Ruth Bader Ginsburg made one announcement about her status and all hell broke loose

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg shocked the nation when she announced doctors removed two cancerous tumors from her lungs.

That started the rumor mill about her retirement.

Now Ginsburg made one shocking announcement about her time on the court and all hell broke loose.

Ginsburg missed oral arguments this week while she recovered from her cancer surgery.

And on Friday, news broke that she would miss a second week, but that her recovery was on track.

CNBC reports:

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will miss a second week of oral arguments as she continues to recover from a cancer surgery she underwent last month, court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said Friday.

But Ginsburg’s recovery is on track, there is no evidence of remaining cancer in her body, and no further treatment is planned. Ginsburg will continue to participate in the cases on the basis of the briefs and transcripts of oral arguments.

“Her recovery from surgery is on track,” Arberg said. “Post-surgery evaluation indicates no evidence of remaining disease, and no further treatment is required.”

Ginsburg underwent an operation on Dec. 21 to remove two cancerous growths from her left lung. Friday marks three weeks since the surgery. Ginsburg, the court’s eldest justice, will turn 86 in March.

Ginsburg is the leader of the liberal block on the court.

There will be intense pressure on the left to hang on to her seat as long as she can.

Ginsburg has said she will serve on the court as long as she can go “full steam ahead.”

No one expects her to leave the court on her own.

During the campaign she spoke out harshly against Donald Trump.

Unless Ginsburg is physically unable to perform her duties, most experts believe she would never allow Donald Trump to pick her successor.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Ruth Ginsburg looks like death warmed over and you know her whole body is riddled with cancer. She is not fit to sit in her chair as she falls asleep during sessions. She needs rest and relaxation and whats pushing her on is her pride and vigilance to keep her democratic possition. She will die in a session one day because that is how prideful she is. She hasn’t done any of her work she pushes it off on interns. She does not have the right to be in the Supreme Court as she can’t do the job and the American Public is paying her a great amount of money for no work done. I sick and tired of paying bureaucrats for not doing anything. Look at our congress. They haven’t done a thing for the American people in three and ahalf years. Dump them out of office ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ginsberg is letting her stubbornness get the best of her. I watched my father go through the same thing and each surgery the recovery was worse until he finally succumbed to the cancer. Most of all the liberals are just plain selfish. She needs to step down and spend her remaining time with her family and stop worrying about Trump picking her successor. It’s going to happen anyway. Thank God. 6-3 majority coming up!!#Trump2020

  3. Speaking of ????’s how’re you doing Freak ? People like you who votes for Democ????’s are a clear and present danger to America. FuhQ Dippy ????????

  4. The prince over the power of air will keep her lungs full as long as she doesn’t cry out to God for him to forgive her. She probably already of reprobate mind so that won’t help her anyway but Satan needs to to hang on even if the Baby Murdering party has to take her to a taxidermist. You can bet if she was a conservative judge the female leftist thugs and media would be all over her senility and it doesn’t take a doctor to see she is a rotting corpse on a rack of bones. Step down Ruth and at least in your dementia show you had at least one second of morality with honor in your career.

  5. George, I agree with you but I don’t think we should give up on this country just yet. President Trump is doing some pretty great stuff right now and things seem to be looking up. But we must be sure that President Trump gets elected again in 2020 and in 2024 we must elect a republican again. Accepting Jesus as our Savior is always a good idea as is confessing our sin and asking for forgiveness but letting go of earthly cares and focusing on eternity may be a little premature since we need to be concerning ourselves with learning to live our lives without hate, without anger, without prejudices and to help one another to do the same. No one knows when Judgement day will come but when it does, what we own won’t matter, but the way we lived our lives will. Be a blessing to someone at every chance, and don’t worry that our country is too far gone, it’s not. It is up to us to help President Trump make America great again. Don’t give up. Just give. God bless

