Ruth Bader Ginsberg just made this game-changing announcement about her health

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has dealt with numerous health issues over the past year.

Many in Washington, D.C. thought she might retire in 2020.

And now Ruth Bader Ginsberg just made this game-changing announcement about her health.

In the past year doctors removed cancerous tumors from Ginsberg’s lungs and gave her radiation treatment for her pancreatic cancer.

Ginsberg also suffered broken ribs in a fall during late 2018.

That all led to speculation Ginsberg’s health could force the leader of the court’s liberal bloc off the bench.

But in an interview in her Supreme Court chambers with fake news CNN, Ginsberg revealed she is cancer free.

The 86-year-old liberal Supreme Court Justice told CNN the intensive radiation treatment for a malignant tumor on her pancreas was successful and she was now free of the disease.

“I’m cancer-free. That’s good,” Ginsburg said.

Questions about Ginsburg’s health have surrounded the octogenarian this year, leading to speculation she may be forced to step down from the bench. Her departure from the court would give President Trump the opportunity to appoint a third jurist to the bench in his first term.

But Ginsburg has repeatedly shot down rumors of her departure, telling her supporters she plans to continue serving until she’s 90-years-old.

Ginsberg is clearly hanging on in hopes that a Democrat wins the 2020 election so she can step down in 2021 and be assured a liberal will succeed her.

But if Donald Trump wins the election it could set off a judicial confirmation battle that will make Brett Kavanaugh’s look like a cakewalk.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. This old bi+++ should do the country and just drop dead on the bench. Worthless stinking liberal piece of 86 year old garbage. Judges that do not honor the US Constitution should go live somewhere else

  2. Ginsberg needs to retire. She is a political activist that has no business sitting on a judges bench. Neither does any judge that bases their decision on political whims and not the LAW or CONSTITUTION.I for one am tired of political motivated judges.

  3. Ginsberg is the reason there should mandatory retirement. That should be based on their political activation. A judge should make decisions based on the LAW and the CONSTITUTION.Not political whims. Those who don’t should be replaced. I for one am tired political motivated judges.

  4. Ginsberg is the reason there should mandatory retirement. That should be based on their political activation. A judge should make decisions based on the LAW and the CONSTITUTION.Not political whims. Those who don’t should be replaced. I for one am tired political motivated judges.

  5. Its Time For The Old Bolshevik To Retire! this women is a hater of Christian Beliefs. (hobby lobby decision) She said if Donald J Trump was elected President…she would move to New Zealand..why hasn’t she Left? Go Already!

  6. Trump needs to go ahead declare martial law and kill off all the demoncraps and rhinos,deport all illegals,radical Muslims and violent racists and demoncrap minions.

  7. You are in correct Joseph Strychasz,
    Democrats have for years put Judges
    on the bench that don’t follow the
    Constitution. Ruth Bader Ginsberg
    doesn’t follow the Constitution
    except when it benefits her view point. It

  8. You are in correct Joseph Strychasz,
    Democrats have for years put Judges
    on the bench that don’t follow the
    Constitution. Ruth Bader Ginsberg
    doesn’t follow the Constitution
    except when it benefits her view point.

  9. You are in correct Joseph Strychasz,
    Democrats have for years put Judges
    on the bench that don’t follow the
    Constitution. Ruth Bader Ginsberg
    doesn’t follow the Constitution
    except when benefits her view point.

  10. It is a blight on America how all of these liberals think.
    They are so caught up with power. They are abhorrent with the
    thought that they may give up their position to a conservative
    who might actually think differently. It is disgusting. A 90
    year old on the Supreme Court is ludicrous. It is madness defined.

  11. Don Baker, I agree, and I don’t believe for one minute that she is “cancer free”! The old hag is a cancer on our society. It appears that Satan is taking care of his minion!

  12. This is I believe Body double #3. DNA test to prove it! The other two booked a trail, because they knew they’d be sacrificed at an advantagous time for the dems to control the media.

  13. If this is really her, and not body double #3, her health is all a lie. RBG died, back when Fox announced it. This one needs to be DNA TESTED, to see for sure! We the people need to demand it. And who is controlling what she says and does? Hmmm? A b d would have to be controlled, and would not be as knowledgeable as the original, for what that is worth. So who is in control?

