Sean Hannity hit Barack Obama with one rude awakening that Obama fears the most

Barack Obama presided over the biggest political scandal in American history.

And the cover up of those actions is quickly collapsing.

Now Sean Hannity just hit Barack Obama with this one rude awakening that Obama fears the most.

The much-anticipated Department of Justice Inspector General report on FISA abuse during the 2016 campaign will finally be released.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham told Sean Hannity on his Fox News program that the report will be made public on December 9 and that Graham will call Inspector General Michael Horowitz to testify on December 11.

The Daily Caller reports:

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham said Wednesday that the Justice Department report into the FBI’s surveillance against the Trump campaign will be released on Dec. 9.

The South Carolina Republican told Fox News’s Sean Hannity that the date has been “locked” down. Two days after the release of the report, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz will testify before the Senate panel.

Horowitz has been investigating whether the FBI misled the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in applications to surveil former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. (RELATED: Senate Sets Date For FISA Abuse Hearing)

The FBI relied heavily on the unverified Steele dossier in applications to get the surveillance warrants. Investigators used the dossier, which Democrats funded, to assert that there was probable cause to believe that Page was a foreign agent of Russia.

This is terrible news for Barack Obama and his Deep State allies.

Horowitz’s report is expected to rip former FBI Director James Comey for relying on the fake news Christopher Steele dossier as the basis for spying on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

There are expected to be other bombshell revelations about the misconduct and abuse of power by the Obama Deep State in spying on the Trump campaign in 2016.

This is also expected to be just the tip of the iceberg.

United States Attorney John Durham is also pursuing a criminal investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion hoax.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Embezzler.. and Democrats have used impeachment as a smoke screen to save face for the horrors that await them in making over their Party after Obama’s shameless GET RICH QUICK ghetto etiquette swan song…

  2. I think many Democrats had come to the realization that making The Obamas rich was not their idea of REDISTRIBUTION OF THE WEALTH.. Impeach is a smokescreen to cover for the chaos that Obama threw at The Party by getting elected without any personal stake in the matter other than embezzlement.

  3. AMEN! Hmmm, I guess if you actually TRUST #IGHorowitz… Personally, I never have as he was a friend of #Comey’s. But I will keep praying for the Truth in which #Dems know NOTHING about. #ThankYouSweetJesus

  4. Inconveient TRUTHS for BARACK OBAMA?? oh no no no not opportune. He would be king no matter what and king of the underworld he became!

  5. Not while Trumps in office but a few more people will have a job. Our economy won’t be a yo-yo and we won’t be laughed at around the world. Iraq won’t see a dime under Trump. Mexico is paying for the wall through a new NAFTA deal. Canada has shut their mouth. California is t worth burning. All kind of new stuff happening under Trump.

  6. And who says with enough propaganda from our MSM and money and shaming tactics a black persons can’t be given the Presidency.

  7. Kenya doesn’t want him. The Kenyan leader is very antihomosexul and he had requested Obama not speak on that subject. Of course that only made sure that Obozo would do so. He is not welcome in Kenya.

  8. Barak Obama is the biggest scandal in American history! The 1st foreign national to lie and scam his way to president and he had help from a bunch of traitors to pull it off. But justice kharma what ever you want to call it will hit him and those traitors like bunker buster rocket.

  9. Sure pray that obama gets convicted. He and his co/horts have been tying to get rid of the best president we’ve had in a long time.

  10. Easily, you can do anything nowadays, like a fake birth certificate. Qatar, The Muslim Brotherhood, and GEORGE SOROS COULD GET ANYONE IN ANY PLACE.

