the very dark ages of FAKE media CNN, NYT, Wash Post, LA Times, ABC, NBC, and other communist
    propaganda networks. Without a question, the most reliable, most truthful news network
    in America is the Excellence in Broadcasting network. No Question!!

  42. America cannot play the game of “waiting for Dr. Fauci”. We have the drugs, and perhaps a vaccine to at least minimize/lessen the effects in most cases of coronavirus RIGHT NOW, according to Gov Cuomo. Cuomo has followed Trump’s leadership in allowing NY doctors to have these drugs available RIGHT NOW. The time is URGENT, the time is now!
    Coronavirus knows neither political party, it infects/kills all. America cannot economically afford to wait months for a cure, much less years. Lets get the ball rolling on these new drugs and new drug applications, NOW.

  43. Gun slut I hope that you get the virus and croak soon. The world would be better off without ass wipes like you. And I hope that James Leslie joins you. Let us know if we can help.

  44. This Man of Science is not a businessman or economist. This Nation need to roll it, get on track and go to work. This is just an excuse to party on. New York etc is the hardest hit but we have many other parts of this nation that can work and work now. Trump should listen to his own words and forget the good Doctor and open this Nation up Today with restrictions.

  45. I don’t think the democrats are colluding with the Chinese.
    However, since both share the same political persuasion, I see them using the same tactics. Both democrats, and the communist Chinese engage in lying and propaganda to push their agenda.

  46. I can’t see how they can have one democrats being elected to anything in November. they are real trouble.

  47. The “Right-Wing Nutjobs” above who claim that Democrats are in league with the Chinese Communists should remember one fact! It was Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon and Henry Kissinger who went to The People’s Republic of China and romanced Mao Tse Tung!

  48. Commiecrats will stop at nothing to win. Most recent attempt is “wrote in voting”. Since Bernie got another lake house to get out of Hillary’s way, I wonder what he got to get out of Joe’s way – be clipping bear bonds coupons soon.

  49. The Democrats are not prone to telling the truth. Remember how Adam told us for 2-3 years that he had proof that Trump had conspired with the Russians.

  50. The Commiecrats here are that smart! Try the Chinese Communists~~ Wuhan is one of thier scientific research Centers. Their goal is to build the One World Government, ruled by the Communist Party! Communism is SATANISM!

  51. I’m wondering if the commiecrats will try to use the virus to bring us into submission. I’m openly accusing the commiecrats of colluding with China to do just that. But the power is in our hands to stop it. Also the republicans should get off their asses and look hard at the agenda behind this.

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