Samuel Alito dropped the hammer on this woke school admissions policy

Conservatives have been trying to end racial preferences and quotas in hiring for decades.

The Supreme Court had their chance.

And Samuel Alito dropped the hammer on this woke school admissions policy.

Last year, the Supreme Court handed down a landmark decision eliminating affirmative action in college and university admissions policies.

But the Supreme Court whiffed on a chance to extend that ruling to high schools by refusing to hear a case where a group of parents sued accusing the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia of implementing admissions policies to discriminate against Asians.

School board member Karen Keys-Gamarra wrote a message demanding the school increase the number of black and Hispanic students and calling the number of Asian students at the school “unacceptable.”

“[We] must recognize the unacceptable numbers of such things as the unacceptable numbers of African Americans that have been accepted to [the school],” Keys-Gamarra claimed.

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals claimed there was no disparate impact – an ostensibly race neutral policy used to discriminate against a specific group – because Asian students were overrepresented at the school.

Alito blasted that reasoning as “indefensible.”

“Even though the new policy bore ‘more heavily’ on Asian- American applicants (because it diminished their chances of admission while improving the chances of every other racial group), the [Fourth Circuit] majority held that there was no disparate impact because they were still overrepresented in the [school’s] student body,” Alito wrote. “That is indefensible … [t]he Fourth Circuit’s decision is based on a theory that is flagrantly wrong and should not be allowed to stand.”

Alito warned that unless the Supreme Court stepped in and took action this opinion would spread like a “virus” to other appellate courts and allow racist admissions policies to remain in place.

“[T]he Fourth Circuit’s reasoning is a virus that may spread if not promptly eliminated … the First Circuit has already favorably cited the Fourth Circuit’s analysis to disparage the use of a before-and-after comparison,” Alito added. “TJ’s model itself has been trumpeted to potential replicators as a blueprint for evading SFFA.”

“The Court’s willingness to swallow the aberrant decision below is hard to understand,” Alito concluded. “We should wipe the decision off the books, and because the Court refuses to do so, I must respectfully dissent.”

A hallmark of the Roberts Court is looking for the perfect case to make a narrowly defined ruling that inches American jurisprudence rightward so as not to offend liberal elites too greatly.

This caution often infuriates conservatives.

In 2023, the Supreme Court ruled affirmative action in college and universities unconstitutional.

The horse is already out of the barn and there is no reason to trim the sails on this issue.

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