Sarah Sanders destroyed Hollywood liberals with this remark

Hollywood liberals worshipped Obama as if he were a god.

Perhaps that’s why they think Trump’s actions are all evil.

But when asked about Hollywood’s attacks on Trump, Sarah Sanders destroyed them with one word.

It’s no secret Hollywood hates Republicans.

But they’ve reached a new level with their visceral hatred of all things Trump during this administration.

“Nazis” and “oppressors” are frequently words tossed around to describe the administration.

Fox News asked Sarah Sanders about Hollywood’s attacks on Trump recently and summed up all of it with just one word: “Delusion.”

The Daily Caller reports:

“Their message is one of negativity and frankly, I think a little bit of delusion,” Sanders said, “We’ve had an incredible first year, the economy is booming, ISIS is on the run, we are remaking the judiciary, this has been a historic year by any way you look at it.”

Sanders said she felt “sorry” for people in Hollywood for “how out of touch” they are.

“They are so focused on hating the president that they are missing all of the great things that are happening in this country and I think that’s really sad for them and I think they are missing an opportunity to actually bring people together and show a better side of themselves.”

When asked if Trump, who was a celebrity for most of his life, is “bothered when a group of fellow celebrities are “ripping him,” Sanders swung right at Hillary Clinton:

“If Americans cared what celebrities thought, Hillary Clinton would be president. They clearly don’t. She brought out every A-list, B-list and C-list celebrity she could find to help her build crowds and it didn’t matter. Americans wanted someone to come in and shake up Washington. That’s exactly what president Trump did.”

Do you think Sanders is right?

Are Hollywood’s attacks on Trump delusional? Are celebrities suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Let us know what you think about Hollywood’s attacks on Trump in the comments below.



  2. Sarah is my hero! Those so-called Hollywood liberals are mostly legends in their own minds only. None of them could carry Sarah’s water. Remember when many of them were leaving the country if Trump was elected. Don’t believe I know of any who actually left. All talk and no action

  3. Unfortunately, 99.9% of our Hollywood talking heads couldn’t speak an intelligent sentence without someone feeding them their lines. Even more unfortunate, most of the writers that supply these lines are communists. Then again, those addle-pated football players could really use some of those writers too.

  4. Thank you, Navy Seal …
    > & Even tho not Said E’time, Thank you,
    to All Brave MEN /some women IN DUTY, USA.
    – a thank you Excludes the Known Traitors…

  5. Sarah is simply the best of the best which is why “r” Donald selected her to his staff!May they always keep kickin’ the hell outta’ the “DUMMOCRAPS” for years to come.
    Martini Gannini,former Level 3 Navy Seal

  6. I love the way Mrs. Sanders answers these questions. She is SO right about this traitorous action taken by rich spoiled brats. I don’t know why anyone cares what they say. Keep up the great work!!!

  7. I don’t have much use for Hollywierd or Californiate either as the liberals and Illegal alien lovers need to go I live in Northern California in the Sierra Foothills, Grass Valley and when we moved up here in 1996 it was predominantly conservative but now with the liberal freeze dyed hippies Hillary carried Nevada County, they moved from the bay area.
    I’ve put up with Obama for 8 long years.
    Thank God the Hillary lost.

  8. &&& have you ‘noticed’ Many of the gagging gaggle Say “Thank you, Sarah” – not Acosta… She Does Command Respect in a certain way …
    She really is an Awesome Woman person…

  9. Sarah is one absolutely amazing woman! She often gets to the heart of the matter with one word. Some idiots try to push their way around her with their crap, but Sarah ALWAYS remains calm and uses only a few polite words to put someone in their place. Thank God that President Trump has her on his side and doing such a wonderful job for America.

  10. Sarah Sanders for president. Have we found our next president? Not kidding. This woman has what it takes too get the job done. And she does not need the NWO to do it. She makes H Clinton look like Beowolf that just came up out of the slimy swamp. God in Heaven please avenge us of the Clinton corruption John

  11. The Clinton’s have been the NWO party since Billy was the AG in Arkansas. they are nasty people that would be happy to kill every American for their own advancement. the Clinton’s need to go to the front of the firing squad line.

  12. The Hollywoodites are caught up in themselves too much. Who should listen to them but people like them they are pathetic

  13. And here I thought that Pelosi was sitting there that way was because she was stoned ( well high on something anyways ). We know she suffers from the same TDS that Hollywird suffers from.


  15. She is a very sharp lady, nice ???? to listen to, not like
    The opposition that does not care about the country,
    They sound like an invading gang.

  16. Of COURSE, Sarah Sanders is RIGHT. She’s FAR more competent than the two or three Deputy Press Secretaries waiting in the wings — but she hasn’t fumbled, not even once. So WHY even ASK the question?