  11. They did, Judicial Watch sues for records. Bidens, yep about Ukraine. records that not only did Hillary and Obama know almost 2 weeks before BENGHAZI happened, they supplied the weapons to Syria! What I learned elsewhere, Dems visited the border, Clinton brought drugs in and El Chapo funded her Foundation. He happened to be in the same prison as EPSTEIN. Diane Feinstein likes China, Pelosi has hugged the president of Mexico. I just posted a long rant that’s very important. plz read it. thanks

  12. BJ – he has to be a citizen before he can be a traitor! Now, the ones that put him forward – they ARE traitors!!

  13. Robert Mendez – check bho’s backstory his documents, long form birth certificate, draft registration were both shown to be fraudulent. I worked in a post office and the stamp was wrong on the draft document. How/why does a US citizen register for classes as a foreign student – typically requires showing foreign passport. Ponder on that for a while.

  14. Robert Mendez, a question then. Where do our rights descend from? Our founding fathers made ready reference:
    …We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…”
    They were mostly believers- anyone with a university degree was prepared to be a pastor- Harvard, Yale, Princeton were all started as what we now call seminaries, to prepare men for ordination.

  15. Poetic Justice will be Devine when Obama, the demoncraps and rhinos involved in overthrow of the presidency and abolish due process in government matters will be found guilty of treason and face the firing squad.

  16. Taking bets that the Horowitz’s report will show that Ukraine/Democrats/Killery/Obozo/and others were the real guilty parties of election fraud/interference in the 2016 election….AND if not outed will attempt it again in 2020.

  17. I forgot to add this document came from library I UK , It was removed as was the certificate from library in Australia. Since Kenya was at the time a UK protectorate.

  18. I have a copy of Obamas birth certificate, signed by doctor, including foot print, signed in KENYA .I have offered it several places but get no interest. The name of hospital is on certificate.

  19. Dear American patriot, you have hit the nail on the head. In fact, the complicity of America’s left-wing “Fourth Estate” in Barack Obama’s continuation of his assault on our nation’s laws and societal order, should make us wonder about the political viability of our cherished Constitutional Republic. Thanks for your sound summation on the anarchist Obama who was twice elected and licensed by America’s “politically-correct” voters, to sow racial, ethnic, gender, and political division to dismember our nation.

  20. Debauchery is fruit of “self-deception” which of course only exists in the public eye..Everyone has a conscience which they balance apparently in many cases by mere flattery..

  21. O’Boma can’t move back to Kenya because he was caught funding his murdering muslim terrorist cousin O’Dinga when O’Boma was a senator and was thrown out by Kenya’s president and forbidden to come back. All this information can be located in the Web. Research it and the hair on the back of your neck will stand straight out!!!

  22. I read the comments and have to chuckle. The Obama years were a return to the civil strife between the various ethnic groups of the 50’s and 60’s with no doubt. When Barry first started his run for the Democrat Nomination, I attempted to research his background. The fact that so much of his record had been sealed was a big concern to me. Why was so much sealed? Why this touting by the Left, of his Constitutional scholarship, when in fact, he taught only one class, relating a very narrow view and history of the Cinstitution and minority rights (hardly Constitutional scholarship), and was no more than an adjunct professor. His voting record as a State and US legislator very unremarkable, and of no great worth. Enough questions remained in my mind, that I had serious doubts and concerns over his history and stance on issues we faced as a country. After his election, my doubts and concerns manifested themselves almost immediately. “Hope and Change” we received from day one. We lost hope as he fundamentaly went about instituting extreme Leftist changes. Animosity between ethnic groups had receeded pre Obama, and now thanks to him, we’re right where we were in the 60’s at the height of racial discord. Claims of administrative transparency are anything but transparent, and the number of scandals he presided over, and attempted to hide or deflect will never be in the county’s best interest. The lies told to the American people as Obama actively revised American history were legion. The embracement and prioritization of Islam as the victim of Judeo-Christian predation naught but one example of the lies of Barry Soetero. The truth is Barry had a privileged Anti-American upbringing through his parents and grandparents, and it was expressed and continues to be expressed even in his post presidency.

  23. WOW!!! You are IN FOR A BIG SURPRISE!!!

    Furthermore OBVIOUSLY DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS COUNTRY, it’s Constitution and checks and balances…THAT WERE IGNORED BY OBUMMER!!

