Ruth Bader Ginsberg just made this game-changing announcement about her health

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has dealt with numerous health issues over the past year.

Many in Washington, D.C. thought she might retire in 2020.

And now Ruth Bader Ginsberg just made this game-changing announcement about her health.

In the past year doctors removed cancerous tumors from Ginsberg’s lungs and gave her radiation treatment for her pancreatic cancer.

Ginsberg also suffered broken ribs in a fall during late 2018.

That all led to speculation Ginsberg’s health could force the leader of the court’s liberal bloc off the bench.

But in an interview with fake news CNN Ginsberg revealed she is cancer free.

Fox News reports:

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg confirmed that she is “cancer-free” after beating the disease for the fourth time. She underwent treatment for pancreatic cancer last summer.

The 86-year-old liberal justice told CNN in an interview in her chambers on Tuesday evening that the intensive radiation treatment for a malignant tumor on her pancreas was successful and that she was now free of the disease.

“I’m cancer-free. That’s good,” Ginsburg said in the interview.

Ginsburg has faced a slew of hurdles concerning her health, fueling speculation that her possible exit from the court could provide an opportunity for President Trump to appoint a third justice to the bench. However, she consistently has slapped down any notion that her departure from the nation’s highest court was imminent, insisting that she’d like to remain on the bench until she’s 90 years old.

Ginsberg is clearly hanging on in hopes that a Democrat wins the 2020 election so she can step down in 2021 and be assured a liberal will succeed her.

But if Donald Trump wins the election it could set off a judicial confirmation battle that will make Brett Kavanaugh’s look like a cakewalk.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. It’s really sad that someone will put politics before their own health. RBG should had retired 20 frick’n years ago. I can tell you now if Ruthy baby was on life support, with a dozen tubes sticking out of her body, the Democrats would still tell her to hold strong and stay the course. It is pathetic in so many ways.

  2. ROFLMAO I’d forgotten all about that old saying, but this is a PERFECT time to use it! So she isn’t you cup of tea either, huh?

  3. Cancer free “my patootie”! With the number of recurrences of cancer she has had, she will NEVER be cancer free. She is so frail, fragile, elderly, thin and weak something besides cancer will probably take her out but, if it doesn’t, cancer will recur. When she goes I think it will be very quick and soon! Her little shriveled tired old body is pitiful to look at and she probably could not survive flu!
    So, we had just as well get ready for another angry crooked disgraceful and ugly performance by the Dems! Lord help us all!

  4. Judy, I would agree except for the fact RBG has been in most of the SCOTUS sessions and I don’t believe the conservative Justices would cover or lie for her.

  5. Absolutely, my friend, anyone who has been around cancer knows this. I’ve had cancer and so has my wife. Doctors wouldn’t announce her cancer free for five years.

  6. This makes me laugh. There is not a Doctor alive that would announce that she is cancer free after such a short period of time. If she’s around in another year without a recurrence of cancer she might have something but, no way, not this soon.

  7. Right with you, Robert Taylor. However, for whatever reason(s) not all “normal thinking” persons have the decency and, or, the level of “fair” mindedness to voluntarily accept and recognize of when it’s time to say .. “no mas”. And, consequently, as relevant to the present situation with the many “personnel” inside the US Congress .. We .. the people, end up being poorly represented and served but by no less than a lot of senile walking relics who can no longer even remember of what words they said/used the day/year before, and on top of it, they’re just as stubborn, if not worse, compared to a donkey or a mule.

  8. Robert: Absolutely agree. Question: Was RBG actually live on CNN? The only clip I saw was on youtube and it was just a photo of her (looking crazy young!) with audio. I’m of the opinion that she passed away last year some time and the dems are covering it up. That’s why they run these “news” items, periodically. I put nothing past them, anymore! Lying, cheating, treasonous criminals. The entire democratic party needs to be rounded up and sent to gitmo.

  9. I think she is lying about her health. Cancer keeps coming back and gets worse with every comeback. She is just trying to hang in there till after next elections. My guess is she won’t make it.

  10. At this point in her life it is not in the best interest of the nation to allow her to remain in the position. When the founding people said appointment for life it was meant to remove the threat of removal as a reason for decisions made while in office. That plus the fact most life expectancy was not like it is today. A normal thinking person would remove themselves from the position for the sake of the nation not for the sake of a political party.

  11. Uncle Hoppy her luck will run out. Just like ours will. But I can’t help but think that the government has treatments for the elite that’s denied to the rest of us. But the old saying is that the good die young.

  12. Ginsberg pure garbage just another Criminal Democrat. TERM LIMITS for congress and Supreme Court. These jobs were not to be life time Jobs……..To long on these Jobs breeds criminal crimes to much power. And also Mandatory Retirement must happen a set age limit.

  13. not only her age and health problems but she is not mentally stable enough to handle the job especially when she puts party ahead of her own health

  14. It makes you wonder why people die from cancer all the time and the vast majority die from pancreatic cancer but this woman has survived it more times than anyone in modern medical times. Hummm maybe there is a cure out there that only the people who benefit the pharm bunch get. With all that cancer in her body one would think it would have spread agressively. JUST SAYING

  15. Its despicable that a judge can remain on the court at that age.
    There should be a law stopping judges from remaining on the bench past the age of 75, IMO.
    What is she going to do? Remain on the court through Trump’s 2nd term until she’s 90?
    That’s INSANE!

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