Schumer and Pelosi are trying to hide this secret from the American people

Liberals were furious when Donald Trump claimed three to five million illegal votes handed Hillary Clinton the popular vote.

So Trump impaneled a commission to study voter fraud in order to put the issue to bed.



  1. A few years ago when the States began to clear their voter rolls of the illegals unlawful & the walking dead etc Obama forbade it Banned it demanded they cease & desist… That was when I knew there was a great deal of slight of hand going Remember when a couple three times after elections States reported a great many more voters voted than they had folks in the State California lost all the GOP candidates ALL this last elections = rampant fraud Every effort must be made to clear the rolls in every State of all unlawful voters & organize for cross check of Double dippers in all States… make the Penalty heavy financially + jail time of 5 years…

  2. That is how we the people used to educate themselves by hard work & night school or vice versa not demanding that Free Education Free Medical etc… wanting someone else to pay for their needs No work ethic but there r still many a student doing it the hard way because they know that nothing in this life is really Free & they have real dreams self satisfying dreams to be self sufficient & responsible No Freebies More reason for all you College Snowflakes you to put your head in your books save on your fees & less partying & protesting which goes no where but disrupts In Europe College is accomplished in 3 years & the graduation degrees & grades r higher than USA which takes all of 4 years

  3. In response to recent developments both the Democratic Party AND the Republican Party need to change their banners.

    The Democratic Party shall henceforth be known as CPUSA (Communist Party of the USA) and their symbol shall no longer be a donkey but a wolverine.

    The Republican Party shall henceforth be known as the RINO Party and their symbol shall no longer be an elephant but a rhinoceros!

  4. You are surprised. Remember you are talking about California. That is one of maybe 4 or 5 Dem. strong points. It accounted for maybe 1 Million of the votes the PRES. is claiming.

  5. I was born in the mid 1930’s in Jersey City, N. J. There was no Republican Party in Jersey City. At that time, Dem. Frank Hague was mayor until he stole enough money to have a happy retirement in Florida, leaving his job to his nephew, Frank Eggers, who left it to a City Council, also democrat, which drowned in scandal in the 1950’s. In 1950, My father died, (I was 15 years old). I acquired “working papers” and, at 16, interviewed for a job as “office boy” and was told I had to have a letter from my “ward leader” to get the job. I told my 50-something interviewer he was a %#%& idiot and walked out of his office.
    I went back to Catholic High school, and spent 14 years working full time and graduated with a degree in Engineering, all done at night school with no student loans.
    I promised myself that I would never, never vote democrat in my life. I’ve kept my promise and I’m in my 80’s now. Enough said.

  6. The Democrats and its henchmen are a criminal enterprise. Plus, they have enablers, the judiciary that will enable this corrupt fraudulence to continue by overruling any attempt to divulge this data. President Trump has been up against this nefariousness from day one.

  7. Why would all these states and their democratic senators and congressmen be kicking up such a stink if they had nothing to hide? There is nothing with asking to see these voter rolls. All states have been told to get their rolls in order and up to date and many have refused to do that! The government has a perfect right to look at things like this to be certain laws are being followed! If this scenario were turned around the other way! Can you imagine the hell out of that? Democrats are just proving to be worse and worse! At some point they all need to be replaced!

  8. We should stop contributing money to any state that want hand over their election records. We should also vote out of office every Democrat, and take their personal pensions, and insurance programs away. It is now drain the sewer, and get behind President Trump, and clean this country up once and for all.

  9. This all started with Democrat Bii Ciliton my daughter moved back to California I heard on the radio you could vote if you had a bill Water what ever with your name on it. I didn’t believe it I had her go with me to vote. She voted that is crazy fraud!

  10. California biggest offender. voted on machine had screen no image of vote you where making and no receipt. I felt fraud all over the room. Contra costa county!

  11. AND, of course, they will forbid their familiars in the media from bringing up Billary’s collusion with the Russians in selling them our uranium mines! (In return for a hefty contribution to the Clinton Foundation, of course!)

  12. The big-D’s are doing a classic hide and seek. Hide what they are doing and seeking anything that keeps the other side busy disproving a lie. So far, they have been doing a good job of it, with the medias help. All you hear is Russia, Russia, and more Russia.

  13. I totally agree. Any state that has an honest, well kept up to date voter roll should NEVER have an issue on disclosing their information on voters. NOT complying screams that they are guilty as hell on being a ‘cheater’ when it comes to elections and they rig the results in their favor of opinion.

  14. Of course dems are terrified that their claim that Trump did not win the popular vote will be refuted! One must ask what they would have done if the shoe were on the other foot. Almost certainly, they would have put together a commission to deny Trump’s claim. Popular vote or no, Trump won the electoral college by a wide margin which is how presidents are elected in our country. If you don’t like, a constitutional convention could be called but it would require 2/3 of the states to pass. The likelihood of getting 33 of our 50 to agree to this is problematic at best. My message to liberal dems is: live with it. Trump has 3.5 years to go and if they keep up their stalling tactics and wholesale lack of support for real change in America, they will pay the price in 2018 and thereafter. I hope the democratic party and its supporters lose every election. They are are thugs and thieves unworthy of governing a kindergarten much less America.

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