Sean Hannity could not believe what Barack Obama’s doctor told him about Joe Biden

More Americans are starting to notice problems with Joe Biden.

They wonder how bad things could get.

And Sean Hannity could not believe what Barack Obama’s doctor told him about Joe Biden.

Sean Hannity asked Texas Congressman Dr. Ronny Jackson – who served as White House physician for Barack Obama and Donald Trump – about Joe Biden’s state of mind.

Hannity referred to a poll showing 58 percent of independents and about one third of Democrats do not believe Joe Biden is in charge of his own administration.

Dr. Jackson replied that Biden’s cognitive decline is a major threat to America domestically and internationally.

“Well, Sean, we can’t — we can’t function,” Jackson stated. “I mean, we’re spending money like it’s going out of style right now. We at least need to know that our commander-in-chief, our head of state, and our president knows what’s going on in that regard. And then, on a world stage, we’re failing miserably. He’s not inspiring confidence in the American people. He’s not inspiring confidence in our allies, and he’s sending the absolute wrong message to our adversaries.”

Dr. Jackson noted that Iran is pressing forward on their nuclear program, Russian hackers continue to launch cyberattacks, and the Communist Chinese are flexing their muscles on the world stage despite Biden warning all three adversaries about their behavior.

“Our adversaries are taking advantage of us,” Jackson explained. We draw a line in the sand. They crossed the line. He draws another line. They crossed the line. That did not happen in the Trump administration. When President Trump drew a line in the sand, our enemies, our adversaries knew — they knew — they knew exactly what would happen if they crossed that line, and we don’t have that anymore. And we’re going to — we’re going to pay a price for it.”

Dr. Jackson believes China, Russia, and Iran hold no fear of crossing any of Joe Biden’s red lines because they think he is out of it mentally and not really in charge anyway.

According to Dr. Jackson, America could not be facing a more dangerous situation.

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