  6. Mysty my dear why are you so upset over what Caman 884 said, she has a valid point. And since when does the his/her color make a difference based on what was said. And what makes you think she hates Trump? I didn’t get that opinion what I read his/her comment. What I got out of it was that there should be term limits on most jobs due to the fact that as we age we just can’t perform as we once did. I might add to that by saying I agree except if a person take a job at 21 years old, I am sure they can perform their duties as well if not better 8 years later. But lets face it most of us look forward to our retirement, we work hard for years and actually look forward to spending time with loved ones rather than hitting the time clock everyday. In the case of this judge, I would want her hearing my case. While there is no signs of the cancer found, (Thank you God)the surgery has left her frail and tired. I am 71 and I know the last surgery I had left me very slow and sluggish for sometime to follow and mine wasn’t that bad of surgery. I agree that term limits are a good thing for certain jobs and being a politician and supreme court judges are 2 that head the list.President Trump will be 77 at the end of his 8 year term and God willing he will still be performing his job with the same great gusto he does now.

  7. The dems are playing a game and I do not believe she is alive, REALLY and if per chance she is she is not and should not be allowed to vote on anything important. , who knows if she is of sound mind and they are not telling us the truth.

  8. the bottom line is that it doesn’t matter whether she votes by proxy or not, or whether she even bothers to show up and hear any cases…everybody already knows that she will take the most extreme liberal view possible and anti constitutionalist position…it’s not a surprise or a shock…as long as she is still alive, they can count on her Liberal vote….it’s only important to the Democrats to keep the illusion alive that she is diligent and working on their behalf.

  9. Most likely the only thing that is keeping her alive after multiple bout with Cancer and her advanced age is her absolute hatred for Donald Trump…if anything she should be thankful he is in office or her will to live would have gone bye bye a while ago.

  10. If RBG had not been appointed to a lifetime position on the Supreme Court, would she still be considered a quality person for that position? Given her health challenges and current performance, I don’t think so.

  11. She is 86. The leftist media is running interference and the Democrats are wringing their hands…LMAO!!!…The fact remains, she is 86, she has cancer. No one survives cancer at 86 due to two reasons. 1. AGE 2. Big Pharma has too much money in the “treatment” to really find a cure. The Asians and their 4000 year old medical experience have solved it. But it is being surpressed by Big Pharma just like the lefists media running interference on Ginsberg. In the end Trump will put a new judge in line with the true Republic

  12. It’s time for her and many OTHERS to ride off into the sunset. This is a prefect example the dire NEED for term and AGE limits for Government Meal TICKET JOBS. There should be NO JOBS WITH LIFE TIME APPOINTMENTS UNLESS you own your own business. PERIOD

  13. bUT MIKE: JUST THINK @ THIS: The Doctors are making a better salary trying to keep her in survival mode! SOooo, I suppose that some good is coming out of her sickness!
    (Shame on me!)

  14. Janice Henry: UH???? She’s not a Christian!!! Therefore, she does qualify in GOD’s eyes to go to Heaven! You have to be a Born-Again, Bible Believing Christian to go to Heaven! She’s been against everything written in the Bible! Have you not noticed that over the yrs? EH? Example:( Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage, )Transgerderism, etc,etc.

  15. I dare say,Unless she repents & asks GOD to 4give her of her many sins, she will not rest in peace when she goes the “way of the grave!” One’s soul/mind does not die, just because the body dies. it lives on! So, if she doesn’t repent be4 she expires, she will definitely go into hell’s damnation to suffer pain, burnng fire of sulfur & brimstone (according to what the BIBLE states) My prayer is: that she would turn her life over to the LORD JESUS CHRIST & repent of all the sins of her ‘injustice of voting for abortion, same-sex marriages, & transgenderism! Then, that when she dies that she would go into the presence of GOD ALMIGHTY!!!

  16. Roberts is WRONG and he KNOWS it. He is very liberal and will defend his position to the end. He KNOWS that the judges belong to a voting party but tries to pretend that party affiliation doesn’t shadow their decisions. Ones like Gorsech and Kavanaugh vote LAW, where as the libs vote party affiliation.
    I can imagine it WOULD be hard to not vote your party BUT, you are there NOT to further your party agenda, you are there to hear cases, make decisions on law precedents. Humans are actually unable to step out of their personal world and make totally unprejudiced rulings. Many work hard at it…CONSERVATIVE JUDGES…but libs vote lib. Period.

