Ruth Bader Ginsberg hid something from the American people that could change everything

Liberal Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is the oldest member of the Supreme Court.

Her health has become a major issue in this election year.

And Ruth Bader Ginsberg hid something from the American people that could change everything.

In July, Ruth Bader Ginsberg revealed her cancer had returned and she was receiving chemotherapy as a treatment.

But that was only half the story.

The truth was Gisnberg began receiving chemotherapy in May and her cancer had returned in February.

This means Ginsberg hid the truth about her health from the American people for four months.

NPR’s Nina Totenberg noted, “Ginsburg said she began a course of chemotherapy on May 19 after a periodic scan in February, followed by a biopsy, revealed lesions on her liver. She said her recent hospitalizations to remove gallstones and to treat an infection were unrelated to the recurrence of the cancer.”

Totenberg continued, “this is her fifth bout with cancer in 21 years and the third bout in the last 19 months. Her surgeries and treatments over the years for colon and pancreatic cancer have likely contributed to some of the gut problems, unrelated to her cancer, that pop up from time to time.”

Ginsberg wanted to hide her health issues in hopes they would not become a campaign trail issue in 2020.

Supreme Court vacancies work better for conservatives than liberals in driving voter turnout.

Ginsberg desperately wants Joe Biden to win so she can retire and be assured another radical leftist will take her place.

That’s why she tried to hide the return of her cancer as long as possible to try and prevent the 2020 election from turning into a referendum on who the American people want picking her replacement.

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