Rush Limbaugh told one coronavirus truth that no one wanted to hear

The coronavirus killed over 34,000 Americans.

But, in addition to the loss of life, the coronavirus led to lockdowns that turned off the United States economy.

And now Rush Limbaugh told one coronavirus truth that no one wanted to hear.

On Thursday, 5.2 million more Americans filed for unemployment as the coronavirus lockdowns continue ravaging the United States economy.

In total 22 million Americans – a shade under 15 percent of the workforce – lost their jobs in just three weeks.

Rush Limbaugh warned Americans that the United States was on the verge of a second Great Depression and that Democrats and the Fake News Media cheered on these developments.

“All we need is a 30 to 40% contraction in this economy,” Limbaugh stated. “We’ll hit Great Recession territory first and then Depression, if this doesn’t stop — and the idea that there are people advocating for this!”

“The Drive-By Media – the media and the Democrats – are fully on board with the Democrat agenda here […] They are hoping that coronavirus accomplishes what Robert Mueller and impeachment, Adam Schiff failed to do,” Limbaugh stated.

Limbaugh explained that the Fake News Media and Democrats were cheering on an extended lockdown and resulting Great Depression because they think it is the silver bullet that will finally bring down Trump.

“Three years to revive an economy, create roaring circumstances. It took less than two months to wipe it all out. Twenty-two million people filing for unemployment compensation — 22 million — and the idea that there is not an angry outcry from all over the world that this must stop?” Limbaugh told the audience.

Finally, Limbaugh warned his audience that extending the lockdown could lead to an unthinkable outcome and urged Americans to rise up in protest.

“That outcry had better happen, because this . . . We’re beyond now saying this is unsustainable. This is untenable! This is cataclysmic! We’re in the midst of a self-created disaster that we could fix (snap, snap, snap) at the snap of our fingers,” Limbaugh concluded.

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  1. Our Government and the states Governors all say we need to open up the economy if the “Safest Way”

    When the words “Safest Way” is used it means “Controlled Safety”. Americans do not need to be controlled. We are not children and we are able to take care of ourselves and our businesses without our big brother telling us what to do. and how to act.
    The safest way and best way to get our economy back to where it was is open it up for all, except where the hot spots are, like New York City. We are treating the rest of America like N.Y.City and the other hot spots as if they have bad water and so since they have to boil their water so now the rest of the country has to boil their water.
    If we don’t get back to pre-Coronavirus days soon we never get back our country the way it was.
    If we don’t things opened and soon there will more lives, livelihoods lost than we lost from the virus and more business be lost that will never comeback.

  2. Sylvia, of course they rigged the numbers. The DIM’S do NOT care what happens to this country. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find out that some of them were behind the virus getting into the country. I don’t know anybody that has had the virus, & don’t know anybody that knows somebody that’s had it. So don’t believe any figures that you see, unless it’s from a reputable source. The Chinese have shut the economy of the world down. However, they don’t know us patriots very well. WE aren’t going to just lay down, & take it. We’ll fight to our last breath to stop it.

  3. O possum, You obviously don’t watch the REAL news. And, yes, there’s evidence that the Dims are a BIG part of the problem. For one thing, they’ve fought, tooth, & nail, to try to stop ANYTHING good from happening, like the stimulus package. And, on more than ONE occasion have sided with America’s enemies, such as China AND Iran. He’s called for Pelosi& the rest of the Dims, to come back to D.C. & help out those that are hardest hit. So give me some PROOF of what you say.

  4. My Questions to everyone can you explain to me, if we have over six hundred Thousand cases of the corona Virus, and we didn’t have tester’s Were they counting the people with the annual flu to make like the numbers were higher. My other question in the last
    two months other people have died in the Country with other illness are they adding then in the count of deaths. If you really pay attention the numbers are not adding up.

  5. I ‘Lament’ The FACT, That Pres. For so long,
    Ev’ry effing Day For 6 wks !!! HAS ‘Endorsed’
    TotaL fear MONGERING W/ fALSE Computer ‘models/’
    >Bent & spent Statistics, per Fauci [Faust]/& Birx]…
    &&& NOT happy’ To Say this… Know ‘what i’m talkin’ about ?
    Hope So. Better ‘GET 0n ‘it’ ppl…D0 What U ‘HAve TO DO !

  6. Welllll ‘folks’… We Are IN
    uh-0h World/ ie USA… Stay Strong. ___
    > RISE UP ! NOW… Do Your Duty…

  7. It’s time to start reopening the economy let businesses open people go back to work. Leave the borders closed to travel out of the USA, no one comes from another country into the USA. Let people go to restaurants and half capacity, let hair salons, nail salons, retail businesses open. There have been less deaths from Covid–19 than from H1N1 flu in 2009.

  8. Please America go to You Tube look up Dr. Rashid Buttar and he EXPOSES Dr. Fauci along with Bill Gates. Listen to the entire video if you have any comin Since what he exposes will shock you. This Doctor is in the top 50 in US and he was and ex marine working has a doctor he was around during several of the Pandemic’s.
    It doesn’t matter if your Red State Blue State were all Americans. Please take the time to listen until the very end then maybe just maybe we can come together has Americans, it affects every single one of us are Family and friends especially are children. God Bless Every single one of you. God Bless America.

  9. Democrats have 2 goals with the COVID 19 pandemic.
    1st. Crash the economy to help defeat Trump in November.
    2nd. Get federal aid to help pay for their mismanaged spending, and underfunded pension liabilities.

