Ruth Bader Ginsburg made one announcement about her health that left everyone on edge

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s health has been a concern in Washington for many months.

Speculation swirled around Ginsberg that her declining health would force her to resign from the Supreme Court.

And now Ruth Bader Ginsburg made one announcement about her health that left everyone on edge.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg raised alarms when she entered John Hopkins hospital to deal with complications for a fever and chills.

Ginsberg dealt with two bouts of cancer this year and each hospital visit lead to rumors that she would step down.

The Supreme Court announced that Ginsberg left the hospital and was in good health.

Politico reports:

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was discharged from the hospital on Sunday, two days after she was admitted for experiencing chills and fever.

“She is home and doing well,” Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said in a statement.

Ginsburg was evaluated at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, then transferred to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for further evaluation, according to a news release from the court. Her symptoms subsided after “intravenous antibiotics and fluids” treatment.

The 86-year-old has undergone a series of health scares. Since her appointment in 1993 by President Bill Clinton, she has had four occurrences of cancer, including two in the past year. In August, Ginsburg finished radiation therapy for pancreatic cancer. In December, she had surgery to remove cancerous nodules from her left lung — discovered only after she fell and fractured three ribs. Ginsburg also took a mid-November absence from a public session of the court because of a stomach bug.

Should Ginsberg retire, it would shake up the 2020 presidential election.

Republicans have already said they would fill her seat even though it is an election year.

Democrats will scream bloody murder, but President Trump replacing Ginsberg with a conservative stalwart could further energize the President’s base and lead to his re-election.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



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  2. Her Conduct reminds me of the 50’s horror movie
    when the son went into his mothers bedroom, turned
    her rocker around and low and behold, she was turned
    into a corpse and a horror to behold … the image
    reminds me of this old hag who refuses to retire
    God works in very surprising ways …
    betting on the above image when RGB returns …
    and she turns into the mummy she has virtually turned

    • good one ecros. I was young when that movie came out and had no business seeing it, It scared the shit out of me, I can hear the scream and music played when she turned. Holy Shit. But again, Good One.

  3. The requirement for a supreme court justice is to interpret the laws passed in the light of the constitution as it was written, not as they wish it were written.

  4. I hate to wish any one bad will however I pray she will leave her post so we can ge another Conservative in before election. My Christmas wish God bless President Trump Trump 2020.

  5. I guess someone needs to inform the Renewed Right chief editor that they need to stop repeatedly posting the same articles.

    I have just one more comment to make about the details of this article, ROFLMAO in regards to the members of the Communist party going crazy if Trump gets another judge who actually understands and follows the letter of the law appointed to the SCOTUS, that ship sailed decades ago they are all irrefutably insane.

  6. Another BS headline,as usual!!! What was the annoincement she made?? Nothing ,geeze are all the news org. FAKE. I see no announcement any different than a list of all her aliments.So what exactly did she say that has everyone on edge?

  7. Please retire John Roberts and Ginsberg. Trump, please appoint Trey Gowdy as Supreme Court Chief Justice and Ted Cruz as Associate Justice.

    • Trey Gowdy is not a practicing lower federal court judge for that matter he is not a judge period, he went back to litigating after retiring from the House of Representatives.

      • I have never heard of justices who are not already Federal judges being appointed as a Supreme Court justice at the very least they should be a state Supreme Court justice.

        • You don’t even have to be an attorney Justice Rehnquist served on the court during the Reagan years. I don’t think he had a law degree.

      • I do not believe that there is anything in the Constitution that requires a Justice to be a lower court judge. I don’t see anything in there that requires that a Justice be a lawyer, either. A randomly selected man / woman off the streets would be better than some of the liberal twits that we have now.


  9. she is not in good health and has not been for a long time. I know there is sleep learning but do not think if she is a sleep she can know what is going on. Just because they state she is in good health does not mean she is and if she were to leave the bench what make anyone think this will help the election the Democrats will just uphold it up like they do everything else.

    • Unless she leaves this world after a Democratic President is elected, she will have her mummy placed in her seat. I am not in anyway joking, she is so far left that Lenin is on the Right.

