Schumer and Pelosi are trying to hide this secret from the American people

Liberals were furious when Donald Trump claimed three to five million illegal votes handed Hillary Clinton the popular vote.

So Trump impaneled a commission to study voter fraud in order to put the issue to bed.


  1. A few years ago when the States began to clear their voter rolls of the illegals unlawful & the walking dead etc Obama forbade it Banned it demanded they cease & desist… That was when I knew there was a great deal of slight of hand going Remember when a couple three times after elections States reported a great many more voters voted than they had folks in the State California lost all the GOP candidates ALL this last elections = rampant fraud Every effort must be made to clear the rolls in every State of all unlawful voters & organize for cross check of Double dippers in all States… make the Penalty heavy financially + jail time of 5 years…

  2. That is how we the people used to educate themselves by hard work & night school or vice versa not demanding that Free Education Free Medical etc… wanting someone else to pay for their needs No work ethic but there r still many a student doing it the hard way because they know that nothing in this life is really Free & they have real dreams self satisfying dreams to be self sufficient & responsible No Freebies More reason for all you College Snowflakes you to put your head in your books save on your fees & less partying & protesting which goes no where but disrupts In Europe College is accomplished in 3 years & the graduation degrees & grades r higher than USA which takes all of 4 years

  3. In response to recent developments both the Democratic Party AND the Republican Party need to change their banners.

    The Democratic Party shall henceforth be known as CPUSA (Communist Party of the USA) and their symbol shall no longer be a donkey but a wolverine.

    The Republican Party shall henceforth be known as the RINO Party and their symbol shall no longer be an elephant but a rhinoceros!

  4. You are surprised. Remember you are talking about California. That is one of maybe 4 or 5 Dem. strong points. It accounted for maybe 1 Million of the votes the PRES. is claiming.

  5. I was born in the mid 1930’s in Jersey City, N. J. There was no Republican Party in Jersey City. At that time, Dem. Frank Hague was mayor until he stole enough money to have a happy retirement in Florida, leaving his job to his nephew, Frank Eggers, who left it to a City Council, also democrat, which drowned in scandal in the 1950’s. In 1950, My father died, (I was 15 years old). I acquired “working papers” and, at 16, interviewed for a job as “office boy” and was told I had to have a letter from my “ward leader” to get the job. I told my 50-something interviewer he was a %#%& idiot and walked out of his office.
    I went back to Catholic High school, and spent 14 years working full time and graduated with a degree in Engineering, all done at night school with no student loans.
    I promised myself that I would never, never vote democrat in my life. I’ve kept my promise and I’m in my 80’s now. Enough said.

  6. The Democrats and its henchmen are a criminal enterprise. Plus, they have enablers, the judiciary that will enable this corrupt fraudulence to continue by overruling any attempt to divulge this data. President Trump has been up against this nefariousness from day one.

  7. Why would all these states and their democratic senators and congressmen be kicking up such a stink if they had nothing to hide? There is nothing with asking to see these voter rolls. All states have been told to get their rolls in order and up to date and many have refused to do that! The government has a perfect right to look at things like this to be certain laws are being followed! If this scenario were turned around the other way! Can you imagine the hell out of that? Democrats are just proving to be worse and worse! At some point they all need to be replaced!

  8. We should stop contributing money to any state that want hand over their election records. We should also vote out of office every Democrat, and take their personal pensions, and insurance programs away. It is now drain the sewer, and get behind President Trump, and clean this country up once and for all.

  9. This all started with Democrat Bii Ciliton my daughter moved back to California I heard on the radio you could vote if you had a bill Water what ever with your name on it. I didn’t believe it I had her go with me to vote. She voted that is crazy fraud!

  10. California biggest offender. voted on machine had screen no image of vote you where making and no receipt. I felt fraud all over the room. Contra costa county!

  11. AND, of course, they will forbid their familiars in the media from bringing up Billary’s collusion with the Russians in selling them our uranium mines! (In return for a hefty contribution to the Clinton Foundation, of course!)

  12. The big-D’s are doing a classic hide and seek. Hide what they are doing and seeking anything that keeps the other side busy disproving a lie. So far, they have been doing a good job of it, with the medias help. All you hear is Russia, Russia, and more Russia.