  17. She has cancelled so many public appearances as well. She is voting by ‘proxy.’ I’m not entirely sure but I THINK there is a ruling about how long a Supreme can be out or not perform their duties and they can be relieved of their duties and replaced. I do understand recovery from that type of surgery can be lengthy and her advanced age just prolongs that recovery. Truly,I believe she SHOULD retire, but being the staunch liberal that she is she will NEVER give up as long as President Trump is in office. BUT…SHE may not be in control of that decision much longer…Remember GOD IS STILL IN CHARGE.

  18. What color are you? Are you a toad or just a wart on one? You are just full of hatred and I challenge you to list EVERY ONE of the reasons you hate PRESIDENT TRUMP so much.
    Go ahead, we’ll wait.

  19. Matt, though it pains me, I have to agree with you. We deserve the congress that we now have.
    As for RGB, she wasn’t voted in, but she is well protected by her sponsors, the Clintons

  20. Pelosi’s government shutdown is an example of democrats putting themselves before the rest of this country. This is a good example of the way the democrats think, and will always think of the American people. The democrats are the “what’s in it for me party, who cry is “vote democrat, and vote often.
    We need a party that will think of America first. To do that we need rules of law, not corruption of law like “ethics committees” that rule on fellow politicians transgressions. If a politician breaks the law, he/she goes before the courts. Age/term limits. If you are in a job that affects peoples lives, like police officer, military member, and many other occupations, you are required to retire after a certain age regardless of your abilities. There also positions with term limits. The most recognized if the office of the President of the United States of America. This is done to protect the people and to prevent political positions becoming family dynasties. Another reason should be medical. If you cannot perform your duties, you should be given the chance to step down (upon medical recommendation, or be let go. This is the same for many jobs that require a person to meet a certain physical or mental standard. An airline pilot is a good example for both.
    My recommendations are; retirement age – 75,; Term limits – 8 years total. These are just that, my thoughts. Please comment if you wish, we Americans need to be involved, and have the final say in the rules.

  21. If she’s fine and recovering how come we have not seen any pictures of her? I don’t think she’s fine. She wasn’t fine before she had this latest operation. She can’t stay awake!

  22. Roberts said that the courts are not political, but Ginsburg has said she hated Trump so he would never get a fair judgement.

  23. And exactly in what way has, or is President Trump a danger to the citizens of this country? Currently, pelosi is riding that horse to death. Along with Muslims in our government. And lets not forget the media,(all aspects) who so dangerously make up lies to tell the people for their own political endeavors. Please inform us of the dangers from Trump. Most democrats are admitting things are better because of his actions. Maybe this dangerous charade of Pelosi’s government shutdown is an example of democrats putting themselves before the rest of this country.

  24. Such a surgery is NOT the equivalent of having a splinter removed from ones finger. It would not be unreasonable to expect recovery from it to take MONTHS! No one should be worrying about anything at all after a mere few weeks.

  25. The idea of a lifetime job on the Supreme Court is ridiculous. When the majority of people get old their mental faculties deteriorate along with their bodies and these people are making life and death decisions. This needs to be changed, regardless of conservative or liberal backgrounds. Same is true for congressional offices. Term limits are sorely needed in congress, both in the House and the Senate. Most of the time older folks , including myself, have a tendency to hold on to the idea that we are as alert, capable, cognizant and as MENTALLY COMPETANT as we were ten to fifteen years ago. That is just not the case, with the majority of people, but politicans , in particular , seem to want to hang on and on and on. Needs to be changed for the good of the country.

  26. Sharon. Your prayers are wasted on Satanic people. Will you also pray for the Satanic Muslims (including their women) when they come to slaughter you, your family, neighbors & friends? That is not to far off – maybe even this week when more Commie riots are planned around Inauguration day this month.

