Rush Limbaugh went on Fox News and all hell broke loose

Rush Limbaugh sent a message Barack Obama and the Deep State did not want to hear.

The top rated talk show host went on Fox News to speak directly to President Trump.

And all hell broke loose when he finished.

Limbaugh made his first appearance on Bret Baier’s Special Report program to discuss special counsel Mueller clearing Donald Trump of collusion with Russia.

Limbaugh knows Trump is a regular Fox News viewer and he made the case that Attorney General William Barr must appoint a special counsel to investigate the Obama administration and the FBI colluding to try and frame Trump for Russian collusion.

Mediaite reports:

“They are lying to the American people because they can’t give it up,” Limbaugh exclaimed, as Baier sat awaiting his chance to squeeze in more questions. “It is outrageous and some of these people need to be held accountable. I hope the president calls a special counsel to look into this, because the American people deserve to know how they’ve been manipulated, how they have been used.”

Limbaugh continued onward about how “there has never been any evidence of collusion,” that the whole investigation was a “hoax,” and that it was “probably the biggest political scandal certainly of our lifetime, maybe even longer.”

The fake news media reacted in horror.

They think Trump and other Republicans are the only political figures that can ever be investigated.

But this episode left millions of Americans believing there are two sets of rules in America:

One for Donald Trump and one for the Deep State agents trying to take him down.

The administration can restore trust in institutions like the Department of Justice if they conduct a full and thorough investigation of how the Russia probe started.

A special counsel should follow all leads and let the chips fall where they may.

Whatever the special counsel decides about bringing charges should be the final word on this sorry episode.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  2. Good points of light Sharon. Many more times have the Liberal Media neglected to publish the truth about Democratic scandals. Libs always twisting facts,leaving out pertinent info & just plain lies about Trump.

  3. SHARON, you just hit the jackpot… and yes , that is exactly the truth.. you got all the facts…Sharon you should join the White House to save America… seems the other media is a bunch of ignorant, stupid, lying, liberals.. and you know they do that a lot, because they are not REAL AMERICANS. THEY SHOULD GO TO RUSSIA OR ANY OTHER PLACE WE DON;’T WANT THEM HERE.. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY AND IT IS WHAT OUR FOREFATHERS FOUGHT ENGLAND TO GET THIS COUNTRY…

  4. It is time to blow he trumpet. Sharon, you are right on with your statements. There are many of us that are ready to match….we have had enough. If we don’t stand together now and push back. We won’t get another chance, it will be to late.

  5. Does anyone on here Remember what Hillary Clinton said ? If i go Down Everyone on the Hill will go Down with Me. I think she said it kinda like that. But if you stop and think about what is going on with all the Crap and Lies about President Trump, She knows Trump will get her Soon, So She Hillary R. Clinton, is making Dam sure Our President doez not make Good on his Promise to Us, The American Taxpayers and Legal Voters.Hillery R. Clinton has all them Stupied Democrats Scared like Crazy Lol When they are all gonna go down anyway with Hillery R. Clinton.

  6. Easily explained as BO is a closet Muslim.
    Like all the rest of liberal Democrats, they want America “to lead from behind.” A backseat slogan from a clueless community organizer who was in over his head
    Vote all these frauds and posers the hell out of office.
    The MAGA slogan nailed it and energized all Americans.
    The President is not a politician but a businessman and get things done so just check his record of success. Just vote for him next year and God Bless America.

  7. Much as I would like to see another Special Prosecutor/Counsel, I don’t think it will happen. I think the current AG won’t do it, though it is needed. If one IS appointed, I think that person should investigate everything, including Mueller’s history of prosecutorial misconduct using the federal resources to go after people who are innocent just because he can do it. Research Rep Gohmert’s 48 page article about Mueller’s history for a real eye-opener about theis guy the media thinks is such a straight arrow.

