Sean Hannity could not believe what he just got caught doing on camera

Sean Hannity committed a blooper that will live in infamy for the rest of his career.

The popular Fox News host got caught in a compromising position.

And Sean Hannity could not believe what he just got caught doing on camera.

On a recent broadcast, Hannity’s program returned from a commercial break and the host was completely unaware.

When Fox News cut back to the studio, Hannity was sitting behind his desk with a vaping pen in his mouth and his reading glasses on.

A producer off screen repeatedly whispered his name and Hannity quickly realized his mistake and yanked the vaping pen out of his mouth while leaving the glasses on.

Hannity was a good sport about the blooper and joked that he was ready for what was coming on social media.

When Hannity was about to hand off to Laura Ingraham for her show, Ingraham playfully held up a glass of water and pretended like she did not know she was live on television.

The two joked about how this moment would live forever in Hannity’s blooper reel before Hannity once again said he was a good sport and was able to take any of the ribbing.

When you are on live TV anything can happen and there is always the possibility of a mistake.

Hannity has been on television for 25 years at this point so something like this was bound to happen.

The episode humanized Hannity because the sight of Hannity wearing glasses and using a vape pen is not the normal image the perfectly-coiffed host projects to the public.

But like Ingraham and Hannity admitted, it was one of the all time great cable news bloopers.

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