Sanctuary cities are about to feel the heat

The Trump administration made it clear they will enforce America’s immigration laws.

Yet across the country, sanctuary cities and towns continue to flout those laws.


  1. I have worked for 30+ years and have only just begun receiving SS/Medicare
    payments. I would like to believe that I have “somewhat” more right to these
    payments than an illegal alien whose only accomplishment is managing to
    sneak across the border into the U. S.

    How about it, other retirees?

  2. The Immigration Act passed in 1986 makes all such behavior a crime and Trump may need to set an example by putting the individuals supporting the illegal-alien sanctuary in prison. Notice these sanctuaries are democrap-run municipalities or states and having lost a large portion of the black vote to Trump in November, are now pandering to the ‘soon-to-be-voting’ illegal aliens.

  3. It is jail time for any State Governor, Mayor, Sheriff, or Police Officer who refuses to comply with our immigration laws. They are aiding and abetting criminals.
    They are just as responsible for any crime that a illegal committs after that have refused to them over to ICE.

  4. Seniors who have worked hard for many years and on SSI have not gotten a raise in their pay for the past three years. Yet, it seems everyone else seems to be getting money, food, housing, etc. for doing absolutely nothing. When people want free money the first ones they go to is retired seniors. We need to get rid of the sanctuary city crap and let people live in a manner they worked and planned for their retirement and enjoy life a little.

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