Rush Limbaugh told one truth that Megan Rapinoe doesn’t want to hear

Anti-America soccer player Megan Rapinoe has become a hero to the Left after winning the Women’s World Cup.

Rapinoe routinely trashes President Trump and trashes the American flag with un-American protests.

But Rush Limbaugh told one truth that Megan Rapinoe doesn’t want to hear.

On a recent broadcast, Limbaugh discussed the controversial interview Rapinoe gave to CNN’s Anderson Cooper where she falsely claimed President Trump promoted a message that excluded homosexuals such as herself.

Limbaugh suspected there was something more going on since Trump has never singled out homosexuals or even nominated a homosexual to serve as his Ambassador to Germany.

The top-rated conservative talk show host deduced that Rapinoe’s political activism was designed to win a multi-million-dollar contract with America-hating shoe company Nike.

Breitbart reports on the transcript of Limbaugh’s remarks:

There’s not a single utterance ever from Donald Trump on the subject. And, you know what? Anderson Cooper doesn’t care, as long as she’s saying it, mission accomplished. Cooper then said, “Can you see a day where you do put your hand over your heart and sing the national anthem?”

So here we have the captain of the American women’s soccer team reluctant to sing the national anthem. Do you know what I think this babe may be angling for? Kaepernick. She wants a Kaepernick deal with Nike. Damn straight. She’s angling for a Kaepernick. She’s showing Nike she can be just as anti-American as Kaepernick. Give me a chance. Let me do the LGBTQ angle of Kaepernick.

I don’t think they would pay her the same. Well, I say that. Who would ever know? We don’t know what they’re paying Kaepernick. We would only know if they pay her the same as Kaepernick if we find out what they’re paying Kaepernick. But she would demand to be paid the same as Kaepernick. But then she would have to perform like Kaepernick. They’d have to design a set of soccer shoes that had the American flag on it, she’d have to say, “Nope, not wearing ’em. Don’t sell ’em,” and they would say, “OK. We won’t.” Or whatever. Anyway, here’s how she answered the question.

Rapinoe would not be the first America hater to cash in on spitting on the memory of dead soldiers.

Racist former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick signed a mega contract to be a Nike brand ambassador after it became apparent his lousy quarterbacking skills would keep him out of the NFL.

Rapinoe could be looking to travel the same route.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  2. Rapinoe no one cares that you lick on women. Your just another person in the U.S. that talks and no one listens. We don’t need you on the soccer field or the soil of the United States of America. We can do it without you period.

  3. like to see pictures of the wall that follows the border and completely surrounds the country.

  4. Spain has the biggest most wonderful wall in the world, so what is he talking about. They will tell you it works very well. The US is one of the few countries that doesn’t have a wall.

  5. and asked if Portugal, surrounded on three sides by Spain, needed a wall to maintain border integrity as some say the U.S. needs. If not, what does the rulers of Portugal know the U.S. leaders do not?

  6. 0uuuu, you up late/early?
    ” Yo Mind” IS Swirling / Rightly SOOO.!!!
    >Don’t Need to “show” wall ‘tween
    ‘S’ /’P’. Furthermore re DNA –
    NO ‘WALL’ Prevents a DNA ‘transverse’.
    good nite, Sleep Well/ Hopefully Restful.
    TALK to GOD/ & Your RIGHTFUL Guardian ANGEL/ &&&
    NOT the ‘false 0nes’. V. Deceiving, you know.
    AnyTing Else??? What DID you ‘eat’ for ‘Supper’???
    >>> ALSO, ‘i’ CAN EASILY ANSWER ANY ‘q’ you may have.
    But ‘i try to Have Respect IN ‘Dialogue’. 0k? 0K !!!
    I EXPECT ‘reciprocal’.

  7. yet Portugal is mighty enough to not need a border wall. U.S.A. is weaker than Portugal?

  8. my comment was not about the abhorrent. another deflecting trumper when they can’t answer.

  9. ANOTHER Day Has Come ‘tween Spain/Portugal ie
    ‘That’ MAY Be ‘tween U & ME.
    (&&& Many ‘others’ For that FACT’)
    Got that? I ‘think’ You Do.
    Hey, mister ‘julio’ Find some ‘Sites’~~
    0nline & Play some GAMES, of your choice.
    You WILL Ne Better 0ff than reading KrAAP news.

  10. You mister ARE ‘spinning’ AWAY from
    Spain to Portugal. Quit it.
    Portugal Way Different THAN Spain
    (in DNA) Face It. a’moron’ Would Argue.
    Don’t___ ps. &&& ‘i’ 0nly Say this B/Cuz
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    'Clean 'it' UP, dudio.

  11. ‘some’ & ‘i’ SAID: ‘some, Spain DNA IS ‘Shameful/Abhorrent’.
    Bottom Line: YOU! mister julio’ Do NOT
    Have to Succumb’/ But Is somewhat 0bvious In your posts.
    > ~~~ TALK To GOD___ Period. HELP YOURSEF ‘IN’ MIND/SOUL.
    Screw the ‘nasty news’. Don’t indulge. 0k? 0K !!!
    SAVE YOURSELF thru SOUL, NO Matter What. good nite.

  12. I Don’t Care If You asked re Spain
    Tout Your Heritage/ DNA. enuff Said.

  13. “Walls’ DO NOT TOTALLY work. (0bviously)
    But CAN HELP. (in Undesireable
    Conditions, Such As in 0PEN Borders
    IN USA. POTUS ‘trying to STOP/ DEMS
    BLOCK/Want 0pen/ Take Your SS/Medicare etc
    FOR ;illegals. FACE IT. YOUR DEMS SAY SO.
    Truth. WTFU..

  14. did I ask if Spain had abhorrent practices? I pointed out that Portugal seems to maintain secure borders without a wall. if you know of a Portugal border wall let me know,

  15. s or no. does Portugal have a wall separating it from Spain? yes or no? does Portugal manage to have secure borders without a wall? yes, or no. that Spain has abhorrent practices is another question for another day.

  16. pps. Again: DO NOT ‘insult 0r Demean ‘me’
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    What ” Pray tell, DID YOU EAT/Drink in LIFE
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    Research. i’m sorry.