    • She ain’t nothing but an old communist,racist,bitch! Can’t wait till she’s dead and gone so we can replace her with an American loving conservative!!

  10. i am 82 and still mentally healthy .. they should base it all on both mental health and physical health ruth bader should be out on both and making political preferences. 3 strikes and you’re out ..

  11. ANY judge who shows a political bias instead of a constitutional bias should be retired immediately, doesn’t matter which party appointed them to the bench.

    • The fact that Ginsberg made it publicly known that she despised Donald Trump is reason enough for her to resign! A Supreme Court Justice cannot let their personal feelings affect their decisions when litigating cases on the court and the fact that she let her feelings be known to the public it is impossible for her to deliver an opinion without her feelings getting in the way when that decision concerns President Trump in any way!

  12. rbg is dead. The commie left will hide her death until a liberal is elected president again. She’ll probably smell a little by then since Donald Trump 2020, Prez. Eric Trump 2024, and Prez. Ivanka Trump 2032 will come first!! OK, maybe she will smell alot

    • Jesus instructed us to pray for our enemies, however, he did not instruct on the nature of those prayers. I can read between the lines. Can You?🙏💥💥💥

    • Jesus instructed us to pray for our enemies, however, he did not instruct on the nature of those prayers. I can read between the lines. Can You?🙏💥💥💥

  13. I for one fo not believe that Supreme Court judge should be elect for life. We have heard Ruth sleeping on the job. There shall be a retired she for supreme Court judge at 79! Not being allowed to serve pass that age! Memory kind of failed as you age! Unless you are taking care of yourself and can get around without other people help. Doesn’t matter if they were select by a Democrat or Republican. 79 is long enough on a job! Could go down to county judge if they want to be on the bench a little longer.

    • I do not believe that they should be elected for life either. They should have a two year term limit. They could screw up plenty in two years but at least we could get a new one two years later. As for ginsburg…i can’t wait till that communist bitch dies!… Good riddance! One less communist that we have to hang!

      • Consider what you are asking for. Obama was president for 8 years. Which means in that whether the terms were 2 years, 4 years, or whatever, that by this time a liberal President like Sanders (for example) could have 9 very ardent anti-American
        communists who enforce liberal thought over the constitution. Perhaps a better thought would be this: 3 year terms, House gets to pick 3, Senate 3, and President
        3. And then, have sets of three (one of each, HSP) so that on one branch of gov can dominate the supremes.

        • We already have a system whereby no one branch of government can dominate the composition of the Supreme Court. Firstly, the federal statute governs the number of seats on the court, meaning that both houses of Congress play a part in that, as well as the President, provided his veto is not being overridden. Secondly, appointments of judges made by the President occur by and with the advise and consent of the Senate. The House of Representatives is not meant to have a discretionary say in the matter. We have a bicameral legislature for a reason. The Supreme Court itself is also not meant to have a discretionary say in the matter.

    • Well, Wyatt, Ginsberg has been around for probably too long, but what about you? Judging from your English, it seems your best days are behind you. . . . BTW, didn’t I read about you when I was a kid?

    • Thank you Bob. I would drop the mandatory retirement age down to 78 years for all federal judges. Nor could one be appointed who has reached age 75 years.

      • I think such a rule would be similar to that for the Papal College that elects the pope. A Cardinal does not have to retire at 75 (or whatever the age is), they just cannot be a part of the Pope election process.

    • I believe the appointment to the Supreme Court should always be someone who is at least 50 years old and allow them to serve till 80 years old as a limit unless they want to retire earlier.

    • The problems posed by one judge in a long history of judges is not enough to justify a change of the rules laid out in the Constitution of the United States.

      “The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour, and shall, at stated Times, receive for their Services, a Compensation, which shall not be diminished during their Continuance in Office.” (The first section of the third article.)

      “The President, Vice President and all Civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” (The fourth section of the second article.)

