Rush Limbaugh took on the Supreme Court with one reality that crushed Donald Trump

The Supreme Court is in the process of handing down the biggest decisions of the current term.

Things are not going well.

And Rush Limbaugh took on the Supreme Court with one reality that crushed Donald Trump.

Conservatives were outraged when Justice Neil Gorsuch sided with the court’s liberals and authored an opinion rewriting the 1964 Civil Rights Act to make it illegal to fire homosexuals and transgenders.

Rush Limbaugh blasted Gorsuch for claiming to be an originalist, but trying to claim that in 1964 the members of Congress that wrote the Civil Rights Act had any idea what a transgender was.

“But one thing that everybody agrees on, in fact, in 1964, ’65, the people that wrote the Civil Rights Act had no intention of including transgenders in it because there weren’t any that anybody knew. And yet justices on the United States Supreme Court decided to include LGBTQ people. So now they can’t be fired, they can’t be — it’s gonna be a mess. It’s an absolute mess,” Limbaugh began.

Limbaugh pointed out that granting homosexuals and transgenders special rights was not the only defeat that the Supreme Court handed Donald Trump.

The justices refused to take up ten Second Amendment cases and also rejected the Trump administration’s appeal of a lower court ruling supporting California’s sanctuary city law.

Limbaugh blasted Gorsuch by stating that liberals didn’t need to have a majority on the court because Gorsuch was willing to hand them one.

“And, by the way, he’s right. A Supreme Court decision yesterday upheld sanctuary cities, thanks to conservative votes, upheld the right of cities to be sanctuary and to freeze ICE investigators out of trying to track down illegal immigrants. The liberals did not need to dominate the court for this. They had Gorsuch,” Limbaugh concluded.

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  1. SHELLY THE ____? I forgot to put blank in below.
    I will now MORON! I do declare you have reached a level of stupid. You must have spent your life barefoot and pregnant being slapped around by their different daddies.

  2. Sorry Lol, I miss quoted you. It was Rex Tillerson’s opinion. I agree with Rex along with most Americans. And from your post, I gather you are of that opinion also.

  3. Shelly, I read lol’s comments and found nothing that was not documented as being factual by the orange baboon’s own administration with the exception of the moron part, which was lol’s opinion. Although most Americans are in agreement on that. The whole world for that matter.

    So, shelly the it appears it is you who needs to do some research outside of fake news right wing, conservative sources.

  4. Lol – wow ignorant 🙂 your comments are not correct and you should do some research before you make such stupid comments. If a Dem gets in , any Dem the country is screwed. There’s nas people in both parties. This is not about that anymore , it’s good vs. evil …

  5. Gorsuch is a disappointment. He is showing his real colors and
    that is he is not a Constitutionalist but liberal fraud. I
    expected Roberts to vote liberal since he is one but not Gorsuch.
    If a transgender does a job properly and well fine, if they don’t
    they should have their butts fired just like anyone else would. I
    think we have some real cowards on the Supreme Court. They are
    afraid of retribution from the Left if they do not fall in line.

  6. oohs we’s Doctors jd’s ands lol’s is the same stalls cleaners i’s sees them hangings around with Ma’s Obama’s cross dressings and using large electrics devices on each other’s theys makes sounds likes mes teeth chitterlings

  7. J.D. – If the dems win this country is finished. Their goal is total control. But that is all fine with you. And they call themselves queers.

  8. Lo, Trump is like an old song when you think about it. It goes, “don’t know much about history, don’t know much geography (and Finland is not part of Russia), don’t know much about science too (can’t inject disinfectants into the body and live!!), don’t know how to work an umbrella, and need both arms to drink water.” But Trump does know what provides him money by funneling close to $200 million into his own pockets by playing golf on his own courses! And Trump played more golf in 3 years than Obama did in 8. Even Rex Tillerson, former sec. of state said “Donald Trump is a f*cking MORON!!”

  9. FluffyP5, just WHERE ARE all those charges promised concerning Hunter Biden? I have not heard of ONE CHARGE saying he violated American laws . . . NOT ONE! And Trump did pressure Ukraine – – he withheld approved military aid to Ukraine, costing many lives with their invasion by Russia . . . and he threatened they would not get it unless they came up with dirt on the Bidens. However, Ukraine had NO DIRT on them and found those allegations were bogus.

    How come Trump is so dumb he did not know Britain had nuclear capacity, he thought Finland was part of Russia (when it is an ally), and did not know that injecting disinfectants like Lysol could KILL A PERSON?????

  10. I saw today that Judge Roberts sided again with the liberal 4 against Trump actions in regards to the DACA program. Are we seeing Roberts to end the conservative majority on the court? How often is Roberts going to side with the liberal four? Do you think Roberts is mad at Trump since Trump ripped him over the partisan nature of decisions, and Roberts disagreed with him on that?