  14. She won’t live another year… Mark my word. The old communist hag couldn’t tell you what day it is much less know how and what to vote on.

  15. you forget that as a young lawyer she fought for equal rights for women – she is more of an American than you are – just because she is a liberal does not mean her judgement on cases is wrong. The Judicial system has rightfully blocked trump from his plans on immigrants and other issues – this is called the checks and balance clause of the Constitution and thank God for that and the wisdom of our founding fathers who did not want one branch of government have total control of said government against the monarchy of England.

  16. Michelle, your ignorance is showing. Pres. Trump loves this country and has done a lot of good for us. But extremely corrupt vile Hillary and muslim traitor Obama are fine with you. You are a fool

  17. Is there any law to be able to prove that she is acually alive, or is this person not really Ginsburg maybe?

  18. Another common mistake is there, their, and they’re. I, too, have noticed all the language and spelling mistakes in books, magazines, and other articles, lately. I only went through elementary and grammar school, and I know a lot more than many college graduates, these days! I guess our education has really fallen since I went to school.

  19. Please do not insult donkeys and mules. I work on a donkey rescue and they have more intelligence than all the demorats all piled together. Donkeys are kind, loving and trustworthy to a fault. Can not say that for Congress.

  20. Actually it was very articulate and spot on, the beautiful language is another dinosaur. Ppl don’t care if they show their ignorance at their own language.

  21. How many times is she going to say she is cancer free? I mean every time it is reported she has cancer she trots out after some treatments and says she is cancer free. Just give it up lady.
    This woman reminds me of determining someone’s importance. Here is how to determine ones importance. Get a bucket of water, put your hand in the water. Take your hand out of the water. If your hand print is still in the water, you are important, if not, oh well.

  22. Just another baby killing pedophile loving know it all know the type..showers every third deodorant..dirty looking.but he knows better than everyone else you know.

  23. I have only one question, has she EVER voted with the other side or has she always sided with the left? What I can say is that she’ll have to live to be 90 because Trump will be filling her position if she doesn’t.

  24. RBG’s TV stated personal animosity to DJT should force her to recuse herself from any case where Trump is an issue.
    She has well forgotten the meaning of impartiality and confuses the definition with partially.

  25. God is STILL in control!! Even though RBG doesn’t have any DETECTABLE Cancer that doesn’t necessarily mean she has NO CANCER! She is still OLD!!! And when her soul is demanded of her she will HAVE NO APPEAL!! [I don’t think RBG’s position on abortion, resulting in the DEATH of 90K/year in the USA alone will give her any ‘traction’ with God who commands DO NOT KILL]

  26. They all need to be knocked down off their high horse and get paid , work the same as the common Americans, and without perks and status of [ I am better than the common Americans] attitude! The party and people of HATE and DIVISION of America for Americans the anti-GOD, anti-American DEMOCRATS and r.i.n.o.s and their tools for it the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES are anti-America in itself and must be stopped NOW! Stop any and all wasteful government spending, stop any and all democrats fraudulence at any and all elections be it local and national!

  27. Dan Tyree you could be right. Do you notice some common people get cancer die but the wealthy get the same cancer and live for years. I will give you example Alex trebak got cancer and he is still hanging in there. But my husband had a family member die of the same cancer a few months ago.

  28. I’d really like to know how a job paying $174,000 a year can make so many people millionaires in such a short time. Something stinks, and has for too long a time. It’s time to clean the whole House, plus 1/3 of the Senate next November. Term limits will take a while, but we don’t HAVE te re-elect the same vermin every time.

  29. Having pancreatic cancer is a death sentence,I don’t care who you are.but atleast,even at 86 she still makes more sense than creepy joe biden.

  30. I totally agree with you,Judy!The Demonrat party needs to go and take RBG along with them! These traitorous people are making laughing stocks out of all
    the American people!MAGA Mr.Trump! You are THE MAN!! It’s nice to know that,
    unlike the Democrats,you actually use the brain that GOD gave you! TRUMP 2020!

