Sarah Sanders shut down CNN with these five brutal words

CNN has declared war on the Trump administration.

Their reporters and news anchors spread an anti-trump narrative to try and take down the President.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has had enough and shut CNN down with five brutal words.

During the daily press briefing, Sanders was asked about Trump’s tweets where he endorsed legislation that would allow the government to spy on foreign terrorists while calling for reforms to protect the constitutional rights of American citizens.

Sanders was berated by CNN’s Jim Acosta who accused the President of contradicting himself.

Sanders replied that the tweets weren’t confusing to her, but maybe the liberal media was stumped.

Acosta than tried to cheap shot the President by accusing him of being brainwashed by Fox and Friends.

Sanders fired back that Acosta wished he was watching CNN.

The CNN correspondent weakly responded that he thought the President did watch his network.

At that point Sanders shut him down by saying he didn’t but if he did “your numbers would be higher.”

The Daily Caller reports:

“Acosta asked if the habit was something that was “going on.”

The president watches something on “Fox & Friends” and then tweets about it… There have been folks out there who have said there’s a cause and effect. He watches something on “Fox & Friends” and then tweets about it. Did that happen this morning and does that go on?

Sanders responded with fire and fury.

“I’m sure you’re disappointed he’s not watching CNN.”

When Acosta snapped back that the president watches “a lot of CNN,” Sanders continued savaging the cable news network by hitting them where it really hurts, right in the ratings.

“I don’t think that’s true,” Sanders replied “Your numbers would be higher.”

Did Sanders win this exchange? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. >What Is Next ??? Hawaii??> Let’s Rip re Hawaii Event (terrible) Stuffff… Any0ne Here AWARE of “back-channels”??? = uh-oh, Serious.

    • ps. am ‘feeding’ the BS ‘monitors’ & Hope ‘it’ Gets in
      the ‘Somewheres’ … ok? 0K!!!
      ~ ‘WE’ WILL WIN ___ Period. ~

  2. CNN as well as the rest of the liberal media continues to seek anything that is negative regarding this president. He is too biased and full of himself to even comprehend he lost that round.

  3. YES she did,SHE can’t lose to theses idiots there s stupid and she is SO SMART and knows the real TRUTH they will NEVER win. There losers and you know what they say about losers..

    • > i’m tellin’ ya ‘Acosta’ – ‘Hair’ means Everywhere’ haha haaa…
      & you will Never get ‘there’ …
      Hey – Bessie bae (aka? ) = ‘more Cryptic’ … E’one Wellcome to
      decipher __ U Can Do ‘IT’ = Just THINK ! Hard __ & ‘message’
      Will Be there !!!

  4. And now the Dems and MSM are all a-twitter because the WH has a hair and make-up staffer for Sarah and Kellyanne! What the WH needs is a tackroom of lockjaw bits for FAKE NEWS blowhards!

  5. And Sarah does it in such subtle ladylike fashion! BAM! Goes straight for the jugular but the likes of arrogant FAKE NEWS can’t even acknowledge the bite!

  6. Sarah Huckabee Sanders in an open room slaughtered CNN’s Jim Acosta with the TRUTH. To wit: If president Trump watched CNN their numbers would be higher. Jim is starting to sound more and more like rank amatures being turned loose on the public. He fits the narrative. They are not looking for news, they are looking for any story to defame the president.

  7. I love watching Sarah Huckabee Sanders tell the commie liberals off…….and, Jim Acosta has had it coming for a long time. I just hope it is not too late to clean all the Marxist/Saul Alinsky loving liberals out of our government completely. They need to be deported along with the illegal immigrants.


  9. He is such a little pansy! He should know better that to go up against Sarah Sanders! She puts him in his place every time I love her! I wish she could just slap him! I think he would hike up his dress and run off crying! Lol

  10. sure she kicked ass on cnn it’s not hard to win against the mentally inept cnn is just a rag like the fake news magazunes you find at the check out counter at your local grocery store.junk news.