  8. Pelosi also rambles a lot, but I think that might be Alzheimer’s.
    It comes as no surprise that most people think gaze aversion signals deception. Intuitively, this makes sense. People who feel embarrassed avoid eye contact. People who feel ashamed avoid eye contact. People who are under a heavy cognitive load tend to avoid direct eye contact. However, it does come as a surprise that research shows there is no connection between lying and the amount of eye contact between the liar and the target of the lie. In fact, research demonstrates that liars maintain more deliberate eye contact than do truthful people.

    People tend to look at people or things that they like and avoid eye contact with people and things they don’t like. Liars must overcome the natural urge to avoid eye contact with their lie target to make themselves believable. Consequently, liars tend to overcompensate by maintaining longer eye contact.

  9. Rush is one of the few people who still tells it like it is and not what other people thinks it ought to be.


  11. Exactly, he already had some kind of incident that he tried to blame on the heat in the room. I know better.
    I understand what they get in the way of injections to keep the likes of him Hillary or even RBG going and going.


  13. Your mistake was bringing race into the discussion.

    Don’t do it. Even if it’s white people.

  14. The liberals has never objected to the illegal use of the govt. in sympathy to their agenda. I know that there has been at least 2 different attempts by conservatives to have forums similar to facebook but they have failed. I do believe conservatives would be happy to use them if they even knew that they existed. There are so many instances where conservatives have been maligned by the liberals and the liberals just sit back and watch.

  15. Sorry that you only watch Fox News because that means you watch Sheppard Smith.
    I watch Fox Business and One America News Network.
    I DVR other Fox programs like Judge Jeanine and a couple of others because the owners of Fox News are now the sons and they have extremely liberal wives.
    All I am asking is that you look around for news sources that are more conservative.

  16. A massive group of people in front of the White House carrying signs with how the people feel about the treason committed by the Deep state. deceit, lies, murder, perjury, and how many more crimes have the Dems committed against this country . Plus allowing illegals to live here off tax payer dollars not caring about the crimes they have committed. There is enough Dems and dumb Dem followers that want to put this country down. Yes we should be afraid when our voting system is being corrupted.

  17. kathy: You kiss a picture of obama before going to bed at night? And we think the same thing about your idols as you do Trump.

  18. Actually it started back in the ’40’s with Roosevelt/Stalin/Churchill.. One world government was discussed @ the Pottstown accords..

  19. We are losing our country while we sit back and rant and rave on social media. Who is also censoring us. It is time to get on the streets. If they left wing nut jobs can riot on the streets surely we can protest and let our grievance be known. We continue to live in a nation that is tearing itself apart. This started with Obama and his racist attitude. Race relations was not perfect but it seems to have exploded since Obama was in office. People making threats to kill our president or advocate for violence against anyone who stands up for our President. This does not just happen to adults. Our children are being attacked for their beliefs if it is not want educators or peers believe. When I was growing up teacher taught. Not bringing in their political beliefs and try to indoctrinate our children. Teaching them to pray as a muslim but cannot say a prayer in school without someone yelling separation of church and state. There is no such wording. This is from a letter. We are losing our country to illegal aliens who come across our borders and are disrespectful and violent and we are not demanding any better. We have a President that is at least trying to do something. He is out there trying to protect us and the citizens in this nation. All the while being called every negative nasty name that can be imagined. We have to put a stop and take back our country. There are more of us than them. We have just allowed them to be louder. It is time we hold fake news accountable. Fake commentators accountable. Educators accountable. Government officials accountable. Those responsible for trying to over thrown the election accountable. We have to demand that this madness stop. Government officials ignoring the American people for their own agenda. This starts today of making demands and holding those accountable for those WHO Work for US

  20. I just got banned for 30 days. Someone put a video saying secret service showed up at her door. Her comment was to assassinate President Trump. I made several comments did not make threats or advocate for any harm. Called the woman white trash and now I am banned. Something has got to be done. I say Zukerberg wants to censor free speech then we need to censor him. Just came off from being banned for 7 days for making my opinion but no threats or advocate for violence