  10. the democrats the people will come after them and the media too if they keep this up I will tell you if they do no stop and let TRUMP do his thang and make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN there will be a Civil War and democrats in congress and muslims will be gone from this contry

  11. We certainly have a pande….something, but it’s more like pandemonium. Thank you to all our governors, mayors and media who promoted pandemonium to help the failing democrat party under the leadership of so many morons it’s hard to put all their names here, because I don’t have enough room. You have literally managed to bring our heretofore stunning economy into dry dock.

  12. Means Nothing “O Coon”. Only thing that happen in 2009 was the intelligence agencies and FBI were being weaponized by little Shoe Shine.

  13. More lies from Rush. “They are hoping…..” Really? Does Rush have a single shred of evidence for this mind reading he is doing? Does he ever present actual evidence for any of his speculation? No and no.
    ““Three years to revive an economy..”? Really? The economy began it’s recovery during late 2009 and continued until recently. Rush’s rewrite of history may sound satisfying to Trump fans, but not to the majority of the country.



  16. To everyone out there, Liberals conservatives remember one thing God is in control. God died on the cross for everyone of are sins.
    Stop the Hate Jesus loves all of you. Its time for Hollywood the Media, and the haters
    to have respect for everyone.

  17. Dems do not care about truth. What they want is anything they can weaponize against Trump thinking it will hurt his re-election. They do not know that 80% of the voting people will vote Trump. They have already lost and they just make it really bad for their chances. Even the Dems will not vote for Biden. What they say may not happen in the voting booth. Even the vote stuffers will not be able to fraud Biden to office.

  18. Your absolutely right Rush the dmocrats are actually hoping for more deaths to get their agenda.

  19. Should it be imminent for the pandemic to evolved into depression, the responsible people in politics, must realized that they will not be safe! I do believed they will have more to lose. Poor,desperate, hungry, frustrated people are more dangerous than criminals. What do you thing will happened to the Polosi, Schieff, Nader, Schummer, Waters and their kind? Good riddance!!!!

  20. I’m not even going to comment about the brain dead left. All I want to say is I am praying that this is over soon. Please take care of yourselves. One less American is a great loss.

  21. Good Lord, since 2016 I have watched my party turn into a bunch of paranoid nut cases.
    Do you really think people who support the Democratic part want our country to go under? Or maybe, just maybe, they believe an extra week or two of holding back might help prevent a worse catastrophe? I think it’s time to sign up with Independents. Hopefully, I can find some sanity and objectivity there.

  22. Julio
    Evidently you don’t understand that President Trump is not the governors daddy. What did the Governor Como do when he was told that N. Y. was short of respirators, bought solar panels. He didn’t listen hr own people. what make you think that he would have listen to anything President Trump would have said? Or did you know that the WHO had said that the carnivorous was not spread human to human. Oh yes what were your good Democrats dealing with in January and February when warned Congress in the SOTA address and then closed the travel from China. Or have you conventionally forgot about the failed impeachment was their priority over anything.
    It is sad that you have been brainwashed by the fake news propaganda.

  23. Limbaugh is a lying pos scumbag traitor like Trump. All of you trumptards are braindead imbeciles. THE ENTIRE WORLD IS LAUGHING AT YOU.

  24. Due to the artificial bumping of numbers, the 34,000 Mortality rate is highly suspect. New York alone, has fudged their numbers. Testing positive for the virus, but dying of an unrelated cause, does not make CoVid 19 the cause of death, and that is exactly what they’ve done in too many locations. Not only poor Medical Science but extremely skewed statistics.
    I said back when this all started, that the numbers didn’t necessitate the extreme response we’ve been subjected to, and that this pandemic would go down in history as a case study in overreaction and media manipulated hysteria, and so far, the evidence supports that assessment.

  25. This is not about GOP or Dem. This is about real people lives not politics. So to all of you people stop the sarcasm, when will we the people wise up and see that this is serious and troubling times we’re living in. Only GOD knows, and only God can fix this problem, instead of criticizing Y all why Don’t you all PRAY!!!

  26. If people think that Americans will let our Country be taken over by Communists they have lost their minds, as War will break out here in the United States, besides the way it already has with the Written Word.

    Trump 2020!!!

  27. When the U.S. alerted Israel and NATO about the coronavirus IN NOVEMBER — why did Trump not tell us so we could prepare? Why did he not tell the governors so they could prepare?

  28. This is all planned out by DEMOCRAT HOUSE AND SUPPORTER. Not all death was by coronavirus. Some died a natural death. But Democrat got the media claiming all died the virus! How can you TRUST any Media or reporter? Jim Ascosta is the biggest LIAR IN THE MEDIA! I Would not even trust a Democrat Congress. They are trying hard to DESTORY AMERICA. So they can TAKE CONTROL OF EVERYTHING!

  29. Let get some truth for a change,for out of the 34000 just how many were lost to the virus? I am not a Doctor, but You can bet that these number where fudged and most like comes to 3400 for these people that want to kill our Republic to line their own pockets will lie and do anything to even murder other that stand in their way of Power Grab. I am a 91 year old Veteran and seen it time and time again. Most of the People died from other causes, but the slime elite has the power to tell them to place all the blame on the Virus. I ask one question, how about the over 100,000 people kill each year from FDA approved poison drugs each just so the Politicians can have their palms greased with payola from the profits. It is there just look, for I found it and have faced these scum politicians and nothing was done. From a 91 year old Retired Veteran and if I can see the Corruption just where are the rest of the Citizens?

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