  12. I like all of these comments on this site. You can see how “We the people” feel, this world was in great need of a leader to come along and save this Country from the likes of the Demc.My take is this was the last time for saving it.Hillary and her likes are in for a bad time when they meet their maker if they don,t change their ways.In Heaven I don,t think God allows their kind of rule. have a nice night.

  13. Sarah Sanders is cool, she doesn’t take anything from these liberal hacks. Acosta has been a liberal moron for years working at Clinton New Network. CNN wants everyone to believe the same things they do, and if you don’t, then you are a racist republican. I am proud to be one, because I am a Patriot who wants to save this country from those racist communist pigs.

  14. Sarah is the best since Tony Snow. She does not take any guff from any of these blowhards. I am always eager to see her next Press Briefing to watch the liberal Slugs slither away.

  15. Mrs. Sanders a political raised kid, teenager, and adult. Her maiden name says it all. She learn from the very best, her mother, but l guess the “governor” had something to do with it also. Every time she has a press breifing, all she does kick ads, and take names.

    • You are so right Clifford. Sara is always very professional I think. It’s too bad that she has to deal with those liberal idiots!! She does such a good job straightening them out. I love her! She has such class.

    • Exactly! But that would be way too much like the OBummer administration almost never calling on Fox or other legitimate News reporters; and Only calling on Fake-News makers. By calling on the Libs we get to prove they make up there own stories. KEEP THE LIGHT OF TRUTH ON THOSE BASTARDS.

    • THAT would be awesome David. They should ALL have their press access revoked!! They are SO inept. Typical liberals.

  16. I watch Fox all the time except for the five not because they don’t tell the Truth but because of one person Juan who is Anti Trump as he is always bad mouthing him yet Praised Muslim/Anti American Obama who was the WORST President in the American History and got away with it because of the Media like CNN, ABC, CBS the New York Times and the Corrupt Democrats who are Liars and Thieves. Look they promised the Wall to President Regan and never happened they said to President Trump they would for DACA but they won’t they keep threatening to shut down the Government They are the TRAITORS to (ALL) America. Thank-You Sarah for having BALLS (YOU) are truly a chip off the OLD BLOCK your Dad You Fake Media should be ashamed of yourself but YOU like the Clintons and the Democrats hate the TRUTH. God Bless America our President and our Government and Down to Hell the Fake Media and the Clintons and the Corrupt Democrats who are against the American People

    • I agree with Richard… I too will not turn of the 5 because of the arrogance, and nastiness of Juan Willams… Insofar as to the exchange between Sarah Sanders and Jim question Acosta lost

    • I find Juan rather amusing.
      He acts so sophomoric with his eye-rolling and incredulous expressions.
      Every argument he presents is so laughably off the mark they make him look ridiculous.
      I want more demoncrappic operatives out there displaying their lack of logic and common sense.
      That’s how Trump got elected.

    • I totally agree. Juan Williams is the token liberal on The Five. Ruins it for me, too. But then Greg Gutfeld makes it ALL worthwhile!

  17. Sarah is 2nd to none as my Trumpster surrounds him self w/best of the best staff!
    I’ve said so many times that Trump is no fluke!
    God bless him,his family,staff & “r” U S of A!

    • You’re right Marty. GOD blessed the WORLD when HE gave us(all people) HIS SON: then you know the rest of the story…when JESUS did HIS thing.

    • CNN, aka; Clown News Network, aka; Clinton News Network. The biggest buffoons of the cable MSM. Truly enemies of working class American citizens and those in the middle class who sprung from them

    • Sarah should keep on calling on these uninformed lunatics so they can keep on PROVING how far they are willing to go to disparage the president.

  18. Jim Acosta is not Italian, he gets that name from his father who is Cuban. As a matter of fact his father was born Cuba.

  19. If Sanders was responding to anyone with CNN she Won. They’re too busy feeding off of hate to reply with any intelligence whatsoever!! All the networks other than FOX are searching so hard for hate replies they can’t think straight!!