  21. 1. Liberals said nothing when Obama used drone strikes to execute people abroad.
    2. Liberals said nothing about Russia for 50 years until Trump was inaugurated.
    3. Liberals said nothing about Hillary’s campaign manager’s brother being paid $175,000 to lift U.S. sanctions on Russia.
    4. Liberals said nothing when Obama engaged in military interventionism in Libya without Congressional approval.
    5. Liberals said nothing Obama greatly expanded presidential power through the use of Executive Orders.
    6. Liberals said nothing when Obama filled his White House with lobbyists after he said he wouldn’t.
    7. Liberals said nothing when Obama gave 47 of his fundraisers Administration jobs.
    8. Liberals said nothing about the murders and rapes at the hands of illegal immigrants.
    9. Liberals said nothing when Hillary’s net worth rose over $100 million as Secretary of State, in part, because her husband took money from foreign governments.
    10. Liberals said nothing after Obama’s net worth rose over $10 million as President.
    11. Liberals said nothing when Obama’s Justice Dept. Wiretapped/surveilled reporters such as James Rosen and the AP.
    12. Liberals said nothing when Obama restricted immigration 6 times with Executive Orders.
    13. Liberals said nothing when Obama set a record for deportations.
    14. Liberals said nothing when Bill Clinton met Loretta Lynch on the airport tarmac during the Clinton investigation.
    15. Liberals said nothing when Hillary was fed debate questions.

  22. I so agree, Hit the Democrats in their wallets, money is more important to the Democrats than America or Americans.

  23. And how about Chris Wallace, Judge Napolitano, and Geraldo Rivera? They are all liberal to the nth degree. Every once in a while, Geraldo sides with the RIGHT, but mostly he sticks to the illegals.

  24. There is another who could do it, and his name is Greg Jarrett!! And another who is very powerful and outspoken, and her name is Judge Jeannine.

  25. They can be purchased now! We all need to be armed to face the hordes of idiots who think they are powerful until faced with real patriots. Semper Fi.

  26. This shows what an educated person Kathy is. When she has no factual answer or information, she just resorts to profanity. She proves herself to be another brainwashed and ignorant snowflake screaming at the sky only receiving roars of laughter from those around her.

  27. Bama Bill I am also sick of the corruption of our legal system and the cost to us as tax payers for their indiscretions
    All Prosecutors are corrupt. If you commit the crime you pay the time PERIOD. Build more jails or purchase an island for their detainment

  28. thank you Denny for your comment. I have been saying the same for months, people look at us like we have 2 heads, but eventually they will see the truth, but will they believe so to be a reality is the question. Have they been brained washed since 1954???? Thanks again

  29. Agreed. All this CRAP started in the 60’s with the
    strange domestic “. Terror Groups”. like the Black
    Panthers. Etc etc, college protests & Democrats
    In local, state, & federal levels of govt. What you
    see now are the entrenched remnants of these
    groups & their offspring . Disgusting !

  30. I watched this. I have been saying for months what we are seeing is Sedition. We are witnessing the same things that happened when the South wanted to split from the United States. It is called SEDITION, a plan to overthrow the Government. Americans better wake up to the disease that has spread and is spreading to all parts of our government. It has been obvious since in the Vietnam period of time, but it started actually in 1954. Possibly even sooner. Democrat Leadership in the Federal offices, State and Cities that are Sanctuary States and cites, Traitors that want a one world Government, the RINOS, they are the same, both these groups are financed by the elite of the elite rich. People like George Soros and his sons, and associates like Tom Steyer, Rockefeller the Rothschild family. Research it yourself using your own computer.

  31. Its True. I believe their is two sets of rules in this country today and I’m just an average American citizen. One set for the Elites, Hollywood, Liberals & Democrats. One
    for people like me, including poor,minorities and Republicans. Another words-The Walmart Shoppers and Deplorables as we were referred to in the past. Please President and Republicans in charge, do an investigation into the Democrats, Hillary and the Obama administration, and how the hoax of the century got started. We citizens of the United States of America deserve the answers. Make America Great Again by exposing these terrible crimes committed all for politics. I would like to have faith in our country again.