  27. James A Langham would’ve made a very good Stalinist Commie Gulag Officer in the Holodomor. Google that you Commie jackass.

  28. The problem is the left CHEAT and are NEVER held accountable for their actions. No matter how we vote.

  29. I completely agree with you. She’s too dang old 86 soon. He head is stuck in the past, she can’t stay awake, which means she misses a lot of what has been said. We need to demand her retirement.

  30. You are very right but before we go we have got to try to right the ship we leave behind our children and it’s going to be much harder for them. They have been brain washed and lied to. The family has been weakened much damage has been done there must be a reckoning before we baby boomers are gone. We can not let them continue to deceive odour children God help us open thier minds to the truth before its to late.

  31. Official reports seldom tell the whole truth. If she has to miss yet another week of arguments it will certainly raise eyebrows over the status of her health, and her ability to serve. At her age the body doesn’t bounce back very quickly, and the brain even less quickly. She already seemed to be impaired and having major surgery certainly didn’t help her mental condition.

  32. Independence has nothing to do with life or death. Her time to go (from the Court or from this earth) is not determined by her alone. If she continues to be absent it will set up a lot of questions about her health and her ability to serve. She should do the right thing and bow out now while she still has some dignity.

  33. No, she doesn’t have to be present. She can read the legal briefs from the attorneys and the transcripts of oral agruments. The fact is, in most cases the justices already have their minds made up when they go into the room anyway. Unless something earth-shattering comes out in oral arguments, which rarely happens, they will vote the way they would have in the first place.

  34. I haven’t checked the Las Vegas oddsmakers, but I would say that the over/under for RBG poisoning the ground above her at 6 months. I’ll put $1000 on under, at 3-1!

  35. Joubert Ronson,I couldn’t agree with you more! Anyone that thinks Obumer did a better job than President Trump is delusional..

  36. James A. L.: No the POTUS is NOT an orange toad. He is an American Lovin’ Patriot. If you are trying to compare the present POTUS to the former Liar-in-Chief, there is NO comparison. Nobummmmmmer was and is a selfish self-centered narsist; who as and still is a muslime, American-hating communist. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Also remember, The Donald is completely against the establishment, Deep State or whatever you want to call the powers against what we voted for the last election.

  37. The American Public has short memories. After a stroke, Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas was strapped in a wheelchair, his head bent over, with drool running from his mouth unto his shirt, as he mumbled unintelligible garbled words. And he was younger than RBG.

  38. She shouldn’t be allowed to stay on the court since she is obviously unable to do her job. Falling asleep during hearings, and not able to attend to the court is more than enough to remove her immediately. She is a danger to anyone who comes before the Supreme Court for Justice not only because she is incompetent but because the International Law is what is holy to her NOT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. She needs to be gone and gone now.

  39. Have you ever been sick. Recovered from cancer, had a baby, or any othe cicumstandce which is sometimes more important than work. Get alife

  40. I wish her the best. Although I do not always agree with her decisions I feel she has a very sharp and keen mind. I wish people would let nature run its course and I also hope they never get sick and get treated the way they treat her.

  41. She answers to Hillary Clinton who nominated her vicariously through her husband. If the Clintons tell her to sit there and die in her chair that is what she will do. If they tell her to wait until an election year when her replacement cannot be appointed until after 2020 that is what she will do.

    Don’t be fooled into believing that she is independent.

  42. Mr.King,
    I believe in your rights and your opinion that being said may I ask you two questions neither are meant to disrespect you in anyway.
    1. Do you believe in the constitution?
    Fact. Ruth does not. My personal opinion that automatically disqualifications her to even have that position.
    2.when do you personally believe life starts in the woman’s womb?
    Truths is almost at the actual birthing of the child.
    If her view is truth then why does a baby at eighteen to twenty weeks scream bloody murder when being aborted at these points im pregnancy. We now have the morning after pill to stop pregnancy before it becomes a baby. So rape, incest and all other unintended pregnancies can be stopped. My personal opinion is simple how about we provide this drug free of charge immediately when a woman makes a violation against her will and rights no questions asked or demand no legal abortion after eight weeks this is ways to prevent the murder of innocent babies. We have many options available like adoption for women who doesn’t want or cannot raise a baby in a loving environment. I absolutely believe in women’s rights.I also believe we have a responsibility to protect an innocent babies life that cannot defend itself.

