Rush Limbaugh’s replacement went on Fox News and chaos broke out on the set

Things got heated on Sean Hannity’s show on Thursday night.

It had to do with a police shooting.

And Rush Limbaugh’s replacement went on Fox News and chaos broke out on the set.

Dan Bongino is taking over for Rush Limbaugh’s radio show and filling his time slot.

Bongino is also a frequent guest on Sean Hannity’s program.

On Thursday night, Bongino appeared with Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera to discuss the Atlanta Police Department reinstating officer Garrett Rolfe one year after Rolfe shot and killed Rayshard Brooks.

Brooks and Rolfe had engaged in a struggle where Brooks stole Brooks taser and fired the taser at Officer Rolfe’s head.

Officer Rolfe responded by shooting Brooks three times and killing him.

The police department fired Rolfe the next day after Black Lives Matter mobs threatened to riot and burned down the Wendy’s where Brooks was shot.

For some reason, Rivera argued with Bongino that Rolfe was not fired and that losing his job was not a big deal.

That led to Bongino accusing Rivera of being drunk.

Mediaite reported:

Bongino: So your suggestion here is, “Fire the guy because the mob said they’d burn the community down”?

Rivera: No. The firing of the officer did not materially harm the officer who was facing very serious criminal charges. He has a lot more on his plate than whether he has a job right now.

Bongino: Geraldo, seriously man. Have you been drinking? They fired the guy! What you mean they didn’t materially–they fired him! That was on his record! It was all over the news! If you put him in a search engine it shows–

Rivera: His firing is the least of his problems.

Many Americans were outraged not only at the police department caving to the mob, but that prosecutors filed 11 criminal charges against Officer Rolfe to keep a violent mob from torching Atlanta.

If mobs can force prosecutors to bring criminal charges under the threat of violent looting, rioting, and arson, that is terrorism.

Many Fox News viewers could not understand that Geraldo Rivera did not make that connection.

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