Sean Hannity delivered one message that caused all hell to break loose

For two years, Barack Obama and his Deep State got away with criminal mischief designed to bring down Donald Trump.

That all could change in an instant.

And now Obama his Deep State allies took off running after Sean Hannity delivered one message that caused all hell to break loose.

Hannity had California Congressman Devin Nunes on his show Tuesday night.

Nunes told Hannity that once the Senate confirms new Attorney General William Barr, Republicans in Congress will refer Deep State operatives that lied to Congress for criminal prosecution.

REP. DEVIN NUNES: We’re going to work with the [House] Judiciary Committee and the [House] Oversight Committee, Sean, to ensure that this investigation into FISA abuse and other matters continues. The good thing is we got through about 15 interviews last year, the task for did, you covered it extensively on your show. We are going to continue to call people in for interviews. Just last week, the new chairman of the committee said that he is going to reopen the Russia investigation. We offered about a dozen subpoenas of people that we wanted to subpoena. We don’t expect for them to subpoena the people that we want, but at every attempt that we can, at every opportunity that we get, we will make attempts to subpoena these people to come in and speak. We will also ask for people to voluntarily come in and speak. Look, we need the new attorney general to get in there and then we will be making criminal referrals on many people who lied to Congress and did other bad things.

SEAN HANNITY: Does that mean we can be expecting pre-dawn raids with amphibious vehicles, frogmen, SWAT teams of 27, all of this to arrest one guy on a process crime? Is that what’s going to happen to Democrats? In other words, aren’t there a list of well-known people that served in the Obama administration that lied under oath?

This is news Trump supporters have been waiting to hear.

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions sat on his hands and allowed the Deep State to run amok.

Matt Whitaker – Sessions’ replacement – was just a transitional figure.

As just the acting Attorney General, Whitaker didn’t have the institutional muscle behind him to prosecute Obama’s Deep State agents.

But with a new Attorney General about to take office, those hopes can be renewed.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story


  1. I pray with his $$$ and favor Mr. Hannity pays for the ‘hits’ on Omar, Occasional Cotex, and the other Muslim scar-face bit-h all before Easter and our Rising Christ Reawakening a New Dawn for Capitalistic America well-pleased with President Trump’s mission for God.

  2. jWell thats what happens when you have an AG with no balls who recuses himself as soon as he takes the position. Now with the new AG maybe we will see some action.

  3. Thats exactly why he has been prolonging the “investigation” for as long as possible. He is hiding behind it to save his own A$$ as well as the others who were involved in the Russian payola scheme and backed the Clintons push for selling our Uranium resources to the Russians.

  4. The Democrates get away with things like this because the Republicans have people like Marco Rubio and others who are in opposition of the President too often.
    I say, if they want to act like Democrates, they should switch their party status. Become in writing what they are in public or stand Unified.

  5. Have you heard? The Democrates have sunk to a new low.
    The Democrates are driving little children out to push the “Green New Deal”. These kids know nothing. They have never had a job or lived away from mommy and daddy. Just wait until 70% of their allowance is taxed.

  6. Mueller should be held accountable for not recusing himself from the investigation. He was part of the conspiracy to illegally sell the uranium deposits to the Russians. His investigation has only to give cover for the real people in collusion with the Russians.

  7. aCTUALLY WE HAVE BOTH, CROOKS AND IDIOTS running the country. They think that We the people do not matter since they got elected. There are a few in the Senate and Congress that still have their common sense at hand and are doing what the people want them to do,not what they want. Pelosi, Ocasio, and Pelosi’s sweety (BTW chuck has not been around much, they mad at each other?) and Maxine Waters, think they are better than the people who voted for them, and that they are the rulers.

  8. Wow. G.Soros is sacrificing to much towards the end of his life when he knows he will not see this world transform to a One world order. This is crazy of him

  9. Wow. G.Soros is sacrificing to much towards the end of his life when he knows he will not see this world transform to a One world order. This is crazy of him

  10. Yes, they should round up all the democrats and investigate them. We don’t need crooks
    running the country. We don’t need idiots

  11. No they should round up all democraps and investigate all of them! Hope there slow as Muller dragging out a false investigation! There all deep state puppets!! If Someone had the guts to put a bullet in George Soros’s brain your world problems would drop by 50%. Theres a reason he was worth 20 billion in 2017 and only 8 billion today!! Corruption cost money!