  32. Dims don’t process loss. The every ones a winner mental journey has plagued them for years. Facts be damned! Dims are as bright as a dark room with no light switch.

  33. The Mueller verdict is driving you all crazier. CRAZIER! HAHAHAHA Kathy your guy Mueller was the smoking gun, the Answer to vindication. You screamed to let him finish. Well, he found nothing and you feel betrayed. Dims act like toddlers because society has provided a every one a winner mental blockage. You can’t handle the loss. Process the smack on the hand. The every ones a winner mentality distorts honesty, promotes laziness, and disregards facts, all because dims can’t process loss. So like a toddler, you tantrum, protest, name call and lie. All because you were never taught how to process loss.

  34. Trey Gowdy – Gowdy is the man period that done most of the work. He is brilliant to me – He is a serious man you can tell. He dont mess around period. Not to many like him for sure.

  35. At least with Juan Williams you know that he’s there to push the Democrat talking points. With Shepherd Smith, he is SUPPOSED to be a REPORTER of the news, but instead, he doesn’t even try to hide his contempt for the President and the Republican Party! I can’t even stand to watch him!

  36. I see, Bj, you QUIT being a Republican, but you could NEVER vote for a Dem. Maybe Ross Perot will run again?

  37. Jack, you can believe what you want. I have always been very conservative. No way would I vote for a dem now. They have become insane. JFK would not be allowed in the dem party today.

  38. DITOS DITOS DITOS,Bama Bill!!! If only I stillhad my M-16 from TET offensive 9th INF DIV 67/68!! You have another volunteer for that REAL justice squad!!!

  39. All hell did not break loose. Stop using that worn out statement. Sounds like it was made by dems. I would appreciate being able to use my words not not your substit

  40. Yes, wake up America….if you do not wake up you will find you self in the same position like Germany do and the rest of Europe did whom we shedded our blood for their freedom only to see them go in the deep end…they cannot save themselves and we will not have the world to save since we are drowning in floods and the breadbasket is drying up…will the world step in to help us to survive the near Hitler era? Guess not…they will come to to steal like the Deep State is slowly doing…let’s set an example of Clinton’s, Lynch, Comney ,all the duzzed ones to set a good example of law breakers, after all the little guy no matter what color has to pay the time for crime

  41. The left knows that they have to keep pointing their fingers away from themselves, because the last thing they want is for people to see what they’ve actually been doing, past and present against the American people they’re supposed to represent, but don’t. What they are truly doing is only about self and their power over the people.

  42. The person gathering this information on the Deep State should be someone that is not deeply tied to DC. The name Trey Gowdy is one that comes to mind.

  43. All Patriots and Veterans must get out and make sure all their kind vote in 2020!
    I’m for treasonists being convicted and face a firing squad the morning after being convicted. NO lawyers (liars) filing appeals for 20 years and making millions!
    We MUST clean out all these committing TREASON! Any lawyer like Hillary certainly should at least lose their citizenship and be deported!
    I’ll gladly volunteer for the firing squad, and bring my own 30-06 and ammunition! Come on all veterans, we must still do what we swore to do,
    “DEFEND OUR COUNTRY AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC”. My oath did not include, “Until discharged”, did yours???

  44. Let’s not forget the man that was killed in DC that they thought was the whistle blower for wiki . They ruled it a robbery but he wasn’t robbed

  45. Good idea! Don’t talk about it write to them and let them have an earful! They are supposed to be working for us – not the other way around!

  46. My suggestion for us all….Get out and vote next time, we are close to losing the Constitution of this unparalleled country. Why do you think everyone wants to come to America? Jail the criminals, Hillary,Bill,Comey, all traitors, Holder, and the rest of these souls-less hypocrites. Respect our President Term limits for Congress just like the President has!

  47. Remember the name = George Soros – he and all his money and billionaire friends are who backed Obama, Hillary, and lots of others – they are the ones who need to be investigated also. In fact, send Mr. Soros back to his country so they can put him on trial – I’m sure they would love to get at him!