  11. It is called the 14th Amendment and it covers due process of law” and from denying anyone within a state’s jurisdiction equal protection under the law. That means it includes all Americans, no matter even if it is a newer category than when written from any forms of discrimination in the application of the law. It effectively stood against Jim Crow laws which kept African Americans as second class citizens.
    By the way, Dan, I told you two years ago, you and your party do not win over friends or voters by calling people such vile terms as “queers,” “fags” or all the sexist and vulgar terms you and other Trump supporters use against women. So, forward ahead two years, and 2/3rds of females do not support Trump; minorities heavily disapprove of Trump, and now even many Republicans are opposing Trump (i.e. Lincoln Project etc.) so Trump only has 38% approval to 57% disapproval.

  12. If President Trump is facing a vacancy within the terrible foursome on the Supreme Court he should not fill it. This effectively renders the Supreme Court helpless with just 3 devoted liberals and 5 other nobodies.

  13. Vicki, Duh!! There are a lot more straight people than homosexuals. Yes, we all sin, but since homosexuals do not believe they are sinning they will not come to Jesus and repent. sad. All sin must be forgiven to enter into Heaven

  14. Mulder, your ignorance is profound, as is your sick hatred. We die when God takes us, not before. God decides, not you. You better worry about what will happen when YOU die. If you do not repent and accept Jesus you will join satan in Hell. Rush will be in Heaven

  15. Trump should have pressured the Ukraine into investigating Biden because that is the president’s job. Biden is a crook, and he should be investigated.
    Just because Biden is running for president doesn’t mean he should be immune to investigation.

  16. Trump is the greatest President we have ever had. he may not know all about the history of other counhtries as Bolton critizes him for and he does not read media trash but he is a worker and he loves Americans Black, white you name it and is trying alone to make our lives better with all the worst obstacles anyone has to endure. God bless him and keep him strong . he is all we have.

  17. Everyone is hung up on gay people offending God, and going to hell for it.
    I tell you the truth so listen up folks.
    There will be an order of magnitude more straight people in hell than gay people.
    Don’t take my word for it go get a bible and educate yourself.
    Being gay is only one sin out of a million, and we are ALL sinners.

  18. Nobody fires people for being gay. That is just another lie propagated by the left.
    If you did try to fire someone for being gay that would be asking for a lawsuit.
    Again, we find the left fabricates injustices that don’t exist. The SCOTUS ruling is meaningless.

  19. satan is doing all the damage he can and the dems are right in there with him. But they cannot win. Jesus will come and rule and we will be free of them

  20. Monty, Try reading the Bible. Jesus said homosexuality is a sin and that marriage is between a man and a woman. God is very clear that homosexuality is an abomination punishable by eternity in Hell. ALL sin must be forgiven to enter into Heaven. But since homosexuals do not believe they are sinning, they will follow satan to Hell unless they repent

  21. DA Troll, take your sick hate and lies somewhere else. Pres. Trump is far from an imbecile. But you should look in your mirror to see an imbecile and a loser. You have no concept of the truth. You just hate

  22. Gladys if we don’t let queers work we will have to keep them up. I agree that the fag lifestyle is sinful. I would rather see them work than mooch off of the people. But I do disagree with fags being allowed to marry. If I was a preacher I’d go to jail before I would conduct a wedding for the queers. The founding fathers didn’t mention them in the constitution. Nobody at that time though about it.

  23. As long as this law is in effect, I will not go to Church, as God won’t be there. We have separation of Church and State. SCOTUS wiped it out. I will not be a hypocrite to God. We’re supposed to repent of sins, but homo’s live in Sin. Shame, we’re surely in the end of times.


  25. Monty Jackson I’ll bet that you would hold a dick in your mouth until the swelling goes down. Us conservatives doesn’t believe that a person should be fired just for being queer. If they are giving an honest day’s work for a day’s pay and not trying to hit on people on the job, leave them alone.

  26. Monty Jackson I never said that anyone should be fired for being gay. I agree with the scotus decision.

  27. Rush is so wrong. People are people. Don’t treat one demographic different from another demographic.

    Rush, don’t cry when someone disagrees with you, especially a supreme court justice. Respect his opinion. Move on. In the long run this is not a bid deal.

    What is a bid deal is the 10s of thousands covid deaths because Trump was slow to act. Very, very slow. Covid deaths are more important than the supreme court decision.

    Rush – get real.

  28. The decision doesn’t say they can’t be fired like everybody else…just that they can’t be fired due to their choice of gender. And if they are doing their job competently, what difference does the gender choice make? Does not mean you can’t have a uniform or dress code. And it does not mean they get any more special treatment than anybody else.

  29. Monty Jackson, I do wish people would stop implying that Jesus would accept gays. Some even say Jesus said nothing about gays. When Jesus said, God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, He doesn’t change. He was saying God’s word, The Holy Bible, never changes. Obviously, that includes God’s distain of gays. Jesus said to live by every word in the Bible, so Jesus was also expressing distain for gays.

  30. You guys are barking up the wrong tree most big corporations it is a dead issue they don’t care if you are GAY. As a matter of fact my company sponsors Pride Parade all over the country and around the world. Most large publicly traded companies have not cared about this issue at all.