  12. You mean like Donna Brazile who kept a daily log because she planned to write a book and get rich? In her book she quoted everything by the day and the hour, but when it came to the question “Did you give Hilary the questions that would be asked in the debate with Trump?” she couldn’t remember. Yes Democrates lie!

  13. Mysty, didn’t hear back from the 1st listing (please see above) will give you another, Trump “falsely” claims his electoral college plurality was the greatest since Reagan. So false, look at the presidents after Reagan and “facts” will show you ALL those presidents had more electoral votes than “Dumpty” did. In Trumps mind anything he says is fact, guess when a person is a “pathological” liar (as he is the king of that title)he believes everything coming out of his “loud” mouth. Hopefully you will be waiting to stay on this subject, because there are thousands of “false, alternate fact” statements from this con artist. Has Ann Coulter finally seeing the light, calling Trump and idiot????? Maybe the rest of you cult followers will open your eyes someday!!!!!

  14. Cant Gov Nusom get arrested for taking an oath to protect California and saying now hes pulling away Border Patrol Agents?? What the hell is wrong with Democrat politicians??

  15. Maxine Waters is a perfect example. You can take the girl out of the getto, but you can’t always take the getto out of the girl.

  16. your so right because my only fault is I am aways correct. and anyone who says someone is corrupt without proof needs to go to jail for slander. Now get that California governor to put a tie on and quit acting like Hugh Hefner and start supporting the poor people in his state now rather than bring in more.

  17. oh yea lets get every department and congressperson and Senator audited. All the accounts before elected and after serve them selves or i mean their country. allot of millionaires and billionaires are created by career politicians.

  18. Every one is guilty and no one getting arrested or put in front of a firing squad for treason. We are sounding like the democrats that say everyone guilty and they cannot convict anyone either. Someone is guilty find them, feel them, F..k them and throw them in prison for starters then convict them to die! and find the money they all took first.

  19. I think Maxine Waters should be the first one to go to jail. She encouraged people to heckle and harass Cabinet members in public when she knew the truth from the beginning that there was NO collusion between President Trump and the Russians.

  20. Pres. Trump will prove to be one of our best Presidents, along with Pres. Reagan, two great men. The evil press is relentless against him but he will show them to be the scumbags that they are and that he is an extremely bright, capable, fearless leader. He needs our prayers every night for his safety.

  21. Cindy; How many people have actually crosed the Clintons and died in bizarre accidents? Ya know, weight lifting accidents, shootings execution style by parties unknown, brake failure? At I k ow at one time it totaled like 49 persons and now I have heard it is in the 70’s. You cross a Clinton or their foundation you turn up dead. Maybe federal agencies are afraid to go after them? Really this is no joke.

  22. Hannity might be trying to keep it relevant but Americans don’t care. Most haven’t a clue what he’s even talking about now. Bottom line, if he can push for prosecution on his show, go for it.

  23. Amen. Thank God he is a very strong person. He has God Almighty on his side. These Satanist in government will be gone. I hope behind bars for a very very long time. Including Odummy.

  24. No liberal in this country will ever be prosecuted by the liberal fbi or doj. Only conservatives will be investigated. Liberals do not have to worry about breaking any laws when they know they wont be investigated. I’m really ashamed to be an American now adays when illegals and regugees have more rights than American citizens. The far left has corrupted yhe system so far and the republicans just dont seem to care. The only person who is standing up for Americans is getting crucified by our own government. God Bless President Trump. The only man in Washington that has any balls.

  25. ### WIKILEAKS ###

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  26. Now that we’re getting a real AG the prosecutions may start sooner than you think. Sessions never had the stomach for the job.

  27. I agree…we keep hearing “Tick Tock” from Sean but the bomb never goes off!! Our government is SO CORRUPT!!!

    what a piece of work!

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  29. Rome wasn’t built in one day. That’s the problem with people now days, always in a rush for things to happen immediately. Sit back, relax and watch the fur start flying.