  48. Perhaps you should read just who is the DEEP STATE and who all the people are involved in it! You will be surprised, as I was, to find out some of the people you thought would not be involved, really are! It is time the American people know just who their enemies are – they are within – not outside of the country as much as inside!

  49. It is about time! This is what I have said for a long time – turn the tables and investigate everything under Obama, Hillary, etc.

  50. BitinDog
    What an unmitigated pile of trash. I believe in a free press, but do not insult my intelligence. We are dealing with 3 racist bigoted fool women in the House now and do NOT need to read the same here. It has been my honor and my privilege to have known and worked with agents of the Israeli Mossad. No harder working men and women dedicated to the premise of freedom and defense of.their nation are to be found with the exception our own military and clandestine operations personnel. They are PATRIOTS. And the sooner you realize that Israel is about the only TRUE ally we have in the middle east the better! Their goals. Safety and security for their nation and ours against the forceful encroachment of.Islam perfectly align with ours. BACK OFF.OF THE JEWS BUB!

  51. If you hear it on FoxNews it is absolutely true and is not to be disputed. It’s true; you cannot argue that FoxNews is everything good and true and totally without ulterior motives or agenda’s of any sort. How do I know this? I know it because I watch FoxNews every day and it is my only source for news and all of their hosts and commentators are open minded and have only the very best in mind for America. I just love them all, but three do standout as being incredibly smart, alway 100% truthful and right on target: Sean Hannity ( the best), Tucker Carlson ( always brilliant, graceful, and compassionate), and of course the beloved Laura Ingram ( beautiful, never opinionated, kind, and sweet …….what’s not to love about Laura? ). But Sean; what can I say? President Trump loves him to death and respects his clear and well thought our ideas as is evidenced by how often the president repeats what Sean says each night and often turns Sean’s ideas into policy. But, all of this said about FoxNews, it’s hard for me to understand why such a highly respected news organization would ever give Rush Limbaugh any air-time at all; clearly Rush is an overinflated bag of foul smelling gas whose egomaniacal belief in himself is well know, well established, and 100% unwarranted. Rather, I would like to see John Oliver given air-time on the FoxNews Channel, because he is a guy whose ideas and personal opinions each of us can take to the bank; Johns idea’s, if taken seriously, as they should be, may be all that’s left between our survival and our long, never-to-be-questioned journey down the slimy road to perdition. Three cheers for FoxNews! They are a wonderful breath of fresh air. Democrats of course are all very nice people, it’s just that they seem to get all of their opinions from The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, and those insidious intellectuals who would have you believe that they know something that we don’t; yeah, right…..sure they do.

  52. Gary thanks for the link to Arcancide.comm the truth is out there and it’s past time to bring ALL of the clintons criminal activities to lite and all of those who have protected them. Plain and simple the clintons are America’s political serial killers.


  54. Dan Tyree, I’ve always heard “it takes one to know one”, and from what I see of your comments, you are surely the King of BS artists, so who are we to question your accuracy in calling someone same???

  55. Isn’t it amazing how many “suicides” have taken place in and around the Clinton camp? Not to mention the accidents that took the lives of several people who were reputed to have dirty details on them. Just saying!

  56. It sounds like BitinDawg is himself a Limp Noodle. He spits out HIS “theory” without any given proof……..just like ALL left-wing nut cases. He tries to spin absolute BS with the idea that all people out here are going to take all that nonsense as absolute “fact.” (Not even a nice try.) He would have better luck trying to convince those of his own party as they are prone to believing their own lies after spewing them long enough. Bitindddddddawg shows his hate for jews. What a pity.

  57. Steve research and you will find there were unanswered murders when slick willie was gov of Arkansas, which was way before willie was Pres.

  58. Didja ever hear the joke about what one little moron said to the other little moron? No? Well, I’d like to tell it to you, but if I did, they’d most surely find some way to ban me from the forum. Truth has a digest-ability index. And this one id pretty high.

