Sarah Sanders shut down CNN with these five brutal words

CNN has declared war on the Trump administration.

Their reporters and news anchors spread an anti-trump narrative to try and take down the President.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has had enough and shut CNN down with five brutal words.

During the daily press briefing, Sanders was asked about Trump’s tweets where he endorsed legislation that would allow the government to spy on foreign terrorists while calling for reforms to protect the constitutional rights of American citizens.

Sanders was berated by CNN’s Jim Acosta who accused the President of contradicting himself.

Sanders replied that the tweets weren’t confusing to her, but maybe the liberal media was stumped.

Acosta than tried to cheap shot the President by accusing him of being brainwashed by Fox and Friends.

Sanders fired back that Acosta wished he was watching CNN.

The CNN correspondent weakly responded that he thought the President did watch his network.

At that point Sanders shut him down by saying he didn’t but if he did “your numbers would be higher.”

The Daily Caller reports:

“Acosta asked if the habit was something that was “going on.”

The president watches something on “Fox & Friends” and then tweets about it… There have been folks out there who have said there’s a cause and effect. He watches something on “Fox & Friends” and then tweets about it. Did that happen this morning and does that go on?

Sanders responded with fire and fury.

“I’m sure you’re disappointed he’s not watching CNN.”

When Acosta snapped back that the president watches “a lot of CNN,” Sanders continued savaging the cable news network by hitting them where it really hurts, right in the ratings.

“I don’t think that’s true,” Sanders replied “Your numbers would be higher.”

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