    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  31. That’s my position as well Rose. We all pay for our sins either immediately, eventually or ultimately. Even a good lawyer will do these people no good when they stand before the Lord God Almighty. What they did will be shouted from the housetops and there will be no “OUTS” for them. Comforting thought. Just be patient.

  32. David, One could write a book with thousands’s of pages of all “Trumpty Dumpty’s “LIES” Will just start you “righties” out with this one. Remember his rhetoric and firing up his crowds during his campaign, with the following and take the quote right from his “loud” mouth: Who’s going to pay for that wall???? Mexico, over and over and over again. If the wall gets built, looks like all citizens of the USA must have become Mexicans because that’s who will “pay” the freight. He is so sad. I’ll give you more and more but let you chew on that one first!!!!!

  33. I don’t think hannity can cause these ppl to be prosecuted, but by talking about it he can help keep it to the forfront of peoples minds so it is not buried.

  34. Don’t get me wrong, I like Sean Hannity, but he has been talking about getting people prosecuted for their lies and illegal activities for 2 YEARS and NOTHING ever happens. After a while you just get immune to all the noise and inaction. I would love noting more than to see James Comey, Strock, Page, Brennan, Clinton, and the rest of them indicted, BUT it isn’t going to happen………..

  35. The same way I would comment, condemning the liberal democrats with proof from concrete sources and it would never make the cut on anti-Trump sites.

  36. Well said. If will indeed be a long process and I’d wager nothing comes of it. Just more smoke n mirrors. More busy work is all. After all they all protect themselves.

  37. Yes they are , all the people complaining about Mueller have not been paying attention. His investigation is winding down He stated early that Trump was not a target. Trump stated he thought Mueller was doing a great job. If you peek out of the box Mueller has found no Russian collusion by Trump, he has made a few token arrests that he was forced into. He has now made the dems look like fools for even starting this. Between Mueller and Judicial Watch questions to Hillary and others are being asked by the courts and I think this may be just the beginning.

  38. I pray you are right.. In any case, The Lord God Almighty rules and reigns (and watches) over us. In the end, there will be no unjust person who will be victorious.

  39. Carla, I’m not sensitive, but I think that we should rise above the disgusting actions of the lib dems. We are supposed to be more mature because THEY act like spoiled children who need spankings. They stomp their feet, pout, then plot to punish us when they don’t get their way.
    I’d like for them all go to gitmo for the rest of their lives.

  40. If you doubt the legality of Obama’s action while President, look who fed him his basic principles, “CHICAGO CORRUPT MACHINE”.

  41. We, the tax payers pay these yahoos! Investigate and prosecute and hopefully it will wake these bums up as to their actions and maybe deter future thugs to think twice about crossing the citizens! Send a group of regular folks to DC and ask the questions. Would love to get in their faces with their criminal activities. Put them in solitary for a few days and see how they feel when they get out. I’ll give up my chardonnay if Hillary will give up hers and her hot sauce and southern accent. These folks in the FBI and DOJ have given proof that they broke the law, so even a year in the pen should send shudders down lots of spines!

  42. John Pobiedzinski, Dan Tyree missed all of that… Obama will also have more room to negotiate once he’s not President….

  43. This will be a long drawn out process, just to appease the law for those WE ALL KNOW WHO ARE GUILTY. The law protects the guilty and costs the taxpayers millions. Yea I know, they like to twist it around innocent until proven guilty. Well these perps KNOW THIS and allows them an opportunity dodge, weave and wordsmith their way to plea bargain. The Russians have the right idea, gather them and their families up and put them above the artic circle in a Gulag. If they resist, terminate an bulldoze into a large hole with lots of lime. Trust me…the rest will fall into place

  44. Mysty, I think everyone on here is an adult and can handle it. Others around? Please, you don’t need to be so sensitive! Movies and real life are bloodthirsty!

  45. AS we all know real justice take time. Evidence must be discovered and secured, witnesses must be secured, the table must be set before the meal is announced. Be patient folks, justice is coming and the American citizens will be rewarded for their patience. Look at how many of the deep state actors have been remove, fired, from our government. Evil will not win.