  43. How would you feel if you had a case that needed to be settled in the supreme Court and RBG was supposed to rule on the case? She can’t stay awake, obviously very sick, way too old to still be working & wearing gloves & a coat because she is freezing. You would never get a fair hearing or ruling on your case.

  44. Bruno: The crummydats are furious that she didn’t retire when Nobummmmmer was in the Black House. That way he could have avoied the controversy we now have. ha ha ha ha

  45. Sadly Justice Ginsburg is in extremely poor health and is suffering from the beginnings of dementia. She should retire, but probably will not. Be that as it may the good Lord will take care of the matter in the very near future.

  46. I believe, there is no lower designation and accusatory statement than being declared A FOOL !

    Beyond her political tom-foolery, and her unflinching stance on in-utero-child murder and scant definition of when life even begins . . . I consider Ruth Bader Ginsburg an utter FOOL ! Quite beyond hope !

  47. Its not up to her to “stop” Trump from picking another Supreme Court Justice. If she can’t handle anymore and bows out, he can pick whomever he wants. She has no say in the matter. She should have bowed out long ago. He time is over.

  48. It’s all gotten out of control, there is no longer any oversight, no adults are left in the room, how did this happen? It’s as If there’s no longer any sense of right or wrong anymore! I don’t see any of this ending well, neither side is for the people, Donald Trump seems to be the only man left trying to fix this broken system but I think it’s too late, God bless him for all he’s doing but he’s about 30 years too late. I don’t even recognize this country anymore. It like the perverbial frog in the pot, before he knew anything was wrong, he was cooked, I think we are too! Accept Jesus as Savior, let go of earthly cares and focus on eternity! It’s not too late until you die and it doesn’t cost a penny. Just ask Jesus to come in to your life and ask Him to forgive you for your sins! Tell everyone you know about your decision and read The Bible. Soon you will be asked to make a choice between taking a mark or death, it’s true! The federal government already has the guilotines ready to go! Google it!

  49. Matt: The People don’t vote in prospective members of the Supreme Court! They are nominated by the President! I do believe that Clinton put her into that position! (I could be wrong tho’)

  50. We need to see her physically the News Media could be lying have a real Ginsburgh Speak up on Camera,Cannot trust these Leeches anymore,She needs to retire Her brain is not all there anymore and its been for a long time

  51. When Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg announced that she would stick around on the Supreme court just to spite President Donald Trump, and that means she would be 90 years old, I thought “How Presumptuous” to think you control how long you live and how long you health will hold out. There is someone much higher than you are who may have something to say about that. One makes a mistake to presume that God is going to allow you to remain in power just because of your spite filled heart. I do not wish RBG any harm, amd am not concerned whether she lives to be 90 or not. But, my concern if that she is very unforgiving it appears. Unforgiveness will mean you cannot be forgiven. In that case you are “Lost.” We need to pray for Ruth. The older one gets, the harder the heart gets, and the harder it is to find God. Lord, I ask that you move upon Ruth’s heart and to bring her into alignment with your wishes, in Jesus Name I pray, Amen!

  52. Yes, and she has absolutely no control over who the president chooses to replace her, if she can no longer perform her duties!!!

  53. Her decisions have long been based on “feeling” with little to do with either the law or the consequences of the decision. It is perfectly fine to have opinions but she has rarely fulfilled the intent of her position which has never been to MAKE law.

  54. She said she would be against anything Donald Trump wanted ,So Why Stay she has already made up her mind .Go home ???? that’s where she belongs .

  55. It’s time to retire when an individual is too old or sick to perform their job even if the position is a lifetime position.