  59. You have to go check out the Clinton Body Count page. Lots of people were murdered covering up for Bill and Hill.

  60. A more apt term would be, law politics. And the Democrats started it with their lawyering against Richard Nixon. Then the Repubs picked it up and turned it against Clinton. Which Trump alluded to in his campaign. Then the Demo-Crats picked it back up and turned it against Trump. All the while the moon keeps a going around and around the earth, always keeping its unsmiling face turned to US, bemused at the spectacle that we present. And the world keeps a turning on its axis, day after day after day, and going around and around the sun, year after year after year.

  61. This is why the American people will never understand what and who deep state really is. Rush Limp noodle is not deep state, but he exists at their pleasure. They could take him off the air anytime that they wanted to. But he serves them by assisting them in the camouflage of there very existence. Deep state is the Jew bankers and the Zionist political matrix of power. They rejected Trump because he was a loose cannon. They wanted Mike Pence as he would be totally under their control with never an un-biblical thought in his christian head. Trump has done everything that he possibly could do to ingratiate himself with the Jews and their X-tian collaborators. As of now, it appears that the Jews have accepted Trump as a bird in the hand and will try to live with him. Limp Noodle’s pontifications notwithstanding.

  62. Call your Representatives and demand an investigation. Tell them to stick with it and make those responsible pay dearly!

  63. If Obombo didn’t start this mess, he sure agreed to it, and knew all about. This country went downhill during his presidency.

  64. Obama will never be prosecuted for anything simply because he’s a Democrook and Democrooks “can never do any wrong”

  65. Steff, agree with you! Your suggestion of Joe DiGenova as the special council is EXACTLY how I feel, too….

  66. Very sure this goes as far back as 2015 with surveillance of the GOP. Would be interesting who ordered the initial FISA warrant and exactly what specifics the warrant was for and whom. This really needs to be cleaned up. We are fairly sure of who the main perpetrators are, but need them to be held accountable, and any OTHERS involved. This whole unfortunate disaster involved conspiracy, treason and a whole host of other charges. It not only involves spying on a political party but COLLUSION, attempting to change the outcome of an election, and an attempt to subvert those election results and the will of the people, compounded by an attempt overthrow a sitting president. We can not let this go unanswered.

  67. Glad to see someone remembered the foster case I believe This to be the Clintons first murder VICTIM.

  68. I want the truth…who started this witch hunt….hold them accountable…take away their pensions…take away their life time salaries….and give the people back the 25 millions of our money

  69. Don’ t forget Maxi moth Waters ,Schiff, and Pelosi , And Nazi Schumer all the MSM that srceamed collusion , and no facts to back it up trying unseat a President is treason!

  70. Haven’t heard too much from Obama lately? Holder is out there trying to cover his sorry a$$ and there should be a special Council to investigate that cabal immediately now is the time to get this done because there will be tons of wrongdoings among these bad players!

  71. You are so right!! If they do not do something about this, it will happen again. The demorats will do it again, if they get away with it this time.

  72. Sad that you have fallen into what Adolf Hitler has said.
    “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
    Adolf Hitler
    Thats exactly what the Lame Stream Media has done. And you have heard the lies so much and do often that you believe them.
    You need to remember that “The truth will set you free”

  73. Barry Barack Hussein Soetero Obama STARTED ALL OF THIS, let there be no doubt. He did this to assist not only hiLAIRy but to assure his treacherous reign would be forever buried…. This all goes back to Obama, time to haul his seditious a.. into the light.

  74. Rush is right! James Clapper said that Obama himself was involved in instigating surveillance of Trump and his campaign team during an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN. Smells like a smoking gun to me!

  75. They need to switch the tables and start investigating the real enemies of the USA . If Putin is the enemy why was Hillary allowed to sell him plutonium . Her e-mails. Obama and Holder with fast and furious and lets not forget Benghazi. Also the leak that cost the seal time there lives

  76. Mr. Limbaugh is correct, as he usually is. The Obama administration should have been under federal investigation from the first day of Trump’s presidency. It was the most corrupt in our nation’s history.