  17. Do NOT ‘insult’ ME ! Thank you.
    Spain Has ABHORRENT ‘old’ Practices’
    of which ‘i’ Would NOT be so ‘proud’ of.
    WORSE than past History of USA. & IFFF
    you don’t KNOW ‘whar’ i;m talking about, well then
    You Really Are Lost. good nite.

  18. Too Bad Mr. Donald IS NOT a ‘dictator’.
    I WISH He WAS. You 0nly Got 4 more.
    IFFFF U/ ‘WE’ Are lucky? Blessed ???
    >>> Google/Facebook/Twitter HAVE VOWED
    to Prevent DJT 2020. YOU, mister, Should
    KNOW re ‘that’. HOW Can a Person KEEP
    their Mind CLEAR, when Already ‘Altered’.
    You tell me. thank you.

  19. ANY WALL CAN Be ‘0verflown’.. Duh ! You ARE
    ‘twisting words/thoughts’. ___
    YOUR P of A ‘better Get ‘on the ball’.
    > Re Your ‘thinking’ according to KrAAp news
    re SS/ Medicare etc. HERE Is excerpt.
    Some Republicans have said Trump’s refusal, so far, to pursue big changes to entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security have made it nearly impossible for him to fix the budget. <<<< !!!!
    "They have never proposed serious entitlement reforms, and he has said quite clearly that he won't," said Douglas Holtz-Eakin, a Republican and former Congressional Budget Office director. "Until they do, they are not serious about anything." <<<>>I’m NOT HERE to ‘Argue w/you 0R be your ‘teacher’
    Info i have give below IS ‘priceless’. MOST peeps WILL
    Not take the TIME, b’cuz ‘they’ DON’T KNOW enuff To DO SO.
    > TALK to God/Guardian Angels & Do Yourself a Huge Favour.
    > Furthermore, don’t ‘spew’ Ignorant thought’ Due TO
    ‘false Info’. Got that? But, I KNOW, YOU NEED a ‘Some0ne’
    to Talk to & Express Your Mind. Clean ‘it’ UP, dude.

  20. the cuts total THOUSANDS of times that amount. over 500 BILLION. In comparison 10-20 million is pocket chang

  21. great wall of china. is it so tall it can’t be flown over?
    Spain and Portugal. are their borders secure without a wall?
    name the democrat who has specifically said they want open borders.
    my wife has power of attorney. I have no idea what the details of my social security and pension and disability are.

  22. I mentioned Portugal and Spain because my last name comes from Spain. you didn’t notice? and Portugal has maintained it’s identity without a wall. and the great wall? you can walk around the end. and I don’t think it separates any current nations.

  23. Hey ‘julio; You ‘pretty Good’
    typing (ballistic) 1
    Be Thankful ok? &&
    Be the hell Thankful, That a ‘dictator’
    Hasn’t Shut You DOWN. Happening in ‘other’
    Countries, you know. Rite?
    julio richard laredo
    JULY 17, 2019 AT 12:31 AM
    Who helps you type?
    no one. I have enough control of my right arm to type with one finger. I used to be able to touch type using both hands.

  24. PLEASE, ‘julio’ DO NOT WASTE
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  25. Wow, You ‘missing’ ! A LOT !!! i guess
    Even the ‘fake news you watch IS LYING To You re ‘That’.
    > WHY Would you mention Portugal/Spain ??? What ?
    The Great China Wall – Long Timee Ago. STILL THERE.
    BTW: mister, My SS has been incremented For Several yrs
    & Continues. What re Yours ??? IF NOT ‘incremented’ Then
    a Some0ne IS ‘ripping you 0ff’ ! Better look into that.

  26. RR ‘blocking post to You re Dem Debate: Did You
    Watch it / I DID ___
    They ALL raised their hands to Support 10-22 Million
    for ‘free HC.etc. That means Taking from Yours To PAY
    For ‘theirs. Do Yo Not YET, ‘understand Their System’ ?

  27. as far as I know no democrat has said they want open borders. like with virtually every border i know of they just don’t advocate a big wall. if you know of a continuous wall between, like;, Portugal and Spain, let me know.

  28. have you looked at the cuts to social security and medicare in upcoming proposed budgets for trump?

  29. that will keep away any more Republican contributions. they were second to New Balance.

  30. what specific topic do you think criticism is warranted? did a dem promise Carrier jpbs would not be outsourced to Mexico then were?

  31. Also Mister ‘julio’, President Trump
    Will ‘save your butt’ 4 more yrs. He
    Is Saving your SS/medicare NOW ! Dems
    Want to take it Away. Capish. They 0penly
    what Dems Are TELLING YOU !!! geez.
    What does Your news tell you.
    0k – i’m pretty much Done w/you. Good luck ???
    Love Your COUNTRY !!! It’s V. Possible, you
    could Have a “comUppance”.
    Ask God/ Guardian Angels for help.
    ps. Even ‘atheists’ KNOW There IS a ‘God’.

  32. You’re ‘wasting’ time + more Already.
    a Great Rally. POTUS WAS AWESOME !!!!
    God Bless/SAVE USA !!!

  33. >>>0PEN BORDERS Not an ‘ISSUE’??? Losing Your SS/Medicare to
    ‘illegals’ IS NOT an ISSUE to YOU ??? Dems Have Already
    stated their case, 0penly, did you miss that? Also,
    >>> Study Vostok Ice Cores.
    6. It isn’t just about what is happening in the atmosphere.
    Read 2-3x Let it SOAK IN. Lesson 101 re C02.
    Most of Earth’s carbon – about 65,500 billion metric tons – is stored in rocks.<<<<< The rest resides in the ocean, atmosphere, plants, soil, and fossil fuels. Carbon flows between each reservoir in the carbon cycle, which has slow and fast components.

  34. 4 huge issues? climate change, environment, pollution, medicare/social security. and i’m 66.

  35. Hey Mister ‘julio’. Swing your legs over bed.
    TUNE IN To Your Beloved PRESIDENT. aRally NOW.
    LISTEN UP. Give You someting To DO !!! lol
    RSBN.TV Go For it, Veep is walking 0ut NOW.

  36. Hey Mr. i’ll be your ‘pen pal’ for a few more minutes.
    I don’t Mind (At All) ‘criticism’ of 0ur President.
    But To BE FAIR – ‘criticize’ The 0THER SIDE, As Well.
    Rite ? 2 way street dude, Are You FAIR ?