  31. He is only no good cuz baby killers and terrorist lovers like you think so.atleast he doesn’t support killing babies like killer

  32. I don’t wish her ill will.1 less liberal judge. Every move counts in this twisted liberal mess we are neck deep in

  33. Kindness left with the democrats when trump got elected.this is survival.if you don’t like it screw.go hug a terrorist or kill a baby

  34. Thank you, I agree with you I have seen several misspellings and bad grammar from the supposed expert. Nevertheless I understood your message.

  35. Ruth is not healthy and she most likely will be dead sometime this year. It is common for terminal ill people to lie to themselves, that they are beating the inevitable. Ruth’s passing will be great for our US Constitution’s survival.

  36. Good news for Ruth. But still does not help her to stay away during the hearings… actually doing the work.

  37. My bet is that Ginsburg’s health will deteriorate regardless of her wishes …. and Breyer’s retirement or health will also soon become an issue.

  38. If that happens there will be a permanent House Committee for Impeachment. There pretty much is now. I really do not understand how anyone with a brain and a conscience could vote for Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, Booker, Warren, Sanders, Cortez, Omar, Tlaib, Pressley and on and on. Actually, I don’t see how anyone with a brain and a conscience could vote for any democrat, the party of the KKK.

  39. Good, until the next time it reappears and it will as it usually does for most victims. Not wishing evil for her but age and history is just so. How likely is it she will live to see another liberal president really? All we need do is wait her out.

  40. Do any of you honestly believe that Ginsburg would tell you that she WILL die in a matter of weeks? Think about that.

  41. “The judges, both of the Supreme Court and inferior courts, shall hold their offices during good behavior, …”

    The Founders thought the Supreme Court would play such a major role in the direction of our country. The first Chief Justice resigned to take the same position with his home state because he felt that was more important.
    The Founders were concerned that the States would run roughshod over the Federal Government.

  42. Bad language or not, RBG has no business sitting on the highest court in the land at age 86. She has made several inappropriate comments about President Trump, our Constitution and several other subjects she has no business discussing publicly. Ruth Bader Ginsberg is a disgrace on behalf of her distinguished colleagues. Period.

  43. She is like Mister Montgomery Burns on THE SIMPSONS. She just won’t die. She is like a stalker and killer in an old 1980’s horror film. You have Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddie Kruger, Pinhead and Ruth Bader Ginsburg! There really should be a mandatory retirement age. The Founding Fathers NEVER said someone should be on the Supreme Court for life. Some old Justice was and so they all think they should do it. We need limits on how long they can still sit on the bench. And we must have term limits for all members of Congress. Pelosi, for one, has been in Congress for over 30 years. Others for over 40 years. Chuck Rangall has been in there for over 50 years now and will not retire. They just keep winning reelection and I think they must be cheating to stay in power for so long.

  44. President Trump is the best president we have had since JFK, They want the same things for America!! They do not want to be a part of the one world order or one world religion Islam!! The demonRATS want to overthrow America along with all Muslims!! With sorros financing all the evil in the world we Christians have to stand up to these evil satan worshipping demonRATS!! God will punish thes evil demonRATS and their evil sins and crimes!! Pray for peace and that the demonRATS will be wholly voted out in November!!

  45. Few seem able to write or speak in proper English anymore. Actual writers and journalists make so many mistakes when writing and they are doing this at a real job. I make a bunch of mistakes in grammar but I am not being paid to do it like so many others and yet they get away with simple mistakes such as not understanding the difference among to, too and two. They do not know when to use are or is and make other now very common mistakes when wording something as singular or plural. I realize my writing in this post is probably filled with mistakes but as I stated I am not being paid for my writing.

  46. While I agree with you; we have term limits and it is every two years for the House of Representatives and 6 years for the Senate according to the Constitution. We have met the enemy and it is us.
    It scares me that we need a law to do what is common sense.

    Federal judges are appointed for life or good behavior according to the US Constitution.
    [I am posting this now because I am having computer problems and do not want to lose this. I will get the wording from the US Constitution.]

  47. It’s really sad and I’m not a fan of hers I saw Ted Kennedy and John McCain hang on after being diagnosed with brain cancer to further their agendas. My response was leave spend whattevyou have with your families and loved ones. There isn’t a job out their that’s more important than family

  48. She should never have been approved by the US Senate.
    She was a Regional Director for the ACLU and she favors removing the “age of consent because all children deserve to have a loving relationship with a caring adult”.