  17. Hollywood is simply a communist state within our great country. Like everything else, there are some good people there and it is a shame they can’t break out and get free of the rest of them. Like the new movie coming that was done by Clint Eastwood: The 15:17 to Paris. I guess we can consider ourselves lucky that they pretty much stay in that one area. It really isn’t too hard to ignore them.

  18. Well, she has paid off everyone that is against her, and still couldn’t win, so I guess there were just too many against her -LOL. What about what’s happening here surprises you’ll, we have had a swamp since before JFK, they just didn’t have a sorry, worthless, piece of crap in the White House that let them run with it (no surprise). Hollywood is almost all queers, most of the government workers are the same (another Obama present, Yeah). We have the senator from Illinois, Louis Gutierrez got up to leave at the SOTU address by President Trump and said He hates America (and he still in office, WOW)Oklahoma would have hung him by his lying neck that day, but Illinois likes that crap, yippeeee (dumbass). Hey, the list goes on you tired of this crap yet, then get behind a Great President and run the crap out.

  19. Moron liberals are crying about the truth, Just think if the witch got in instead of Trump 30% of people would be working it would be 70% sucking America down the drain then we would be one of the s***-hole countries

  20. Sarah Sanders is the best at everything she does. Smart, classy, takes no prisoners. I am so proud of her I can only imagine how proud her parents are. President Trump is very fortunate to have her on his side. I also have to mention I,m crazy about her Dad too. Please don,t let the creeps get to you. God bless you and your family. Thank you.

  21. Those Hollywoodenheads are no different from the rest of the liberal crowd. Deficient in foresight, they never realize that our capitalist system is the only thing that supports their posh lifestyle. Where are the numerous former movie greats that were veterans of our wars and true patriots?

  22. You are soot on and Sarah said it right, delusional! Besides that they are biggest hypocrits alive. Hypocracy is every where in Hollywood. They fight for abortions but walk around proud of their belly bumps and leaves who baby daddy is to your imagination.

  23. Hollywood is a septic tank. Celebrities are professional liars and worship only the dollar. La and San Francisco are terrible places to live or raise a family unless you are rich and they are dragging the all of California down the toilet with them. All this I have seen with my own eyes and they want to look down on middle America. They might well have Paris Hilton run for president.

  24. If you live in a world of previledge and decadent order, there is no way your going to see or witness the common person. In their playground of life there is only one reason why they are too far away from actual reality, they pay people to brag to them constantly in the personna of theirselves. A.K.A. Famous boxer? That in itself is delusional!

  25. May God Bless Our President and His Administration,May he continue to work at helping us get back to common sense so that we can move forward in all our efforts to live Free and be a beacon to others!

  26. no i don’t , the hollywood crowd are just like the obomas , sick and perverted as for oboma being a god , he is in his own mind, unfortunitly he is more like the anti-christ ,evil, and we see his handy work every day on the news ,you can thank him for the spoke in violence in the u.s. , it wasn’t this bad till he came along , and that is a fact

  27. Hollywood celebs don’t have a monopoly on the stupidity of liberalism — what is sad and frightening is that about 90% of the population looks up to them to take their cues on how to react and vote — America is headed towards a sad day of reckoning if the complacent and uncaring people don’t start paying attention to what is going on and where we are headed as a country — this nation of sheep will soon find themselves imprisoned in every meaning of the term — e.g. morally, figuratively, spiritually, physically, intellectually, etc. — actually we are almost there already. All the crazy aspects of liberalism — unchecked immigration, ignoring the vast danger presented by Islam, the curbing of our first amendment rights, the total extinction of the secondment amendment rights, the silliness of political correctness, allowing so many able bodied people on all the government handout programs — just to mention a few. The warning signs are everywhere! And I stand amazed at the few citizens of this country who apparently have no idea as to the primary reason our founding fathers provided us with the second amendment rights — immediately following our first amendment rights — in order that we have the means to protect ourselves from an out-of-control tyrannical government. We may need the benefit provided by the second amendment sooner that most of us realize — or else we may be doomed like every other extinct freedom-loving civilization that has previously existed on this planet.

  28. Yes, Sarah is absolutely right. Delusional is a very good word to describe big city communists left wingers.

  29. Follow up on Sarah’s one comment, Repugnently Delusional, I doubt they know their own Identity and lose who they really are,very delusional.

  30. Good for Sarah, she has them pegged. Hollywood personalities are facades, not real people. They want so much to belevant and think they should be because they have lots of money st their disposal. But they are “jesters” and phonies. Remember these are the folks who went to Drama class while others took
    Physics and higher Algebra. They gossiped in study hall while you were on the athletic field or gymnasium. Now they don’t want us to be critical of the way they live, but want to tell us how to think. They are only lying when their lips move.