  37. Hey ‘julio’ Thanks for Answering
    q’s 1 at a time. More than anyone else
    would do. I DEFEND USA to the ‘last drop’
    & Will NEVER EVER SUCCUMB to what Dems
    Have Now EXPOSED & 0PENLY. Tell me what You
    think are the 4 HUGE ‘Issues’. & Do you Agree ???
    Stay well the best you can. Strokes ARE V. bad.
    How many yrs have you ‘packed’ 0n Earth ?
    Just curious.

  38. the irs head had stated an audit would not compromise releasing his taxes. do you know what ‘not’ means or are three letter words too complicated for you to understand?

  39. You watching CNN All day Laying
    in Bed?.

    no. mostly HBO.
    Are you a Liar?
    no. i’m scrupulously honest

  40. Who helps you type?
    no one. I have enough control of my right arm to type with one finger. I used to be able to touch type using both hands.

  41. How Did You Find this site ???
    for some reason I got put on a conservative mailing list posts from this site suddenly showed up in my mailbox with a widdle blue button labeled ‘REPLY.’

  42. my computer is set up at the side of the bed. I just swing my legs over – and voila I can reach my cordless keyboard. you can’t imagine a keyboard that can connect to a computer wirelessly?

  43. Can’t Get 0UT of Bed, julio?
    But you can still type ‘junk’?
    How Did You Find this site ???
    Who helps you type?
    You watching CNN All day Laying
    in Bed?. Are you a Liar?

    He SHOULD NOT RELEASE ‘tax forms’ &
    UNDER Constant Audit. Look ‘julio’
    I’ve had a few ‘strokes myself’, &&& PULLED
    THINK Protecting USA. MEDIA/Dem KrAAP
    Does NOT INFLUENCE What My’ Heart’ KNOWS.
    Do You get That?

  45. I’m sad for you, julio, ‘strokewise’, Not good, BUT
    Your ‘mind’ Has gone astray. Try ‘Defending the Country
    USA, in which you live. DON’T Let the Lib/Dems/Media
    Get to you. Stay Strong. Think Hard.

  46. You know what olddog he volunteered his service to our country. He and others like him I for one cannot tell the military where to send us. EVERYONE OF US PUT OUR LIVES ON THE LINE TO SERVE, WE GO WHERE WE WERE ASSIGNED. THANKS TO ALL WHO SERVED. Olddogturd remember these politicians, and so called crying brats that are payed or sponsored by our wonderful,beautiful country that denounced or have nothing good to say about it ( like you) leave find a country that will put up with your baby,crying, I did not get enough even though I didn’t earn it. Please Leave no one is holding you here, and take all the ungrateful so called sports players, and politicians that swore an oath to this country but violate every day.

  47. That was the thing about Trump charity, he did not take a salary like all the one’s run by democrats. He donated 170 million, how much have you donated.

  48. hey dc! like your comment but these idiots probably never heard of the forbes list of the billionaires in this country.trump is ranked 715 on the list with a net worth of 3.1 billion.but they’re too stupid to look it up!

  49. I had a stroke, which means I can’t get erections. because of the stroke and retired I have lotsa time.

  50. Hey ‘julio’. RR lettin’ you
    ‘Hog’ this site ! What’s your
    prob ? got N0 0ne to talk to ??/

  51. how much is the salary? how much has he cut from departments? if you are brave enough to check his donated salary is not even 1/1000 of what he cut.

  52. Stupid much? President Trump doesn’t take a salary he donates to different charities. Did Obummer do anything even close to that? Absolutely NOT

  53. Stupid much? President Trump doesn’t take a salary he donates to different charities. Did Obummer do anything even close to that?

  54. Look at the Jews. Read the promises God made to the Jews. Every one of them has been kept. Except for those that are yet to be fulfilled. They will be fulfilled and God said of Jesus, “this is my son in whom I am well pleased”. If yo want truth, you must have an open mind.

  55. far fewer times than trump. as far as I can tell he Obama went on the order of once a month. Trump, about once a week. if you have a source that reports a different total feel free to quote it.

  56. I would follow the words of Jefferson and still resist. just as there were those who resisted when Obama was re-elected.

  57. I did some research. that is why I suspect there was no son of god with supernatural powers. there might have been some fully human guy who people thought was the sun of god. the rest is as real as the tales of Paul Bunyan or Pecos Bill.

  58. Right on George!!!! I’m so sick of these Liberals too. Get rid of them, they’re sick perverted friends, the four women who are boo hooing about “women of color who are commies” and the rest of their Evil Followers and then our country will be GREAT AGAIN????????????????????????????????????????????????

  59. a promise like keeping Carrier jobs from being outsourced to Mexico? how is that working out?

  60. ike I wanted orange to succeed. but trump wasn’t the right whatever he is. I knew from the peter muir interview.


    You must really feel emasculated to have to try pulling rank.

    Two of my brothers-in-;aw died for nothing in that Hell hole, and they were far better men than you could ever imagine being.

  62. In the slum where I grew up, we had a special word (not printable ere) for grown men who picked on women.

    Those who did might also just be required to go for a 2AM ride in someone’s Caddy.


  63. Exactly. I wanted to see a black man succeed, until I realized that Obama was amything but the right man.

  64. Jesus need not prove to you or anyone that He is the Son of God and Savior to the world. If I were you I would make a decision. Do I believe in a man that historically was proven to walk this earth and Biblically written about by hundreds of witnesses or do I reject Jesus and end up in hell when I die? For rejecting Jesus is the only sin one cannot be forgiven of if the rejection continues until death happens. There is no fire insurance for you in Hell. And there are no potholders…I am sad for people that reject Jesus. They cannot understand things of the spirit for their spirit is not alive unto God . Obviously your spirit is one of darkness thus the nasty and quite silly remarks you make. You may think you are clever with your nonsensical comments but it only locates what kind of a liberal, godless , whacka doodle noodle you really are and that is sad for you. You and Ms. Rapinoe should get along famously , both being against our nation and our Jesus….be nice for nice is best.

  65. Hating our President and bearing the false witness that the mainstream news media does every day to malign him will give you ulcers if you are not careful. Where are your solutions to the problems in our nation? Do you feed the hungry children here ? Do you help the homeless or Veteran’s? Do you give millions of dollars to charities? Do you makes sure mentally ill people get mental health help? Complaining about things that need fixing doesn’t get the job done and being Anti-American doesn’t help either. Be nice for nice is best !