    It SIMPLY AMAZES me at how easily Dems brainwash people…but MOST of the time its people TOO LAZY to check to make SURE what they are told is true!!! Any student of American history KNEW if Obummers lips were moving HE WAS LYING!! I know he lied because I heard him…and I KNEW that wasnt true…he like MOST of the lying LEFT…LIE WELL and many are suckered who do NOT KNOW American history…or history around the world…He snuck around and DID as he pleased on NUMEROUS OCCASIONS HE EVEN BOASTED ABOUT IT!! YEP THE WORST PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY…He apologized for America when he should have STOOD UP, He and Hillary armed Isis, are responsible for A LOT of instability in the Middle East…responsible for Benghazi, e put Daca into play THAT WAS UNCONSTITUTIONAL, WORKED WITH TERRORIST SUPPORTING IRAN TO STEAL AMERICAN DOLLARS sneaking cash To the on flights in the middle of the night WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL, ACTIVATED SOOO MUCH GOVT RED TAPE that was a WASTE OF TAX PAYER DOLLARS. People like YOU SIR have been DUPED AND COST AMERICA A LOT!! We came TOO CLOSE TO NOT RECOVERING!! We have millions of terrorists in THIS country THANKS TO OBUMMER JUST BUSSING ILLEGALS IN WITH ABSOLUTELY NO VETTING!! PLS WAKE UP!!

  24. BHO only betrayed one group in the US: It’s citizenry. You see, citizenship didn’t matter much to the former President and Fulbright Scholar. Not much at all.

  25. I remember Obama from his days in Harlem with his tin cup and I threw him a few bucks. His thank you was “Thanks, bro.. When I got YOU got.” He never returned the favor and I’ve been without many times… (even in Harlem, and I’m WHITE).

  26. You too? You bought into Trumps born in Kenya BS. Obama is an outstanding person he isn’t embroiled with hookers or did he ever cater to dictators. He betrayed no one as opposed to Trump who turned his back on the allies who were fighting ISIS for us (Kurds).

  27. I hope you know our Constitution is a secular document it is not based on any ones religion, Jefferson & Madison made sure if it. But I do agree we do need to get to some normalcy aand we will not get there while Trump is in office.

  28. It’s interesting to read all the comments. Some are good. some are questionable and of course with the foul language of some they are not worth reading. As a country we are in need of a Congress that will have some true standards of morality and character. The path we are presently on is going to lead to anarchy of the first degree. We need to get back to what made this country great- Judeo Christianity, the God of the Bible!

  29. Your lips to God’s ears, but unfortunately Obama will never pay the price for his treachery. Nor will Hillary because they and their ilk are protected.

  30. The most damning evidence against all this when taking them aside and asking “can we talk this over”.. inevitably the answer is “no”.. In short bipartisanship should always contain elements of consultation.. If we look at how things progress this is not there or not reciprocated and ultimatums come fast and furious no matter how far-fetched..Can they consult? No? Then they ARE totalitarian in ideology and have no place in Temples of Democracy…

  31. They can contend they can “wish” (imagine) Trump out of office.. You have to show them the power of prayer.. which triumphs over their clout which is Black Power or power of suggestion… “mind over matter” would beat them every time since in fact all they do is imagine things.. needless to say the best defense against their polemics is “it’s all in your minds..” or “are you hallucinating?” It kind of goes back to that John Lennon song of the 1970’s IMAGINE.. (“Imagine there’s no heaven”.etc ) There’s bottom line is a World without love.. they are not bound by any principle “love of justice”, “love of peace”, “love of equality”.. They want WHAT WE GOT.. They are predators, pirates, scoundrels working with debauchery and brainwashing (suggestion, hypnosis) to overwhelm you with exhaustion since they apparently won’t stop until you concede that they are doing the right thing no matter how compromising.. It’s just exhaustion that their secret weapon.. to the purpose of having “run of the house”.. making embezzlement the perfect crime since no oversight while in office.. or at least very little.. What MLK called “the promised land”..(“I may not get there with you..”).. Their drug of choice of course is money.. their LIFE-SAVING DELUSION.. and will kill…