  31. Robert Sharman Do you not thing they deserve the same rights as everyone else a person who is Gay should not be fired just for that. I work with a lot of LGBTQ folks they are just as normal as anyone else. Most of them are very educated and just want to do their jobs and go home. So why would you want to make it where they can’t support themselves.

  32. Dan Tyree I know how you feel about the Gay community but do you think that a person who is Gay is a reason to fire him from his job. In all fairness do you think that is right. Remember Christ ate and taught with the outcast shouldn’t we do the same do you think Christ would say fire them or do you think he would say fire them because they are gay.

  33. I thought Anthony Kennedy and David Souter were no longer on the SCOTUS. Well, technically they are. Their new names are Neil Gorsuch and John Roberts.

  34. Score one for the Good Guys Score tRUMP=0 Democrats’=1 and so you CHRISTIAN/FASCIST can suck it up,

  35. Ernnie, you don’t like the truth huh? Pull your head out and see that Trump is nothing but a con and a fraud.

  36. Maybe if we all say we’re gay, lesbian, transvestite or freaks everyone will get federal aid and federal protection.

  37. They most probably won’t get butt hurt , it’s just how they like it , up there rear ends so they say .

  38. Nancy.. should have said white and straight. Point is, there are no special rights given by this decision; only equal rights.

  39. Nancy, you’re white and straight… but you cannot be fired for being white and straight. They can still be fired just like you, but not for being gay or lesbian. What you are advocating for is a system whereby you could be fired solely for being white and gay. Get it?

  40. In order to have a conversation with someone that other person has to have a brain & the lowlife troll does not so troll don’t answer me in my universe you’re lower than a cockroach.

  41. True Christians need not concern themselves of this or anything else for that matter. All we need to do is acknowledge and oppose sin, including our own. God will take care of the rest.

  42. Supreme Court Justice Roberts must be taking some good money to be a phony do anything for money. Lack of pride

  43. You folks delight me with your illiteracy and cognitive dissonance. As the ancient joke goes, a battle of wits with you means I would have to pick
    on the unarmed. Think about it; if you follow Rushbo’s reasoning, then the Second Amendment isn’t valid because the framers couldn’t envision assault weapons. The ponderous pill popper has once again boxed himself into a corner he can’t waddle out of.

  44. What Neil Gorsuch did is causing we Conservatives to dig deeper with more determination that this is going to change, period. Maybe time for us to start harassing some people, like dems do.

  45. Face it. Gays can still be fired. But not for being gay. It would have to be with cause. And being queer isn’t cause enough. This ad is bull sh&t.

  46. Dear God what will these idiots think of next. President Trump is the best we have ever had, and the leftist mob just can’t get used to having someone with a brain, and the guts to do things in the White House. Get over you imbecils, She lost. Thank God.

  47. This law needs to be overturned. I am deeply offended because the court is showing favoritism and racists because I am white and straight and I can be fired. You cannot accommodate everyone and that is why we are in this mess. For such should be removed for falsely portraying himself as a conservative. Did anyone ever think he was bribed?? Just asking an honest question. This was also a racist strike toward Christianity.

  48. oohs we’s Julios postings as da’s troll mes likes Julios he’s scrapes the dooies offs mys hoofs ands holds the stools steadys for Joes and Ma’s Obama’s

  49. Please offer proof to your accretions in your post Maggie. Do you have proof or is this just your feeble attempt to defend the imbecile in the White House?

  50. The real problem is money or the lack of it. The money talks to those who need it and the lack of it to those who want more and more; now you see clearly the image of Democratic power and the need of more of it. That is the money and what money can buy. Democrats have no feelings like a other humans because they aren’t. They are subhuman; sold out so many years ago they’ve forgotten what it even felt like to have human thoughts or feelings; they only have instincts now; driven by the need for money fueled power which one can plainly see in Pelosi’s face when she has bettered Trump in some way or the pure anger when he has bettered her. The thought that Trump might win another election has fueled such evil in the Democrats that Washington is ablaze with the evil vibrations that causes hatred so real everyone surely can feel it.

  51. Face it, Trumpty Dumpty is a loser. When you stupid people gping to realize he cares nothing bout you. His ego is all that he considers. Time for baby bone spurs to pay. I hoping he cries like a whipped pup.

  52. John have you every heard of an assassin? There are people out there that will take care of other who gone aganist them! Just ask Hilliary Clinton! 54 people were Killed to stop from testifying against Bill and her!

  53. Yes they can still be FIRED! What the supreme Court fail to state is the company can claim they were HIRED as a MAN OR WOMAN! But if they come to work dress different they can still FIRED them! All the company need to do is put it in the FINE PRINT! ONCE THESE TRANSGENDER SIGN IT! THE COMPANY HAS COVER THEIR BACK! JUST AS A USE CAR SALEMAN DOES!

  54. It is just too sad that the Dims were unable to defeat his appointment. He really fooled the President and those who helped in his selection.
    The worst part is that he is very young and the appointment is for life.

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