  66. j.R. Laredo, I am 76, and to me and my husband, Obama was by far the worst President we have ever seen in our lifetimes! He was an embarrassment, deceitful, and incompetent. We were so disappointed, as we hoped our first black President would be a success. Not only did the Obamas set race relations way back, they did many other things to harm this country! Obama did little or nothing to help people of color, not nearly as much as Trump has done. Trump has been one of the best Presidents in my lifetime, as far as keeping his political promises, using common sense, and also one of the best as far as trying to do many good things for this country. If he had had press support the way Obama did, and more support from Congress, much more could have been accomplished, like infrastructure repairs, securing our borders, even more medical reforms, etc. I do love the way he has built up our military, and supported our soldiers and veterans, as well as putting America’s citizens first. Trump has pleasantly surprised me, as he has been a much better President that I ever expected he would be.

  67. Ornery , there you go again exposing your hate for our nation and our president by spewing lies sent out by the liberal , godless , mainstream media. Your opinion is worth 15 cents of nothing. Islam is a hate filled , murderous religion. Period. Obama is not at all a Christian. He was placed in an Islamic school at age five and learned Shariah Law. His Dad was a muslim and his step-Dad was a muslim. Obama attended a Catholic school in Indonesia from age 8 to age 14 when his mother sent him to Hawaii to live with his white grand-parents. Obama’s family supported Marxism…he is one conflicted person. His mother kept his 8 year old sister with her in Indonesia. He felt rejection and sought dope to soothe his confusion about life. Read is goofy books…LOL>.. Obama hates Israel and did everything he could to corrupt the election of its prime minister. He attended a non-Christian church for twenty years that spewed hate for white people…By the way Jesus LOVED children. Jesus warned people not to hurt or offend any child. Romans the first chapter declares that homosexuals that continue their lifestyle will be turned to reprobates so that means they are hell bound if they don’t repent from their lifestyle which of course is a choice. You are so Anti-American and I totally think you are a conflicted whacka doodle noodle yourself. There is no such thing as a Trump cult. There are lost , godless , liberals like you though. I hope you meet Jesus . Sooner than later and then you would be a nicer person. Be nice, nice is best !

  68. J.R. Laredo, Look up all the Roman, Greek, and Arab secular historical documents, written about Jesus life, not to mention the Bible, if you don’t believe Jesus existed. Get a brain! Do some research, if you’re not too lazy!

  69. This female is totally warped in her behavior and her mindset which is typical for a person that hates men, so she needs to sit down and shut up…period. Her opinion is not worth a plug nickel. She just doesn’t get it for she was paid a salary by being on an American team. Not a Venezuelan or a Cuba or Russian team. If she hates America so much she needs to pack up her duds and go live in a country she will love….but then love isn’t in her vocabulary. Hate for everything is the word for her, including herself for she knows deep inside that her lifestyle is wrong….thus the warped thinking. Ugh. I actually feel sorry for her because she will get on all the liberal media talk shows and reveal to everyone what a godless, whacka doodle noodle she really is and people will soon tire of her nonsense and she will be forgotten…God Bless our President, military, vets and citizens each and everyone.

  70. Imda, it is NOT okay to threaten the President! In the not so distant past, before all the government corruption, Maxine Waters and others like her would have long ago been thrown into prison or executed for all the hate and treason that is being committed daily by her and a lot of these commie democRats.

  71. They just bumped a very talented black woman off a team for being a Christian, even though she is reputed to be one of the best all time defense players in women’s sports, and she would be an excellent roll model for kids, as well as just an all around nice person. The woman who was taken off the team for her faith does not spew ugly curse words or hate America!

  72. As Rush said it: This bimbo wants a contract like the one her brother Keapernick got from Nike. What IT is after is MONEY.

  73. No way, Hose! I have always shown respect for the office of President, yes, but I never respected Obama the man. I wanted to, because I wanted to see a black man be a good President, until I saw who Obama really is and how destructive he and Michelle were being for this country.

  74. No way, Hose! I have always shown respect for the office of President, yes, but I never respected Obama the man. I wanted to, because I wanted to see a black man be a good President, until I saw who Obama really is and how destructive he and Michelle were being for this country.

  75. no, I didn’t. his salary is about 40,000 a quarter, right? each outing costs about $3,000,000, right. about 10 trips a quarter which is about $30,000,000 vs 40,000. math much?

  76. No such thing as a moron billionaire, honey. Its an oxymoron, doll. Plenty of Dem morons who hate the country though. ALL the Dem candidates who want open borders and free medical for billions of illegals. You cant fix stupid. Anyone with a brain and a spine who loves the country, vote Republican.

  77. President Trump has a higher IQ than Obama, Clinton, both Bush’s, and higher than all but one in history. He is a savvy businessman and is doing an outstanding job as the President of our country. What the hell do his taxes, prior to being President do? …remember he’s not a lifetime politician who’s milked us for money they’ve never earned .. you should be more interested in Politicians who had relatively nothing and on a $184,000 salary, become multi millionaires.. the Clinton’s by Bills own statements were apparently broke… yet somehow they’re now worth nearly HUNDRED MILLION… guess all those payoffs were awesome.. oh, and there’s their crooked foundation… wow.. you’re interested in a Billionaires tax return… think about that for awhile…

  78. the office, just not the man. bet you respected the office when Obama was president.

  79. cowgirl I do so much agree with you,the demorats have loost their minds Maxine waters spues her hatred for our President actually she said she wants him killed even if she has to kill him herselve,tell me something why is it ok for her to threaten our President.

  80. How can they allow this POS on an American team when it is plain she hates America and all it stands for.

  81. Just another money grubbing, anti- American, carpet munching skank!! What team did this ungrateful, brainless twit, twat, whatever it is, play for?? Oh yeah, THE USA! Who paid the skank’s bills?? Oh yeh,the USA! IF nothing else,Respect the Office of the President when representing Our country, Scum Bucket!

  82. President Trump voluntarily does NOT take a salary for being President of the United States of America…!!! YOU forgot to mention THAT in your comment..!! Did you conveniently forget THAT little FACTOID…???

  83. Anyone and everyone who has PURE RAW HATE for the United States of America should find another home in another country….!! PERIOD…!!