  32. They’re spiteful and polemical.. You see that by how the impeachment proceedings have gone forth.. They want to impeach thus exposing their fatal flaw.. political intolerance.. Impeachment? Well, Trump’s not perfect if it’s not one thing it’s another.. All they’re doing is making attempts to wear out people’s imaginations
    Their imagination (which they hold superior to intellect) is indefatigable (or so they flatter themselves and delude themselves) rules their minds and poisons their intellect..That’s their Materialism or carnality which they think gives them the edge of sagacity, wisdom, empiricism, experience, and pragmatics.. The point is not to be flustered.. that is a sign of weakness and to a Democrat confession of guilt, unworthiness, and even inferiority…THEY are like supremacists with the twist of duplicity, conceit, and self-indulgence.. They are in a word SPOILED BRATS..

  33. If Obama was smart(I doubt it) he’d pack his grip and move back to his native birth place KENYA! Other wise the clock’s ticking on his change to a prison life style.

  34. Obama=political ‘godfather’ of their organized crime families.. Unfortunately locking them up would be entirely too extensive.. Ironically integration is the key but with a little “twist”.. They have a debt to society that they haven’t even begun to consider.. It’s about time for them to PAY UP.. They want this all to be about money? Well, I think we should think about accommodating them.. except OUTSIDE the Halls of Justice and The Temples of Democracy.. As politicians they are mere embezzlers. As “professionals” they translate as racketeers, and swindlers.. No this is an extensive undertaking.. We have to be patient in our organization..

  35. Democrats deal in flattery and that from their cradle to their grave.. Predators on the lookout for their prey and in political terms EMBEZZLEMENT.. They have no place in politics.. Obama tied it all up in one pretty little knot. Now to discourage all you “players” (predators/war mongers) that politics is not the right place for you. No you belong on street corners peddling dope in plain sight so PD can lock you up and hopefully begin to throw away the key because yall are sworn career criminals.

  36. Andrew Jackson had it right and we see that in Democrats’ priorities.. If you’re not flattering them they have no use for you but otherwise you are their mere prey.. “no room at the top” Rule of Cain… REGICIDE.. when everyone is king of his/her castle. They won’t change. They represent a culture of embezzlers as far as their political “savvy” goes but otherwise simpletons and war mongers…

  37. She’s apparently “treading water” since these accusations obviously don’t HOLD water and can be reduced to a series of “dish” or “vicious gossip” either stonewalling and sand bagging.. It’s becoming painfully obvious that we actually don’t or haven’t been working at developing the concept of bipartisanship. Whatever political dialogue that exists is through the “conquering hero” vanquishing through sabotage and censure of political opponents thus obtaining an apocryphal burden of proof for leadership…but all by default nothing meritorious. Politics in the classic sense should be defined as civic duty.. These (Democrats could easily be re-evaluated as simple predators in politics by accident to proliferate a culture of embezzlement..

  38. I find it funny, not funny ha, ha, but odd that Hillary Clinton seems to throw out the Russian asset accusations very loosely, like when she attacked that gal Gabbard in Hawaii by stating she was a “Russian asset”. She could have used a number of statements to attack this women, but automatically spurted out the Russian asset phrase. Isn’t this what she was trying to pin on Trump by buying the fake Dossier from Christopher Steal? Hillary Clinton is so ass deep in that whole conspiracy to set up Trump (among many other crimes she has aided in) that if she does not get arrested and held accountable for all of her crimes, then this Country is even more corrupt than anyone could have ever imagined. The American people want justice and we deserve that.