  56. Too bad for you that the Constitution does not allow that. You DO remember the US Constitution, right? RIGHT??!!

  57. Oliver Wwndell Holmes, Jr. served until he \was over 90 and delivered some of is best opinions when he was older that Justice Ginsburg is now.

  58. Who in the hell is posting to sign petitions. That makes me sick

    Just because u don’t like someone, this is America. You sound like what the left wing nut jobs want

    America voted these nut jobs in

    The solution is DON’T vote these anti – Americans into office

    Stop with the petitions. Such an anti American comment and you should be totally ashamed of yourself for even suggesting it

    America was stupid enough to vote them in , vote to have the demon rats control Congress. Too bad for us now – we get to live with how stupid America is

  59. You must go to the whitehouse? Can we circulate many petitions and submit them to be attached. Am I missing something?


  61. OLD BAG Ginsburg needs to retire and leave. She cannot stay awake through any hearing or argument, and written transcripts do not quote everything. Ginsburg does not follow and support the US Constitution as she has made up her own Constitution that shw follows. I don’t think she has ever made a lawful decision based on US Law and the US Constitution cause sge does not follow and support either

  62. Ruth Bader Ginsburg has done her time and retire. She should spend her last days @ home relaxing. Lifetime appointments were meant to be only as look as you are healthy enough.

  63. Rumor has it that top Democrats have been seen talking to taxidermists and that cleaning people have noticed 2 straps recently installed on Ginsburg chair at the Courts conference room.

  64. She can afford to nod off because she already knows how she is going to vote before the case even comes before the Supreme Court.

  65. Don’t worry folks. GOD is in a full Control.
    RDG does not anything by herself. It took back thousand years that the Jews were mistreated and hated by the West, since before the Birth of Jesus CHRIST how the Romans did to them and their country. These Jews were the Jews of Anti-Jesus Christ since the beginning, because they didn’t recognize the LORD, The Messiah, so they plotted to kill HIM.
    GOD know all things and HE know their hearts.
    All the sufferings they went through by the West, that’s why they produced many trillionnaire, billionaires like Rothschilds, George Soros, … and they infiltrated in all political stripes and rule the world economy, including the Church, etc.,
    It’s not a time for anyone to attack anyone, but PRAY for those souls that will be damned, and pray for yours as well.
    « LORD JESUS CHRIST SON of GOD have Mercy on us all Sinners.
    And have Mercy on Ruth DG for she has served SATAN vs. GOD. »

  66. Go to the Whitehouse Website and sign the open petitions to kick these jerks out of office. There are petitions for Pelosi, Schumer, Ocasio-Alexander, Rashad Tliab, and a number of others like Soros. Please take the time we need these people out. It doesn’t take long-easy to do and Potus needs our help.

  67. Go to the Whitehouse Website and sign the open petitions to kick these jerks out of office. There are petitions for Pelosi, Schumer, Ocasio-Alexander, Rashad Tliab, and a number of others like Soros. Please take the time we need these people out. It doesn’t take long-easy to do and Potus needs our help.

  68. Go to the Whitehouse Website and sign the open petitions to kick these jerks out of office. There are petitions for Pelosi, Schumer, Ocasio-Alexander, Rashad Tliab, and a number of others like Soros. Please take the time we need these people out. It doesn’t take long-easy to do and Potus needs our help.

  69. Sadly there is no legitimate charge against her. Ethically, and logically, she should retire because of her age and condition
    , but she can stay in that position until she dies.

  70. At 86, it is long past time for her to be gone from the Supreme Court.She is sticking around for 2 reasons – ego and spite.She’s been nodding off during hearings for years already without the battery of drugs she’ll be using. Nobody with such a limited attention span should be deciding court cases that affect a nation. She’s done her job and now she needs to retire and make room for someone else.

  71. I Believe there should be an age limit to the supreme court. Once you reach 75 you should retire. Make room for the other competent younger judges who’s minimum age should be 45. That would give the younger judges time enough to learn the laws and the Constitution as it was written And should remain as well as get the experience they need to be Non Bias. And when they reach 75 it is there turn to retire.
    Besides this woman has been bias to Democrats (or Demo America Creatures) For long enough.