  46. And you have PROOF OF THIS??? Let’s hear that proof. List the lies here so we can all do our own research like you must have beginning 72 years ago…when he was born. You DID say ALL HIS LIFE. So get typing, Dan. We’re all waiting.

  47. Give an example please of Trump’s lies. It’s way past time that we no longer accept mindless, nameless accusations.

  48. no, we are talking about Hillary, Obama, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Rosenstein, Mueller, (and his bands of crooked lawyers all democrats, shows where Mueller stands with. and the rest of all Obama’s crooked officials.) I guess you love your dems lairs, imagine Hillary has lied to Senate/Congress more time, and she doesn’t remember, but everything is in tape to refresh her memory, same will do for the crooked Comey. The Republican Party will continue to lead our country in the right direction, not like all these new congress idiots that are talking disparage, you might be also part of them.

  49. Bill, I’m sorry but you are just WAY TOO BLOODTHIRSTY. You don’t need to paint such a disgusting picture. Remember, We are supposed to have grown from caveman days to civilized men & women. Yes, these people are vile criminals but as adults in this day & time WE are supposed to honor God and do things right. We are NOT back in 1850, this is 2019.
    I do hope you don’t raise your kids with this attitude. Kids have enough to deal with these days.
    Please think about how your words can effect others around you and tone down the rhetoric.

  50. Ko de you mean like if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. It is not a tax. You will save 2500 dollars a year on your premiums. We simply can’t allow people to pour into the united States undetected undocumented unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently diligently and lawfully to become immigrants in this country. Barack Obama

  51. Yeah right…I won’t be holding my breath, if anyone pays it will be some low level janitor form Philly or something! As the upper level keep their taxpayer loot and ride off into the sunset…I will never utter a word to the good men & women of the FBI & DOJ!

  52. Same old story, just talk. Politicians are the puppets of the deep state. Nothing to see here, just shut up and go away.

  53. Don’t put to much faith in Barr. He has not done anything yet. I have a feeling anyone putting faith in him is going to be very disappointed. My guess is things will continue just as they are. He is a bush crony and that should give all of us pause.

  54. Lock-em up, Lock-em up, Lock-em! Our American ancestor’s, those who turned this country over to us to take care of, are screaming from their graves, can’t you hear them, to hold these insane democrats responsible, indict them, try them for TREASON, find them guilty and hang them high. Hey, that isn’t as harsh as you may think, there is always a silver lining in ever cloud – right? The sliver lining here is, after they’ve been found guilty, then dragged kicking, screaming, begging, whining, crying, making deals, then once the chair is kicked out from under them we can have ourselves a good-old-time by watching these nair-do-wells dance to the turn of the “Hangman’s Jig”, you know that one, “The Jig is up” don’t you? It will be exciting to see, their legs flailing, kicking compulsively in all directions at once, body spasmodically jerking and jumping/bouncing up and down, eyelid flickering open and closed, toung darting in and out just like the filthy snakes ‘they were’. Well it’s just a little something we can look forward to – right?

  55. Screw the prison. All need the firering squad. They have cost this country enough money. No sense paying for prison

  56. It’s been going on since George Washington and it’s only gotten worse. Any Congressional delegate that leaves office more enriched than when they were elected is a proven crook.

  57. It sounds like great news but I won’t get my hopes up They have been able lie their way out for years because they seem to think they are above the law

  58. First, the leftists were not afraid of being found out because Hillary was going to be president, now they are not afraid of being found out AT ALL. McCAbe write a book about the conspiracy and The Atlantic writes a huge article bragging about it.

  59. I hope there is NO statute of limitations on these investigations? It seems the true calluders to Russia, broke laws, lied to cover up dealings came from a great number of people. Who can finance (bribe) so many people? I know The Clinton Foundation brought a lot of foreign money in. Maybe there were more investors to aide HRC’s 2016 bid for White House? (illegally) This is far from over and Congress-Let the truth out! ALL OF IT! The American People deserve to hear it all. NO SEALED DOCUMENTS-TO BE VIEWED 75 YEARS FROM NOW!


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