  39. Well, I’m no politician. from what I understand about the democratic party is as soon as one or two go down they squeal on each other for a possible lighter or if that won’t happen make ALL pay for the crime. As I said, I’m no politician but I keep my eyes and ears open. It showed Hillary declare if she went down she was going to take all down with her. ( if I remember she said “I will take D.C. down with me. I feel it’s pretty safe to say take a couple down you will get most, maybe all. Time will tell

  40. Horowitz is a long time Washington bureaucrat and part of the deep state! I doubt his long overdue report will amount to much – he will name some party but cover up for Comey, McCabe and all the others!
    Brennan and Clapper are the real culprits!

  41. Horowitz is a long time Washington bureaucrat and part of the deep state! I doubt his long overdue report will amount to much – he will name some party but cover up for Comey, McCabe and all the others!
    Brennan and Clapper are the real culprits!

  42. Horowitz is a long time Washington bureaucrat and part of the deep state! I doubt his long overdue report will amount to much – he will name some party but cover up for Comey, McCabe and all the others!

  43. Time for criminal conduct in political parties to stop. The COS needs to be passed and limit federal power. The issue that absolute power corrupts absolutely is our problem.
    Put power back in the hands of the states.

  44. ITS TIME, that the truth comes out and we get a chance to see “justice” rather than the Demwitt and Main Stream Media “gossip and lies”. CNN, MSNBC, will be heading for cover and shut down completely without any sponsors left to fill their pockets. WHO WILL ADVERTISE LIES!

  45. how about investigating oboma to see how he made so many millions of dollars , while for 8 years ,he said he didn’t make much more then what he got paid to be a phony president

  46. I’m sure that the GOP has been reluctant to arrest Obozo and Hillary for their acts. They are probably afraid of the blacks rioting, arresting Obozo. It has to be pointed out, his involvement and approval of this act of treason. I think that once the lower level people are arrested, they may turn on Hillary and Obozo. This will finally expose the corruption and attempt to take over the country with a Communist/globalist dictatorshp.

  47. The reason Comey used the Steele dossier to obtain FISA warrants against Trump, was they had no evidence against Trump. They had tried to set up Trump with people planted to trap his people in something embarrassing. They failed in their attempts. The dossier was the only thing they could point to, as having anything that could be considered compromising. They were hoping that the dossier was enough to get Trump to resign. He has shown great courage, in not backing down and fighting these forces of evil and corruption in our country.

    This has for the most part, been a one-sided story to attack Trump. Now the other side is going to come out and it will probably shock the country, of how corrupt the government has become. These people should be punished. They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with what they have done. People can’t trust the government, if there are a group of people at the top of the government that can avoid being held criminally responsible for their treason against the country.

  48. What is the actual good of naming all these liars in a report if they are not brought up on charges? These reports are a waste of taxpayers’ money if nothing goes forward with them. I for one am sick of paying all this money to not go forward. Everyone involved believes they have nothing to worry about, despite what our newspaper columnists report. What use is all of this if the following people are still living their useless lives: Rodham Clinton, Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Strozck, Page, Rosenstein, Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, Brazile, Rice, and many more. For goodness sake, if my name was on this list, I would have been in jail for a life sentence beginning two years ago.

  49. Red snatch Muslim, your mama ruined this country with your birth. You’re such a little coxsucker. We know you’re a rug worshipping POS, so quit hiding behind the Indian name like a true coward yellow belly mudslime!

  50. Obama ,the Clinton’s and all the demoncraps and rhinos are past due for some serious bend over bubba jail time. Drain the swamp in one flush President Trump!!! Woop-woop!!

  51. Ted man can’t tell you right now! He on his knee’s in front of his Muslim king name Michelle Obama! Oops! Was it Michael???

  52. Dan, might go to jail?? Not only SHOULD he go to jail, but isn’t the sentence for treason hanging? It’s about time they carry it out. This muslim traitor should not be walking around free. We don’t even know the half of what he had planned for the destruction of this country. Thank God neither he nor Hillary were able to succeed

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