  14. Leave Justice Ginsburg alone, she a veteran of the bench. She and the other Justices decide on case law, arguments by the lawyers both for and against a certain matter. I do believe that the Justices take their positions very seriously. Justice Ginsburg will retire when she is dam good and ready AND NOT BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sorry John, RBG does not decide on case by case she decides on wither President Trump is for or again,,, she will do the opposite

    • CATALANO is delusional. Ginsburg has stated in the past that the SCOTUS should use laws from other countries to determine the outcomes of our case law. The woman has made law from the bench which is totally contrary to our constitutional republic. No CATALANO, Ginsburg should have retired long ago and should definitely retire now.

      • Ginsberg needs to go, and how about the two female supreme court judges Obama appointed? That may have been illegal and needs to be fixed. What happens when it’s cast in concrete that Obama was never a legal president due to the fact that he wasn’t born in the U.S., per Constitutional requirement? Can’t wait for the Obama info to come out, as well as the truth about 9-11.

    • BULL! She Is a Far Left ACLU Liberal (Can I Say typical Far-Left Jew?). (What Ever Happened To Her Saying..If Trump Is Elected President I’m Moving To New Zealand?) She Needs To Go! A Far-Left Anti-Christian Jurist.

  15. Upon her release from the hospital, the spokesperson said “She’s doing well.” There is something telling in the usage of the word “well.” She’s doing “great” or we expect a full recovery in the next few days,” etc could have been used. The word “well” means she’s doing well, under the circumstances. I hope she lives to 120, but infection in C patients is a late stage symptom. She has 4-6 months at most.

  16. If Ruth Ginsburg ever retired before Trump leaves office, can you imagine what kind of cruel and devilish treatment Donald Trump’s new Supreme Court appointee will receive from the Demonrats? The terrible treatment Bret Kavanagh received by these same Demonrats would be small potatoes compared to what awaits Ginsburg’s new Supreme Court replacement. Donald Trump may have a hard time finding a person who will be willing to walk through the burning roads of Hell just to sit on the Supreme Court. May all the Demonrats rot in Hell for their continuous lying to the American people, and especially to God, and for the millions upon millions of murders they have all done in their hearts towards unborn babies. They are all disgusting and not one of them have any redeeming qualities in them.

  17. I don’t often agree with her but she was appointed for life. She isn’t about to resign and will hang on as long as she can move. Someone should take a hard look/stance on limiting the time one can be in office. She’s obviously outlived her usefulness and should retire. Term Limits should be mandatory for all members of congress as well. That bring dsid, I do wish her the best and “Peeps”, we have enough hate in the World as is, so be kind with your comments.

  18. Well! Since she is no longer of sound mind AND body (cancer is certainly a severe emotional and physical impairment until remission is achieved) R.B. Ginsburg needs to step down or be relieved.

  19. Please Ruthie just expire and decrease the surplus population.You’ve always been a waste to humanity and we won’t miss your grim looking face

    • dermatology must be doing a very good job stuffing her dead body in a robotic figure. she is like a life cadaver walking on electronic impulse. robocop can do better acting than this old bag. at least he is commanded to kill the crooks with his thousand round ballbearing.

  20. I have proof that RBG’s mind is failing. Yes we KNOW that she wants to stay in her seat forever but time wins against us all.
    She had Opportunity to be replaced under Obama, instead she held her seat. SHE BELEIVED that HRC would be president and held out for her. Now she decided she could hold off until Trump leaves office.
    However, she got sick and her health and mental capability have fallen. She now understands that holding out for 5 more years is a requirement for her to be replaced with a liberal judge.
    Had she her mental capability to begin with she would have played her cards when the dems held power and Obama was President. That was he checkmate move. She can not even play basic political chess any longer.
    RBG will be retired one way or another BEFORE Trump leaves office in 5 years. She needs to look in the mirror and realize that she could not play the political chess game at all. Therefore her legal game is failing as well.
    DO us all a favor RGB, Resign now and let it go. You will be better off and the United States of America will be better off, and the Constutiton of the USA will be better off.

  21. The Conservative judges being appointed at following the law and constitution unlike the left who seem to think it is their job to make law.