  31. Most in Hollywood are so out of touch with real life and common sense it is truly disgusting. They need to take time off from acting and try real life.

  32. I think the democratic’s should be investigated for criminal activities. It is a shame we can’t try them and the so call movie stars for treason. After watching the presidents SOTU speech and the reaction of the democratic’s which I call unpatriotic. They did not stand to recognize the people that the president Trump introduced. I do not believe there are any Christian Democratic’s, If there are they would not allow killing of unborn children.


  34. Hollerlwood is fake. Fake lives. They can not tell when they leave the set. One comment have read before is what was said to actors i like. Actors are fake living fake lives an we are only interested in what they have to say while the show is going on. When its done we are thru with them an their voice is dribble like a bad movie no one wants to watch

  35. Very let down by ppl of hollywood fame…they looked the other way when it came to sex offenders….they look the wrong way when it comes to our country. Of ppls saftey. Their honesty. Caring hearts ,” their support ” of stars …1even ppls trust !they aRE ADULTS they need to behave as Adults & .True AMERICANS !!!support our President!!!! I as manyv,gave obama his chance to orove himself , why not President Trump ????

  36. Sarah, as usual is correct.
    The entertainment community is there to entertain, not to preach on politics.
    Unfortunately the democrats are confused about this.

  37. As for Hollywood, it is a land of “MAKE BELIEF”, FANTASY LAND, NEVER, NEVER LAND. It’s the nature of the business of being actors and actresses. The Donald Duck, Tinker Bell type of people. Their only real influence is their MONEY. They buy their way into the real world with their money and popularity. Not all but most people with lots of money fall prey to having their brains washed of all reality and they end up living in a totally different world than the majority of us folks. As for the “LIBERAL” crowd, who knows. It appears these folks have had their brains washed too the point they are not able too think for themselves. Truth and reality, right/wrong, make no sense to these people They are stuck with the fiction and lies they are faced with every day, not knowing any different. The only hope for America is that there are enough sane people left that know the truth about what is happening to us that we can remain free.

  38. I can’t understand why the Democrats don’t want this country to be safe from criminals illegal immigrants that come into this country illegally it’s not like they can’t come to this country but they have to do it by the rules of the law I think the Democrats don’t want the border wall because they want the drugs to come into this country the politicians are probably making big money from the drugs I thought the State of the Union was fantastic I think every American would want that and their country to be safe and speaking of Hollywood I’m sure they have their money invested in the stock market and I’m sure they are very happy that their stocks are rising every day that part they would like Obama did nothing for this country he was putting us in poverty just like Iran and North Korea in poverty and have the government tell you what to do where to go with doctor to see and when you should go see eye doctor to get help

  39. These overpaid talking heads have nothing to say unless someone feeds them their lines. Unforntunately, all the writers are dedicated communists.

  40. 90%+ of all criminals in our jails and prisons are liberals, vastpy democrats.
    If we could get rid of liberalism, at least 90% of the crime, especially violent crime, will go away!


  42. The hollywood elites are afraid of our President. Their afraid he is going to bring them to justice for their crimes of rape and sexual harassment and their pedophilia will be.. that’s why the wanted the muslim brotherhood to take over and put sharia law in effect so they will be free of all their wrong doings.

  43. Liberals repeating the lies, like Hitler did to the German people, would succeed. It’s dangerous. Unfortunately, they have the control of many media outlets. A difficult path for Trump to go thru.

    Let us bring out the truth! The truth set us free …

  44. Democrats will ALWAYS hate Republicans, and vice versa… it’s a sad fact. The way they see it, no matter what Republicans do that benefit, or in ANY way better, this country… it’s just wrong. Why? Who knows? Personally, I think they’re just stupid. And that’s why Republicans can’t stand Democrats either. They just can’t be taught between right and wrong, good or bad. Liberal is a word that describes someone of no morals, and that’s the Democrat party to the letter.

  45. ” Hollywood liberals worshipped Obama as if he were a god. ” And why shouldn’t they? He is one of them – he lives in a pretend world – does not use his real name – gave a performance worthy of an Oscar- in his role – playing an American citizen – to the point where he was so believable he was elected three times – once as a senator and twice as a President.
    What is really amazing is how – now they hang on every word Hillary Clinton says as if it were “Gospel” yet they must have been deaf – when – Bill and Hillary Clinton were calling Barry – whoever the hell he really is – “The foreigner” and saying he was an illegal immigrant. They were the original “birthers” – but the Hollywierdo’s conveniently spun it a different way – maybe they were either so drunk or drugged up they missed it – or assumed Hill and Bill were just playing a role too. Besides wasn’t Hillary also promised any other role she wanted and also the next lead role when Barry was done?

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