  84. Your wires are crossed. For one thing he doesn’t take money from the American people and works 24/7 for the people. And your bigotry and carries a chip on there shoulder against everyone. Your liberal and way left or gay so either you wake up and get your act together. Guess what Carma is coming. And the rightous will survive

  85. It’s simple…really! If you don’t like it.. leave it…
    I am sure there’ll be many a volunteer to help you pack!
    But did you forget Trump placed a gay man as an Ambassador?

  86. Isn’t the name SUDNA? Everything Sudna says is true. Trump is a god-loathing misanthrope who hate everyone but himself. A cheater through and through…on his wives, his golf games, the people who signed up for his “university”.
    I am personally not a DEM. I am an independent who wants someone with the balls to challenge Trump in 2020 to come forward. It only takes balls. Not brains (his IQ is NOT 162, by the way)

  87. Pay her Krapernick’s 2018 income from football for life. How much did he make that year? NOTHING (what he is really worth). Don’t count his frivolous lawsuit or his Nike sham, just his paycheck that he didn’t get.

  88. How many times did Obama play golf on our dime? And Michelle takes another airplane ride because she was too busy to ride with her husband on Air Force 1. How many dimes was that?

  89. What are the poor Dems going to do when president Trump gets reelected, oh and we fill the house and Senate with God fearing representatives and senators? Within two years RBG should die. There will be no safe space to turn to. The Democrat party is a joke! We will demolish all the abortion clinics, close the border to Mexico, deport all the illegals, kick and he UN out of the USA! I’m so sick of the liberal madness, exposing children to sick pervs in a public library, teaching our kids about Islam, the list goes on and on. Then maybe we can heal as a nation, quashing the evil, God hating, flag burning, anti-Semitic, race-baiting, America bashing liberals.

  90. He doesn’t receive a salary and the taxpayers don’t have to pay for him to stay on his properties. Oh, by the way, he also continues to work wherever he is. So, what’s your point?

  91. Right wing terrorists killed 49 Americans last year, Leftists killed zero people so you are worse than ignorant. Check those statistics. Right wing groups include KKK, Nazis, biker gangs, militia groups, Aryan Brotherhood and the hundreds of white supremacy groups.

  92. I was in the army for five years, my father was a Torretta Flier and flew 50 missions and my only uncle died in a B-17 and his body was never recovered. My brother was an embassy agent for 20 years in Indonesia, so you calling me unAmerican is sick, shameful and typical of a Trumpist, and he is not for anything bit himself, like all egomaniacs.

  93. Linda at Charlottesville the white supremacy groups were chanting anti-Semitic words, are you that ignorant?

  94. by, get some deprogramming, Obama was born in Honolulu, it was a Honolulu hospital and the hospital stated this to the newspaper the next day. You truly brainwashed, certainly not bright or literate. Christ by the way does not talk about abortion or homosexuality in the New Testament. You lie, insult, and you really know virtually nothing because you are in the Trump cult.

  95. how many times a month does he go to one his properties to golf on the taxpayers dime? an occasional vacation I can see, but I think nearly every weekend abuses the privelegem

  96. YOU provide PROOF that Pres. Trump is corrupt. YOU CAN’T!!!! He has done NOTHING at all that he should be in prison for. FACT. But the Clintons and Obama are very corrupt and that is fine with you

  97. you have a point, only, if you can prove he is muslim, pointing out he could empathize with human beings doesn’t count.

  98. Ornery, this is a conservative Christian board, NEITHER of which you know anything about. No one forced you to come here. Obama a Christian????? Really? You have proved that you have no idea what a Christian is. A Christian follows Jesus and His teachings. Read the New Testament to find who He is and what He teaches. He forbids ALL SIN including abortion and homosexuality, BOTH of which Obama embrace. Obama hates Christians. FACT. He is muslim and sides with islam, which is our enemy. FACT. There is no freedom in islam. Guess you won’t mind facing Mecca five times a day to pray, but I do. It is what islam is and what they want to force on the whole world. But just go ahead and live in your fantasy world and deny the truth. You are a fool

  99. Sam, ornery and all other deranged dems have no concept of the truth. They have only hate and ignorance. They come on here and spew both. They are very sad creatures.

  100. Ornery…NOTHING you said is true. YOU ARE A LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!! What I said is the TRUTH!!!!! Dare to open your eyes and see the truth you deny. You just blindly believe the lies of your lib leaders without question like a good little robot. Try getting a brain and think for yourself. Obama was born in Kenya. FACT!!! Hw said so himself. Read his own books. It’s all in there. NO, Obama IS NOT a CHristian. FACT!!!! It is very obvious that you have no clue what a Christian is or what islam is. Your ignorance is profound. The goal of islam is TOTAL WORLD CONTROL. ALL who do not serve Allah must be killed. Read the Quran if you know how. Obama himself said he is muslim. Again, try reading his books. And Pres. Trump has done NOTHIGN WRONG!!!!! Please provide PROOF of what you accused him of. YOU CAN’T!!!!! NOTHING you said about him is true. WAKE UP!!!

  101. Hey Sudan!! What does Ornery mean in Sudanese, “LIAR”? You make up such unbelievable crap it is amazing.

  102. Moses, you are getting all of your info from fake news and you are believing all of it. Common sense and reason should make you question most of what they say. Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh are telling the truth every day and should be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. They are fighting for your freedom as well as mine. I salute them!!

  103. Moses, does this mean you will vote for Trump in 2020? Also, Nixon and Johnson trusted their idiot political advisors instead of the military. That is why Viet Nam was such a horrible disaster. Kennedy got us into Viet Nam because his family wanted their company, Standard Oil, to be able to deplete the oil field there. When the oil field was depleted the war was over and we withdrew.

  104. Julio, it is not your job to judge Pres. Trump. That is Jesus’ job and He will do it much better than you can. Jesus loves everyone, even you, and He will forgive all who come to Him and ask. It costs nothing. He paid it all on the cross. You need Jesus. Your hatred belongs to satan

  105. Moses, NOTHING you say is true. It is all LIES!!! You prove your sick hate and ignorance every time you post. It is very obvious that you don’t know anything at all about Pres. Trump. You just blindly believe the lies of your sick lying lib leaders without question like the good little robot you are. Get a brain and think for yourself.