  22. I would not trust the spokesman! Only DOCTOR shall tell if she is healthy enough to continue serving in the SUPREME COURT. Shoe us a updated pictures of her.

      • rbg in “good health”? I just suffered a bit of incontinence reading that. She hasn’t been in good health since Farrakhan visited OBlameO at the white house.

    • I am a conservative Not hate filled liberal ! Having said that I do not wish death upon her -just that she would retire and live at her leisure vacating the seat to be filled by a worthy real bright jurist who not just give the oath to uphold the constitution but actually DOES SO !

      • She begs the question how many Judges after a certain age are there merely because they’re being faithful to their contracts whereas if they were true Judges they would pass judgement over themselves and step.. instead being “well-meaning” “people-pleasers” just at the job to “save face”.. (for all Americans.. saver yer flattery for the history books.)

  23. IF Ginsburg retires or leaves office in the year 2020, I,UNLIKE liberals,think that the presidential winner of the 2020 election should name her replacement (Obozo was blocked when he had just 9 months left in his term) so Trump should have to wait till after the election to name a new justice (do not be like liberals and be a hypocrite)…and I will vote for Trump in 2020.

    • @neo Anderson – Well said! Just like Moscow Mitch McConman illegally blocked Obama’s nomination in his last year, so should Fake President Chump be blocked. Pres Trumpty-Dumpty should also be prevented from having any nomination considered during his last year.

      • Angelo the people that the mulatto wanted in on the benches were out to kill our country. And obozo was an illegal president. He wasn’t born in America. His white slut mama had him in Kenya. But our president today is American born and was elected over the most corrupt bitch in the world. And don’t start babbling about popular vote. That’s a damned lie.

        • Pretty soon you, and all the racist haters will be on the bottom rung of society again, where you all belong.
          If left to you, our entire species would be become extinct.

          • Loveoneanother your nick name is a joke. So far you have expressed hate by labeling people that you don’t agree with. Racists? Give me a break. That’s all you people know and it has became a joke and shows what deplorable fools that the commiecrats are. Liberals don’t love people. Unless someone stoops and bows to them. So take your race card and shove it.

          • Love Another, Dan is only using the word “mulatto” to describe Obama because that is how the democrats described him. Have you forgotten all the talk about how we need to elect the first black president? Remember all the campaigning about the first African American president? How could you forget that. Black people came out in record numbers to elect the first black man to be president. At the time, that seemed to be all that mattered to people on your side.

      • First off, it wasn’t illegal for the senate judiciary committee not to consider Garland. They signed a letter and gave it to McConnell.
        2nd off, it was your number one democrat contender Joe Biden that started this by saying Bush should wait ’til after the election to appoint a justice. It’s called the Biden Rule now.
        Republicans wanted the voters to decide who should fill Scalia’s seat and they did when they elected Trump.
        Hopefully Trump will replace Ginsburg so we can have one less activist judge on the SCOTUS.

        • Debbie thanks. The term mulatto is a legitimate term for mixed race people. I’m also mixed. My gggrandparents was listed as mulatto in the Virginia census. They were mixed with indian and African. But that has nothing to do with my political opinions.

          • It’s not racist to refer to Obama as mulatto because he campaigned on being black. He wore it like a badge of honor, and even faked a little black accent when he spoke in front of black crowds. Now we’re called racist for reminding people. Obama was the first African American president and the first affirmative action president. Hopefully we won’t make that mistake again.

          • I personally think Obama’s being mulatto is not necessarily that he is a mix of black and white, but possibly/probably black, white and brown (Indonesian). The truth will eventually come out, as it always does, and I think that will be the truth. In the meantime, check out a photo of the president of Indonesia and see if Obama doesn’t look just like him. We, in this country, were swindled by official slight-of-hand to electing a legally-ineligible president, since he wasn’t born here. If you’ll remember, the official in Hawaii who was supposed to indicate his birth there dropped the “being born there” phrase from the statement of eligibility. I think the blacks, especially, were tricked by Obama. The only thing black about Obama is his hair–the rest is Asian. Just wait and see. One day, we’ll all know the truth.