  13. I totally agree. Any state that has an honest, well kept up to date voter roll should NEVER have an issue on disclosing their information on voters. NOT complying screams that they are guilty as hell on being a ‘cheater’ when it comes to elections and they rig the results in their favor of opinion.

  14. Of course dems are terrified that their claim that Trump did not win the popular vote will be refuted! One must ask what they would have done if the shoe were on the other foot. Almost certainly, they would have put together a commission to deny Trump’s claim. Popular vote or no, Trump won the electoral college by a wide margin which is how presidents are elected in our country. If you don’t like, a constitutional convention could be called but it would require 2/3 of the states to pass. The likelihood of getting 33 of our 50 to agree to this is problematic at best. My message to liberal dems is: live with it. Trump has 3.5 years to go and if they keep up their stalling tactics and wholesale lack of support for real change in America, they will pay the price in 2018 and thereafter. I hope the democratic party and its supporters lose every election. They are are thugs and thieves unworthy of governing a kindergarten much less America.

  15. The idea of withholding funds from states not participating is excellent.This reinforcement that Democrats will do these questionable activities and then accuse others of being guilty of what they do.You know there is questionable actions wheen that
    hate group theACLU backs the Democrat dishonesty

  16. If you think there is no voter fraud .Maybe you should come to Louisiana where it is and has been rampant for many years.

  17. There is no question, or doubt, that the Dems have been steeling elections for years with voter fraud. It is time to force the states to comply with whatever means necessary to rid this whole nation of voter fraud. Then pass a law that requires every voter to have a legal ID to vote in the future. Anyone who claims it is too much trouble for some people to obtain an ID is automatically admitting that they are for continuing to allow the Dems to steel elections.

  18. when you know you are guilty of something , why would you allow an investigation , we all know the voter fraud that went on with oboma and accorn, and congress did nothing about it, now they are abstructing justice to save their own skin

  19. It is the utmost importance getting to the bottom of cheating in our elections! This is the United States of America, not Haiti, we are supposed to have integrity, that’s what separates us from the Kenyans, or the Indonesians, or even the Hiwiians! The Presidential race is so, important but the DNC is a criminal organization, if that bothers Nancy “tell them your a Muslim” Pelosi, too bad!! If you cheat, you are a criminal organization, it is, what it is! Democrats put Obama in office knowing he wasn’t eligible because he wasn’t born in the United States, he used a fake birth certificate! It’s no secret that Obama used multiple SS#’s in his past, and he did spend $36M of taxpayers hard earned money to keep his secrets from being opened! He is hiding something! The disgraceful criminal act by the DNC, has for ever, tainted that third-world-entity! Every elected Democrat has committed treason by hurrying Obama through the inauguration process, be cause they knew they were committing the biggest fraud ever perpetrated against the American citizens! It’s time to round up these septic creatures, and lock them up, they are dregs of society!

  20. The democrats are just following the rules of the communist manifesto. this is their creed, the blueprint of who they are. They are trying hard to install a socialist government for you and me. It doesn’t matter what you want, it’s only their agenda that counts.

  21. You need to keep this civil. If you write stupid then you show just how stupid you are. The Dems. are past masters at that but do we have to follow in their foot steps. We will be called out for the way we write but they wont. So lets show that we are better than them.

  22. Brother Mike, if you think it is Maxine Waters from California, for get it. I believe in the American people brains who know what this country needs.

  23. Voting for the President and was there voter fraud is two different subjects. I voted for the President & I want to know how widespread the fraud is.

  24. I agree with you…but if you are part of a party that needs to stay in power with hook and crook……that’s what happens.

  25. I agree,,,,,,,I consider my Vote to be the most effective weapon I can have. I would never demonstrate, yell, destroy peoples property, I would contact in writing my elected officials and if they don’t listened…… Ivote them out of office.

  26. In my State when When I moved from California I had to show my valid drivers liscens, I was asked if I like to register to vote,to make it easy, I showed my American Passport and to make sure everything goes well I also showed my Naturalization paper. I never thought anything about it……because I believe in voting…why? for many reasons but for one….LOL…when the country decided what language to speak, English or German, one vote made English win. Darn it should have been German…..just think I had to make it may 3rd lingo, German would have been so much easier.

