Sean Hannity asked the one question that sent Democrats running for their lives

Democrats have total control in Washington, D.C.

But there is a scandal out in plain sight that is bad news for the party.

And Sean Hannity asked the one question that sent Democrats running for their lives.

During a recent broadcast, Sean Hannity called attention to the increasing number of instances in public where Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is on full display for all to see.

Hannity challenged members of the media to do their jobs and demand Democrats answer if they think Joe Biden is of sound mind to serve as President, pointing how the media claimed Ronald Reagan and John McCain were too old to serve as President in 1984 and 2008.

“Every single Democrat needs to be asked, do they see Joe struggling cognitively? It is a legitimate question,” Hannity stated.

“It’s a question that Democrats and the media mob had no trouble asking about Ronald Reagan in 1984 – the age question. They had no problem raising these issues with John McCain when he was running in 2008.”

Hannity claimed there was ample evidence to back up his assertion that Biden was in mental decline.

The Fox News host played clips of Joe Biden losing his place during a speech in Houston, forgetting the name of his Secretary of Defense and the Pentagon during a White House event, and at a small business event he became bewildered and confused when reporters began to shout questions at him.

A journalists’ job is to ask tough questions no matter which party is in power.

Now that Joe Biden is President, most of the media is taking a nap and not doing any work other than writing press releases on behalf of the Democrats that outlets claim are “news” stories.

All Sean Hannity is asking is that the media do its job.

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