  20. Has anyone ever seen this level of hostility from the news media(so called) directed at the president of the United States? I think we are getting the same type of news reporting one would expect in a banana republic.If I were Trump I would ban them all and broadcast directly to the people. Acostas’ exchange with Sarah should get him thrown out of the white house at the very least.


    • CNN now controls all airline terminals with 100% LIES, which is immoral & MUST be made ILLEGAL. Change all by LAW to ONLY fair & honest network; FOX.
      Generals & MOST Americans LOVE & APPROVE OF Trump’s Nuke button comment to NK.
      We ALL FIRMLY REJECTED ROMNEY. UTAH MUST find suitable replacement rather than SPOILING the Senate with another RINO.

    • He has right who he picks and chooses as far as the media just because your media doesn’t mean they have the right to be there we have a free press that doesn’t give them the right to barade

      the president why didn’t they barade Barack Obama what was up with that

  22. mr acosting is going to have to get up very early in the morning to best a good ole country girl that has heard it all many times before. she can cut him to ribbons without even getting rilled. AND HE HAD BETTER NEVER PISS HER OFF.

  23. Sarah Sanders is no one’s fool; she can toss back a sharp retort that leaves the MSM gobsmacked. CNN has been bad-mouthing and doing its utmost to undermine Trump from day one, actually before he was elected, President.

  24. I can’t really tell if Acosta won the discussion or not. Without a clip of the segment they’re referring to, it’s hard to know all the other things that were said that might have been helpful in deciding who had the zinger.

    • Oh geesh…nerd alert!
      All you have to do is go to YouTube and you can view the little clip that you think you need to see before you’ll believe. That was enuff for me right there to know you probably had a merry resistmas this year, didn’t you? You’re trying to sound all sly. Haha

  25. Where was Acosta, er, THE ACCOSTER when OBAMA referred to LIBYA as a “sh*t show”, huh? But it’s NOT okay when Trump ALLEGEDLY refers to certain foreign countries as “sh*tholes”?! If true, once again, Trump says what TRUE Americans have already SAID or THOUGHT! Trump is PSYCHIC! LMAO

  26. Acosta…in Italian. Name fits. ACCOSTER in English…or if you’re a liberal from the elitist hills o’ Baaston! He’s RUDE as all outdoors. A legend in his own mind. Diarrhea of the mouth with no muzzle…and no gag bags for the REST of us. Needs obedience training…DOG that he is. No offense, Rover! FAKE NEWS-getter! FAKE FAKE FAKE. Bet his Bobbysox don’t even match.

          • Stay FOCUSED, everybody! Acosta, specifically! He’s a big jerk! I meant no offense to Italians, in general! Meat’a’BALLS and pizz’a’PIE! AMORE!????????

          • Ed, I think you you check this dude out, his baby daddy was from CUBA,I guess that makes him cu ban.To me, he also looks very gay by loving those kind of morons.Just saying.A person tells you a lot about them self by their eyes and the way they slang their arms and hands and how wide they open their mouth. Try it on any Demc.

          • Sorry, my bad. Thinking back to an interview he did with Chris Wallace I now remember figuring that out but somehow forgot it. Thanks for straightening my comment out. But still, in Italian he’s a strunz! And I’m not Italian.

  27. I don’t know how the people at CNN can sleep at night telling the lies that they tell. Do they tell their families the same lies or do they just say it’s my job to lie about the republicans. I have to make them sound as bad as possible and make the people believe it..

    • Narcissism is a prerequisite of “abilities & talents” in the resumes of ALL liberal mainstream media candidates turned FAKE NEWS, ahem, “journalists”. Truly amazing that so many liberal jackasses can congregate in the same room at the same time! Ad nauseum abuse and intolerance!

    • You’ve made a good point there but as they were caught on a hidden camera before saying that Russia is nothing but a “Nothing Burger”. They report that crap for the stupid, sick minded liberals. They NEED to watch & hear it. It’s brain food for them. They don’t care if its true or not. They wipe their a$$es with that fake news, then spew it from those gaping holes that sits under their noses.