  27. Jay, with due respect are you telling me that all the citizens who voted were told by the Russian’s to vote for Trump? I am not a follower, robot or mindless person and need to be told what to do. I did my home work and did research and I voted for the people could make a difference and make America Great again……

  28. HD, not just for votes…if you had a job with all kinds of perks, 1 million or 2 million expense account, high salary and you do not pay your aids because it is a privilege to work for you. Move in the Government position with little $ and retire with millions. Travel all over the world at tax payers cost. One cares that you have became dead wood and retire on the job…in the real world no way… Food for thought

  29. I do not recall the day, month,or year when Obama was on TV …and said I will not send out Medicare checks, I was stunned and the press did not even pick up on it. I still have the picture in my mind…..he was sitting….looked strayed ahead …..with his profile of the left of his face….when he said that.

  30. You are shocked. Voter fraud has been around as long as we have been a nation. This is the first time someone wants to look into it, not withstanding certain parties would much rather it left alone. Another rats nest to unravel if the certain parties will let it happen. Don’t hold your breath.

  31. The Democratic party has become a socialist/communist movement to destroy the Constitution and this once great nation. Look at the Hitler style tactics they use in their violent destructive manner. Did we do this through eight years of their lies and deception to the American people. They have threatened our President’said life and disrespected the office. Just like any dictatorships they have taken control of our news media who are against Mr Trump and the American we all grew up in. They are the traitors of this nation, not Mr Trump. A 12 year old child could see through their demonic ways. Taking God out of our country is another step towards socialism. They want to be the controlling power. Obama did his best to achieve this and bring in his Muslim faith. Look at the diseases that has brought to this country, over 20 diseases of which some are not treatable. If you don’the believe there was voter fraud then you live in a bubble.There is much more to say but why go on and on. If the American people do not take this country back from these politicians, we are lost I have been reading about this Convention Valley in our Constitution in where the states can stop a corrupt government. Check it out.

  32. They are hiding the truth. Did you know that the liberals crucified Christ? They will do anything to get their way, even selling their souls to Satan.

  33. Voter fraud definitely took place. That IS where Hillary got the popular vote. In reality she lost big time and that’s a fact! The left cheated all the way around,that’s why Hillary was so sure she was going to win, but God had other plans!!!

  34. You are correct. But the states who refuse to comply need more than that to comply. Arrest their Election Board, their Attorney General and their Governor for committing election fraud that is violating our election laws.

    FIRST HE KIcKS THE CRAP OUT OF YOU AND IS DISAPPOINTED BECAUSE After that there was nothing left for him to take.
    what does that tell you???

  36. In my state, Michigan, I am required to show a photo ID, sign a piece of paper that includes a box I have to check that indicates I am an American citizen. I don’t consider any of that as an “invasion of privacy”…what part is an invasion. So, if MI (and other states) require this info, how can other refuse saying it’s discriminatory or that miswerable word, invasion?

  37. There is no difference between the demonrats’ accusations against Russia’s alleged inerference and millions of illegals interfering with their fraudulent votes. Same = Same
    State voter rolls are in the public record retained in that state’s capital, and should be easily accessed by FOIA …

  38. THE demoRATS,muslims and main stream media cnn,abc,nbc,cbs,msnbc r the WAR on American,long live President Trump! GOD bless the United States Of American!LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?

  39. It is just astounding that the very same people (demonrats) that have been railing, whining, and accusing Russia of allegedly (no evidence) influencing the 2016 Presidential Election to undermine the foundations of our ‘democracy’- (actually our Constitutional Republic). All the while, with a straight face and in the same breath, It is astounding to me how the very same people (demonrats) that have been railing, whining, and accusing Russia of allegedly influencing the 2016 Presidential Election in order to undermine the foundations of our ‘democracy’- (actually, our government is a Constitutional Republic), live with themselves, providing no evidence to support their false claims.
    Yet, in the same breath of their claims, those same accusers are fighting tooth and nail to refuse any cooperation of providing public information of states’ voter rolls, in order to protect and preserve the principles of this nation. The action seeks to reinforce the foundations of our Republic and integrity of the vote. In identifying any and all possible anomolies, fraudulence, and/or other indiscrepancies, the needed corrections prompted by any criminal findings would leave little to no doubt about the sanctity of the vote and/or the legitimacy of our elections. However, the same inteference they claim to want to end is exactly the same they knowingly partake, not for the benefit of our nation, but for the benefit of their warped ‘party’ and evil agenda..

