Rush Limbaugh’s replacement just made one jaw-dropping career announcement

When Rush Limbaugh passed away in February, it left a giant hole in conservative media.

A new generation of conservative talk show hosts tried to fill the void.

And Rush Limbaugh’s replacement just made one jaw-dropping career announcement.

Cumulus Radio signed a deal with popular conservative podcaster Dan Bongino to host a show in Limbaugh’s 12 to 3PM time slot on hundreds of stations across the country.

Bongino is one of the most popular conservatives on social media and brings a ready made audience to his show.

But now that is all in doubt.

On Monday, Bongino announced that he informed Cumulus that if the company maintained its vaccine mandate for employees, he would no longer partner with them in broadcasting his show.

Bongino called vaccine mandates immoral and told listeners he did not want to work with a company that forced employees to take the shot against their will.

“And candidly I’d rather not be here today on this station or on any of these stations. I’d rather just talk to you on my podcast, which is mine. And I do what I want here, too, make no mistake. But I’m doing it because I want something to change and I’m giving them an opportunity to do it. But if they don’t, this is going to be an entirely untenable situation going forward. You really want me on your airwaves every day talking about this? You have a choice. I work with you. I do not work for you. I never will,” Bongino began.

Bongino added that he issued his ultimatum to Cumulus in order to stand with the workers who don’t have a voice and now stand to lose their jobs over taking a shot they may not need or want.

“You may have had other people in a corner, but you don’t have me. And it’s my obligation given everything I’ve been through health-wise. It’s my obligation to stand up for them. A lot of them their entire livelihood was at risk. I don’t know if you cared about that or you just disregarded it. I don’t know, what did you have, a personal consultation with [Anthony] Fauci or something? They tell you how valuable these mandates are? Again, I don’t know what led you to the mistaken belief that I was just going to sit back and take this and let these people wither on the vine. I’m not,” Bongino concluded.

Companies imposing vaccine mandates have caused anguish across the country.

Vaccinated Americans do not need protection from the unvaccinated.

The mandates serve more as a measure of social control than public health.

But now, prominent voices – like Dan Bongino – are fighting back and putting their money where their mouth is.

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