        • Well stated Debbie
          Democrats create a jaw when they are in the majority and when situation reversed prefer to forget the law they signed !
          My reason of opposing Obama wasn’t his race , but the corrupted and secretive nature from the very first steps he came to win the senatorial seat as well as his dislike of my country. But in my wildest dreams I still didn’t anticipate the irreparable damage he did to our country ! Thanks to election of our president Trump we are finding out awful treasonous acts committed during Obama presidency and frankly we just scratched the surface !

        • I think we should start comfortably leaving any issue of “race” behind us. By now it is evidently meant as “jail bait” inviting people to “take it to the next level” and get physical. They think anyone throwing the first punch is the loser well let’s let the “race card” be the loser since many of us have proven that we honor one Race THE HUMAN RACE all others are caught up in the “rat race” or the “money grab” and even with their most persuasive denials prove that “money IS the root of their evil”.. Their politicians are mere embezzlers and sophist rationalizations persuading the “masses” of their “good” intentions and that it is perfectly righteous to prey on prosperity of others…. “present company excluded..”

      • Pres. Trump is far from fake. He won fair and square, unlike Obama, who lied his way into our White House. He was born in Kenya which makes him ineligible to be president and his entire eight years should be invalidated

        • bj I agree with you however, Barack Obama was born a British Protectorate, not Kenya. The territory was named “Kenya” later. He is a “foreign born” who mysteriously became a POTUS in violation of Constitutional provision.

      • Why don’t you go back to Mexico – your “writing” manure style sure reflects your background and single digit IQ!
        It is those uneducated uninformed mentally deficient creatures who copy and paste same crap over and over !
        What a miserable existence !

        • “Heaven” is their Hell.. They are a paradox of reason and stability.. Their minds are nomadic contriving “counter-points” aka lies in a stream of foul-mindedness that will see them to their graves.

    • After the Obama “wake-up call” and “reality check” Liberals have so much soul-searching, and damage control on their hands that a total make-over is warranted. They’re in no position to determine legalities within the Party let alone at the Supreme Court level. Yes it would be great if bipartisanship worked the way it should be unfortunately Obama has proven that Democrats are not elected competent candidates.. They have been settling for tokenism.. This can’t happen at political levels whereas it might be appropriate in the Entertainment Industry. We’re wasting a lot of time by having these symbols of Democracy replacing competent leadership. “Just because…” not good enough..

  24. Be patient. The Grim Reaper is undefeated. Remember, she is a ‘gift’ from former POTUS and unrepentent horn dog, BJ. Sadly, this vile, leftist harpy will only depart feet first, in a box, at room temperature.

    • There should be an age limit for the judges on The Supreme Court. Most people that age have already retired, so if they can not accept a younger age than that, it is time to do it for them. There are to many important issues that they need to be clear on the judgements that affect peoples lives.

      • Age should definitely be a consideration with all due respect and reverence for the experience.. We would like to say “older IS wiser”.. but how can that be when we see so many cases of aging impacting cognitive functions.. and psychiatry points out elements of “behavior modification” to go along with the saying “fake it till you make it…” these shouldn’t be a consideration merely to save face with tradition as if retiring were giving up giving out or giving in.. Why should a Justice have to work themselves into their graves? Isn’t that even kind of cruel? Like any of us mere mortals myself included who insisted on starting retirement with the slogan “saving the best till last”, and “my life is still ahead of me..” OK I was only 62 and she is now 86 but hey there are octogenarians even getting an education so why shouldn’t our Justices be allowed to live it up at some point. They make serving in political office seem like it could be a curse more than a privilege. No lie.


    • I had read that the real Obama was executed down in Git’mo about two months ago. The thing is I can’t figure out (from my research) who is responsible for these clones. I understand deep (really deep) state factions have access to phenomenal tech (at least some 5 or 6 decades) more advanced than what has been commercially released to the general public. Are there good clones as well as bad, perhaps depending on who creates one?! Supposedly Oprah Winfrey is also a clone. See her back in like 1985 compared to now and its clear to me that it is a different woman. Looks, speech, mannerisms, the way she walks, gestures she makes, all different.