  40. Democrats are the most fraudulent voting body in history! Goes back generations! You just cannot imagine how many dead south Texas voters put LBJ into office. You get into California and some of the other blue states and fraud is so rampant everyone all the Democrat rolls are suspect!

  41. The simple and hassle free solution is to simply remove the States from the process.
    Pass a Federal Law requiring PHOTO VOTER I>D>……I do not believe that all of the information Pres. Trump is requiring the Stats provide is essential and it gives them too many excuses to balk….citing Privacy Issues etc….so bypass all of the States who have real reasons to be reluctant to comply since that will signal the end of any sort of Democrat dominance in most places where it exists,.
    \PASS a LAW…..

  42. Guilty is why they are stonewalling the investigation. The dems pushed for electronic voting machines; Obama had the company with ties to him program machines for the past 2 elections. If you can’t punch a hole in a piece of paper, maybe you shouldn’t be voting to begin with.

  43. My wife and I vote each time there is a run for offices in our government. We do believe that there a slue of illegal votes cast , and especially in those states where the Governor is a democrat. We aren’t awed that Mexifornia, and those associated left coast, and right coast states New York,and new england states are included in cheating the vote. So the folks who legally voted were mostly for Trump. The so-called deplorables actually were sick and tired of the liberals. We thank God for Reagans silent majority…

  44. The Obamas and Clintons encouraged voter fraud and the two Bushes didn’t do much about it either Trump is the first real honest man we have had in the White House since Ronald Regan. Ron Haave SR

  45. If we are willing to spend millions for an independent investigator to see if Russia some how stole the election from HRC it only makes sense to see if there is voter fraud LETS FIND OUT.

  46. Of course they will not cooperate
    Becouse they know that there was a huge fraud in favor to Hillary Clinton

  47. Growing up in Chicago votes being carted from one precinct to another to counted and recounted until the desired counts was achieved was a well known joke !!! It was a also a celebration of Easter with the dead rising to vote for the “Machine” !!!

  48. If the people running in a election wants to find out who voted for them then I think they should be allowed to check to see if those voters are valid or not and if not then they need to redo the election and when California voters are tired of this maybe they will clean up their rolls. Their has to be a penalty for not following the Constitution!

  49. Of course there is voter fraud! Anytime a DemoCrap wins, you can bet
    there is voter fraud! That is the only way a DemoCrap can win this
    day in time! How do you think obama got in the White House? VOTER FRAUD!

  50. I know that Texas’s true the vote offered to help California clean up their voter rolls and were told no. I think there needs to be an investigation no matter what the state says. If they don’t play ball then we should cut in half their electoral votes when they elect the President saying that there is no proof that all of the voters were registered voters so we are going to cut the votes in half until you clean up your rolls and have them certified as being clean! How do they like that for what they are admitting with not allowing public information to be checked is they are admitting they are cheating on the voting from their state and their has to be a penalty for that.

  51. Looks like to me all Americans would want to get to the bottom of an important subject like this. Yes could anyone tell me why people would be against this investigation.

  52. It doesn’t matter if you are Democrat or Republican, this should be one of the most important issues to support. Voting rights are for U.S. citizens only.

  53. There is only one way to prevent election fraud. That is positive ID for registration and positive ID at the ballot box. It should be a federal law. Only the states and people against it are the people committing fraud. Sorry to say, but the leaders of that fraud are leaders of the Democratic party or establishment, like unions supporting democrats. There is NO other reason than to win election by any means. By communist doctrine that is justified.

  54. They don’t want to be exposed on ANOTHER lie, that is all the Democratic party has become ONE BIG LIE, they have nothing else for the American people!!! They need to be disbanded !!!

  55. Of course it’s rigged to favor the progressive, collectivist (read that as Democrats…sadly) movement. The only way to put a stop to this is with the “clenched fist of truth”, to borrow Dana Loesxh’s words!

  56. I believe the number would be much more than that. The voter roles should be checked every year. To have dead people and non citizens voting is making a joke of our elections.

  57. The liberal demorat mental retards will do anything to keep this under wraps and its all just for votes..They cant even get legit voters to vote for them so they have to make some up any way they can..

  58. Deny federal funds to any state that refused to supply the requested voter registration information.

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