  72. Another fine example of the liberal left’s failure to have the “best interests of the American people” in mind. If she was a true patriot she would resign and allow the position to be filled.

  73. She needs to retire almost 86 come on how old can you be a Supreme Court Justice. It must be a lot of selfishness. It is time too give it up.

  74. I don’t wish for her death . . . or anybodies really . . . but, when people reach this level of illness and start missing more than 2 weeks of work, they’ve reached the point of needing another person in that seat! So, lets give her the second week to see if she can take her seat and do her job! If she can’t, then she needs to be relieved of duty PERIOD!!!

  75. She is not well at all, something like this doesn’t end until your in the wrong side of the grass. She is extreme and
    She doesn’t try to hide it. But Father Time or Mother Nature will just go along and do what is normal. if that was a person who the left thought was a conservative they would have a bill in that would demand her removal for the
    Bench. But be patient folks,mature has its way of making things right.

  76. She knows it and still wants to screw Trump just like all the Dem’s. Maybe she also waiting for caskets to go on sale.

  77. No that was a mandate made while Dems were in charge and it came back to bite Obama. Additionally, Ruth will fail during Trump’s third year and he WILL get the pick regardless. Count on Trump getting re-elected and he will get another pick. Good is finally catching up with evil.

  78. This reminds me of the former USSR when there was an impending loss in the Politburo. Nothing was said until the somber music appeared on the official state airways. Our ‘deep state’ rulers would love that level of control. Unable to have that type of power here, they and their buds in the MSM will still exercise as much secrecy as they can surrounding Ginsburg’s condition. Right now, it’s much like an army attempting to execute a fighting retreat, hoping for a miracle. The battleover the next nominee will make Kavanaugh’s pale in comparison. With so much at stake, let’s hope that Collins, Murkowski and Romney show some spinal fortitude.

  79. Anyone in an appointed position of government is exempt from having to abide by the rules made for the rest of the sheep!
    At some pint this female will have to come to grips that God is in charge, not RBG . . .

  80. If she stopped dyeing her hair you would see how old and haggard she really looks. When she was released from the hospital it took her 15 minutes to get out of her wheelchair and into her car, and that was with two people helping her. I know it sucks getting old but getting old doesn’t always equate to advanced intelligence. She’s literally not smart enough to realize her time is up and what she has left is very limited.

  81. Its foolish to say she is cancer free. She already has three strikes.I’m betting that cancer will beat her to 1/1/20

  82. Watch and see how, when Trump has to replace her, the democrats curse her for not retiring under the Kenyan’s presidency. When it does happen you’ll see some of the best TV you will ever witness. Get the popcorn ready, this is going to be a great show.

  83. She should have retired when Obama was President. She was certain Clinton would name her replacement.she is a very selfish old lady. No way will she last till 2024. By then there will be a 7-2 conservative majority..

  84. Most likely as long as she is alive some other libtard will be doing her job as she will sign off on it, she needs to go away as she is clearly biased against this president and a hard core liberal, who does not like the constitution as written.

  85. When she cannot stay awake or report for duty then maybe it is time she goes. She is pretty much worthless there. She is being paid for a job that she is not capable of.

  86. If she wants to continue, then she should not be falling asleep while sitting on the court. I wish her well but if that what she does and she wears gloves to keep her hands warm, maybe it is time for her to step down. The only reason she will not retire is she does not like Trump. A Supreme Court Justice is not supposed to have political feelings either way about any president or any government official. She has already stated things about Trump and she should have been told about that by Roberts. I guess she is a lonely person and that is why she is hanging on,

  87. RBG and other unnamed justices on the Supreme Court are no more judges than I am. They serve only their political beliefs and the Constitution be damned. Observation, over a period of many years, have convinced me that judges are no more capable of divorcing themselves from their personal opinions than my dog is capable of divorcing himself from eating. RBG has demonstrated over time that she is a virulent left leaning politician who has tried to “shape” the Constitution in her own image and the true meaning of this document counts for nothing. Her tenure should come to an end right now before she does any further damage to our country. RBG, Rest In Peace!