  106. Moses, you are extremely SICK!!!!! PLEASE name ONE THING that Pres. Trump has done that he should go to prison for. YOU CAN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!! And hell?? Really??? You better take a look at your own hate-filled soul. Your hate is not allowed in Heaven. Jesus will be Pres. Trump’s judge, NOT YOU!!! And Jesus forgives all who come to Him. But you have embraced satan instead

  107. You can say that a thousand times but it will never be true. Unless you were born yesterday and he is the only president you’ve had.

  108. Obama had no business even being in our White House. He was not even born here. He himself admitted he was born in Kenya. He is MUSLIM. Do you even know what islam is???? You have no clue. islam is our ENEMY and Obama sides with islam, which makes him a TRAITOR. He hates everything this country stands for, esp. our freedom. There is no freedom in islam. He brought in hundreds of thousands of muslims knowing full well the goal of islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. But you have no concept of the truth. That is very obvious. Pres. Trump loves this country and has done a lot of good for us. But just continue in your sick hate. You still haven’t proved that he is corrupt. I’m still waiting. You can’t because he has done nothing wrong.

  109. There needs to be a DNA test on this Rapinoe guy. Probably should be competing as a male, and no, you cannot just become a female because you decide that’s how you feel.
    By the way, Obama was the worst President ever, Carter was second worst, FDR was the third and LBJ was the fourth worst.

  110. Moses,

    You forgot to start your post with “Once upon a time…..”.
    I guess that’s about right because your delusions will never lead to “and they lived happily ever after”.

  111. Naomi, do you even know how to spell your name. The Republicans are always trying to take away social security, Medicare, anything that helps the poor and middle class. You cannot be that stupid. LBJ did escalate the war as did Nixon, the right wingers were all screaming we have to stop communism, the domino effect. Nothing that you know about history I don’t know believe me. Trump is America’s Hitler, you are supporting a serial sexual assaulter, a cowardly draft dodger during that Vietnam War you wanted to bring up. He is racist, mobster, cheated on all his wives with groupies, prostitutes and his rapes. You must be proud you helped elect the thug.

  112. I am happy with my wife, I never even thought of cheating on her. as trump rhapsodized of cheating on his first wife.

  113. I am retired and I was born in tulsa, Oklahoma. last I checked Oklahoma has been part of the united states for awhile.

  114. I don’t understand how such a Hater of America and the Flag is representing American socker team? Doing what she’s doing is so so sooooooooooo despicable. Go play a game, get your Tropy, go home and celebrate. We don’t want ‘their’ politics in any sports, our coffee, or donuts..we got our own…Shame!

  115. Megan Rapinoe is just a stupid, ugly, ignorant, self-centered fool. She will long be remembered as the person who gave her soccer team a bad name. The 2019 women’s championship soccer team will forever be known as the low-class, anti-American, LGBT team.

  116. Brother, maybe we should send him to Nam and put him in the jungle and see if he could survive. bought if he could. Would love some of these aholes in basic training and be their DI.

  117. Moses, you are going to make GOD very mad at you and next time you try to part the sea, you better watch out.LMFAO. By the way did your mother have any kids that lived?

  118. Jeanne, you hit the nail right on the head!! As proof, I submit the odd case of one Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. She hooked up with the ugly, old, unhealthy, but VERY wealthy, Aristotle Onassis, and lived wealthily ever after, or at least until he croaked. I always thought they were truly The Odd Couple, not Oscar and Felix.???? Ah well, love is like a tornado, it would just as soon hit a castle as a s–thouse.

  119. Man, you need to really reconsider all the places your taking in information from. You sound hateful, ignorant and yet I do believe you love this country, just as I do. Trump might tweet too much, he might sound more like a construction worker when he talks and he probably goes on the offensive too often. As often as he is attacked by the left with misinformation and lies, going on offense for him is probably a good thing. that fact that he’s not always politically correct and sound like the average guy, is refreshing verses the stuffy politicians who say what we what to hear but do the opposite. Policy wise Trump has been spot on and doing great. Do yourself a favor and open up to listening to other outlets of information and use common sense to form an opinion. And always remember. The left wing and the right wing are part of the same bird.

  120. Jeanne, you hit the nail right on the head!! As proof, I submit the odd case of one Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. She hooked up with the ugly, old, unhealthy, but VERY wealthy, Aristotle Onassis, and lived wealthily ever after, or at least until he croaked. I always thought they were truly The Odd Couple, not Oscar and Felix.???? Ah well, love is like a tornado, it would just as soon hit a castle as a s–thouse.

  121. Get your facts straight there Moses, let’s talk about ANTIFA and the racist crap n calling people Nazis shows just how disgusting and ignorant you are. You don’t care about this country you spit on our founding fathers, every soldier whose ever served and disgrace our flags by lying and spewing propaganda with not a shred of evidence to back it up.

  122. Kick Trumps ass in the debates LMFAO uh WTF were you smoking glue? She looked like a blundering idiot. Clinton is and always has been corrupt as is the Democrats. The party who you founded KKK Jim Crow and fought the civil rights movement and all the segregationist that Biden said he worked with that you all went wacko over guess what they were ALL DEMOCRATS! The Democrats are a disgrace to this country and you best be clear if you stand with them own the fact you aren’t the party of inclusion you are the party of DELUSION

  123. All I CAN SAY IS THAT THIS TRANSVESTITE GUY IS SICK IN THE HEAD. If he hates America so very much he should get the hell out. Hell is where he is headed.

  124. Moses–you are only repeating the talking points that have been shoved down our throats by the lefties. FYI I have been hearing the “OLD SAW” that the “Republicans will take Social Security away and push granny over the mountain on a wheelchair” since the 1963 election campaign I also heard ads stating the the Republicans would get us into a nuclear war. Look at the TRUTH: Lyndon Johnson expanded welfare benefits and tapped into the Social Security Fund to pay for them; he also escalated the war and we had 450,000 soldiers in Vietnam within one year of his getting elected to the presidency. So, before you start insulting our president, verify the facts. I know that to people of your ilk, facts don’t mean anything, but is is a novel idea and you should try it!! Remember, whether you agree with him or not, Trump is your President also. Whatever happened to: “My Country Right or Wrong”? ..and you are siding with these spoilt children who do not contribute anything to the betterment of our country?

