Rush Limbaugh was asked one question that was the biggest insult of his life

Rush Limbaugh has attracted his fair share of unhinged left-wing critics over the course of his 32 year career.

But with just three weeks remaining until the election, the Left is losing their mind.

And Rush Limbaugh was asked one question that was the biggest insult of his life.

On Thursday’s program, Rush reported to his audience that one of the biggest names in the Fake News Media called for a request to conduct a five minute interview with Limbaugh.

Limbaugh revealed that all she wanted to talk about was if Rush would urge his listeners to remain calm and not riot on Election Day.

“I said, ‘Would you find out? I don’t want to take a phone call without knowing what the hell . . .’ So, what it was, the elitist member of the Drive-By Media wants to ask me — I didn’t talk to her — she has a question for me. Will I urge my listeners to remain calm while the vote returns are being counted on election night?” Limbaugh told his listeners.

The Fake News Media knows that because large numbers of Democrats are voting by mail, Election Night results may show a Trump landslide that Democrats hope will be overturned by weeks of counting mail-in ballots long after Election Day.

Limbaugh found this line of questioning insulting and said so.

“I mean, what an insulting question. Will you urge your listeners to remain calm? How about you? What the hell are you doing to keep people calm now? You people are raising holy hell out there right now in the Drive-By Media. You guys are doing more to keep this country at a fevered pitch of unrest than at any time I’ve ever seen. You guys are zeroing in on the Trump campaign, on Donald Trump personally. You have got a search-and-destroy mission underway. You have shown you’re not going to let up on this,” Limbaugh added.

Limbaugh pointed out that it was the Left – Black Lives Matter and Antifa encouraged by Democrat Mayors and Governors – who are burning down cities.

“When in fact who is raising hell? It’s the Left. It’s the Black Lives Matter wing of the Democrat Party, the Antifa wing of the Democrat Party. Who is it that’s burning down Democrat cities? Who is it that’s looting Democrat-owned-and-operated businesses?” Limbaugh added. “Who is it that is destroying the private property of citizens in their own cities and towns? It’s Democrats. It’s Democrat mayors encouraging it. It’s Democrat governors. You are not engaging in any of this. You’re not on the protest march. You’re not carrying molotov cocktails. You’re sure not throwing smoke or stink bombs at anybody,” Limbaugh added.

The reality is that it is the Left who are planning nationwide riots and street mobilization if it looks like Donald Trump is ahead on Election Night.

But the Fake News Media wants to scare liberals who may not like Joe Biden to turn out and vote in the hopes that it sparks a landslide win for Biden that hands Democrats the Senate as well.

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