    • I know how they sleep….with Soros’ money.

      These libtarded networks would already be gone if America’s enemy MAN wasn’t still alive.
      And what is super sad and sick is knowing George Soros has his crack headed son groomed & ready to take over.
      By all means, George Soros should be dead or in FEDERAL PRISON.

      Last summer on July 23rd, Ivanka was hanging out with Soros in the Hamptons along with her hubby, Fake tears Chuck, Marie Bartiromo & a few others. I can’t remember who all at this moment. But you can find it so quick on Google. Every news outlet has videos and pictures of them all partying together.
      Ivanka is a DEMTARD pretending to be a repub. I absolutely love president Trump but I have no respect for her. I actually almost think she needs to bow out and get out. She wants to party with George Soros she has to know how people feel about him but she doesn’t care.

      • Ivanka is her own person…The Daddy Donald doesn’t pull her strings. That said, nepotism ANYWHERE is suspect. She really DOES need to put her lips in reverse, tuck her teeth in, and beware the company she keeps and with whom she laughs and lets it all hang out. BAD OPTICS. But blood is thicker…

          • > IN ‘some worlds’ BL00D IS Not Thicker than Water … N0 Matter ‘what’ …
            (some of missing words in post)& will not repeat…
            > javanka Need 0ut of WH > ‘gracefully ASAP > go home, Take care of Fam. young >baby & children …
            > & u know Kushner fam in ‘thick’ on many fronts … a conundrum for potus …

          • Conundrum is a fitty-cent word! LMAO! Maybe an Aesop moral o’ the story somewhere in’ere! Long/short…Ivanka has her fingers in too many pies!

        • Ivank ‘pulls’ Daddy’s Strings ( & Needs to ST0P ! ) … uh, remember Syria white hat pics??? & subsequent BS bombings ??? i hope so__

      • Ivanka not only switched to judism, but also democrat, as her husband is Demo , as well as his Dad. Trump has to be disappointed at the way she acts now. My respect for her has been shrinking more and more the last few months.

        • Ivanka was an Independent. Forgot to register as a Republican…her vote was a no-vote in the NY Primary. No matter…Daddy won anyway! Still trying to figure out her ‘politics’, tho. A swinger, it would appear.

        • Ivanka was an Independent. Forgot to register as a Republican…her vote was a no-vote in the NY Primary. No matter…Daddy won anyway! Still trying to figure out her ‘politics’, tho. A swinger, it would appear.

    • Only reason CNN is still on the air, surviving & strain fb VERY FAKE NEWS is because Soros is FUNDING them. He pays them so well that they can’t walk away from the money. They won’t be passing thru the pearly gates tho.
      USA has news media that can’t be trusted, you can’t even watch them w/o needing a barf bag.
      God is upstairs shaking his head in disgust. They’r giving us all their lies & bias but they’re not going to get anything in return come judgment day. They’re too stupid. Brains are MUSH & infected w/ TRUMP DERRANGEMENT SYNDRONE. They’re trying to infect the whole world with the virus they contracted. (Soros Virus)

  28. Leftists feed off of anger which they hope to create in their opponent. When the conservative maintains their cool and their ballance as Sarah did, the loser leftist is left losing.:o)

    • Acosta saves his grotesque comments for the libtarded Trump Troll Haters on Twitter & elsewhere.
      I’m past tired of being called names for being a Trump supporter. I’m ready to fight back now. I wish the RINOS would or could grow a spine and start defending us, the constitution, gun laws…all of it.
      If I was a politician on either side, I would be scared to death to walk down the street. I guarantee there’s somebody sitting in the bushes somewhere. There will be more baseball game like shootings that happens again. I guarantee it! The media and the democrats have made so many people irate, that this is the point we have came to. None of them are safe. And most of them did it to themselves.
      I do find comfort knowing that God has the final judgement. Democrats will be left to rot & suffer here on this Earth. They get to rot in everything that they sowed. It would be so yummy to watch them cry & beg for mercy when God throws his Golden Sword down for the very last time.

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