    But as history shows evil people live for ever,,,,, (only the good die young).
    And rbg is as evil as they come.

  89. It will be a very sad day when she hurts herself falling off her chair during one of her naps. That is what retirement is for. Cancer is very ruthless, take notice, Ruth.

  90. reality , the democrats would not care if her flesh was falling off her bones they would push for her to stay to maintain liberal vote , proof Angle family members killed by illegals labeled by Nancy Polosie as part of doing busy or military terms collateral damage , DISGRACEFULL

  91. Is she reviewing the cases at home or sleeping like she did when she was at work? We (the taxpayers) should not have to pay someone that is not able to do their job ”ÁT WORK”’


  93. Are the democrats having George Soros paid her money to stay on the bench jut because they hate the thought of Trump announcing a new person to the court?? You can bet your money this is the case!!!


  95. Hey, she is 86 years old. How about we let her decide when to step down or not? Seems like that is the way the rules are set up.

    I would be in favor of her leaving sooner than later, but we should act like adults even if Dems never do.

  96. Let’s face it, she’s 85, and had major surgery, I seriously doubt that she will return to the bench for a couple of months, if ever. Of course, she’s a tough old bat, and she could review cases at home and write/record opinions on cases she’s heard, but I think she’s done.

  97. Well I for one hope Ruth gets better…But we all know when she returns to the bench, she will take her naps during oral arguments just as Ruth has been doing for years!

  98. How selfish of her supporters! I suspect she is staying on because they are urging her to. She has served many years and she needs to rest and take care of herself. I am very familiar with how cancer treats a body, going through it with my Dad and my husband. A time will come that they can no longer move and be present to contribute. God is in charge of this world and He will put into place our future justices, as He has all along. Praying for her peace and comfort.

  99. glad to to see how many real americans there are here while we are at it should we also be saying while saluting min furrer, because it looks like we are either communist or have a dictator now that people have to think the same as everyone, should we also have to have surgery to look and dress the same also? I also served oh wait i didn’t serve in the marines so i guess that doesn’t count either right

  100. Actually Igor, there are people that have volunteered to donate different body parts if needed just to keep her alive until 2020. When Trump wins re-election, they will have to donate a whole body, she can barely walk now!

  101. Pride and selfishness have neither age nor race, nor gender limits! It is most unfortunate for the Country that at this time, within this situation, the mind of this Justice could not realizes: “What I fail to do will be BAD for the entire country!” Neither has anyone from within the DNC Members nor the family members has voluntarily recommended this Justice to Retire for the Good of the Country, as well as recommending the President to Pick a New Justice. The Clarity of mind is needed, NOW!!

  102. She should be a good human being and RETIRE. What/why is she hanging on to? She has no life outside of the SC? Give the chance to others. There a lot qualified people to take her place. She is getting to be ridiculous.

  103. All that RBG has to do is stay on the SCOTUS until 1/20/20. After all, didn’t Mitch himself say that no POTUS Justice should be confirmed in the last year of a POTUS’ time in office.

  104. she needs to go away, retier, god bless her, i pray for her, but we have to have less demorats, demorats are as bad as islam muslims. god bless america, &. god bless trump.

  105. There are plans to use artificial breathing machines as she lays in a barricaded hospital death bed,with assistants that will communicate by phone with her court decisions

  106. I would not be surprised if soon only a few select democrats will be allowed to speak with or visit her. They will issue statements on her behalf.

  107. At 86 years old how can her recovery be on track? This is the third time she has had cancer removed. Apparently it is not going away just laying dormant. Everyday she wakes up she is lucky. Of course the democrats will tie strings around her arms and legs then pump her full of meth to keep her moving.

  108. I strongly recommend for the government authorities to check on her routinely on each day to see if she’s either still alive or do the justice duties. I don’t think that the interns should do 90% of her duties.

    She was seen occasionally taking the naps publicly. Not right.

    Ginsburg, GROW UP and retire! Go away!

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