  77. Obozo holder and smellitt can all hold hands , while they are on the hate America tour, to deflect the truth and inspire their tribal friends into a frenzy . The king of corruption shall update be held accountable along with his cronies.

  78. “Independent” is just another word for “closet Democrat”! Most of the main stream media are also Independents! I REST MY CASE!

  79. Jack…I have morals. It seems that a lot of Republicans don’t. Both parties are corrupt. I am independent and vote for the best person for the job.

  80. Mr. Texas that fool uses my name. He’s phoney as a three dollar bill. He might share my name but he’s a phony American.

  81. !!! BAIT’N SWITCH!! I read that “ALL” HELL was going to break loose!! THIS IS FAKE NEWS!!!!

  82. Thats wht=y Trump has been found not to have any collusion with anyone dip. Now its time to take out your favorite daddy obamma

  83. What goes around comes around …

    Obama, you are truly dirty, … dirty as Chicago politics that freed Smollett. Dirty!

  84. All the Republicans do is talk, talk, talk…………never any action…….nothing is ever going to happen to the crooked Comey, Clapper, Lynch, Hillary, Brennan, or Rosenstein. There will be no justice for the regular American, hard working citizens like me.

    Thank God for Donald Trump! And the Republicans in Washington are not helping him either!! There will be no Special Prosecutor to investigate Hillary’s crooked actions or the guys mentioned above. It will be the deep state Republicans stopping it. Watch and see!

  85. Line them up and try them in a court of law. If found guilty strip them of their citizenship and deport them with the stipulation that if they come back into the U.S. again they will be imprisoned for life and/or be given the death sentence.

  86. Appoint a special counsel NOW. Preferably with the integrity and knowledge as Trey Goudy, Greg Jarrett, Joe DiGenova…..

  87. Liberal elite believe that rules, especially it seems, the rule of Law and Nature, does not apply to them. It is like ignoring the fact that a male can not have a child with another male, and a female can not have a child with another female, at least the way Mother Nature intended.

    Mother Earth is called Mother, as the Feminine is the Key to Life as well as Love.

    When people try to be nice and ignore Facts, Mother Nature will not and does not respond in a Positive way.

    Hence the Idiocy and Insanity of the Liberal Elite in their Delusional Belief that they are in control, when in Reality they have lost Control ever since they let the cry babies out of the closet, and Hollywood (so to speak).

    Put them all up on charges and hold them Accountable for the Insanity, Period.

  88. Adam Schiff says that still there was evidence of Russian Collusion in the Trump. HEY ADAM! IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO UP OR SHUT THE F**K UP.

  89. Because like our immigration system, the justice system is equally broken. This is what happens when you put the criminals in charge if making the laws for the rest if us to live ,(or die), by.

  90. I don’t usually like to make judgments like this, but how frigging STUPID are these people? If they hadn’t been all over President Trump like flies on feces, there would have been NO APPETITE for further investigations! All they had to do is accept the Meuller Report, and they would at least have had the possibility of not wearing stripes! Your gooses are cooked! We dine on Election Day!

  91. The Dems believe that they have a protective bubble around them. Soon their bubble will go pop and all their dirty little secrets will come flying out. You can
    hide your garbage only so long before it starts to stink. Theirs is smelling to high heavens. It should not be hard to find. Just follow the smell.

  92. Why is it that the following criminals are not in prison: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Adam Schiff and James Comey to name but a few. The start of this whole fake Mueller investigation has the stench of Obama and Clinton all over it. I hope I live long enough to see the entire Obama mob in jail, filthy people!

  93. Love to see the scumbags breaking out in cold sweats with the sudden realization that they really CAN be held accountable. The ” chosen” one included.

  94. Thanks Rush. My thoughts is that there should be 6 Grand Jury trials going NOW, for the SOB’s that started this probe of Pres. Trump. Play their game and even harder. They deserve to be scrutinized as never before, and after conviction, off to GITMO. That’s all they deserve.

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