This Russians’ arrest raised big red flags about the Trump-Russia scandal

Did Russian hackers influence the 2016 election?

The intelligence community and Obama administration claim they did.

Now one Russian hacker was arrested, but the incident is raising some giant red flags.


  1. You seem to forget that the Clinton gang sold nuclear material to the Russians that can/will be used to make more nukes. This is suicide. Now we are antagonizing Kim el Un over wanting to develop a missile capable or loft ing a nuke to hit the US. ARE WE going to sacrifice the men and material to slam Korea and ignore the people in our government that have recently made our destruction more likely?

  2. No it was hot flashes –no it was dehydration, no it was pneumonia, no it was the rubes from the middle of the country that were so naive they believed all that “fake news” —no it was a right wing conspiracy. It was all the voter fraud that initiated recounts that did not uncover anything.. It was James Comey and the FBI—never mind all the criminal activity of the Clinton Foundation and the sale of 20 % of our U.S. uranium to the Russkies and the media’s complicity to give the questions to Killary to bag comrade Bernie—otherwise she couldn;t even beat him. Never mind that Obama sent his minions to Israel with millions of taxpayers money to build a campaign to oust Prime Minister Netanyahu. Talk about meddling in other countries elections—OK for the treasonous left to spend our taxpayer money to build a voter database, train activists, and hire a political consulting firm and run advertising led by Obama;s chief campaign strategist to outright oust Netanyahu The Senate investigated and said it was clear taxpayer dollars were used to undermine the election of one of our closest allies—no action was taken as usual only because it merely exposed deficiencies in our State Department policies. The media is all atwitter because they can say the Russians meddled because there is no way to prove or disprove their claim and this they believes discredits Trump.
    Again this story has legs only because it has circumstantial evidence leaked by the CIA. At this date it appears there is no evidence Russian hackers furnished information to WikiLeaks, or intervened in the voter tabulation in any state. As the real crime is who is doing the leaking and unmasking—but as Comey said in the recent hearings that any unmasking they do is under minimization standards and they are obsessive in their determination to protect identities and privacy of all Americans. If America believes that I have some land in the everglades I want to sell. Clinton lost because she was a likable as overcooked skunk !!!! Not because of any of the reasons above.

  3. This is just another snow storm by the liberal snowflakes that comes to absolutely nothing but and more excuses to why Hillary lost to Trump. Let’s face the facts that she stayed away pretty much from the unbiased media and let the liberal media protect her by asking no probing questions about her email server, Bengiz or any of her many guestion able flops like Libbia. They have been searching for crumbs where there was no bread, anything to fault Trump for her loss. But let’s be truthful she had little appeal to the public and silenced anyone who guestion ed her actions. We the people are not so much like dumb cattle or sheep that can be lead in any direction, especially after two failed Obama terms and Obama distanced himself Hillary with another pie in the sky idiot Kerry. Russia did not have to do anything, we are our own worst enemies with such corruption, cronyism, and agendas in Washington. Oh and let’s not forget George Soros who was throwing bags of money like boulders at Trump along with fake media. If Hillary, Obama, Louis Learner, Susan Rice and many others are not brought to justice, then our blind lady of justice is peaking from under her mask and has her hand in the Washington cooks jar. The is no equal justice under the law depending on which side of the tracks you come from. But one day justice will be served when they stand before our creator to answer for their crimes against so many. His justice can see the black hearts and liars before him. Those who purposely mislead the children of God will feel his Rath much greater.

    • I totally agree with you.. I do believe that this guy they just arrested in Spain is just a fall guy to try and smear President Trump and so the Democrats can say see we found someone that can prove what we’ve been saying that President Trump was involved with the Russians.. Even though he wasn’t.. I think the left will break any law and do anything they can to damage President Trump and get him out of office.. The sad part is that We the People elected President Trump and want him to stay in office so we can finally get our country back.. Let’s face it the last 8 year’s of having Obama in the White house did nothing but hurt America and our reputation.. Now we have President Trump in the White house and thing’s are actually looking better and I think the Democrats can’t stand that.. I think the Democrats want America to fall and not succeed, not sure why yet but I do think that and I’ve read that a lot of people think that also..

  4. What am I missing about the supposed Russian hacking that (supposedly) was to help Trump? All that I saw revealed were the criminal activities of the democrat party and Hillary. We (the people) are supposed to be outraged at the exposure of anti-constitutional activities of the left? These people on the left have committed CRIMINAL, anti-constitutional behavior, yet we are supposed to be outraged at the exposure of this? Please excuse me as I feel impending nausea.

    • Great Response. I have filled my barf bag with all the Obama rhetoric. Sadly it is overflowing with this post Trump accusations by the left.

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