  125. Moses only regurgitates what the liberal media tells him to do….no independent thought of his own at all.

  126. “Kicked Trump’s ass in all three debates”….lol..she should have with Brazil hand feeding her all the questions days BEFORE the debates…but alas she lost everyone of them….but your liberal ,lying media will keep on brainwashing the likes of you from now on because you are too STUPID to add 2 plus 2 …

  127. So you claim that Trump “stole ” an election with the aid of Russia….I say that Killery almost stole an election with the millions of illegal voters that they have more proof of than a made up script from Fusion/Simmons that was published in 2007 and aimed at McStain but they seen they really did not need for your Messiah to steal his election in 2012

  128. Moses, NO YOU DON’T!!! All you have is HATE for anyone who does not agree with you. NOTHING you say is true

  129. Moses, why do you come here?????????????? NOTHING you say is true. All you have to offer s hate. This is a conservative board and you know nothing at all about conservatives or the truth. You just attack us. GET HELP!!!

  130. Whats the matter julio you mad because Trump passed up your mother and sisters rotten crotch ?Gold diggers all over the world throw their snatches at ANY man with the big bucks, no matter how old or ugly they are ! And YOU blame the men, for THE FEMALES lack of morals and character on the man ? You are the same old commie lib ,blame the victim ! Because believe me that kind of money hungry female isn’t the victim, any way any how ! Just thought I’d have a good laugh pulling your chain !

  131. Moses, YOU don’t accept anyone who does not agree with you!!!! You come on here and spout your ignorance and hate

  132. Rapinoe need to understand how the business work. If there is no large fan base at the soccer game, then don’t expect to reap large amount of money. She mentioned equal pay and I’m for it but … it is up to the fan base.

    Rapinoe is a pos. Clearly she is a Democrat from the beginning and that she used the Kaepernick kneel to spite Trump. She don’t understand the respect of our flag that has nothing to do with the police brutality.

    Police brutality is a very complex issue that there are more good officers than a few bad apples probably mostly found in each department. Like I said, the police issues are very complex that often ended up in the court.

    Rapinoe is a piece of ????. She will continue to pour more fuel to the flame to extend her 15-min fame. What a loser.

  133. You forgot to mention about all the illegal votes, altered ballots, multiple votes from non=citizens, and all the “found” ballots after the election had closed. That is only to name a fer of the problems.

  134. You need to read the news! The only ones being thugs are the left. They accost people in restaurants, grab caps off of peoples heads , beat up people in the street and let’s not forget sending death threats to eight year old child because she did a mimic of Cortez. Law abiding citizens? Tell another joke, this one isn’t funny!

  135. Where have you been living, under a rock? Trump and his supporters are not haters of Jewish people. Remember Jerusalem ? Something Obama would never have done! GOD says, Whoever blesses Israel will, be blessed, And whoever curses Israel will be cursed!

  136. Julio Richard Laredo is probably not even this guy’s name. I doubt that he is even Hispanic. I don’t comment here often, but I recommend that those who do comment regularly simply ignore this imposter’s always vulgar remarks. Let him repeat his questions endlessly without response.

  137. I feel sorry for you. Get some help because you are really sick. You just did exactly what you accuse others of. You really need some professional help.

  138. This skank is really David Hogg in drag. It’s part of his hormone therapy program. David is a bit confused right now over what he/she/it is especially since the FakeNews Flying Monkeys dumped him since he’s no longer useful to him

  139. Clinton wasn’t a great candidate but kicked Trump’s ass in all three debates as he stalked her on stage as well. Trump is a serial sexual assaulter, a cowardly draft dodging, NYC mobster in scams in real estate, Trump U and has lost hundreds of lawsuits. He is also a traitor for fixing the election and believes Putin over 17 American agencies, how can you be for a criminal like that.

  140. I love this country and considering the sacrifices my family made in the various wars, I belong here much more than a Nazi like yourself, redneck, whatever you want to call yourself. If you are Jewish you are even more shameful because of all the hate groups and white supremacy groups that support Trump and they all hate Jewish people.

  141. So you are proud to be a racist thug? Then you don’t belong a country that espouses acceptance of all people regardless of color, religion and law abiding character. You’re a sham, a flat tire, Tyree.

  142. Moses I’m a proud red neck. You don’t insult us with the red neck name calling. At least I’m not a snow flake pussy like you.

  143. Limbaugh is another conspiracy right wing nut job like Hannity, Limbaugh, Ingraham, Inforwars’ Alex Jones, the list of right wing liars and crazy websites like this are pure evil. Rapinoe knows Trump insults everyone, including allies, John McCain even when dead, and even all his Republican contenders for the nomination. Trump isn’t a patch of Jeb’s ass, not is he on George’s. He is a livelong criminal, a mobster, cowardly draft dodging, teaching smacking thug. He constantly lies, brags, steals, insults, whines and worst of all he stole the election with an enemy’s help and his racist agenda that appealed to millions of voters, still 3 million fewer than Clinton’s and that also includes voter suppression and now hacking has been found in 3 states from the 2016 election. Russia invaded also the voting registry in two dozen states. You can scorn me, call me names but you people who voted for him have hurt this country, made it a more dangerous place and put probably the worst American in office. Some of you rednecks would have been less harmful as President.

  144. As much as ! love soccer, I will never watch that team play again. Disgusting females that they are

  145. Just wait until some transgendered person decides to play women’s soccer. She will be out and he/she will be in. Then she will cry foul.

  146. Your comments should be censored…… and blocked with such comments…comment on subject matter or don’t comment. Enough!!!

  147. Laredo you have made the same statement several times…… enough is enough….. we get the point but I don’t agree….. We know where you mind and thoughts go…..

  148. Rapinoe is an excellent soccer player but so are the other team members or they wouldn’t be on the team…… She should start concentrating on another win for the USA along with her teammates who are awesome.

  149. I don’t agree with the LGBT lifestyle and with good conscience can’t accept it, however, it is their life and the can live it anyway they wish… they don’t answer to me but will answer to GOD as we all shall. I have a problem with the LGBT forcing people to accept them and their lifestyle and it should be our choice to do so and not them ramming their agenda down our throats.

  150. Leftists are hilarious… Trump is awesome, pulled this country from the brink of collapse. I don’t care about what anyone wants to do behind closed doors with another consenting adult but the left wants everyone to cosign nonsense like “I’m a man that thinks I’m a woman” or “I identify as a woman so I need to use the ladies toilet”… WTF, when did we start validating mental illness? Why does anybody care about a rug munching soccer player on the USA team that hates the USA? The fact that Trump said he grabs pussy and prefaced it with “they let me” doesn’t shock me at all. It does shock me that the same people who accept mentally ill perverts talking smack about anything. Leave if you don’t like the country Julio since we have millions of “Julio’s” trying to invade our country illegally to take advantage of the broken system LOL!