  49. I read with interest all the comments. Some of the language makes it clear that some of you have a problem with the English language. Venting your ‘position’ with filthy language makes it clear to me, you are not to be listened to. Kindness is becoming a foreign word. Tooooooo bad!!

  50. It’s really sad that someone will put politics before their own health. RBG should had retired 20 frick’n years ago. I can tell you now if Ruthy baby was on life support, with a dozen tubes sticking out of her body, the Democrats would still tell her to hold strong and stay the course. It is pathetic in so many ways.

  51. ROFLMAO I’d forgotten all about that old saying, but this is a PERFECT time to use it! So she isn’t you cup of tea either, huh?

  52. Cancer free “my patootie”! With the number of recurrences of cancer she has had, she will NEVER be cancer free. She is so frail, fragile, elderly, thin and weak something besides cancer will probably take her out but, if it doesn’t, cancer will recur. When she goes I think it will be very quick and soon! Her little shriveled tired old body is pitiful to look at and she probably could not survive flu!
    So, we had just as well get ready for another angry crooked disgraceful and ugly performance by the Dems! Lord help us all!

  53. Judy, I would agree except for the fact RBG has been in most of the SCOTUS sessions and I don’t believe the conservative Justices would cover or lie for her.

  54. Absolutely, my friend, anyone who has been around cancer knows this. I’ve had cancer and so has my wife. Doctors wouldn’t announce her cancer free for five years.

  55. This makes me laugh. There is not a Doctor alive that would announce that she is cancer free after such a short period of time. If she’s around in another year without a recurrence of cancer she might have something but, no way, not this soon.

  56. Right with you, Robert Taylor. However, for whatever reason(s) not all “normal thinking” persons have the decency and, or, the level of “fair” mindedness to voluntarily accept and recognize of when it’s time to say .. “no mas”. And, consequently, as relevant to the present situation with the many “personnel” inside the US Congress .. We .. the people, end up being poorly represented and served but by no less than a lot of senile walking relics who can no longer even remember of what words they said/used the day/year before, and on top of it, they’re just as stubborn, if not worse, compared to a donkey or a mule.

  57. Robert: Absolutely agree. Question: Was RBG actually live on CNN? The only clip I saw was on youtube and it was just a photo of her (looking crazy young!) with audio. I’m of the opinion that she passed away last year some time and the dems are covering it up. That’s why they run these “news” items, periodically. I put nothing past them, anymore! Lying, cheating, treasonous criminals. The entire democratic party needs to be rounded up and sent to gitmo.

  58. I think she is lying about her health. Cancer keeps coming back and gets worse with every comeback. She is just trying to hang in there till after next elections. My guess is she won’t make it.

  59. At this point in her life it is not in the best interest of the nation to allow her to remain in the position. When the founding people said appointment for life it was meant to remove the threat of removal as a reason for decisions made while in office. That plus the fact most life expectancy was not like it is today. A normal thinking person would remove themselves from the position for the sake of the nation not for the sake of a political party.

  60. Uncle Hoppy her luck will run out. Just like ours will. But I can’t help but think that the government has treatments for the elite that’s denied to the rest of us. But the old saying is that the good die young.

  61. Ginsberg pure garbage just another Criminal Democrat. TERM LIMITS for congress and Supreme Court. These jobs were not to be life time Jobs……..To long on these Jobs breeds criminal crimes to much power. And also Mandatory Retirement must happen a set age limit.

  62. not only her age and health problems but she is not mentally stable enough to handle the job especially when she puts party ahead of her own health

  63. It makes you wonder why people die from cancer all the time and the vast majority die from pancreatic cancer but this woman has survived it more times than anyone in modern medical times. Hummm maybe there is a cure out there that only the people who benefit the pharm bunch get. With all that cancer in her body one would think it would have spread agressively. JUST SAYING

  64. Its despicable that a judge can remain on the court at that age.
    There should be a law stopping judges from remaining on the bench past the age of 75, IMO.
    What is she going to do? Remain on the court through Trump’s 2nd term until she’s 90?
    That’s INSANE!

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