  26. Shoe polish and shit don’t taste good. Would like to try some dog food with cat piss. My mammy loves it. Ruth Bader Ginsberg should give me her dirty drawers. Make mammy’s basement smell better. Chopped turd. No matter if it floats. MJ likes the taste. Crazy? No. Just disturbed.

  27. RBG died in January 2019. The Washington bureaucrats are fully aware of this. She was cremated and since then 3 clones have been made of her. ‘She’ rarely appears in public. Thw media has been promoting the propaganda using pictures on file from recent months prior to her January 2019 death. The plan is to keep Ginsburg’s seat ‘open’ to not allow President Trump to appoint another conservative pro-Anerica judge to the Supreme Court. The withholding of the truth will backfire on the dems. In the meantime, the propaganda on Ginsberg is exactly that – more LIES and DECEPTION. Don’t fall for it. Pray for the person the Lord has to replace Ginsburg WILL be done soon.

    • The problem I have with this story is that the other Justices have known her for many years and should be able to notice. In other words, the implication is that the other Justices DO KNOW and are going along with the plot. Why? Makes NO sense.

  28. RBG is a cold, calculating miscreant who would rather trash America and its US Constitution then to resign and let a better soul guide this country. She’s THAT mean and hateful.

    Am I being a histrionic Drama Queen when I say this? Not in the least. That little twerp in a black Walmart bag gave a speech once outside this country where she decided to give advice to an emerging nation (I can’t recall the name of the country at this moment). She warned these citizens, these anxious people to not model their country’s constitution on the US Constitution because of its being so fatally flawed.

    My jaw hit the floor. That seditious little tumor of a human has the gall to attack the very Constitution she’s empowered to misinterpret. Her position on the SCOTUS is a powerful one to cause America to decline and she’s gonna hang in there to the last second to pursue her hateful cause. She will be bleating her way into Hell.

    • Well said . I expect she will hold on to her Posistion up unto her last breath just to be contrary and hope she can see the Constitution shredded and The America we know fall .

    • Zee the commiecrats would want her in court even if she was hooked up to life support. That’s one of the reason that they want to kick Trump out. They know that they can’t beat him in 2020 and cringe at the thought of a scotus opening on his watch. Especially losing a liberal justice.

  29. That woman was evil and psychotic when she passed the bar and since the age of 75 mentally incapacitated its state of mind declining with each passing month.

  30. I wish her continued good health, but I do not wish her longer tenure in her position as Supreme Court Justice. When they framed the rules, I think the life-expectancy was 70 years.

  31. On the fence about voting for Trump in 2020? Ponder this, if Zany Uncle Joe Biden gets elected he will nominate Obama to the Supreme Court. If Kamala Harris is elected she will nominate Snoop Dogg. Try to sleep tonight with those images dancing in your head.

  32. Pro Constitution Supreme Court justices is EXACTLY what the USA needs more of!
    The far left lunatic “progressive” types are what is exactly WRONG with this country! SCOTUS justices should ALL be well schooled in the “original intent” interpretation of the US Constitution are the best.

  33. I would hope that she would recognize that her physical health has to affect her mental health as well. If she really is as intelligent as she is made out to be she would admit that her health may play a critical part in the decisions she makes and step down. If politics plays a part in her decision she doesn’t belong there anyway.

  34. When people suffer such a series of medical conditions it’s usually a sign that they haven’t been taking care of themselves.. One of the most sickly (and ugly) persons mentioned in The Bible unfortunately was none other than King Herod himself…

  35. RBG needs to retire and step down right now. She has no business being on the SCOTUS at her age with those health issues.
    Don’t worry, Trump has a replacement for her already lined up.

    • I prefer to not use the term: “conservative justice”. The Left can have progressive justices, like those 2 Obama sent in, they never worked as judges, just liberal academics from Harvard. When a conservative appoints a justice, all we can ask for is a Pro Constitution justice, not necessarily a conservative.

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