  151. Since my stroke, I cant blow Obama or his husband, Big Mike anymore. My left arm dont work, so it’s hard to jam gerbils in my ass. And obama and Big Mike wont help. Oh, wow is me. I should just jam hundreds of rats up my butt, and let them eat me out, but I cant do a reach around anymore.

  152. I think the point he was making if you put the right woman next to a rich man you can get away with anything, he didn’t say he grabbed women DA! And these American hating people don’t have a problem with living free and to be able to run their stupid mouths any way they want, but what they don’t get is they tear down America they with be the first to lose their foul mouths. I’ve already trashed my nike trash.

  153. I have an issue with them when they demand that I agree with their sick perversion, which I do not have to and will not.

  154. Clinton is a whore. She munches my moms carpet, and my sister likes to play with double headed dildos with her. Shes all dried up down in the vag, so my mom loves her up real good.

  155. Jesus forgives all who come to Him. Pres. Trump is very fortunate that Jesus will be his judge and not you. Jesus will be YOUR judge, too. It is very likely that Pres. Trump will go to Heaven and you will go to hell. Jesus does not allow your sick hate in Heaven

  156. Quit calling your wife a fat lying pig. We know it’s TRUE, it’s just not very nice. Also might be hate speech. Cant have that. Have to call you a racist, fascist homosexual fruitloop.

  157. julio…You need lots of help with your sick hate and derangement. It is clear that you belong to satan. I will pray for you

  158. Naw. Hes just a fruity phaggot that likes to have things jammed up his rearend.

  159. Awe, is widdle Bwuse mad that cankles the clown lost the election. Poor baby bwuse. Are u gonna cwy, widdle baby bwuse. Just go put a hamster up your butt, and you’ll feel more like yourself in no time.

  160. Hoolio. Julio poo lions. Go home. Back to mexico or cuba for you. By the time President Trump is through with his 8 years of being kingpin of USA, all you illegals will be a memory. No more foodstamps. That will eliminate 75% of you right there. No free healthcare, another 15%. Tax your remittances back to you homeland by 50%, and the rest of you will leave. And what a breath of fresh air it will be. No more crime, no robberies, no drugs. It will be like heaven on earth. Bye-bye, pooplio.

  161. I am A disabled American Vet and they have both disgraced every veteran .Politics does not belong in sports or the news. If You Don’t Like my Country or who the President is whether he is Republican or Democrat (respect the office) then get the Hell Out. I am sure the Russians would welcome you

  162. she is getting a contract with under armor. She performed really well, got her tech. from Kappy. I did research on her, she is whining about equal pay when right now she is the highest paid female soccer player and she has a net worth of 2 million. She has tried to sue others in the past for pay discrimination. She acts and talks like a piece of trailer trash.

  163. This is the second time you said that about my e-mail why don’t you say why?
    or is it that a liberal scumbag can say what he wants and you ban others?

  164. Yeah, it’s called consensual, adult, sexual activity. Something with which you would not be familiar.

  165. What is it about the name, “Megan/Megyn/Meghan?” I’ve known one sweet girl with that name, but it stands for the bottom of the garbage heap now.

  166. If America is so bad go to Sweden or somewhere else. I have no issue with LGBTQ, but I do have an issue with Americans who hate the greatest country in the world.

  167. did either of the two brag on tape? if you’ve forgotten I can supply the trump tape.

  168. I assume you never grabed a pussy? naw, I think you liketo fondle dicks much to
    your taste right Julio?

  169. you must be talking about clinton or uncle joe biden. they are ths one’s who you see on camera feeling up little girls and women jackass.

  170. It took you that long 24 years to come to that conclusion? personally I believe you are the lying fat pig!.

  171. Except Colin Kaepernick DID NOT spit on the memory of dead soldiers. He protested the excessive killing and violence by the police on people of color.

  172. If this American hater gets a contract with Nike, that will be the end of my purchasing Nike. She thinks just because she won a championship, she can say whatever she wants, including using profanity in front of children She is nothing but disgusting.

  173. julio richard laredo: Trump has never been an idiot. Only an idiot such as yourself would make such a comment. You did just as Abe said, you spoke and removed all doubt.

  174. She should not be allowed back in the United States since she hates it so much. Maybe she should move to one of those countries from which all the illegals are coming from since she hates our country so much.

  175. Sad she pretty much lost most of the zing they could have had winning the championship. But being only concerned for herself shows why. Why these morons have to use their sport to protest only shows they are only concerned for themselves. What could have been a win the whole country could have celebrated ended up having half the country hoped they lost. What about the rest of the team? Guess its too late for that.

  176. Rush Limbaugh never told the truth about anything. I listened to him from 1992 to about 2016 off and on. He is a narcists lying pig.

  177. As always with left follow the money.
    Any cause the left promotes always ends up with some lucrative contract and yet they do nothing with the new found wealth to assist the so called cause they promote. Wonder how mich rappinoe will give back to the “community”. If its somebody elses money thats good, my money bad.

  178. You are clearly the idiot. You prove it every time you post. You are a very sad excuse for a human being.

  179. Kevin Julio’s alot more then a Idiot. He’s anti-american non working illegal Immigrant.who doesn’t give a damn about our country just to suck up all the stuff he can at hard working tax paying americans expence.If you don’t like our president or my country you can go back where you came from!

  180. like…?
    and since a stroke left me unable to walk I had no expectations of accomplishing much.

  181. Rapinoe # 2 if you know what I mean. Another idiot that should have been aborted. I’m sure it’s for that to. Miss $hit for brains can only kick a ball for a living. I bet your parents are proud . A loud mouth is all you are.

  182. The bimbo is an America HATE BULL DYKE and should be told to shut up and sit down. Her and her teammate who HATE America should have stayed in France. Congresss should revoke the Citizenship of any who HATE America and spew their HATE and IGNORANCE over seas. That would include Political types as well as supposed sports figures.

  183. Hey Julio, President Trump accomplished a whole lot more than you have…you must be a REAL IDIOT!

  184. Carpet muncher? why is that bad? You are very clever. Funny,funny,clever. We worship your cleverness. YAY!!

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